Badass Ch. 05


"Zdenek once told me he wanted to have an 'Eat Off' with those two, to determine who was 'Boss'. I can't tell which is worse; the fact that he can eat that much, that violently, or that he's keeping up with 2 guys, who are almost twice his size. I wonder if he can beat them"

Amy and Stephanie laughed at this, and saw Zdenek look up directly at Erykah, and give her grunt and nod. This made the two of them crack up, and Erykah jut scowled.

"You do know that Zdenek gave you a nickname, and has been calling you by it right?"

"What; a nickname? What are you talking about?"

"This morning in the cafe, he looked at you, and called you by the nickname. I told him last night that you hate them, but he went ahead and gave you one anyway. Call to him or something, and he'll call you by it. He hasn't called you Erykah since last night."

"Bullshit! No one calls me by anything other than Alpha, or my name. If he ever calls me by that name again—"

"Hey Rica, could you pass me a serviette? I'm out."

That moment, everybody stopped eating, and froze in position. This, was a do or die moment, in which Zdenek very well could be dying. They wanted to look up, and watch, but they were scared, and wanted to avoid making eye contact for now. They waited, and waited to hear him scream out in agony, as his heart was ripped from his chest, but it never came. Instead she replied.

"S-sure. Here you go, Zdenek." And she handed him a serviette.

"Thanks Rica, I appreciate it." He took it, and carried on with his feast. Everyone else was about to do the same, before Erykah spoke again.

"If any of you even THINKS about calling me by that name, I WILL kill you; very painfully and very slowly, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

They all nodded, and went back to feasting. Zdenek looked at her, and saw the 'embarrassed' scowl on her face. He gripped a chicken leg, and dumped it on her plate, giving her a slight, but warm smile. This was almost like an apology, for putting her on the spot, mid sentence. She took the piece of chicken, and rather than throwing it back at him, started eating it. Everyone else had their heads down, focusing on their own plates that they failed to see this.

Once everyone was done, and those who had used their hands to eat had washed their hands and their faces, started walking back to the study. Zdenek proposed the 'Eat Off' idea to the brothers, who happily accepted his challenge. Everyone walked into the study, and took up their places from before the lunch break.

"Ok Stephanie, I'm sure you've got the info we need, lay it on me."

"Ok, Tundra, 2nd in the Power AE group standings has 150 AE users in their ranks, with 4 of them protecting the Alpha, Boris. He's a Panda AE user, and is EXTREMELY powerful. Flames are his elemental power, and he is fairly adept at using them, however, most of his power comes from his strength. The 4 who guard him are two Black Bear AE users, Ronald and Andrew, 1 crocodile AE user called Jason, and a Bison AE user called Q; no one knows why he's just called Q, but he is. Their regular spot is a club called Aftershock, and their territory is around 40 km in total. They—"

Alright, that's enough. Thanks Stephanie, you did good."

"Of course." Stephanie said, adjusting her glasses and smiling.

"Ok guys, before I tell you about the battle plan, there are going to be some changes in the structure of Aegis, and you four will fill new positions, as well as your current ones."

They just looked at him.

'How many changes is this guy going to make before he's fucking happy?! Amy thought to herself.

"1st, Steve, Don, you two will be in charge of Security, whether it's the patrols, the guards, whatever, you guys are in charge of that, got it?"

"Sure thing!"

"Stephanie; once we have swallowed Tundra, you'll be the leader of the nerds and geeks; anything that has to do with computers, getting information etc, will be handled by you."

"You got it Zdenek."

"Erykah, you'll be Alpha, no changes there."


"Amy, you will be Erykahs' second. If Erykah is missing for some reason, you take over in her stead. When she is there, you will be there, to do whatever she asks. You'll be the highest ranking between the 4 of you. That's a shitload of responsibility, and I'm putting a lot of faith in you, so do your absolute best, ok?"

Amy just sat there, dazed. Sure, there wasn't really going to be that much of a difference in her duties, but it still made her happy to hear that someone had faith in her. This made feel terribly proud and happy.

"Yes sir!" She said, completely serious.

"Now, to move on to the battle plan, first—"

"So what about you Zdenek?" they all asked at different times.

"Me? What about me?"

"Your position. What's your role in this new Aegis?" asked Amy.

"My role? I don't have a role. I'm just Zdenek. Anyway, back to the battle plan, first—"

"No! That won't do! You need to have a place in this new structure! How can the person coming up with it, not be a part of it?! That's bullshit! Make up a position if you have to, just—"

"Ok, ok! I'll think of one later Amy, now can I please carry on with the battle plan?"

"Ok, fine."

