tagIncest/TabooBad Town Ch. 01

Bad Town Ch. 01


Bad Town 1 : The Comfort Room


My wife Carrie loves me to whisper dirty little fantasies to her when we are in bed.

She fingers herself softly as the plot develops, and I jerk off as I add in the detail. We love the 'image part' of fantasy more than the endless grinding fuck bit .... the brush of a silk blouse across a breast and hard nipple - the feel of a coarse leather belt spreading thighs and cunt, to make the person about to be done 'exposed'. She particularly has a thing about what cocks look like .... big lewd knobbly ones like those you see in traditional Japanese erotic art.

She often asks me to repeat special little parts of a scene, that she loves, a couple of times. Or she likes to go back to them later in the story, and then start the story again, while she builds her tension.

She also gets hot especially if the people who are in the image really should not be doing what they are doing!

As the cock, (or whatever) gets closer to penetrating the character in the story, my hot horny wife will often spread her legs wide in bed beside me - opening up - imagining it is her that is about to 'get it hard'. When the cock finally goes in, 'in the story' - well we have usually timed her build up so she comes crashingly at that moment .... and so often do I, or I hold back to give her some 'real cock', and a fill of cum after.

We have been together quite a while, and we have been swinging and having sex with others in one way or another for all of that time - so basic fantasy stuff ... couples, bi-threesomes, girls and girls, and guys and guys ... we have actually done it all ... and done it all sometimes wildly - we are big on outdoor sex, and some exhibitionism.

So our whispered fantasy ideas are way more 'out there'! Otherwise they would in fact be less than our reality. We have a number of favourite stories and themes we revisit; we have a one where a wife who is made to 'put out' to get a contract from a Japanese businessman for her hubby's company, and the teacher who nervously goes back to a student's house to add some excitement to her life, and ends up having to have his father and uncle as well. But just recently, we came up with something new when we invented 'Bad World', and in this new world we built 'Bad Town'. Bad World is a device that allows us to explores some very 'dark' themes in our fantasies, because in Bad Town everything that is bad .... is good!

Bad Town is just like the town where we really live, except that at some time in the past, Bad Town became 'different'.

If you would like to build a picture of what our 'Bad Town' is like, think of a time 60 years ago, when the world might have turned away from the path that has lead it to become the way it is now. Imagine instead, a world deciding to in the future, not to spend its resources on weapons and on war, and instead to devote all that human effort to beating disease, yet at the same time controlling population growth. A world where protecting the environment, and educating people to be tolerant and caring is as much a goal of government policy as is cutting taxes and letting corporations get rich.

Imagine a world like your one today, but without the dirty little wars, and without the poverty. Imagine an earth where there is no the risk that the biosphere is going to go belly up at any moment, and there is enough space for us all. A life where there is no risk of getting sick if you touch someone else without a latex barrier between them and you and they and anyone else they might touch.

Imagine then, a world of diverse people, where sex grows to be just plain 'fun and safe', and people of all types who wish too, enjoy it freely every day. With lovers and partners, with friends, with strangers .... and with family.

That is not to say that in Bad World everyone is happy all the time ... where would the fun be in that? No in this reality people still do sneaky nasty stuff ... it is just on the sexual side the consequences are minor, not major. In Bad World there are no sexual taboos, because with so much sexual freedom, no one needs to do anything to anyone which would be harmful. In Bad Town sex is just normal - all kinds, any time - the wife might be pissed if she catches the hubby fucking the teasing little babysitter, and she might leave him - but he isn't going to go to jail for it.

So before you read on - Bad Town stories involve at the least, descriptions of incest, and also sex between older and younger people. We put no ages on our characters - we leave that to your imagination ... but if you have imaginations like ours, there would not be anyone who is so young that they cannot make un-pressured decisions about their own sexuality, and aren't younger than the age of legal consent.

So these are real fantasies we as an average couple share. Yet we also want you to know the difference between fantasy and reality. Please don't think we actually do the taboo things here. In our 'reality', taboo is still taboo. Bad Town IS fantasy.

