Bailey's Humiliation Games Ch. 04


"I'm Jimmy," said the skinny one. "Who the hell are you?"

Gary smiled confidently. "I'm Phil, I'm this lucky gal's husband."

Their jaws dropped but they bought it. They said nothing as Gary escorted me to a table.

"That was fucking awesome," he admitted. "Did you cum there? It sure looked and sounded like you did. I mean, I couldn't hear it all with the loud music and all."

"Yessss," I hissed. "You know I did, you fucker!" I scolded. "I told you what would happen if you let guys do whatever they wanted."

"I knew exactly what would happen and I happened to enjoy every moment," he said as if insulted.

"You really are a perverted fucker," I spat, though unconvincingly.

"Yes, I'm the one who made out "blowjob" cards, I'm the one orally servicing more than one coworker. I'm the one letting complete strangers feel me up and finger fuck me to orgasm in public," he said cruelly.

"Ok, you've made your point," I pouted in total shame. "So what now?"

"Now, you make good on your last promise."

He handed me card number five, the red lettering clear and unmistakable. I happened to glance at the back. It was signed. "What the fuck..?" I blurted out. It was people from work, Doris, a couple other secretaries, Dean, some of the other salesmen.

Gary laughed. "C'mon. They all know. You had to know they would."

I had tears in my eyes at the humiliation, but also the anger. "You told me you wouldn't tell, you promised," I whined, even though I knew it would fall on deaf ears. I don't know why I insisted on trying to play the innocent when we all knew now that I wasn't.

"I actually didn't have to tell anyone, they all saw parts, and put it all together. Wait, I did tell Dean," he laughed. "But that was only because I owed him a favor for fixing my car."

I blushed crimson at the thought of being used as a sexual bartering tool.

"But what's the deal with all these signatures?" I asked in a whimper.

"Oh, they all just wanted you to know they enjoyed all your exploits, not to mention your little show there," he said, motioning towards Red and Jimmy.

"What?" I asked incredulously.

He said, "turn around."

I did. There, in the booth directly behind us, was the gang from work. They'd seen it all. They'd seen me played with at the bar, on the dance floor, then they'd seen my debasement at the bar again. My face felt like it was in an oven. I swear though, my pussy was leaking down my legs. He stood me up and made me wave back to the group. He led me towards the bar, and the exit. I wanted to protest, but he stopped me.

"Don't even bother. They know where we are going. They know what you are going to do. They all signed the card, remember?"

We passed by Red and Jimmy. I could see them glowering at having their prize taken away. Gary was just taunting them, like he was poking bears with a stick. As we passed by he stopped suddenly. All eyes were on us. Gary whispered to me. "Tell them where we are going, tell them what you are going to do to me."

"Oh fuck," I hissed. The men were eyeing me intensely.

"Um, my me to tell you something." I said as I avoided their gaze. I couldn't look at them, how could I now?

It felt like the place stopped. I couldn't even hear the music. It was as if everything stopped so they all could hear this.

"I'm going to go outside and suck his cock...." I stammered as the men all began muttering at such an eager and willing slut.

"and?" Gary whispered. I don't know if he knew the details or not but I let them spill.

"And I'm going to be totally naked for him when I do. I'm going to swallow every drop of his sweet cum," I said, barely managing to croak out the words.

Gary just flashed them all a smile, satisfied with the humiliation. We went outside. He pulled me through the parking lot, into an abandoned grassy lot behind the bar. He kept pulling me until we reached a large tree. There was a street light nearby, it gave me no cover at all. I remembered I had to text John. Gary huffed impatiently.

John responded immediately. "Yes, remember your instructions, nude, swallow. But, let him POV video you with your phone."

"Fuck," I thought, we'd talked about this before. John loved viewing me this way.

"Why?" I texted back without really needing the answer.

"Because along with your video and pictures with Trevor I might want to start up a Bailey's humiliation games website."

"Oh god," I moaned. He'd made the humiliation complete. I found myself dripping embarrassingly. Gary grunted that it was time. I knew my job. I stripped completely. I was left completely nude, the light bathing over my body as I dropped to my knees. I handed him my camera and told him to start taping. He gleefully agreed, under his own terms, of course.

"I'll do it under some conditions," he snarled dominantly.

"What?" I asked, with my mouth already full of his cock. The camera was already recording.

"That I get a copy of it sent to me tonight," he growled.