"Now; first, the 4 guards, you guys will fight in pairs. Steve and Don, you guys are pairing up against the Black Bears, while Stephanie and Amy, you two are pairing up against Jason and Q. Got it?"

"Sure thing." They all replied.

"What about me? Who am I fighting?" Erykah asked.

"You Rica may have the most important job. You do have area effect techniques correct? "

"Yeah, I have a few. Why?"

"Well because you won't be fighting anyone. You'll be fighting the entire club. It'll be filled with low level AE users, who'll be a problem if they call for help, or join the fight; therefore, YOU have to keep them at bay. Splash them with water, or pound their heads in, you need to control that crowd, because the longer you do that, the longer we have to accomplish our tasks. Of course, this is a job only you can do Rica."

"Ok, I got you. Don't worry, that crowd is as good as handled."

"Of that, I have no doubt. I will be taking care of Boris. However, this battle plan is simply Plan B. Plan A is this: Rica, you send a messenger over to him, requesting a meeting with him, mentioning how you will only be travelling with The Hand. If he's scum, he'll arrange a tonne of extra guards, so he can take you out. If he's not scum, his guard will only consist of his 4, and we'll meet right there in his club. Then, we let him know that we'll be taking over his territory, and merging Tundra with Aegis, of course with Aegis as the dominant group. We then offer him a position in the Aegis hierarchy, I'm thinking a position in which all the squad captains answer to him and shit. High enough that it'll be a considered a position of power, but not as high as being part of The Hand, mainly because you guys have run out of metaphorical fingers. If he goes for it, we take over without having to fight. If he doesn't go for it, we either force his submission, or kick him out, and swallow his group anyway."

"Whoa Zdenek, Plan A definitely won't work, because why would believe that an inferior group could beat his group? And say he did believe it, why would he take us up on our offer? The only way this is going to be settled is by fighting."

"Yeah, I know that, but it isn't for nothing. If Boris declines our offer, and chooses to fight instead, once he loses and we still offer him the position, he'll realise that it's best for him and his group if he submits. It's also better for us as well."

"Why is that?" Asked Steve.

"Well Steve; they out number us by 50. If we forcefully take them into Aegis, they won't be committed in the slightest, and may even rebel against us. Not only that, it'll be harder for us to control guys who just lost their Alpha. If we get him to join us, it'll be easier to get them to assimilate. That's my reasoning."


"To have them join us properly." Stephanie said.

"Ohhhhh, I see."

"Yeah, so that's the plan. Any objections?"

There were no objections whatsoever. They all just shook their heads.

"Ok guys, good. Rica, you write a letter stating everything I aid it should state. Stephanie, you carry on looking into Tundra and see if there is any more useful information. Steve, Don, you guys arrange a messenger tomorrow who will take the message over to Boris, and have that messenger wait for the answer."

"You got it!" Steve and Don said.

"Sure thing Zdenek." Stephanie said.

"What about me Zdenek?" Amy asked eagerly.

"You go downstairs to the kitchen, and get rid of all those beer bottles you bought! How much do you guys like beer anyway? Fuck."

"Zdenek you asshole! What was all that crap about faith?!"

"Just get to it. Rica; before you start with your letter, can you give me a lift home?

"Ok, no problem Zdenek." She replied, and they made their way to her car, while Amy was still angry.

"Hey Steph?"

"Yes Amy?"

"I think this is the first time I've seen Erykah this, um, I don't know how to put it. She's not as tightly wound anymore. In fact, her shoulders haven't been stiff since we left the café this morning.

During the car ride to Zdeneks' place, he remembered what he had told Jennifer, and asked that they stop at Zees' 1st. Once inside, he went over to waitress HQ.

"Hey, good evening. Is Jennifer in?"

"No sorry, she left about 10 minutes ago."

"Oh, ok then. Thanks then. Let's go Rica."

And they left and headed straight for Zdeneks' place. When in the parking lot, Zdenek opened his door.


"Yes Rica?"

"I'll walk you up to your apartment. That ok?"

"Sure, like I said last time, you don't have to ask."

And they walked and got into the lift. Everything was quiet until they reached the door to his apartment.

"Zdenek. Thank you; for absolutely everything. I really mean it. No one has done this much for me, and I really appreciate it."

"No problem Rica." He said, offering her a genuine smile, however small.

"Before you go, I um. Zdenek, I don't know anything about you. I'm not skilled enough when it comes to talking to people to pry information out of you, so tell me something; anything."