Having said that, we will leave the morals of this framework for you to worry about. We hope you enjoy visiting our town, and hope you go away having happily come at least once or twice. We add our little story to the vast list of great ones already on this site, because we are curious about what you the reader will think of it. Do please let us know.


"Hey Darling! Lets visit Bad Town" I whisper.

>>> By the light of the candles, beside me, I see my sexy wife Carrie smile. She pushes the bed-covers down, lifts her arse up to hike the hem of her cotton nightie up around her hips, and slips her panties off. I figure that means "Yes!" ... so I start.

There are this couple. They are married, they are friends, they are lovers. They have a mortgage and a car they really should replace, and they are doing some mundane shopping in the one big department store in Bad Town. Let's call the wife Cathy, and we will call her poor doting husband, Tim.

Tim is carrying the basket, and Cathy is further up the aisle looking for a video she might choose to watch after dinner. They want to make it a special night ... the kids are both going to be out, so they will have the house to themselves ... they have food, they have some wine, and they both already feel very horny.

They are sooooooo horny that they just hope they can make it home to the comfort of their big bed, before they let go and jump each other!

He is particularly on edge, remembering her little tease of that kid out in the car park before they had entered the shop. He can still feel his cock half fat, as he dreams about the way she looked .... one shiny shoe on the dash, and the other over his side of the car floor next to the clutch .... the poor helpless trolley-boy transfixed at the view through the windscreen .... her womanly body ..... no panties ..... instantly swollen and slick down there.

>>> "No panties! How much can he see?" .... my wife asks ... her fingers already inside the folds of her own cunt, doing lazy slow circles - counterclockwise - around her clit.

"Well she is a teasing slut-wife." I explain, "Always showing off to others .... making her hubby crazy - but this shopping trip there is more trouble for him inside - shall I go on?"

"Yes - please do." she whispers.

So with a smile the wife makes herself respectable - waves the trolley-boy away ... fixes her lipstick in the visor mirror ... and now for god sake, Tim the hubby finds himself following her up and down the aisles shopping ... with three-fourths of a hard-on hanging down the inside leg of his slacks!

At least though, when you have a slut-wife like Carrie, even shopping often offers some kind distraction, even if it is only checking out other men checking her out - and her little flirty ways in return.


Tonight however, suddenly there is real distraction! Coming up the aisle from behind is a couple, and their three sons.

He knows this family a little ... well at least they are a little well known in certain circles in town. They are one of couples that Cathy and Tim often look at on the local swingers internet site where they themselves run a profile. Cathy and Tim hope some time to be sent a wink in return ...

The husband, James, is tall and fit and handsome with well cut grey hair. Today he is in casual jeans and a grey shirt, but more often he is out and about in his business suit. He owns one of the car yards out on the edge of town, and has a reputation for offering 'special deals'. Indeed there seem to be a disproportionate number of cute young girls driving his brand of car around Bad Town, as opposed to the other dealers who have reputations for 'cash only' sales.

His wife Eva, has always however seemed a little reserved ... perhaps even a little moussey. While still lovely to look at, she is much more the 'mum' type ... the 'school canteen and home-work helping' type. Today she is wearing a grey skirt, stockings and a sensible 'buttoned-up all-the-way' blouse, in white and stripes of muted greens. Yet despite her low heels and sensible minimal makeup, there is a zing there. The skirt is just a little tighter around her arse than it need be, and the nape of her pale neck, showing below her brown un-dyed hair pulled up into a tight bun is obviously meant to say 'housewife' .... but to Tim, it somehow screams 'sex' instead!

The eldest son Tommy is an eye catcher also. In his own profile pictures they found on the net, he is slim and dark with almost girlish features, more like his mom than his Dad, all framed in dark long soft hair. Cathy often clicks on his pictures when she and Tim are surfing for fun together. Tim has on several occasions also found that page in their history, which he always checks when he gets home from work, to see what his bad little wife has been up to. Or who.

But in real life this kid looks even more sexy, especially today. He is wearing a black tight button front shirt over his slim but well toned frame - and down below, the latest fashion for sexy young guys - a pair of fine, almost see through thin, skimpy tight black knit lycra shorts.

>>> "You know the ones?" I ask Carrie - 'With fluorescent printing on the back saying - 'Touch Me Please!' The ones that are tight so they outline the barrel of his young smooth cock inside - no visible underwear lines."

