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Bahamian Black Itch


The taxi bucked for the umpteenth time bouncing Lara onto Ted's lap once again. "Oh god," she complained. This time, Ted's penis had swollen some and she could feel it pressing against her ass. "Sorry," she apologized trying to slide back down, but the swaying taxi only made her ass shake against his still growing penis. Her cheeks turned red. Ted's organ felt rather large, larger then her husband's anyway. His penis pushed against Ted's khaki shorts, through the thin material of her dress and against her sheer cotton panties to push one of her ass cheeks in. The taxi quit shaking and Lara quickly slid off Ted's lap to squeeze back in between Ted and her husband Raymond.

"Thank god this is almost over," said Ted's wife, Karen, who had called "shotgun" and won the front passenger seat, though her hands were grabbing the dashboard so hard her knuckles had turned white.

The taxi's breaks squealed and the threesome in the back seat were thrown forwards before slamming back against the rear seat.

Lara quickly slid out of the taxi after Raymond. She gasped for breath looking on in distaste as the ugly black islander got out of the driver's seat to help them with their bags. He had dirty dreadlocks that she swore smelled like weed and bad yellow teeth. He grinned at the four tourists, even having the nerve to drop his eyes down to her impressive bosom. Lara was used to it, but didn't care for having a black man check her out. She quickly turned away only to catch Ted discreetly adjusting himself while his wife's back was turned.

"I think this just might be worth the taxi ride," said Karen.

Lara followed Karen's gaze towards the resort. "I think you might be right," she agreed, nodding her head appreciatively.

The hotel was about twelve stories tall. The side facing them was mostly glass windows looking towards Nassau in the distance. The other side had balconies overlooking the outdoor bar, pool, beach, and of course, the light blue ocean. Palm trees swayed in a gently breeze. This was paradise for two couples escaping the particularly bad winter that hit the East coast this year especially the Buffalo, New York area where they lived.

"If we hurry, there's still time to hit the beach," said Ted with his usual impish grin and a wiggle of his eyebrows. The man exuded boyish charm.

Raymond tipped the taxi driver, too much in Lara's opinion, while the resort's porters grabbed their luggage.

It didn't take long for them to get checked in. The four of them rode the elevator up to the fourth floor. Ted and Karen's room was first. "We'll knock when we're ready," said Ted unlocking his door with a key card. "Wow!" he added when he opened the door.

Raymond unlocked the next door. "Wow," he agreed.

Lara walked past him. The entire far wall was one big glass window with sliding glass doors leading out to the balcony. The view was spectacular. Lara couldn't help herself. She walked straight to the door, slid it open and stepped out on the balcony. The warmth hit her in the face along with a cool breeze and the wonderful smell of salt water. She closed her eyes and inhaled through her nose. Steel drum music filled her ears from the band playing down by the pool. She heard feminine giggling beside her and opened her eyes. Karen was out on the next balcony doing the exact same thing Lara was. "Welcome to paradise," said Karen, holding her broad brimmed hat down on her head. She was a fair skinned red head and burned easily.

"Raymond," called Lara. "This place looks amazing. Thank you." She looked down at the pool. The bar actually went into the pool and you could sit on stools in the water and drink.

"Yes, thank you," yelled Karen across the balcony.

"Yes, tell him he's the best boss in the world," said Ted strolling out of his room.

Lara felt her heart rate increase a little. Ted was the total package. He had stripped down and changed into tight form fitted swim trunks, short down his muscular thighs. He was fit and muscular, lean waist, broad chest, triceps and biceps. He even had abs, tight, hard, beautiful abs. He grinned at her, catching her staring and she turned away just as Ted wrapped those muscular arms around his wife from the back and the two stared out at the ocean.

Raymond came out to join her. He was a stark contrast to Ted. Lara's husband was a older heavier man. He'd changed into swim trunks and wore an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. His large beer belly stuck out and wisps of gray hair covered his chest. He wasn't the greatest to look at, but he was a fun loving guy and knew how to enjoy himself. Very kind hearted to. "Hurry up and change woman," he said to her.

Lara kissed him on the cheek and slipped inside the motel room. Karen did the same. Lara overheard Ted thanking Raymond again. Ray owned his own surveying company and Ted worked for him. Ted and Karen were only twenty-five and only married a few years while Ray was twenty years older then them, but he and Ted got along very well. Lara was thirty-two, but looked younger. Ray on the other hand looked older then forty-five. He'd gone gray early and working outside in the rough weather had his face looking worn. They'd been married five years and had dated five before that. A joke they shared was that Ray was on a five year plan, with parenthood their next step.

