tagBDSMBait and Switch

Bait and Switch


Copyright 2010 Christopher D. B.

Lana's was packed tonight. A large club that sometimes hosted nationally known bands, Jake had been concerned that despite a strong following, his band wouldn't be able to fill the place. He was also pleased at the number of hot ladies on the dance floor, dressed to impress showing lots of cleavage, and legs nicely displayed with short skirts and high heels.

Jake was winding down a dazzling guitar solo, taking a little longer than usual for added effect as this was the last song of their second set. He turned to one side, made eye contact with Matt the drummer, who then brought the song to a pounding conclusion.

Although the crowd was screaming for more, they would have to wait for the band to take a short break. This would usually mean just enough time to use the restroom and grab another beer after standing in line for both, but Jake could tell this break was going to be something more special.

A busty brunette, who was practically spilling out of her skimpy white tank top, had been dancing in front of him for the past few songs, eyeing him seductively. She boldly stepped up onto the low stage in her leather mini skirt and sexy stiletto heeled ankle boots as Jake was putting his Stratocaster on its stand and switching his amp to stand-by mode.

"How long is your break?" she asked him over loud dance music that the club's deejay was now playing on the high-powered sound system.

"About twenty minutes," he replied. "That should be enough time if there is something on your mind."

Jake gave a sly grin and the young lady reached down to lightly brush her hand against the crotch of his tight jeans and slowly licked her glossy red lips. She then gave a brief nod of her head towards one end of the stage, and they walked off together in that direction.

Being a large venue, Lana's had a backstage dressing room, which was something rare for those used to playing the local bar circuit. Although the band had brought a small relish tray and some drinks to set the room up like they were big time rock stars, they decided it best to mingle with the crowd instead of hiding out in the dressing room during breaks. Jake knew this would give him some privacy for a satisfying blowjob or a quick romp on the oversized leather sofa that had undoubtedly seen some action before.

The couple walked down the dim corridor beside the stage and entered the brightly lit dressing room. Jake was stunned when he saw that his ex-girlfriend Mindy was sitting in the high swivel chair in front of the lighted mirror. Kicking a spike heeled boot against the counter below the mirror, she spun the chair quickly around to face him.

"Hello, Jake. It's good to see you." The tone of her voice was menacing and Jake turned to leave the room, but as he did so the door was closed and locked by another woman who must have been hiding off to one side.

Raven, or Mistress Raven as she had insisted Jake call her in the past, now blocked his only exit. She was wearing a dark blue business suit, the skirt a little higher above the knee than the average lady executive might wear, and under the suit jacket was a white satin blouse unbuttoned just enough to be seductive. She stood imposingly in shiny black pumps with tall dangerous heels.

As sexy as she looked, Jake was intimidated. Raven had her mane of long flowing dark hair pulled back in a thick ponytail, as was her fashion when she punished him, and she was holding her leather riding crop, which had stung Jake's backside many times in the past.

He quickly turned to the sexy lady who had lured him back to the dressing room. Her demeanor had suddenly cooled and she now stood close to Raven.

"Good work, Julia," Raven said as she momentarily turned to the mysterious brunette. "Despite having had some training, Jake is still a little slut boy. I knew it would be easy for you to lure him back here."

"As for you," Raven said, thrusting the tip of her riding crop at the center of Jake's chest. "I've called you several times last month and you've turned down every invitation to come over to my house to be punished by one of your ex-girlfriends that you videotaped in your bedroom. You've forced me to take my show on the road, so to speak, and now you're the guest of honor at our little backstage party. Take off your clothes!" Raven commanded.

Jake hesitated for a few seconds and Raven quickly flicked her riding crop up between Jake's legs. His jeans were only minimal protection against the leather tip as it slapped the base of his balls and he doubled over clutching his groin.

"Now that I have your attention, take off your clothes. You will be naked when you are punished," Raven ordered.

"We have about fifteen minutes," Julia said calmly, glancing at her slim gold wristwatch.

"That should be more than enough time for something quick and painful," Raven said dramatically to her companions as Jake hastily removed his clothes and then instinctively knelt down in front of Raven.

Although Raven was pleased that Jake had humbled himself to her, she grabbed him by the shoulders and roughly spun him around so he could see Mindy sitting high above him in the hairstylist's chair.

"Before we get started, why don't you lick Mindy's boots and beg for forgiveness, or at least plead for her to take it easy on you," Raven suggested.

Mindy only responded by hooking the tall heels of her knee high black patent leather boots on the rail of the chair's footrest. Looking up at her from the floor, in her boots and a bright cocktail dress, she was every bit as beautiful as Jake had remembered. However, the stern look on her face made her just as intimidating as Raven.

He immediately got to work, licking and kissing the pointed toes and tall heels of her shiny black boots, and then paused.

"Please, Mindy, it was years ago," he groveled. "I know I was unfaithful to you and didn't erase that video like I promised. I'm nothing but a slut like Raven says, but please don't whip me or spank me or whatever else you have in mind."

"Get back to work," was Mindy's cold response as she nudged the toe of one boot towards Jakes mouth. All he could do was worship her boots some more, and when he tried to beg and plead again, Raven said,

"We've heard enough from you. It's time for your punishment." Mindy got out of her chair, and Raven ordered Jake to stand up.

He was ordered to bend forward slightly so that his forearms rested on the arms of the stylist chair. It was then that Raven and Julia each started securing his wrists to the chair's arms with wraps of silver duct tape.