"Ooooooh ... yes!" she moans back ...... "Does the back writing have an arrow pointing down to his bottom?!?!?!"

"Of course." I help, sensing where her interest lies tonight.

Tim is half day dreaming, watching the son. The kid moves over to where his Mom is reaching up to one of the higher shelves for a title. He says, "Here ... I'll get that for you." and grabs a DVD ... but at the same brushes his other hand indiscreetly ... in an actual sexy way, over his mothers bottom!

Tim finds himself staring in shock, at that hand on the Mom's bottom, and is embarrassed to look up and find he has been observed in doing so. The husband turns to his wife ... places his hand on the other side of her arse ... and whispers just loud enough to be heard. "Yum - you two are being watched ... put on a little show for him!" but her reply is loud enough for all ...

"Not now! Not here James! Please!"

Our horny hubby's head spins! What did the husband mean by 'put on a little show'? And when she said 'no', what was that little slap on the arse and whispered reply for her all about? And now is the son actually pouting? Is that at his mothers rejection? He catches Tim's eye with wicked smile, and just wiggles his hips in what looks like the barest of teases ... Is that a little invite thrown in? Even for Bad Town this night is just starting to get crazy!

>>> "I hope it gets crazy dirty - but tell me more about the shopping trolley boy - how was he there - what is the wife wearing" Carrie insists. She loves detail - she loves to go back and forward through our stories .... I can tell she is building the whole picture in her mind ... and the ache in her belly for filling later.


So I go back and tell her about Carrie and Tim in the car. They have just pulled into a parking bay, she is finding her purse and bag when the trolley boy approaches. He is wearing Nikes, jeans, a white tee and one of those bright safety vests. He must be 6'4" and very fit .... and she is immediately interested. As he approaches to retrieve the trolleys in the bay on her side of the car, she slips her palm just inside her blouse, and rests her fingers against the side of her full right breast. His radar is working - he catches the move and stares.

In the little red Honda she is wearing her favourite shiny medium height closed toe strap backed shoes, ... she calls them 'my fuck me shoes'! She has a wrap black 'just above the knee' linen skirt on. Her soft blouse buttons down the front. It is a tight long-sleeve 'white with black print' number, which cups the swell of her still quite pert breasts beautifully. She is wearing no bra ... and as we discovered before, she has also forgotten to wear panties.

Trolley boy isn't going anywhere, and for the first time her hubby notices her little tease. She slips her fingers more fully onto her nipple and smiles at each guy in turn. "You are a slut!" her husband whispers. "I know - watch this!" she returns. She places the heels of both feet up on the dashboard, seemingly to massage her calves with her fingers ... but the effect is more importantly to raise the hem of the skirt and open the wrap a little accidentally so her creamy white thighs come into view.

"OOOOOOOH!" she moans, "He is watching!" With that she places the right foot on the floor, and with her left hand, delicately touches the tip of her little finger onto her pink hard pointy clitoris standing up in the folds of her open cunt.

>>> "But then she stops?" Carrie asks.

"Of course - there are heaps of horny bad boys in Bad Town." I explain "No need to get in the back seat and be fucked by the first one you find on a shopping trip - there will be more!" So I jump the story forward - back into the super market - hubby distracted by the sexy young guy and his Mom. But now suddenly there is a babble of other voices that catch his attention.


He tears his attention away from the teasing young guy's wiggly hips and lycra outlined hard-on, and turns back to his wife. There are now two cute young girls talking to her. He is vaguely aware of having seen them before ... were they in her classes?

He knows a lot of the local kids love Cathy's English classes. She has a reputation as a teacher who makes hard work fun often enough for the brighter kids to compete to be in her strand. He also knows that sometimes when they get invited over to the house for some private study out of school hours, it isn't just their transient verbs that get seen too. He tunes in to the babble of talk that the two girls are spilling out, running words together, tumbling over each other, a tumult of excitement, rushing to get out.

"Ooooh miss - you look gorgeous." ...

"This is Nicky, we told him about you. He will be new at school next week."

"Miss he saw you in the car park, he told us what you did."