Lara slipped her bikini on and wrapped a skirt around her waist. Ray looked at her body appreciatively and grabbed her ass while kissing her on the lips. She felt his big hands dig into the flesh of her ass cheek. While not fat, she did have a round bubble butt that thrust out from her backside. Men loved it. She'd overheard one of Ray's employees telling another that Lara had a black woman's ass. She'd never felt so insulted in her life and had asked Ray to fire the man, but her husband had just disciplined him.

The four friends met in the hall and now it was Lara's turn to grin when Ted got to see her in a swimsuit. The group had been close and doing things together for a little over a year now, but this was the first time they'd seen each other in swimsuits. Lara was a walking wet dream to most men. Her body was fit and lean, very well toned. Her stomach was sexy and flat. She'd cheated and gone to a tanning bed to protect her from burning and her body was already well tanned. Her great ass was covered at the moment, but for the first time, her big bosom was on display, confined by the tight bikini top. The same stupid employee that had commented on her ass had initiated a debate about whether or not her breasts were real. They were. All the women in her family were blessed/cursed with having thin builds and full DD's by the time they turned fifteen. Pregnancy swelled their breasts to EE's, more then their membranes could hold upright and firm. Once proud breasts turned into sagging udders and back pain soon followed. Ray and Lara weren't parents yet, but had just started trying. Lara resembled her video game namesake in many ways from her fit toned body, to her oversized bosom, and to her long brown hair. She was even wearing sunglasses with round lenses.

Ted was having trouble taking his eyes off her breasts and much to her embarrassment, she felt her nipples harden under his gaze. Her light blue bikini was a thin material and when her nipples hardened, her entire areola puffed up and were visible through her top. She saw Ted's eyes widen with appreciation. Her own eyes moved down over his gorgeous chest and tight stomach abdominals prominent. The form fitting suit hugged his penis and she couldn't help but appreciate his noticeable bulge. Yes, he was the total package.

Lara glanced away and found herself looking at Karen. Ted's wife was lovely and stunning in her own way. They made a handsome couple. Karen was wearing a green bikini and flip flops. She had long luscious red hair and got plenty of male appreciation on her own. Raymond was surreptitiously checking her out as he was seeing her in a swimsuit for the first time. He seemed impressed. Karen was very lean and fit. She could easily have been a bikini model, but for her pale skin. Her breasts looked to be about a B cup, but the bikini pushed them together creating cleavage. She was very Scotch-Irish looking with red hair, pale skin and plenty of freckles. The freckles dotted her cheeks and chest. They were sparser elsewhere with only a few on her belly.

"Lets hit the beach," said Ted.

"After stopping off at the bar," added Raymond.

The foursome took the elevator back down to the lobby and headed out back. The resort had a decent crowd. There were plenty of people, but not enough to cause any inconveniences. Somewhat disappointingly, the crowd was mostly older retirees. Ray and Ted felt proud when all the male eyes turned on their wives, staring appreciatively at their bikini clad bodies and Ted even grinned noticing more then a few of the older women checking out his chest. Raymond stopped off at the bar and got them four cocktails. Sipping their drinks, the four friends walked past the band and down to the beach.

"You lotioned up, right hon?" asked Ted, staring worriedly at his pale wife.

"Yes, dear," said Karen. "SPF one zillion. It's safe."

"We honeymooned in Florida and Karen was laid up for three days with bad sunburn," Ted explained. "Ruined the trip. Hopefully, this will be like the honeymoon we never had."

"YES!" sighed Lara, flushing with embarrassment when the other three turned to look at her. She had sounded almost orgasmic and she felt orgasmic. She'd stepped in the water. It was warm, gentle waves lapping at her ankles as she curled her toes and dug them into the sand. Just hours ago, she'd been covered in sleet as they caught a taxi to the airport.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! YESSSS!!" moaned Karen, joining and mocking her friend.

"What do they need us for?" asked Ray, looking at Ted.

Ted grinned watching the women. "Lets walk down the beach where it's less crowded." He took Karen's hand and they walked in the surf away from the more crowded resort area.

