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Badass Ch. 02


Yo! To those reading this, this is the 2nd instalment of my Badass series. Seeing my first story online kinda made me giddy all day, so here's the next part. Love it or hate it, your reading it is greatly appreciated by the author, namely; me.

Anyway, I noticed all the errors in the 1st one, and cringed and winced more than you can imagine, so this'll be gone over with a fine tooth comb, to ensure that there are no errors. Also, I'm not writing after midnight, so I'm sure it'll be better (LOL)

Thanks and enjoy.



As Zdenek walked out the front gate of his apartment building, he waved at the security guard, who looked at Zdeneks' attire, and figured another weirdo had moved in. Zdenek started walking down the street of the purpose built mini city. This city was built for the sole purpose of farming.

In the world, there are 5 main countries. In descending order, from strongest to weakest, they are; Ux, Ree, Zan, Vos and Div. The rest are all just small and poor.

The reason why these 5 are the main ones is because they all have a system. In these countries, there are multiple cities. The bigger cities all have colleges. The larger the city, then naturally, the larger the college, and the more students attend. The more students that attend, the more potential recruits for the various AE groups that reside in that city, thus in the end, what happened is that those countries expanded the city, and depending on the size of the college, allocated a specific portion of the city to the college, its students, faculty, etc. The bigger the city, the more space was required, until eventually, in the main cities, new colleges were built outside the city, and then towns were built around the college, offering housing and temporary employment to the students. Even the professors had accommodation, and thus, chose to stay in the campus "towns". Towns eventually grew into cities, and they were basically examples of Toyota City in Japan, an entire city, just for Toyota. AE groups formed, and fought for dominance. The respective dominant Power, Speed, Agility and Stealth AE groups were allocated their own individual territories.

The top group would have internal battles to determine the dominant group, and then would have to fight the other top groups to decide which category was superior. So two agility groups would battle it out to find which was superior, and then the winner of that particular battle would represent the Agile AEs as a whole, and defend the Agility AE user territory, as well as try to increase the territories' size.

When the Alphas of the respective dominant groups had reached the end of their courses, AE groups from the main city would enter the campus city to take a look at the Alphas, and other group members who were now done with college.

Every AE group that came from the main city would scout out who they wanted, and then invite them to join. The dominant groups though, always had 1st choice, and after the main Power, Speed, Agility and Stealth groups had chosen their new recruits, only then would the lesser groups be able to choose. Those who didn't make the grade would either try and live as normal people, with normal jobs, or try use their AE powers to be foot soldiers of the groups.

When the hustle and bustle of recruitment had ended, and the city groups had left, then it would be wide open again for the groups and either the Alphas 2nd would inherit the role of Alpha, or there would be a battle royal for the position. It would all depend on the rules that each group would have.

This was how the top 5 countries managed to stay top; by producing a consistent numbers of A and above class AE users. The countries with the most powerful, was Ux. It was not the largest of the countries, but it had higher numbers of B and above AE users than the other countries.

The capital city of Ux, its' pride and joy, its' heart, was Venus. A magnificent city; which was a combination of corporate bustle and pleasure. Tall and imposing skyscrapers, filled with MDs, CEOs and of course; AE group Alphas. The more upmarket residential areas were absolutely beautiful, and normally near the beaches. It also had many tourist attractions, and was constantly full during the holiday months. It truly was a spectacular city, and Ux had no other like her.

As Venus was the capital city, its' college city was the largest in Ux. It lay on a massive manmade Island, and was as large as a regular city. It had night clubs, restaurants, malls, movie theatres, a church, and so much more. It truly was a city on its own. But what shocked most, was how it only had one road leading in and one leading out. Given, they were both huge 6 lane highways, but still, only two roads.

Student cards were a requirement to enter the city, unless, you had an employment card. Generally though, if you worked in Venus College City, you lived there.

Now, this was the city that Zdenek now found himself living in. The courses he was studying were straight forward, Business and History. Zdenek had a plan for his life, and these two subjects were all he needed to make his plan a success.