"Yes sir," I sighed.

"I bet the gang inside would like to finally see it for themselves, don't you think?"

I was beyond humiliation now. It really didn't matter. "Yes, sir," I gurgled as I slurped his cock.

"So you want me to show it to them, then?" He asked, somewhat incredulously.

"Nooo," I whined. "Please. I said they probably should be able to see me do this."

"Show them what, exactly?" he continued tauntingly. He was making me say all these things as the camera and microphone picked up everything.

"Show them what a cock sucking slut I am," I mumbled, not wanting to take my mouth off his cock.

"God, you fucking want this shit," he panted. "You'd probably go back into the bar nude right now if I asked you to and made you bring them all outside and watch. He saw my eyes glaze over lustfully as I sucked him.

"I want them to see, I don't know that I could go back in there nude..." I said, trying to lead him in the right direction.

"True, if you got arrested that would do my cock no good," he laughed. "But, you are willing to let someone watch? Hell, why am I asking, of course you are. I'll be right back."

I nearly gasped as he took his cock away from me. I knew where he was going. He told me to stay there, on my knees. I was like his doggie, told to "stay."

The anxiety of what might happen had me nearly hyperventilating. My tits were heaving, I could feel sweat dripping off of them.

Gary came back alone. He took something out of the trunk of his car. He saw my puzzled expression.

"I had a good idea." He said. He had a scarf with him. He tied it around my eyes tightly.

"Gary?!" I whined. "Why are you blindfolding me?"

"I had an idea I liked. I went into the bar. I told several people about what they might see outside. I told them to give me two minutes."

"But why the blindfold?" I said nervously.

"Because I want you to have to do what you are going to do and not ever know who saw you do it. I think it adds to your slutty embarrassment."

"Fuckkkk," I panted. John might've been right about him.

I heard footsteps approach. I couldn't tell how many. "Gary...who are they?"

He laughed cruelly. "That's the beauty of it, you'll never know. I'll let one of them video us, that way I can concentrate," he chuckled.

I thought of taking it off myself. He must've read my mind. "If you take that fucking thing off I'm going to drag everyone in that bar out and leave you to them when I'm done with you."

That snapped me back on task.

My pussy jolted and throbbed. I heard his pants unzip, I felt his cock on my lips. I kept sucking. I remembered something. I pulled away. I remembered the cell phone and the video John wanted. I remembered Gary said he wanted "You said conditions, plural."

"Yesss," he groaned as he started to buck softly back into my mouth. He was enjoying this immensely. "Well, one condition is that my friends here would get to watch."

I heard them murmur, I still couldn't tell who, or how many.

"Yesss," I moaned appreciatively. "And?"

"And, you have to promise that you will make up some more cards...." he groaned as I deep throated him.

I pulled off, my mouth agape. This was the moment. John had instructed me to do it, I had fought it in my head the whole time. This was it. Do I totally abandon myself with him? Or, do I get up and run away as fast as I could and never think about it again. I found my mouth searching for his cock again. It comforted me. I thought of how many people might be watching me now. I thought about how many people saw what they saw in the bar already. I thought about how he'd used me so far. I thought of John and how much he wanted this for me.

Reluctantly, I pulled off his impressive cock which was wet with my saliva. "More cards, sir? How many more?"

"How many more?" He repeated. "How many do you think?" He grunted.

"I don't know sir, how many should I make?"

"I think it's only fair you make enough for everyone from work that witnessed your bar spectacle tonight. All the guys, the salesmen....let's see...." he panted. "That's another six right there, I won't make you give any to the secretaries!" he joked.

I pulled my mouth off of him. He saw my eyes grow wide, pleading, pouting. "Six, sir? Will that be it? Can I finally stop after six more?"

I needed to see what kind of man he was, where he might try and lead me.

"Are you sure you want to stop?" He panted, he was excited. I heard the peeping strangers discussing my behavior under their breaths as they watched me blow him.

"Yes, of course," I begged. "I just have to know how I'm going to have to do it, all of it. I have to know that there's an end before I can agree to this," I said as I slurped his beautiful dick.

I heard voices call me a slut, a whore, among other pleasantries. They were getting into it. I recognized one of the voices as Doris, the tightassed bitch of a secretary. No doubt she was enjoying this the most.

