tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBagging a Bitch with Balls

Bagging a Bitch with Balls

byCal Y. Pygia©

Watching porn has given me a lot of ideas concerning what to do in bed--and elsewhere. Some of the guys and sluts in X-rated videos do it outdoors--in the woods, a park, poolside, or in a parked car. Some chicks flash their dicks--yeah, I watch shemale movies sometimes, too--in public places, and some women even wear thongs or go without panties altogether while wearing mini-skirts on windy days (with easily anticipated consequences).

By the time a man is in his thirties, if not before, he's most likely experienced anal, manual, and oral sex with a woman, and maybe even with another man. Finding a shemale is harder, because there are fewer of them, relative to the general population, so a guy may never get the chance to bag a bitch with balls.

I made it my goal to do just this, though, as soon as possible, so that I could, in turn, accomplish two fantasies related to shemales: fuck her up the ass and fuck her between the tits. I'd fucked a few genetic girls in their derrieres, finding the act delightful, but I'd never tit-fucked a woman--and I'd never had sex of any kind with a transsexual.

I'd read a lot about sex in Thailand, where transsexuals are supposedly openly accepted as such and do not fear exhibiting themselves in public. There is allegedly no bias, prejudice, or discrimination against ladyboys, or kathoeys, as they are known there. Thailand's economy isn't exactly robust, either, so it's said to be much easier to date--and mate with--a Thai transsexual than it is to do so elsewhere. In addition, most Asian transsexuals are petite, slender, and more feminine-looking than their American counterparts (although fewer are circumcised). I was all set to go to Thailand to find and fuck a tranny when my lawyer, an ex-girlfriend named Marsha Bradshaw, suggested that I visit the Philippines instead.

The Filipino economy is even worse than the Thai, Marsha reminded me, making an American, even in our currently depressed economy, wealthier than King Midas, with or without his ass' ears; the country is a tropical, if humid, paradise; and the Filipino people are both self-effacing and eager to please. There are also quite a few kathoeys in the country, and, although Filipino society is not as openly accepting of transsexuals as Thai society tends to be, kathoeys are still fairly well tolerated there. They only drawback is the fifteen-hour plane ride from Los Angeles to Manila, but it takes even longer--eighteen hours!--to fly from L. A. to Bangkok. All things considered, the choice of the Philippines over Thailand was a no-brainer. (Thanks for the suggestion, Marsha!)

* * *

The fifteen-hour flight was grueling, but the Philippines is everything it was billed as being, a real tropical paradise, with dense green rain forests; a crystal-clear ocean; sandy beaches that stretch on seemingly forever, devoid of people; a thousand things to see and do; and a friendly population that, especially in Manila and Cebu City, includes a good number of hot, young kathoeys who are eager to please and are on the lookout for a rich American sugar daddy.

I found mine the first week I was in-country. I could have found a tranny the very first day, but I'm particular: I wanted a circumcised girl, and, even though the Philippines is primarily a Catholic country, cut cocks are relatively rare. If it wasn't for the influence of the Church, there'd probably be no circumcised penises among kathoeys, but, thank God, that's not the case, and, after a bit of a search, I was able to find Bindy, an eighteen-year-old bitch with balls--and a circumcised cock.

Bindy is five feet, two inches tall, with raven-black hair, Bambi-big eyes with long, thick lashes; a thin, pert nose; full, sensuous lips; high cheekbones; a pointed chin; narrow shoulders; high, firm, round tits (perfect for fucking!); a concave tummy, eight inches of cut, hard cock; and a firm, compact, feminine fanny--the perfect tranny! I couldn't have asked for a better bitch with balls if I'd ordered her custom-made from heaven itself.

Bindy's boobs are artificial, of course, but they're bought and paid for, and the plastic surgeon did a fabulous job on them. About the size of twin cantaloupes, but, soft and sleek, they're firm, high, and round, with a wide separation, or "cleavage," between them, and they never flatten or sag, even when Bindy is flat on her back or positioned on her elbows and knees, ready to receive. The areolas are puffy, like those of a real, or genetic, girl, but her nipples are small, like a boy's, her man-made mammary glands reflecting her androgynous shemale character.

I've always wanted to tit-fuck a sexy transsexual, and, the moment I laid eyes on Bindy, I wanted to lay her--or, rather, to lay my cock between her beautiful boobs, and to fuck her there. I've always wanted to butt-fuck a sexy transsexual, too, and, the moment I laid eyes on Bindy, I wanted to lay her--or, rather, to lay my cock between her beautiful buttocks and to fuck her there.