He started walking down the street, looking around his neighbourhood. There were the upmarket, beach houses, and condos, along with penthouse apartments and the like for the wealthy. Zdenek just got himself a 1 room apartment, which was near the actual campus. He didn't have a car, so the positioning of his apartment was convenient. His neighbourhood wasn't all that bad. It was where most normal students lived, so that meant there was a low chance of him getting involved in the fights. He also decided that he would find out whose territory he was currently living in. He knew that he was in a power AE group spot, but he didn't know the name of the dominant group or the names of any of the groups really.

It had been around 2 hours into his walk, when he realised he was hungry. So far in his walk, he had noted the location of the local shopping market, the clinic, and the local fast food spot. He had been past the mall, a couple of bars and night clubs, restaurants, parks, clothing stores, movie cinemas and arcades. His stomach grumbling brought him back to reality, and he looked around for a spot to eat. He spotted a nice little cafe and decided to head in. He stretched out an arm, and pushed the door open. A little bell rang, and the waitresses stopped dead in their tracks. Due to them stopping, everyone else also stopped their conversations, and looked in the same direction as the waitresses. You could hear a pin drop, as everyone stared at the tall figure, clad in black, wearing a hooded coat, with silver hair hiding his face. All of a sudden, petit and cute strawberry blonde waitress bounced up to him.

"Welcome to Zees'!" She said enthusiastically, flashing him a bubbly smile. Zdenek, whose hair was covering his face, gave a grunt and a slight nod as a reply. Everybody in the cafe nervously carried on doing whatever they were doing, and that awkward moment was all but forgotten. He found an empty table, and sat. It was the first time in 2 hours that he was stationary. After a while, the bubbly waitress came back, and handed him a menu with a smile. She left, and he then perused the menu. He decided on having a double cheese burger with large fries, and a strawberry milkshake. He could hear the waitresses behind him behind him arguing about not wanting to be his waitress. He chuckled to himself, upon hearing the reasons why no one wanted to serve him. It was because he was too pale or hiding too much of his face behind his hair, or because of his clothes. He found this to be terribly amusing. He heard someone scolding them for "judging a book by its cover" and he found this funny too. Eventually, the blonde waitress came back, and smiled at him, getting ready to take his order.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yeah I am." He tilted his head up to the right to look at her, and some of his hair slid down, exposing his right eye and cheek. "I'd like a double cheese burger with fries, and a large strawberry milkshake." He blinked, and noticed that the waitress wasn't blinking. She wasn't moving, or even trying to write down his order. She just looked into his visible eye; into that deep amber eye. She was mesmerised, and hadn't even realised that she was staring.

"Excuse me? Hello?" he said in a slightly annoyed tone, as he was starving.

His voice snapped her out of it.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, what did you say?" She asked, blushing furiously, breaking eye contact, and focusing on her little writing pad.

"Double cheese burger with fries, and a large strawberry milkshake."

"Ok! Coming right up!" She said, collecting his menu, and then hurrying away, cheeks still red. He turned his head back down, and his hair fell back into its original position, covering his face. Zdenek then went back to doing what he normally did: observing people. Some would call him a voyeur, and others would call him a comrade in arms, however, he was neither. He was someone who was starved of genuine human interaction for 19 years. So rather than rushing into it, and fumbling his way into being a socially awkward bastard, he decided to observe human behaviour first. Observe how different people act and react in different situations. Observe how friends interacted with each other, how lovers acted around one another. He watched. One thing he noticed though, was how no matter how many people entered the cafe, there was one place they stayed away from, it was a fairly large booth, with room for quite a large number of people. He found this to be strange. It was also situated at the back of the cafe, in the corner. No one dared even look at it, and he wondered why. He was broken out of his intense thoughts, as he sensed the waitress coming back. She placed a plate with a large double cheese burger and tons of fries in front of him. Then she placed a tall glass in front of him, filled with a pink substance that looked wonderfully appetising to him. Then she placed some serviettes and a fork and knife down, and smiled at him, albeit nervously this time. He looked at her, for to her, what seemed like an eternity.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome!" she said blushing again, and walked away.