Although he was extremely worried about what punishment there was to come, Jake noticed that Raven briefly examined Julia's bondage job, which was just as secure but the wraps of tape were not as neat as her own. Checking her watch again, Julia said they had ten minutes before Jake was due back on stage. Was she just Raven's friend, or perhaps a dominatrix in training?

"I'm the opening act," Raven announced, emphasizing the point with a loud crack of her riding crop on the back of Jake's right thigh. He stifled a yelp of pain, assuming that crying out would only get him a wide strip of duct tape across his mouth.

The following blows of Raven's crop on his buttocks were not as severe, as if she were simply warming him up.

"My flogger, please," Raven politely asked. In the reflection of the dressing room's mirror Jake saw Julia reach into an oversized black leather purse and pull out a whip he had never seen before, one with an elaborately carved wooden handle and numerous tails of wide black leather strips.

The whip found its mark squarely on Jake's bare ass, and across his shoulder blades. Painful as it was, having been flogged by Raven before, Jake sensed she was holding back. When Julia said they had only five minutes left, Raven paused.

"Its now time for the headline attraction, Jake. Your former girlfriend was delighted that I contacted her and gave her the opportunity to punish you," Raven said as she handed her flogger to Mindy.

The tails of the flogger stung terribly as they landed squarely on Jake's upper back. He couldn't help but cry out in pain.

"Please silence our guest," he heard Raven request. Through tearful eyes Jake saw Julia approaching to his left and heard the distinctive sound of duct tape being pulled and torn from the roll. With his mouth now sealed, Mindy continued, this time flogging his buttocks.

As before, not one stroke of the whip glanced off or landed with a weak blow. Despite the fact that his body and mind were overcome with pain, he still managed to wonder if Mindy hadn't been taught in advance how to properly use the flogger.

He could picture Raven giving her proper instructions down in her basement playroom. Assuming Mindy had practiced on another man, Jake wondered if it was someone else gullible enough to be lured in by their beauty, only to realize too late what they had in mind.

"You cheating son of a bitch," Mindy said, her voice somewhat winded as she continued to flog Jake. "You walked in here like some stud about to get laid and now you're just a sniveling weasel."

When Jake was sure that his backside must be shredded raw, Julia said they only had two minutes left. Mercifully, the whipping stopped.

"Since you were so rude and declined all my invitations to come over and play, I'm going to leave you something to remember me by," Raven said in a threatening tone and began rummaging through the large purse. Jake's eyes widened as he saw Raven holding a butt plug in one hand, greasing it up with some kind of lubricant. The plug was not very long, but it flared out extremely wide just before tapering to the base.

"I can tell from your reaction that you know what this is, but you've never had one of these up your ass before," Raven mocked. "This will teach you not to decline my invitations from now on."

She ordered Jake to spread his legs, kicking his feet apart with her high heels. He felt the greasy tip of the plug as Raven lined it up with his anus and then slowly inserted it. Raven said something about the butt plug being an encore number, but Jake couldn't hear her clearly. He was too preoccupied with pain as his sphincter was stretched to the point that he felt he would be split in half.

With the plug fully inserted, Jake was moaning and felt as if he was going to pass out. Mindy gave a low evil laugh, and then someone knocked on the door.

"Jake! You in there? We're on!" He recognized the muffled voice behind the door as Christopher, the band's keyboard player. Raven was making sure all of her things were packed away. It was clear to Jake that they intended to leave him bound, naked, and plugged. Then Mindy had a list minute idea.

"I'm going to take a little souvenir," she told Jake. Mindy picked his jeans up off the floor and emptied the contents of the pockets onto the counter below the lighted mirror.

"Let's go!" called John, the bass player, as he pounded on the door.

Jake heard the lock being released and then booming dance music as the door was opened.

"We were just leaving," Raven said calmly, and Jake heard three pairs of high heels clicking off down the passageway.

"Jake! What the hell?" One of his band mates called out. Their looks of concern however quickly turned to snickering, and then rolling laughter.

They had recognized Mindy as the three ladies made their exit and quickly realized that what had taken place was some sort of revenge. Knowing what a cocksman Jake was, just made the situation more amusing. One guy said it reminded him of a bachelor party prank from years ago.

Christopher, resourceful as usual, produced a pocketknife and cut Jake loose. When Jake quickly explained that his jeans had been stolen, a band member who had worked out at a gym earlier that night went out to his car to retrieve an old pair of sweat pants.

Jake was squatting on the floor, gritting his teeth and trying to extract the greasy plug from his ass, much to the amusement of his band mates, when the club's manager stepped in the door.

"I don't know what the hell kind of freaky shit you boys got goin' on back here but you was s'posed to be on stage ten minutes ago," he exclaimed. "Now git out there and play some music or I'm docking your pay!"

Later that night when Jake was able to mindlessly chug through the power chords of songs he had played hundreds of times before, his guitar strap chaffing one shoulder still raw from the earlier flogging, the rest of his backside aching, and his butthole sore and uncomfortably greasy, he was able to consider his position. He had no doubt that Raven would be calling him in the near future with an invitation to come over to her house to be punished by one of his ex-girlfriends.

While he had endured a few such punishment sessions to date, until tonight none had been so devious and humiliating, baiting him into a trap, and then abandoning him when it was over so that he would be discovered by his friends. Knowing his band mates, and the sometimes small world of local musicians, people would be having laughs at his expense for many years. Bad as that reality was, Jake was certain that Raven would arrange something much worse if he declined her next invitation. The only thing he could do was to wait for Raven's inevitable phone call.

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