Like many Filipinas, female and shemale alike, Bindy was looking for a rich American man to take care of her, and, although, by American standards I'm hardly wealthy, by Filipino standards, I was rich enough to turn Bindy's head. To get between her tits and up her ass, I had to promise to marry her, and, of course, I did. If you'd seen her, you'd have promised her whatever she wanted, too, even marriage, to enjoy her charms.

A week after we met, Bindy and I were married in a small, civil ceremony in Manila. She lied on the application, citing her sex as "female." She had no alternative, because "shemale" wasn't listed as an option, and Bindy, despite her cock and balls, is all woman--at least as far as she and I are concerned. Fortunately, having a sex check to verify one's designation isn't part of the marriage licensing process.

* * *

Right after we married, I in a black tux and Bindy in a peach gown, we rented a hotel suite in Cebu City for our honeymoon. The place is beautiful.

That night, Bindy was more than eager to show her appreciation for everything I had done for her, and I took full advantage of this opportunity, fucking her in her tight, sleek, compact ass.

We did it on the floor, on a bamboo mat that was hard on the knees, making the experience all the more memorable for me and, I trust, for Bindy, whose kneecaps and elbows bore the brunt of my assault. Her moans, groans, and whimpers, caused as much by her knees and elbows sliding and rolling upon the bamboo mat as by the jarring thrusts of my cock between her smooth, round ass cheeks, were as music to my ears.

Never before had I imagined that the distress--indeed, the pain--of someone else could arouse me, but her cries had just such an effect upon me. Knowing that the hard bamboo rods of which the mat was made caused Bindy to feel more than a bit of discomfort where her bones and flesh met them, rocking back and forth before the shoves and heaves of my pubes into the soft cushions of her buttocks, made my erect cock swell to greater thickness and extend to superior length inside the tight circle of her impaled anus.

"Uh!" Bindy ejaculated, as I drove my prick through her asshole, all the way to my balls, and ground the coarse hairs of my wiry pubes against her perfect, sleek bottom. "Uhhhh!"

I slammed harder into her, flattening the twin moons of her smooth ass cheeks before my driving cock, and she moaned again, more loudly, a strain of fear in her vocalization. Perhaps my transsexual bride feared I'd split her in half with my thick, hard cock. Her buttocks were firm, and her anus was tight around my massive prick, and, although her rectum was spacious and accommodating, no one's ass, Bindy's included, can compete with a woman's cunt in lodging a penis. I have seen women take truly monstrous pricks in their cunts, which they'd have been hard pressed to take up their asses, and, at twelve inches, my own cock is beyond large. Nevertheless, Bindy's petite bottom was managing my massive member's invasion of her bowels--so far, at least.

Therefore, I redoubled my efforts. Letting my prick slide free of her round, gaping anus for the moment, I peered down inside its pink walls, into her depths, until they were lost in darkness. I rose to a squatting position, above and behind her, reinserted my penis--the erection slid into and through Bindy's cavernous asshole easily--and began to fuck her with renewed vigor, cramming her bowels with my foot-long prick at each stroke into her bottom; withdrawing all but the tip of the organ; and driving it, hard and fast, into her ass again. Repeating this sequence of actions, as rapidly and as forcefully as I could, I slammed and crammed and rammed her behind mercilessly. Her impaled buttocks bounced and flattened before my onslaught, and Bindy cried out, in both physical distress and fear. Her English was not good, but she articulated her fear well enough: "You split me in half, Brian!"

Her panicked protest ignited a reservoir of sadistic lust I had not known I possessed, and I rammed my cock through her wide-stretched sphincter, past her gaping anus, and deep into her rectum again and again, faster and harder each time, feeling her buttocks crush before me, only to spring back momentarily, as I withdrew my member again, to slam into her anew.

The startled, anguished cries and whimpers of the kathoey I'd impaled upon my member; her rocking frame; her flattening-rebounding buttocks; the sleekness of her flesh; her vulnerable position, on her elbows and knees, atop the cutting bamboo rods of the floor mat; her resignation to the indignity and humiliation I heaped upon her by the savagery of my anal assault--all this welter of imagery, emotion, and thought enflamed my heart, my mind, and my loins with an unappeasable passion to dominate, punish, and devastate the nubile young ladyboy whom I fucked mercilessly, and I was like a machine, rather than a man; an engine of iron will and steel determination, rather than flesh and blood; an instrument of a sadistic will to power, rather than a human being, pummeling the slender, petite body that rocked, shook, swayed, and recoiled before my assault, moaning and groaning, whimpering and sobbing, pleading and begging for me to stop.