"I'm alone in this world Rica. I've been alone since the moment I was born. The reason why I helped you that night, and continue to help you, is because you asked for someone to help you, and your voice, sounded just like mine in the past; a voice that was crying out for help, but didn't expect anyone to come. You sounded as though you were as alone as I was, and I didn't want someone else to go through what I went through. When I saw it was you though, I wondered why you felt so alone, when you were surrounded by so much love, and deduced that it must be because you couldn't see it. I haven't had a single friend Rica. My entire life up to this point has been....Look; I hope that's enough for now. I'll tell you the rest after we win the upcoming battle against Tundra ok? You have to go write that letter, and I—"

Erykah then shut him up by wrapping her arms around his midsection, laying her cheek against his chest, and just held him. She didn't know what caused her to this, but she just held on, waiting for him to react. Other than earlier in her study, she hadn't hugged someone in so long that she wasn't sure if in that moment, it was the correct thing to do. She almost pulled away, until she felt one arm go across her back, and a hand gently placed on the back of her head, with a chin resting on the top. She sighed and relaxed her body, and almost melted into him. She felt safe; a feeling she hadn't felt forever. She then felt the hand on her head tighten slightly, and a cheek replace the chin that was originally there. Eventually, she felt the embrace she was receiving loosen up, and she did the same with hers, and looked Zdenek in the eyes. He looked back into hers, and smiled.

"Good night Rica. Drive safely."

"Good night Zdenek." Erykah said, before turning, and walking to the lift. Only once she had gone in, did Zdenek leave and head up to the roof. Once there, he looked towards the direction of the gate.

"Corruption Vision"

He watched for Erykahs car, and when he finally saw it, he followed it with his eyes, until she was no longer in the Corruption Visions' range, then he deactivated it. He then went back down the stairs to his apartment. Once inside, he headed to his room and disrobed. He went to the bathroom, and brushed his teeth. As he got into bed, he lay awake for a while.

"That was the first intimate moment I've ever had in my life; it felt nice. She felt nice. Rica smells nice too, and she isn't as hard as her muscles suggest, however she's just as soft as her curves suggest she is. Well, I've got to get some sleep. I might be going into battle tomorrow." And with that, Zdenek went to sleep.

Zdenek woke up mid morning, and went straight into the shower. He wanted to be ready, in case they got the go ahead to meet with Boris, who hopefully was a nice guy, as he'd be working with Aegis. Zdenek hit the shower, and brushed his teeth as well. After that he dried and brushed his hair. He put on some fresh boxers, and went to go pick out something to wear. Once the Dark blue tee, black jeans and boots were on, he went back to the bathroom, looking in the mirror, he tied his hair in a low ponytail, and went to get some breakfast ready. He made himself some pancakes, and ate his fill; which was a lot. After breakfast, he checked the time and saw it was well past noon. He was putting on his gloves when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he saw Amy, Stephanie, Steve and Don all standing there.

"Morning guys. What's happening?"

"Yo Zdenek!" They said in unison, all sticking a hand up.

"The messenger we sent to Boris just came back about 30 minutes ago, and Boris has agreed to meet with us. We came to pick you up." Stephanie said.

"Ok, that's good. Where's Rica?"

"She's in her car. We offered to come get you."

"Ok cool. Let's go." Zdenek said, stepping out from his apartment, and locking the door. As they he started heading for the lift, Stephanie and Amy stood in front of him, while Steve and Don stood behind him.

"Um, what are you guys doing?"

All of a sudden, all 4 of them converged towards him, and when they were completely around him, opened their arms wide, and wrapped them around him, locking him in a group hug.

"What the fuck are you guys doing? Let go of—"

"We're showing you that you aren't alone." Amy said.

"What...what are you talking about?" Zdenek asked.

"Don't be mad at her, but Erykah told us what you said last night, and it isn't true, well at least, not anymore. We're showing you that right now, you have 4 friends. 4 friends, who are willing to do almost anything for you, and who, despite just meeting you, care deeply about you. We want you to know that if you die today, that you died having at least 4 friends; us."

Zdenek just looked up and closed his eyes. His right eye suddenly started burning, and a single tear escaped, slowly making its way down his cheek. When Zdenek didn't move an inch, or react at all, Amy looked up to look at him when the moment she looked up, a tear landed on her left cheek, and rolled down, leaving a wet trail on it.

"Thank...thank you." Zdenek whispered, and sniffed.

Upon hearing the sniff, the 4 of them hugged him even tighter.

"You're welcome..." They all said softly, in unison.

"You really do practice that shit, don't you...?"

To be continued...

So this was Chapter 5. Because of the almost nonexistent battles in the this and the previous Chapter, Chapter 6 will be dubbed 'The Battle Chapter' and will mostly revolve around the battle between Zdenek and The Hand of Aegis, and Boris, Alpha of Tundra and his guards.

PS : Hey Names Guy, hopefully the name Boris is normal enough for you! (LOL)

Thanks for reading my shit.



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