I waited to see how he'd respond to that. He grabbed me by the hair and jammed his cock all the way to the back of my throat and held it there until I coughed and sputtered. He let me off of his cock with a loud "pop". Everyone laughed. I think the group just emboldened him. He yanked me back to him by my hair.

"What? You don't think any of this is fair? You came to me with blowjob cards. You sucked me and Dean off at work. You just got pawed to an orgasm in front of everyone at that bar. Are you saying you actually have limits? I haven't seen any yet."

I wanted his cock in my mouth again. I tried to find it with my mouth but he teased me with it. He kept slapping my face with it but wouldn't allow me to suck it.

"All these fucking months I've been wanting you, all of you," he taunted. Now I've got you on your knees, in front of....well, who knows....and you are trying to negotiate, like I'm not being fair, not giving you what you fucking want?"

"Yes sir, it's fair," I said, chastised. "I'm a cock sucking slut, after all, I didn't mean to tease anyone."

That thought turned him on even more. "That's right, no more teasing with you, you teased us for years. Fuck the cards. You'll do as I say from now on. Now you'll get to pleasing. It'll be a bonus I can give to the guys who work for me."

"Yes, sir," I said as I sucked greedily. Tell me what you are going to want from me, sir, please?" I begged. I gave in, for what John wanted, for what Gary wanted, for what I wanted. I gave in to it.

The small crowd murmured again at how I'd submitted to him, how I'd called him sir, that drove them wild. I heard hooting and hollering.

I was swirling my tongue over the rim of his cock as he continued his lustful humiliation of me. "One last condition," he groaned as I worked my magic on him.

"Anything," I cooed. I meant it. I knew I'd do anything he asked, no matter what it was. It was who I was. John had laid me bare, I finally had to answer to it.

"You mean it? You'll do anything?" He gasped, he was close now.

"Yes, I mean, tell me," I panted. "Don't ask me."

I was so fucking hot. I was rubbing myself and listening to my wetness squish against my fingers.

"Ok," he said, "the last condition is that I get that pussy."

I heard male voices "ooh" their appreciation at the mention of it.

I had kind of suspected it, secretly, I'd even hoped for it. "My pussy sir? Now?"

"No," he grunted. "I'm going to fill your mouth again like your card said. I mean in the future. When I ask, I get to fuck that pussy."

I let his cock out of my mouth with a large pop. "Ok, sir." I groaned as my fingers tickled my clit. "Of course you can have my pussy, too."

"Fuck," he growled. He was on the verge. I knew how to get the most cum out of him. I teased him further.

"You want my pussy bad, don't you?"

"Oh fuck, yeah, I've wanted it so bad for two years now."

"You only want it once?" I asked innocently.

I still don't think he expected more. He didn't quite understand my submission to him. "Oh god," he grunted. "Well, I mean...oh...oh..." he said, as he approached nirvana.

I pulled off again teasingly. "I mean, a guy like you needs to make a pussy like mine fit his cock accordingly...." I taunted.

He was enflamed. He was almost babbling incoherently now. "Yeah, yeah...I'll fuck that pussy raw...."

"I agree to all your conditions, sir," I said as I danced my tongue up and down his shaft and stroked him just enough to keep him on the edge.

"But I have some of my own," I said as I slobbered my wetness on his head again. I wanted to keep him on edge, to agree to anything.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck...." he panted. I didn't want him to shoot, yet. I grasped the base of his cock hard. I looked directly up at him, even though I couldn't see him through the blindfold.

"My conditions are, one, you show that fucking video to every one you know," I said, lost in my own lust. "My friend who set me up in this game is setting up a website. That video will be on it. Let everyone you know know where to find it."

He nodded his head furiously. He wanted to cum, he was basically begging for it.

"Two, don't fucking ask me, make me. Whenever, wherever."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," He gasped. "What if I don't care anymore about getting you caught doing it? I fucking own the company. What if I fucking make you do it in front of everyone?"

The thought hit me like lightning. I was in a lust induced fog. "Then do it, sir. In fact, make me do them all in the fishbowl, sir. Right there, I'll be naked, they can all watch from behind the glass."

I remembered the chill that went down my spine when I thought that before. The room that is windowed on all sides. I'd be like a pet, their cock sucking pet whore.

"Ohhhh," he moaned appreciatively. He liked that idea.