"You split me in half!" Bindy bleated again, and, God help me, if I could, I would have done so.

Shove! Slam! Thrust! Ram! Heave! Cram! Single words had replaced more articulate thought as I continued to pound Bindy's petite ass, lunging and plunging my cock through her dilated anus and into her bowels. I was more an animal--and a predatory one--than I was a man at the moment, and instinct drove me, as I drove my cock, brutally and savagely, into my kathoey bride's entrails.

Perhaps in an attempt to frustrate or escape me, Bindy, grunting, collapsed, falling from her elbows and knees onto her tummy, her breasts and pubes flattening against the uncomfortable bamboo mat, but I rode her down, crouching more, and, lowering my left knee to provide support for my weight while keeping my right knee bent, continued to slam my cock into her bottom. I saw that she had bitten her lower lip, drawing blood, and tears coursed down her cheeks, despite her closed eyes. No doubt, I thought, she believed that she had surrendered her very life as well as her ass and, convinced that I must, indeed, split her asunder, the Catholic shemale had prepared, as best she could, to meet her Maker. Her lips began to move in quick, albeit silent, movements, and I wondered whether, perhaps, she was reciting the Lord's prayer. Had she a rosary at hand, would she be counting the "worry beads" as she petitioned her God?

If so, I thought, it would be in vain, for, at the moment, I was her god, and she would continue to be fucked, mercilessly, as long as my strength and stamina endured. Drawing back, until only the glans of my distended prick remained within the portal of her bowels, I slammed my member home, with all the force and fury that I could muster, feeling each inch of its thick, hard length slide through her anus as my huge cock vanished into the depths of her bowels. Fiendishly, I fucked her, filling and refilling Bindy's ass with my prick as I pumped my organ back and forth, up and down, inside the clinging circle of her wide-spread anus. Beneath me, she wept openly, pleading with me to stop. "You hurting me!" she sobbed. "You going to kill me!"

I pounded and pummeled, thrust and shoved, slammed and rammed her defenseless little behind, not caring whether I hurt or killed her, although, of course, the latter eventuality seemed unlikely at best, and Bindy rolled and thrashed atop the bamboo mat, weeping and sobbing and pleading, no doubt hoping to escape my assault upon her impaled and hammered ass.

Finally, upon the onset of as intense an orgasm as I have ever experienced, I felt my cock shudder inside her anus, and I pulled free, as my balls, inside the risen and contracted pouch of my scrotum, shot volley after volley and salvo after salvo of my thick, warm, white semen in arcs across her derriere, bombarding her back and buttocks and thighs with my thick fecundating fluid. I looked down, into the gaping wound of Bindy's red, raw ass, into the depths of her ravaged body, and deep, it seemed, into her devastated soul.

Although I hadn't split her into or killed her, it was obvious to me that I had changed Bindy in some fundamental way and that I had claimed her as my own. My sperm, wriggling across her ass, filling the cleavage of her buttocks, and spilling, by the millions, into the abyss of her vanquished, gaping anus, had branded her as surely as if they were the hot end of an iron, the contours of which spelled out my name.

* * *

The next day, Bindy would not speak to me.

It seems that, from her perspective, I had crossed a line, doing something offensive, if not unpardonable.

I knew, well enough, what it was, of course, without the need for her to explain it to me: I had stripped her of her dignity. I had stolen her pride. I had made her lose face--with herself.

I knew, too, though, that she would speak to me again, and soon.

After all, I was her sugar daddy, the "rich" American man of whom she'd dreamed for so long, her (as it turns out, not-so-charming) prince who would allow her to live as a princess rather than as a peasant, to be Somebody rather than nobody.

I had made her my wife; in doing so, I had transformed her very identity.

Even if, in fucking her in the ass without mercy, I had stripped her of her dignity, I owned her, body and soul; she belonged to me, and she would talk to me again, sooner, rather than later.

The same afternoon, she did speak to me, her tone cold and insolent. I let her impudence pass--for the moment. After all, I could always deal with her disrespectful attitude later, if I chose to punish her for it.

Meanwhile, I had met one of my two goals. I had fucked a transsexual in her lovely young ass. Next, I would fuck Bindy between her beautiful, man-made tits.

* * *

The easiest way to accomplish my second goal, I supposed, was to apologize to Bindy and treat her to a night out on the town. I won't bore you with the details. It's enough that my plan had the desired effect. Bindy forgave me, after I promised I'd never fuck her in the ass again with my "big American cock." She even agreed, as a consolation prize, so to speak, to let me fuck her tits when I asked for this consideration from her.

