Hello to those who may be reading this. I'm fairly new to this whole scene, having only started reading stories on Lit about a month or two ago. Most stories are all the same, so I thought I'd try adding something fresh into the mix. This is my first ever written piece of work (not counting essays and shit), and will also be my first submission. There may be more, depending on the reception this initial part gets. There will also be no sex in the beginning chapters, (assuming that I'll be writing more) as I really want to build up my characters, and make you at least feel some kind of emotional connection to them, be it love or hate.

As we are coming to the end of this lengthy foreword of sorts, I would like to say that this is a fictional world, entirely conjured up in the day dreaming hub that is my mind. Tired of the conventional format and/or setting, I decided to create a world of my own. This story has been swimming around in my mind for a few hours, and I decided to write it down. Any and all similarities to any people, living or long since passed are entirely a coincidence. That also applies to my made up world. If it in any way resembles that of any other, which is in any other stories you have read, is also a coincidence.

Now that I've said all my shit, please enjoy. I have no editor or the like. However, I am pretty anal about punctuation, abbreviations and possessives, and grammatically, I think I'm alright. If you notice any grammatical errors, just lemme know in the comments section, however don't be dicks about it.

Thanks and enjoy.


Part 1

He stood at the window of his apartment, watching as people lived their lives. Watching as parents were genuinely distraught over the loss of the children to what was the beginning of their adult lives. Watched as mothers clung onto their 'Little Boys' and fathers try to look strong and manly, while giving their sons firm and hard handshakes, but failing dismally, with quivering lips, and rogue tears streaming from their eyes. Conversely, the over protective fathers of the pretty girls were glaring at every single specimen of the male species. If looks could kill, then the police would be arresting a whole lot of middle-aged men, for the murd... no, genocide of every teen male on campus. He watched as the mommies' boys and daddies' girls also looked at their parents with puffy eyes. He watched as the really attractive and wealthy were more detached in their goodbyes, than the middle class and below. He watched as the parents dispersed, leaving their kids at the college, eager to begin a new portion of their lives. Some wanted to change, to become popular. Others wanted to be involved in mind blowing orgies, like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFM, holy fucking shit; I just died and went to heaven orgies. Some wanted to study hard, and do their parents proud. Some had heavy burdens and responsibilities weighing on their shoulders. However, he just watched. Watched as like sought out like. And not just their social cliques, but also, their AE groups. AE standing for Animal Entity. To put it simply, which animal one derives his or her powers from. That's right, powers.

Every human being born has an AE. They all are conscious to the fact that they have it, but with most, all that happens is that they can make whatever call or sound their respective AE makes. For example, a person with a dog AE can bark like one. If a persons' Dog AE is a St. Bernard, then they bark like a St. Bernard. There are those however, who can push their powers further to the surface. So if for example, St. Bernard guy, were to tap into his power, he would slowly but surely morph, and develop St. Bernard characteristics. His limbs would change, starting with the arms, which would become larger, more muscled, and hairy as fuck. His hands would become larger, and developer claws. Then his legs. Then when finally having tapped into all of his AE power, his face from the nose downward would develop into a mouth. A St. Bernard muzzle, fully equipped with litres of drool, awful breath, steam, the whole works. St. Bernard guy would stand upright like a human, but have the characteristics of his AE counterpart. He would be what is known as an Anthropomorph. All the animals in the animal kingdom, fictional or not, are represented, even those you wouldn't expect, like unicorns etc.

Each AE is also classified into separate categories, the main ones' being: Power, speed, agility and stealth. Examples of power being: Gorillas, Bears, Bison, Oxen etc. Speed: Cheetahs, Birds of Prey etc. Agility: Monkeys, Baboons, wolves, bugs like flies, mosquitoes etc. Stealth: Bats, Spiders, Snakes, etc. Then are animals that fall into more than one category such as Horses. Fast in a straight line, but extremely powerful as well.

Each AE controls an element: Fire, water, earth and wind being the elements. Also, the more powerful the AE user, the more powerful their techniques are.

There are also different classes of AEs. They range from D, C, B, A and S+ class. D: being the weakest and S and above being the strongest. No one knows just how high the S ranking goes.

As is the norm in the animal kingdom, strong AE users congregate, and form groups, with the strongest in each being the leader. Alpha if you will. Being an Alpha is not limited or governed by race, or gender, but generally by age, strength or both. If a younger member of the group feels they are strong enough to challenge the Alpha for their title, they may do so. They must battle until there is a clear winner, however the rules and stipulations for each battle, differ from group to group.

Zdenek stood by his window, watching. He watched as the groups of AE freshmen got together, and waited for their respective AE campus groups to assemble, and take them to their various areas for acceptance into their groups. He watched as some were excited, some were scared, and most were nervous. However, all of them were anxious to be accepted into their groups, their packs, their new families. They longed for the feelings of security, and safety that these packs offered. A computer nerd, who gets picked on by Jocks and cheerleaders, will be safe when if accepted into a pack.