Zdenek took off his gloves, revealing his pale hands. Then he gripped the burger with both hands, lifted it to his mouth, and took a massive bite. He found that eating was difficult, seeing as his hair was always in the way, and was always getting some hair in his mouth. He finally worked out a system of shaking his head before taking a bite, which would move his hair from directly in front of his face, to the sides.

About midway through his meal, Zdenek heard that little bell above did its thing, as the door opened. Usually didn't care when someone entered, but something told him to look up, as he was facing the door, which he did. He then noticed two large men enter. Men; who were his height. However that was where the similarities ended. These guys were huge. Like HUUUGE. The shirts they wore were looked as though they were about to rip as they were breathing. They didn't look too bright, but boy did they look strong. They both had short brown hair, blue eyes, and square jaws. They had model faces, and hired muscle bodies. They also looked the same, and Zdenek assumed that they were brothers. They walked in, and one held the door open. This time, two women walked in. The one was tall, probably 5'8", slim, with long legs, which took long strides as she walked. She had slightly darker skin, which came from a natural tan, and long red hair. She was more defined and cut, than large and bulky like the two brothers. She had fair features, slightly pronounced cheekbones, a sleek jaw line, and thin lips. She had deep, green eyes, which surveyed the cafe as she entered. She had a slim, pointy nose, but not overly so. She knew she was attractive, but unlike with most women who know they are attractive, and act that as such, she just shrugged off the attention. The other woman was short, about 5'2". She had a mousy little face, and wore large round glasses. Her medium length brown hair was loose, and hung past her shoulders. She had pretty features, small lips, grey eyes, with a little button nose. She was what most men would consider 'cute'. She clung onto a laptop, and took small, short steps, as compared to her tall friends' long ones. Each of the guys stood on either side of the door, and the two women slight closer together, but in front of the brothers. It almost looked like a formation, and they were waiting for one more person to complete it, and that person arrived. She entered the cafe, and Zdenek could feel everyone in the cafe stop breathing. He also noticed that all their heads were looking down. There she stood.

She was around 5'5", with long black hair; which was in a ponytail. The ponytail went down the middle of her back, and stopped just above her ass. She had a gorgeous face, striking features, with mesmerizing blue eyes, that didn't give anything away. She had an incredibly intense scowl on her face, which would deter guys, and stop them from noticing just how beautiful she really was. But it wasn't her face that got most of Zdeneks' attention, it was her body. She had a relatively normal frame, but good Lord, what was on that frame was amazing. She had, the most ripped, defined, and perfectly muscled body he had ever seen. Her calves, her quads, her shoulders, her lats, her forearms, biceps, triceps, trapezius muscles, her neck, her abs, it was all perfection; not too big for her frame, but big none the less. It was almost as if Adonis had a sex change. However, amongst all those muscles, there were curves. Amongst those hard flats, there were soft peaks. No one would be able to look at her at clam her body wasn't feminine. It was the strangest thing, she had hips. Her ass looked soft and supple; even though it was connected to those pieces of granite her body claimed were thighs. Muscled forearms, ended with two soft looking, and well kept hands, with long delicate fingers, and short, well groomed finger nails. Six bricks, which had been sculpted, and surgically placed in her stomach to be her abs, were just below two large peaks. 36C breasts adorned her chest, and were soft, but naturally firm. There stood this woman, who was an almost perfect mixture of muscles and flesh; hard and soft; firm and pliant. When she reached the front of the little group, and formed the top of the pyramid, they proceeded to move towards their booth. Zdenek could hear the whispers of the people around him, asking themselves why he hadn't lowered his gaze yet, and such. He then did something that no one would have anticipated, he stood up. He stood to his full height, but never made eye contact, or even looked at them. As they walked past him, he didn't sense even the slightest bit of alarm, or caution. It was almost as if they didn't even acknowledge his presence, and that made him smirk. Once they had all walked past and settled in their booth, two waitresses, flew over to the booth, to attend to their needs. Zdenek then signalled over to his blonde waitress, who just stared at him flabbergasted by his audacity; along with everyone else in the cafe. When the blonde waitress finally arrived, he sat down.

