tagNovels and NovellasBadge of Dishonor Ch. 04

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County X

Badge of Dishonor

By D.C. Roi

Chapter four

Soft hands slid over Tim Jackman's body and wrapped around his penis, which began to swell. He groaned with delight. Tim was twenty-eight years old, moderately good-looking, and bulky, but not fat. He had light brown hair and hazel eyes that twinkled when his good sense of humor was in use. He stood six feet tall in his bare feet.

The hand kept stroking him insistently, then another joined in, rolling his balls and teasing his scrotum. It felt too good. Tim couldn't remain still any longer. He groaned with delight and arched his back, lifting his hips off the bed.

"You like that, do you?" a soft female voice asked.

Tim opened his eyes when he heard his wife's voice. Heidi, a lithe, curvy woman who was quite a bit older than her husband, was on the bed, naked, kneeling at his hips, holding his swelling penis in her hand. God! She had him so turned on! What a way to wake up! He let his eyes travel over his wife's gorgeous body. She had white-blonde hair she was wearing in a pixie cut, bright blue eyes, and a face that made her look years younger than she really was. Although she was only about five-eight, she had a slim, but incredibly well-shaped body.

"I love the way you get hard the minute I touch you," his wife murmured, her eyes glazed with lust. "It starts out small, but it gets so big!" She gave her husband's engorged member a gentle squeeze. "I don't know how I lived before I had this!"

Heidi had awakened horny. Her husband got home late the night before and they'd fallen asleep without making love, something that didn't happen very often.

She woke up before the alarm went off that morning, and, after watching her husband sleep for a while, she began making love to him.

"Oh, Heidi!!!" Tim groaned, his hips twisting and turning. "Godddd!!"

"You're such a good husband," Heidi purred. "Since this is a special day for you, I think you deserve a special kiss." She bent and took his erection in her mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Tim moaned as ecstasy bubbled through him. His wife's hot mouth did wonderful things to him. His fingers clutched at the sheets as wave after wave of delight swept over him. He'd never been awakened more delightfully!

Heidi's early-morning love-making caught Tim off-guard so his control wasn't what it could have been. He felt his insides begin to churn. He was going to come!

"Heidi!" he groaned, "I...I'm gonna come! It...that feels too good!"

Heidi heard her husband's plaintive cry, but sucking him felt so fantastic, she decided to let him come in her mouth. It was still early, so they'd have plenty of time to make love after this!

Tim realized his wife wasn't heeding his warning. If anything, her actions intensified. He struggled to get control, but the harder he tried, the less control he had. "Gahhhhhhhh!!!!!" he moaned at last, unable to wait any longer! With incredibly wonderful spasms shaking him, he erupted powerfully into his wife's mouth.

Heidi heard her husband's moaned warning, felt his swollen penis twitch, and knew he was going to come. Then he was shooting hot, sticky cream into her mouth! A shudder went through her body and she experienced an orgasm of her own! She hadn't expected that, and was delighted when it happened! She continued licking and sucking Tim until his penis began to soften. Only then did she let his organ slide from her mouth.

Tingling with the sweetness of what she'd just experienced, her face slick with his come, Heidi stretched out on the bed next to her husband and kissed him.

"What about you?" Tim asked. "That was fantastic! But what about you?"

"I came, too, love," Heidi said softly. "Just a little orgasm, but it was nice."

"You did?" Tim said, surprised that was possible.

"Yes, my darling, I did," Heidi said, and kissed him again. "Being married to you is one wonderful new experience after another."

"It sure is!" Tim replied. He kissed her. "What time is it, anyhow?"

Heidi laughed. "It's only five-thirty," she told him. "I know you don't want to be late for work your first day on your new job, but we've got plenty of time."

Tim grinned at his wife. "Plenty of time for what?" he asked.

"If you don't know, I'm sure not going to tell you," Heidi said. She laid back.

Tim looked at is wife. Her chest, which was adorned with a pair of the loveliest breasts he'd ever seen, capped with half-hard nipples, rose and fell slowly. He leaned over and kissed her softly on the forehead. "Was this what you were thinking about?" he asked.

"Mmmmmmm!!! That's exactly what I was thinking about!" Heidi replied. A soft smile curved her lips and she rolled over and snuggled against him.

Tim put an arm around his wife and pulled her close. He loved to have her in his arms and to feel her body pressing against his. He began running his fingers lightly up and down her back, savoring the feel of her soft skin.

"Godddd!!!" Heidi murmured, "Oh, Tim, that feels sooooo nice!"

"You are so beautiful!" he told her. "You feel so good!"

Heidi pressed against him. "I love the way you touch me! Have I told you that lately?" she asked.

"Not for at least five minutes," Tim said. He kept stroking her, occasionally feeling her shiver as his hands moved over a sensitive spot on her anatomy. He never wanted the feeling of warmth and contentment he was experiencing at that moment to end.

"Ohhhh!!!" Heidi moaned when her husband's hand slid over her buttocks. She covered his lips with hers.

Tim rolled on his back, pulling his wife on top of him. The kiss deepened and intensified, and he could feel himself getting hard again. His hands slid down her back, cupped her bottom, and pulled her against him.

Finally, needing air, they ended the kiss. Heidi's face was flushed and she was gasping for breath. Tim gently caressed the side of one of her breasts.

"Ohhhhh!!! You're turning me on again!" Heidi exclaimed, shuddering. She shifted atop him and her lips again covered his.

"Isn't that what you wanted me to do?" Tim asked. He tangled his hands in her soft hair and pulled her face against his. Their lips met and their tongues thrust and parried, amplifying their growing need.