"Ooh miss you are so sexy."

"Miss ...... um ...... we have seen his cock! .... He is huge!"

"Yes Miss! Like really really huge ...... please say you will look at it?"

"Nicky wants to do you with it!!!!!!!! ... Oooooooh! Please Miss let him .... please! Jacqui couldn't fit it in .... It is tooooooo big ....... We want to see it go in you!"

Suddenly, the whole aisle is watching as this Nicky kid steps from around the end of the aisle .... He is already unbuttoning the fly of his jeans ..... He is of course the trolley boy!

>>> "Oh my God!" Carrie whispers ... "How big will he be?" I know I have her now. If there is one thing my naughty wife likes to fantasise about, it is young guys with huge cocks. So I decide on some special detail here to just lift her mood that little higher. Just imagine I say .... imagine those buttons on that fly popping open one by one as trolley boy reveals his thing .... the hubbi, the naughty lycra boy and his brothers and mom and dad, and the two schoolgirls ... all eyes agog as he reaches inside his open jeans and skims the hem of his tee up over his six pack belly.

This guy is a scene stealer!

The wife gasps when finally a cock like you would expect to see on some kind of animal on a wildlife show - not a young man - is revealed. It stands up, all ridges and veins, arched up and back. It is long enough so that the tip almost reaches to trolley boy's belly button! But most of all it is lewdly thick .... fat along the whole length.

Trolley boy does not say a word. Trolley boy lets his dick do the talking. He wraps a fist around the top half and pulls the foreskin down to reveal a huge shiny pink bulbous head, slippery pre-cum already oozing from the slit.

Cathy moans. "Oh yes - I want that up me please! But you girls will have to get me ready."

>>> Carrie stops fingering herself beside me. She turns on her side towards me. "Do they get her ready? ..... Do the girls lick her? ..... You like older women getting tongue fucked by young girls don't you?"

I do indeed. I explain how Carrie undoes her blouse, and unwraps her skirt, and drops them in a soft pile on the shop floor beside her.

She is naked now except for her fuck-me shoes.

The two young girls, now quietened, go to work. The taller one, Stacey, faces her teacher and kisses her softly on the mouth, her hands brushing softly over the slut-wife's erect nipples. The other slimmer girl stands at Carries side, and kisses her neck and feels between her teachers legs. She whispers ... "You are wet already ... but we will really make you ready miss! Trust us! You are going to be stretched right open by that thing!"

And with that they slither down the slut-wife's body ... one at back, one at front, a kiss on a nipple on the way past, a tongue snaking down the bumps of her backbone, hands joining in to encourage her legs apart .... Yet all the time the slut-wife's eyes remain fixed on the huge slowly stroked cock she is about to get .... as if mesmerised by its brutal thickness. But then ... all at once ... two tongues penetrate her front and back. Cunt and arse .... and the spell is broken!

"OOOOOOOH my arse! Oh yes! Jacqui - you have the longest tongue! Stacey! Lick my clit!"

The girls crouched at their teacher's feet, their hands and tongues forcing her ever more open in each hol . In less than a minute, they have done their job!

"Suck me. Suck me! Suck ME!'..... Yahhhh! Im ,,, c....o....m....i....n....g!!!!!. SUCK ME!"

Carries body shivers its way thru her orgasm and then quietens! Jacqui in front, turns to the trolley-boy. "She is ready now." she says.

>>> "Oh yum - I want a girl to lick me while you watch one day. Yum! But does the husband miss out? And how does the wife get it from the trolley-boy?" Carrie asks, turning back on her back in our bed, and opening her legs. I know what Carrie means. She loves to hear about 'position' ... she wants to know how the slut-wife will look, and how she will feel when the trolley-boy's cock goes into her. So I take a guess at what position she will like by the position she has herself adopted. I tell her that the slut wife in the supermarket, will get fucked by the huge-cocked trolley-boy, while laying on her back, in the missionary position.


So on a blanket that one of the girls has found, Cathy is spread out on the carpeted aisle. She will be fucked in the cunt while being completely naked. She will be fucked while being watched by her husband, by two students from her school, and by a family of five who live just a few blocks away.

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