Zdenek watched, and felt cheated. He was unable to feel all these feelings; the anticipation, sorrow, anger, pain, joy, safety and acceptance. He would join in their camaraderie and would not join in the inter AE, and pack wars.

He decided to take a shower, grab some grub, and hit the sack, as tomorrow was his personal orientation day, to get used his new surroundings.

After his shower, a greasy large pizza, and a bottle of Coca-Cola, Zdenek finally hit the sack, falling into a death like state almost instantaneously. When this guy slept, not even an earthquake would wake him.

Part 2

Zdenek was born 19 years ago, in a tiny village, in a tiny country. The son of a farmer and his wife, when he was born, apparently he didn't shed a single tear, or make sound. He just opened his big, amber eyes, looked at his mother, then his father, with the meanest scowl either had ever seen. His father just burst out laughing. "Kid, I'mma name you Zdenek! You got a badass look on ya face, and Zdenek is a badass name!" He said, imitating his new born sons' scowl. Upon hearing this, Zdenek made a sound akin to a grunt, showing his approval. His mother giggled, and the midwife wrapped him up in a blanket. He hadn't even gotten the chance to feed, before the door burst open, and two guards entered. The Lord of the village was a short, pudgy, slimy, tyrannous, evil little man. The village mainly relied and farming and fishing to sustain itself, and he demanded ridiculously high taxes. While everyone in the village barely had enough food to feed their families, and only the bare necessities, the Lord was the only person with cars, TV, and many other luxuries. He hired all of the prominent AE users as guards, to ensure that the village had no means to oppose him, and set about his tyrannous ways. He had a tax for everything, including a baby tax, believe it or not. Every time a baby was born, that family had to pay a sum of money. No one understood the reasoning behind this move; however, they lacked the means and the muscle to oppose him, so they had to pay. The tax for the first born child was always higher than the normal rate, and the Lords guards burst into the moon, Zdenek not even 10 minutes old, intending to collect.

"We're here for the collection of child tax, and as this is your first child, you have to pay the special rate." One of the two men said.

"Please, I don't have the money to pay. I already given everything I have to give. I have nothing left. Can't we come to some sort of agre—"

"You know the rules. If you cannot make the payment in cash," the man looked over to Zdeneks' mother with a lecherous look, "The Lord also accepts payment in kind." Emphasising the point by licking his lips.

At the sight of this, Zdeneks' father lost it. He jumped back placing his left hand at the top of his right arm, and squeezing. He snarled as he tapped into his AE power. His arm changed, becoming covered with fuzzy orange fur, his fingers becoming stubbier, claws protracted, and he made a hissing sound, like a cat. He screamed to the midwife to get his wife and son out using the back door, and then dug both feet into the ground, before pushing off with such force, that the floor tiles caved in around his feet, leaving two small craters, as he flew towards the men with great velocity. He took a swipe with the transformed arm, left hand still on the shoulder. The man who was talking ducked, and jumped back himself. Although Zdeneks' fathers' hand was a good meter or so from the wall, 5 lines engraved themselves in the wall, following the path his hand made. The balls of his feet had just barely touched the ground, before he pushed off of them, again making dents in the ground, but this time, he drove his elbow into the sternum of the first guards' partner, and heard a definite crack, along with an "OOFF!!", and the guard went crashing into the adjacent wall. Zdeneks' father then thrust his hand in the direction of the First guard, who was now in the doorway of the front door, shifted his hand down to the middle of his arm and held it firmly. His feet shoulder length apart, left set, both ball and heel, planted firmly on the floor in front. Right set behind, ball pressed firmly into the ground, slightly turned to the right, heel up. Both knees bent, he slid his left foot forward, and steadied himself as gusts of wind started swirling around his fore arm, gradually swirling faster, becoming bigger and more violent. "uuurrrrrRRRAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!" He let out the cry, and the wind reached its' peak, and shot from his arm as a gust. The blast so violent, that his arm recoiled almost like a rifle, causing his right foot to dig into the ground, and his upper body to jerk upwards slightly, but he held steady, and the almost translucent tornado, snaked from his arm, and flew towards the guard. The guard, put his arms up, activated his AE power, and his arms became huge and muscled, covered with scales. He formed a cross arm block just in time, but that didn't help him much. He got hit by the tornado which ironically 'winded' him, and sent him flying through one wall, and then another; through the front of a house, and then the back. He flew through a total of 6 brick walls (three houses) and then was firmly smashed into the seventh with a "WHUMP", and lay in the wall, motionless.

Zdeneks' father couldn't celebrate the victory of fucking up a guard, as the moment he fired his technique, he felt a sudden pain in his chest, accompanied by a sort of; squelching sound. He looked down to his chest, and a large, clawed hand covered in fur and blood, poking out from his chest. He felt an intense pain in his chest as the hand was pulled out with another squelching sound, and blood poured out from both the wound and his mouth in bucket loads. He heard a deep and sadistic laugh, as his legs grew unsteady, and he fell to his knees, looking up into the sky, the world turning black. He felt hot tears, stream down his face. Unable to protect his wife and son, knowing his wife had no chance, he said a silent prayer, asking God to spare his newborn son, who is without sin. He let out a final gargle, as blood spluttered out his mouth, and he finally fell on his chest, in a massive pool of blood.