Heidi's legs were on either side of Tim's hips and when their second kiss ended, she looked at him, surprised. "I..I can't believe it! You're hard again!"

Tim smiled at her, his fingertips tracing up her arms to her shoulders and back down again. "Isn't that what you wanted?" he murmured.

"It's exactly what I wanted!" Heidi replied. She began moved her hips, rubbing her warm, damp opening against Tim's erection, which was sandwiched between their bellies.

Tim cupped her breasts and caressed them, feeling the nipples stiffen into his palms. Slowly, gently, he worked over the lovely nubs, needles of pleasure poking into his hands and radiating down his arms.

His hips began moving, thrusting against her, adding to the sensations that were resulting from their pleasure-seeking contact.

Heidi reached between them, grabbed his erection, raised herself, put the tip between her vaginal lips, teased herself - and Tim - for a bit, then slowly, maddeningly, she descended onto it, engulfing him with warmth and wetness.

"Ahhhhh!!!!" Tim gasped as Heidi impaled herself on him. He gazed up at his wife's passion-slack features. She was so lovely!

Heidi pressed down against him, beginning to undulate her hips, rubbing her pubic bone against his.

Moans and cries bubbled from Heidi as their bodies thrust against each other with increasing insistence. Her hips rocked and twisted, her back arched, pressing her hard-tipped breasts tighter against Tim's palms. Her head lolled back, her hair dancing and bobbing with the movement of her bucking body.

Tim watched Heidi and thought his wife was a vision of ecstasy. Her body strained, then relaxed, her hands gripped his arms. Her face was a mask of bliss. A sheen of sweat made her skin glisten, and the lovely distended tips of her breasts traced imaginary circles in the air as she thrashed up and down. Her hips rolled and heaved as Tim clutched them. He didn't think anything could top what they'd shared earlier, but was wrong.

"Oh, God, Tim, this feels so good!" Heidi moaned as she worked against him.

The friction of their joining sent irresistible waves of pleasure surging through Tim. He abandoned her breasts and grasped a luscious buttock in each hand, forcing her tighter against him, feeling the movement of her muscles against his hands.

"Oh, yessss!!!! Oh, yesssss!!!!" Heidi groaned, "So gooooodddd!!! So gooooodddd!!!" She continued to moan and whimper with rapture as Tim's organ plunged into her and whipped around in the tight confines of her vagina.

Tim felt his groin tighten and knew he'd soon experience a mad flurry of pleasure. He loved having Heidi on top when they made love because it allowed him visual enjoyment of her response. It also permitted him to use his hands. Watching her ride to higher and higher planes of gratification and being able to caress her as she did made the experience much more enjoyable for him.

Heidi's hips banged against him as if she were trying to drive him through the bed and she once again babbled with delight as passion overpowered her.

Tim grunted and strained as his wife's rippling vagina wrung an orgasm from him. Jet after jet of his hot cream spewed into her, bathing her insides with hot stickiness. He clung to her desperately until the spasms of delight peaked, then began to wane.

Heidi's fevered bucking eventually began to slow and was replaced by intermittent thrusts. Then even those came farther and farther apart. At last she lay, quiet, on Tim. His still-rigid penis remained hilted in her and their blended juices trickled onto him from her over-filled opening.

Tim cradled Heidi in his arms, feeling her relax, her breathing calm, the palpitations of her vaginal walls still. Calling what he felt at that point satisfaction wouldn't come close.

Heidi stirred, raised herself a little and looked down at her husband, her eyes brimming with fondness.

"You are amazing!" he said.

Heidi kissed her husband tenderly, then rolled off and snuggled against him. "You make me feel so good!" she whispered, putting an arm around him. He kissed her lovely lips and they held each other, not talking, for a long time.

"Did I tell you how proud I am of you?" Heidi said.

"You're just saying that because I'm getting a raise," Tim replied, smiling.

"You figured it out, did you?" Heidi giggled. She stretched.

The languid, sensuous movement of his wife's luscious body thrilled Tim. Watching his wife stretch was one of Tim's favorite things. The way she did it, so feline and sensual, was a special sight.

Heidi got out of bed and stood next to it looking down at him. Tim caressed one of her buttocks.

"You really do like my bottom, don't you?" Heidi asked, squirming a little.

"It's the best I've ever seen," Tim told her.

She giggled, blushed, then turned and walked out of the room.

An hour later, Tim and Heidi were sitting at their kitchen table, eating breakfast.

"Are you really that nervous about your new job?" Heidi asked her husband.

"A little," he replied. "Actually, more than a little." He'd resigned from the Jamestown Police Department, where he was a detective sergeant, to take a job with his former boss, Alex Martin, the new sheriff of James County. Tim was going to be a detective lieutenant in charge of the sheriff's department's small detective division.

"I just hope the other deputies won't resent having a kid like me coming in as a lieutenant," he said. "I mean, there are a lot of guys in the sheriff's department with a lot more experience than I have."

"Maybe," Heidi said, "but Alex hired you, so he obviously believes you can do the job." She grinned at him. "And so do I."

Tim got up, walked around to the side of the table where his wife was sitting, and kissed her. Then he went into their den and got his 9 mm semi-automatic pistol out of the locked cabinet where he kept it and shoved it into his shoulder holster.

He returned to the kitchen and smiled at Heidi, who was still sitting at the table. "Want me to stop by the school to have lunch with you?" he asked.

"I'll be hurt if you don't," Heidi replied, smiling. "I want to hear all about how your first morning went."


Roi: Badge of Dishonor

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