Ray and Lara rarely held hands, but he took hers and they followed the younger couple. The crowd dissipated when they left the private beach. Another couple approached them and the four friends tried to keep their eyes straight ahead. The couple approaching them were nude or mostly nude. Neither were much to write home about, but it was hard not to look. They were both about sixty years old, probably grandparents. The man resembled an older Raymond, big beer belly, gray hair on his chest nearly bald pate. His penis was hardly noticeable as it was tucked into his scrotum beneath the shadow of the man's gut. The woman wore bikini bottoms, but her breasts were bared, her belly and breasts sagged and were covered in wrinkly skin. "Bonjour," they said in passing.

Ted turned and gave Ray a goofy grin. Karen flushed, her entire body turning rosy. Lara blushed a little too.

Raymond shrugged. "Europeans," he said, as if that explained everything.

Ted walked backwards watching the couple. They were carrying the rest of their bathing suits. When they hit the resort the woman paused to put her bikini top on while the man stepped into his bathing suit. "Looks like the resort has a swimsuit policy, but the rest of the beach is clothing optional," said Ted.

They passed a young mother with two toddlers playing in the surf. She was completely nude and worth looking at. Ray and Ted tried not to be obvious. Two men were next. They were lying on blankets nude. Both had shirts over their heads as they laid on their backs. Karen and Lara both glanced down. The men were holding hands as they tanned. They both had nice trim physiques. The one on the left had a shrunken average looking penis, but the one on the right had a plump one about six inches long as it laid across his thigh. The group passed the gay men so closely that Lara could make out a gold ring piercing the crown of the larger penis. Lara was not a fan of homosexuals and they seemed to be everywhere these days. They disgusted her, but she couldn't look away from the plump penis with the piercing.

"This sure ain't Buffalo," said Ray.

"This looks good," said Ted when they were a couple hundred feet past the gay men. He turned and ran down into the water diving forward and disappearing for a moment. Ray pulled his shirt off and followed him as did Karen a moment later. Lara paused and removed her wrap around skirt. When she turned around to face the water, Ted quickly turned away. He had been staring at her ass and for once she didn't mind. She'd never cheat on Ray, but she found Ted extremely attractive and was pleased to see that he felt the same way about her. Her feelings for Ted were just a strong crush, but one she'd never consummate. She joined the others in the water.

Ted bent forward fumbling with something underwater. When he straightened back up he was holding his shorts. "I think we should go native." He tossed his swimsuit out of the water and onto the beach.

Lara stared at him wide eyed. She tried to see through the water to the nice sized penis she'd been bouncing on in the taxi. The water was clear, but she could only get a teasing glimpse. "I'm not getting nude Teddy," said Karen.

"Awe come on honey," pleaded Ted. "Lets cut loose while we're here."

"No way," she replied. "I'm not taking my bikini off."

"That bikini isn't covering a lot of skin to begin with. Why not?" Ted waited for his wife to answer, but she didn't. "How about just the top then?"

Karen glanced nervously at Lara and Ray. "I will if you will," Lara told the young red headed wife.

"If the ladies are in, I'm in," said Ray, glancing back and forth between the two women.

Lara stared at Karen as she reached behind her neck and pulled the string on her bikini. The cup covering her full DD's fell down. Her breasts were wet and glistening. The nipples were at full erection. Her nipples alone pushed out about ¾ of an inch when hard, but when they got like this, her entire areola swelled up another ¼" from the breast itself. Her areolas were large around, nearly the diameter of a soda can. Now they were covered in goose bumps.

"Damn," said Ted, staring with admiration at his boss's wife's tits. Karen frowned at the subject of her husband's gaze even though she was just as impressed by Lara's bosom.

Lara glanced nervously at her husband, but Ray didn't look upset by Ted's appreciation. Ray looked proud and he had a smug look on his face. "Damn is right," he agreed bending down and coming up with his suit. Ray tossed it next to Ted's on the beach and Lara turned to throw her bikini top out to.

"Oh , alright," sighed Karen, reaching behind her back and untying her top. Small B-cups they may have been, but her breasts were nearly perfect, pale and conical. Her areola were only the size of a dime and they were of such a light pink as to nearly bend into Karen's snow white breast flesh. The nipples were darker and stood out more. Like Lara's, they were completely hard like pencil erasers.

"Sweet," said Ray and Karen blushed.

"Hey, don't stare at my wife's tits," said Ted, splashing his boss. Before turning and swimming away. Lara caught a nice glimpse of his bare ass, as tight and taut as the rest of him. Ray splashed at Ted, but the younger man had dived under.