I slid my mouth over him again, I worked him closer to the edge. I heard Doris and the men commenting on the slut's technique like I was just another whore to them, which, no doubt I was now. I heard someone approach closely as he neared orgasm. I knew it had to be the guy that was filming this. Gary blasted his cum into my mouth as I fingered my naked, dripping body to another mind blowing finish.

Blast after blast he shot deep into me. I swallowed it hungrily, like I was starving. I heard clapping from the assembled crowd. I blushed. Gary stood me up and made me do a pirouette, allowing them to see all of me. I heard more than one cell phone clicking away freely with pictures.

Gary dressed while he left me naked and dripping and on my knees again. Gary had my camera phone. He made me spread whatever cum I hadn't swallowed over my lips and face lewdly as he snapped the pictures. He still didn't let me take off the blindfold until the group was gone. I heard Gary and them talk and laugh about what a slut I was before I heard them leave.

"I get every one of these, right, slut?" He growled.

"Yes sir, they are yours after they go to the website."

"And our conditions? You weren't just saying that to get me off, were you?"

"Fuck no, sir," I said indignantly. "You should know me by now, I'm a slut of my word."

"Basically, you've agreed to be my slut. I'm free to use you?"

"Yesss," I hissed with lustful embarrassment. "For the time being. We need to discover each other, see how it goes."

He liked that idea. "As for the guys at work, I'll make sure they each get a nice viewing of this video throughout the week. I'll try and space it out for you so you won't have to be sucking them all at once," he laughed.

"I don't mind!" I blurted out before blushing in embarrassment.

"I really do like the idea of the fishbowl, too. I have an idea for that now, per your inspiration."

"What is it, sir?" I asked, barely able to contain my lustful exuberance.

""You obviously get off on the humiliation," he said with a grin.

"Yesss," I moaned, my hand almost instinctively found my dripping pussy.

"I'll talk to Doris, first, of course," He laughed.

I grimaced at the mention of her name.

"Slut, are you questioning me already?" He asked seriously.

"No, sir, I just hate that bitch," I said tersely.

"I don't think she thinks much of you either," he laughed, "but that should just add to your debasement," he chuckled.

"So, each day you come to my work I want you to check in with Doris. She'll have a separate schedule for you. She will be the one to tell you whether or not your oral services are needed in the fishbowl that day."

"Oh god," I said, my face nearly draining of blood.

"Then, if you are scheduled, she will be the one to unlock the door and let you in."

I thought of the perverted possibilities of all of it. I was nearly soaking myself.

"In fact, call ahead if you wish," he laughed. "Find out if, or how many cocks you have to suck." He laughed in congratulations at his own wickedness.

"Oh god, sir, but Doris," I whined. "I don't mind any of the other so much, but her...."

"That's exactly why you'll do it," he said sternly, "or our deal is off."

I didn't know if he was bluffing or not. I didn't think he'd give away the chances at me that he'd no doubt have, but I needed it. Obviously more than he did. I couldn't risk it.

"Ok, sir," I said bashfully, basically admitting my total submission to him.

"She'll let you in, you will hand her your clothes," he said as my eyes shot wide.

"You'll strip naked, in the office, right in front of her desk. You'll hand her your clothes, then she'll lock you in the fishbowl," he said, it seemed he was making it up as he went along. I could see his cock bulge growing with each new thought. I want you to be early for your cock sucking meetings, it wouldn't do to have a late slut. That would make me look bad. I'd say a half hour early. You'll be naked, in the fishbowl, for at least one half hour before your meetings."

I knew this meant the entire office would be able to view the slut the whole time. They'd get to watch me stew in my own lust and shame.

"Please, sir," I squeaked. "It might be too much."

"It might be," he agreed. "However, that's how I want it. If you want to back out, then you'll never get used like this. I can see how much this is turning you on," he said as he stroked my wet folds. I moaned for him.

"Just, make sure that it keeps my pussy wet, and if so I basically agree to everything," I groaned truthfully as I ground my pussy into his hand.

"I'll keep that in mind," he laughed.

This mind numbing humiliation had gotten me beyond any point I could remember. I really wanted to cum all over his hand.

My mind was spinning at how much I'd agreed to. I had John to thank for leading me here. He was right about Gary. Gary didn't have the burden of being married like John did. He had no wife to keep him from controlling my humiliation completely. The more I'd hated him, the more power he had to humiliate me. I was so fucking turned on by it all.

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