Needless to say, we were home early, with Bindy a little more than tipsy.

"No floor, Brian," she insisted. Her breasts, tummy, pubes, and upper thighs still bore the slight pink bands that the bamboo rods of the mat had imparted to her flesh as I'd fucked her ass while she lay upon the floor, and she, obviously, didn't want any more of the pain that had gone with her acquisition of these temporary marks.

I readily agreed. "No floor." Instead, we'd use the bed. When Bindy was naked, I had her lie down on her back, her legs apart, and I scrambled onto the mattress, straddling her ribs.

After laying my twelve inches between the round mounds of her eternally buoyant breasts, I put her palms on the outer sides of her tits, left hand to left boob, right hand to right boob, and demonstrated to her how she should hold her knockers together so that their inner curves were tight around my prick.

She smiled, looking lovely, to indicate that she had totally forgiven me for (as she believed) nearly splitting her in half when I'd butt-fucked her. There was no danger of that happening now, she understood: a pair of tits were lovely, but fucking them was a far cry from fucking an ass. There was no opening into her chest cavity, as there was into her rectum, and, no matter how fast and furiously I fucked her between her tits, there was no way I could split her in half or kill her, as she'd imagined I might when I'd been balls-deep inside her ass.

Leaning forward, I slid my organ through the tunnel of sleek flesh that the inner curves of her shemale breasts made and felt the delirious sensation of my member's stark rigidity against the sharply contrasting softness of her firm, smooth breasts. My cock twitched, lengthening another inch, and my balls rose inside the tightening pouch of my scrotum. Behind me, I felt the tip of Bindy's own eight-inch prick poke me in the lower cleavage of my ass as her manhood stiffened and swelled.

As if the contact of her glans against my buttocks had been a goad, I yanked my dick back, through the soft-smooth tunnel of Bindy's compressed cleavage, and shoved it forward again, just as quickly and forcefully. I've never fucked butter and have no desire to try it--I'm kinky, sure, but not that kinky; I'd rather eat food than fuck it--but, I imagined, as I pounded Bindy's sleek, soft boobs, that this act would have felt much like fucking a pound of butter might feel--frictionless and easy.

Her boobs were really just skin stretched tight over silicone implants, but the silicone jiggled and wiggled pretty much like the real flesh-and-blood article, and Bindy's tiny nipples got surprisingly big within the circles of their puffy areolas, looking womanly enough to fool all but the manliest of men (or, perhaps, a woman). I sure as hell would never have known that Bindy was a bitch with balls if her cock hadn't been poking me in the ass, spurring me on as I fucked her transsexual tits.

As I poked my pecker between her knockers, Bindy raised her head from the pillow, bringing her open mouth near the tip of my prick. Her pink tongue extended between her soft, sensuous lips, and she licked my glans as the purple dome thrust near her mouth. She relaxed her grip upon the outside of her tits a little, and the mounds of flesh parted, allowing me to see the shaft of my prick as I jabbed it back and forth between her sleek orbs. My foot-long column of flesh was of sufficient length to enter the circle of her lips and to slide, several inches, into the delightfully warm, wet interior of her mouth, so that my fucking of her tits was now accompanied by her sucking of my cock.

Meanwhile, Bindy's own penis, thick and hard, continued to poke at my posterior, the tip of her manhood occasionally slipping into the cleavage between my cheeks, as if probing for my anus. The thought of Bindy fucking me in my ass as I had earlier fucked her in her ass was exciting, and I felt the telltale stir of orgasm deep in my loins.

Relaxed now that she was confident that I couldn't split her in half with my raging hard-on, as she seemed to believe I could when I'd been ass-fucking her, Bindy grinned at me. "Fuck my titties, Brian!" she encouraged me. "Fuck these boobies hard!"

I didn't need to be told twice--or even once--and I slammed into her silicone mammary glands as fast and hard and deep as I could, my cock colliding with Bindy's lips and sliding up her tongue, toward the back of her throat. She slurped at my organ, her lips making wet, smacking sounds. Her big Bambi's eyes were all smoky and distant, as if she were somewhere else, far away, having withdrawn to a secret place in her imagination, where maybe I was her Prince Charming, making love to her as only a man in love can do, instead of fucking her between her tits and in her mouth, which, despite its apparent intimacy, must be about as impersonal as a sex act between a man and a woman--or, in Bindy's case, a transwoman--can be.

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