They frolicked in the water for about fifteen minute before Ray finally said. "Alright, I need a drink." He turned and headed to shore. They'd left their drinks on the beach. Soon his chubby hairy ass came into view something his wife didn't care for seeing in private let alone in public in bright sunlight.

"Me too," agreed Ted. He ran out to get his drinks and the women followed. Ted bent and grabbed his drink before turning around and facing Lara.

She couldn't help it, her eyes zooming right in on his penis and what a penis it was. It dangled straight down a plump six inches. Even as she watched, it extended another inch and rose slightly from a dangling position. She looked up and found him staring just as appreciatively at her body. She was making him hard.

She hoped her husband hadn't noticed her staring, but then Ray was too busy trying not to stare at Karen's nice body. Then Ray happened to glance over at Ted. "Whoa there, that's a big boy."

"Thanks," said Ted with a smirk. Karen was smirking too. Now it was their turn to be smug. That was her penis too they were all staring at with appreciation.

"Hey, you guys know about shrinkage right," said Ray suddenly defensive. His penis had shrunken up into the scrotum and was only about two inches long, barely noticeable under his gut. "We should head back for refills." Ray quickly walked back down to the water and retrieved his suit pulling it on. Ray grabbed Ted's suit and tossed it to the fit man. Ted caught it and threw his suit over his shoulder. Unlike Ray, he was in no hurry to hide his penis.

"I say we stay like this until we hit the resort," said Ted watching the women go retrieve their bikini tops.

"But the women should have to take their bottoms off and join us."

Ray hesitated as if deciding if seeing Karen's naked crotch was worth him stripping again. He decided no apparently and just walked over to his topless wife. Lara smiled and put her arm through her husband's to reassure him. "Maybe tomorrow," she winked at her husband. "If I'm drunk enough."

Karen remained topless too. She'd grown used to it pretty fast. "Gimme dem titties," said Ted, reaching out lustfully for his wife's breasts. She squealed and took of running in the opposite direction from the resort. Ted took off after her. When they came back, Karen was riding on Ted's back. He was jogging and Lara watched his lovely penis slap from thigh to thigh.

Ted carried his wife on his back about half way to the resort. The slower moving couple watched them having fun. Lara couldn't take her eyes off Ted's ass. You could bounce a quarter off that thing, she thought. She was happy to take her eyes off his ass when he sat his wife down and turned back to face them. Her eyes ran down that fit muscular chest to his penis and she smiled with delight. Frolicking with his wife had made him semi-hard. His dick was about seven inches now. It didn't look like it would get any longer, but it wouldn't take much to make it swell some more and start to rise. He really was once sexy man.

Lara felt that this trip was already worth it just because she got to see Ted naked. She might never cheat on Ray, but she could sure use the image of Ted's hot body in her mind when her own husband was rutting on top of her. She felt a little damp between the thighs just thinking about it and couldn't help wondering what Ted's slightly plumper and several inches longer prick might feel like inside her. She'd already decided that if the group did this again, she would go completely nude. She wondered if her shaved pussy would make his dick rise up any more. That was an image that would stay in her mind forever.

Or so she thought.

As they approached the resort, three people were standing at the border between the public and private beach. The one facing them in the middle was one of the hotel's porters. The dark skinned islander wore khaki shorts and a white shirt with gold epaulettes on the sleeves. He was shaking his head negatively and waving his arms. Facing him and away from the approaching foursome were two nude black men. Natives apparently for they had very dark African black skin. Their bodies glistened as if they had oiled themselves up. The men apparently wanted to keep walking through the resort, but the porter wouldn't let them. The men turned in disgust, and Lara couldn't help gasping. Ted and Ray had been chatting, but suddenly went dead silent. Karen stifled her own gasp.

The first black man was skinny to the point he looked malnourished. He had no muscles to speak of and a sunken chest with a round belly, but all eyes were on his penis. It swung between his legs like a foot long black banana. Lara couldn't have imagined there were penises that big. The other black man was fitter then his companion with a decent physique. His penis was just as monstrous, the bulbous head was hooded making it appear slightly longer. Furthermore, the man's legs were more muscular and they thrust his testicles out under his penis. His nuts were sized to go with the huge penis. Lara quickly glanced away when she realized the men had noticed her staring. Much to her embarrassment, the skinny native had the audacity to wink at her, a broad grin exposing sharply white teeth against his dark ugly face.

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