"Are" she looked over at the booth, then back at him "Are you crazy! Don—"

"Before you go any further, I need more serviettes, and an ice tea." Zdenek interrupted.

With that, the waitress left. She came back with what he asked for, but as she was placing the Ice Tea down, he stopped her.

"That's yours. Take your break, and join me." He commanded, more than requested.

She left, and a few minutes later, came back. She took her seat across him, and was about to speak but was interrupted.

"So" he took a bite out of his burger."Tell me about Miss Adonis over there, and why everyone reacted the way they did when she and her goon squad arrived." Munch munch munch...

She giggled at the nicknames. "Her name is Erykah McMillan. Her father is that terribly wealthy business tycoon; Donald McMillan, head of Mac Corp. Rumour has it that he's ruthless, and will do anything and use anyone to further increase the amount in his bank balance. It seems that no one is safe, including Erykah herself, as he is busy trying to marry her off to wealthy and powerful AE users, in deals that will see his position, and standing in the city of Venus rise incredibly. Of the power AE groups fighting for dominance in this area, she is the Alpha of the Aegis, one of the top 3. The four people with her, form part of her special team, known as 'The Hand', with her being the leader. The tall woman is known as Amy, she's a Lioness AE user. The short mousy one is Stephanie. Despite her looks, she is a Buffalo AE user. Those two guys are Steve and Don, two Grizzly Bear AE users. They may not be the sharpest tools in the box, but they certainly are the most used. They go through women faster than...." her voice trailed off, and Zdenek picked up hurt in her voice, but didn't care enough to actually ask her if something happened between her and those guys. He had also finished his burger and fries before she finished talking, and was now working on polishing off that delicious milkshake.

"Hmmm... In the power AE dominance war, you say that Aegis is in the top 3. Where are they placed in that top 3?' Suck suck suck.....

"They would be in 3rd place. They just broke into the top 3, as before Erykah became Alpha, Aegis was just a group in which Jocks thrived. They all just went to parties, got drunk, high, and got laid. They didn't care how low on the list they were, because they were still treated like Gods, purely on merit, and not based on their position in the standings, or actual strength. That changed last year as Erykah came in as a freshman, and within her first day of acceptance, had already challenged the previous Alpha for the spot. The battle was over in a flash, with the previous Alpha being rushed to hospital in critical condition. Erykah was covered in blood; however, none of it was her own. She then got to work, weeding out those who were loyal to her predecessor. Although it's been over a year since then, and no one has the power to dislodge her as Alpha, many resent the fact that a young woman is leading them, and are waiting for the other two groups to completely dominate her, but that hasn't happened yet." She smiled, looking over in the direction of the booth and smiled, while sipping on her ice tea."She really has to work twice as hard, for half the respect male Alphas receive, yet she doesn't complain at all. She was born into privilege, but isn't spoilt. She is strong, powerful, and serious to a fault. We suspect she has a pretty smile, but no one has seen it. Every woman here admires her for her drive and strength, but we're afraid for her. The harder she tries, the more she succeeds. The more she succeeds however, the more she's hated among the males in leadership positions in not only other AE groups, but even in Aegis. Oh, and her AE power is—"

"Cheque please. Her AE power is something I don't need to know right now. I'd just like the cheque."

The waitress got up and left to go get the cheque. He sat there, with his back to the booth. He could hear them talking, but found himself not caring about what they were saying. The waitress placed the cheque in front of him, and he paid, leaving her a generous tip. As he stood up and put his gloves back on, he felt the room tense, and eyes fall on him. He could sense the disdain in peoples' voices, as they commented on his audacity in standing when The Hand of Aegis entered. The men disliked him for monopolising all of the blonde waitress' attention, as she was the favourite. He didn't know this, and smirked at their petty jealousy. As he was walking toward the door, he heard murmurs of "Good riddance" and "Get out". He was basically at the door before he heard a familiar voice.

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