Zdeneks' mother screamed at the sight of her husband being done in by a wolf AE user, and sprang to her feet. She charged. She saw red. Her hands both turned into claws, she was a crab AE, and as the wolf AE turned around to take the wife, the last image he saw was that of a beautiful pale, but silver haired woman, tears streaming down her face and pure rage all over her face. Then all of a sudden, he saw the sky, then the man he just killed, then blood squirting from the original direction he was facing and then his headless body, from which was spurting from the neck. Then his vision went dark.

Zdeneks' mother ran to her husband, but saw he was lost. She let out a wail of absolute agony, at the death of her soul mate. Adrenaline alone was keeping her conscious, as she had just given birth, and as losing consciousness just as these two men walked into the house. Watching her husband die set something off in her, but as she was calming down, she felt her energy drain. As she was losing consciousness again, she remembered her son, who had just witnessed her father killed in front of his eyes, and had not yet made a sound. The midwife had escaped alone, and left him there.

"Zdenek!!" She cried, and crawled over to where he lay, on the bed. She struggled onto the bed, and, and positioned herself above him, shielding him from any unseen dangers. She started uttering assurances to the now 20 minute old Zdenek. With tears still streaming down her cheeks, she caressed his chubby little cheeks, and kissed his tiny head, as she promised him he was alright, and would be safe. She then remembered that he hadn't eaten yet.

"Zdenek my angel, I'm so sorry, you must be so hungry? We're gonna get outta here and get you fed! How's that sound big boy?"

Zdenek made that grunt he made earlier, reaching up and wiping a tear with a tiny hand, and offering a smile; his first smile.

"Thank you my darling boy. I'm the one who's meant to be the strong one here, not you." She said smiling. "Come now, let's g—FFFUF"

She gargled, as razor sharp claws slit his mothers' throat, Zdenek watched as blood gargled and spluttered out of both her mouth and throat,. She then fell onto him, shielding him, and barely managed to get out a "" then final part of the you in a whisper, and the of her breath escaped her body.

The first guard stood there, left arm broken, most ribs broken, gashes and cuts all over his face, and he was barley standing. He smiled, and revealed a bloody mouth full of broken teeth, as some fell out and hit the floor, in tiny pools of blood. With his good arm, he then shoved Zdeneks mothers' corpse off and she fell to the floor. The moment she hit the ground, Zdenek snapped. The baby let out an unnaturally deep wail, as he realised that he had lost both parents, not knowing their names, or even getting milk from his mother. He cried, and as the tears streamed down his cheeks, he tapped into his power. His ears grew elongated and pointy, his canines extended, his amber eyes glowed and he grew a little tail. The biggest thing though, was the flames. They were purple; deep, dark purple. They destroyed all oxygen in the surround area, and emitted heat hotter than the most molten of lava. But what made them truly horrific, is the fact that they didn't burn thing, they made them wilt, and shrink. They corrupted them.

"What....are....youuuuuu--AAAAAAAAARGGGGHHHH!!" The first guard managed to ask, just before the corruption flames made him disintegrate into dust, starting from his feet, and slowly working their way up to his head, while he screamed, feeling such an intense hot pain, that it seemed that it lasted an eternity, when only for a moment.

Zdenek woke with a start, and sat up, drenched in sweat. He looked around his room, panting, and ran his hand through his long hair. He got up, and took a shower, all the while asking God why he could remember single day he has ever lived. He dried himself, and looked at himself in the mirror. Tall; like his father, 6'3". Chiselled and toned body, not built like Bobby Lashley, but not thin either. He had more def than mass though. Pale, just like his mother, with the same silver hair, but looked like his father, strong, chiselled jaw, not too wide though. Pointy chin, long face. Cheekbones; not prominent, but he wasn't gaunt either. Almost looked like Dante from Devil May Cry, or so he liked to think. But what made him different were his piercing, intense amber eyes; that showed no emotion. He examined all the scars all over his torso, and winced. He decided to get dressed and go explore the town he was now in.

Dressed in a black, form hugging tee, black jeans that flared at the ankles, black, pointy boots, black gloves, and his custom made black and red trench coat, that had a hood built in, he headed for the door. He hooded himself up, hiding as much of his face as possible. He dug around in his pockets 'til he found his iPod He then grabbed a left over slice of pizza, and headed outside to explore his new home.


Okay, so this is officially my first submission. Let know how you guys feel about it. Criticism is welcome, so long as it's constructive. Depending on the kind of reception this submission gets, I'll continue with the series.

Thanks so much for reading. It took me 3 hours to write, so you just reading it is greatly appreciated.


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