Bait and Switch Ch. 04


Building up my courage, I placed my left hand on her rear, and gave a little squeeze. She pulled away from the kiss, and I was afraid I'd gone too far.

"Seems you're recovering pretty quickly." She stood up, leaving my lap feeling empty, and started walking towards the stage. She turned and sat on the edge, and gave me a puzzled look. "Well, are you coming over here, or not?"

I'd like to say I moved like The Flash, but I was still too weary, though the headache was definitely going away. As I walked over to Shanna, I wondered that this woman was interested in me, and I'd never had to use any of my switches on her.

"I think I am almost cured of this headache," I said, and enjoyed her laugh as her arms once again wound around my neck and pulled my lips back to hers. My hands travelled across her back, and I dug my finger under the hem of her shirt, till I touched bare skin.

Her slender hands left my neck, only to travel down my body, until she started fumbling with my pants. I pulled back a little to give her the space she needed to undo them, and felt the cool air pebble my flesh as they dropped to the floor. Shanna's fingers gripped my manhood tightly, making me moan into our kiss. She seemed to know just what to do, as her digits gently slid up and down my shaft.

My headache was completely gone by this point, and I brought my hands down to start undoing her pants. She let me go, and grabbed my hands. "Not right now," she whispered, the gently pushed me back, and hopped off the stage. Falling to her knees, she looked my single eye in the eye, before bringing her lips to the tip. Another moan escaped my lips, as hers stretched taught around the rim, and then popped past.

She pulled away, and dribbled some spit along my shaft, before putting my cock back in her mouth. Her hands started to pump up and down my pole, while her tongue worked the head. She really knew what she was doing, and I soon felt my orgasm coming on.

"Shanna, I'm about... To... Ungh," I grunted as she picked up the pace of her hands, and sucked hard on the knob. It was too much, and I shot string after string of my spunk into her mouth. I had to lock my knees underneath me as I came, and I noticed she was looking up at me, that beautiful sparkle in her long lashed blue eyes, as I unloaded in her mouth.

As soon as I was done shooting my seed, she pulled her head back, and opened her mouth to show me its contents. My ejaculate filled her mouth, swishing around her tongue, as she looked up at me, smiling. She gave a visible swallow, and audible gulp, then opened her mouth to show me that it was empty.

"You really are something," I told her with admiration, "but what did I do to deserve you?" I knew it was the wrong thing to say as soon as I said it. I probably sounded wimpy and needy now.

"What did you do?" She looked at me puzzled. "I've had a crush on you since the first day of class. I never imagined you would be this well endowed." She shook her head, the brown strands of her hair flipping about. "No, I am the lucky one here." Her mischievous smile returned. "But right now, I am so horny; I'm almost willing to try taking you right here and now."

I looked down at my slightly wilted member not sure how well that would work.

"I am sure you will recover by the time we get to my place." Before I knew what was happening, Shanna pulled up my pants, dragged me out of the room, down the hall, and into the cold winter air. I happily followed her to her car, where she tossed me the keys. "You drive. I have some work to do."

I hopped into the driver's seat, and her in the passenger's seat, before I realized I didn't know where she lived. She gave me quick directions, and thankfully they were easy to follow, for as soon as we got going, she leaned over, pulled my member out, and slipped it back into her mouth. I had to concentrate really hard on the road, but by the time we arrived at her place, I was fully hard again.

We raced up the steps, and she unlocked to door. "My sister should be in class right now," she told me, and I remembered her telling me she had a twin. I wondered what that might be like and felt my cock (confined for the nonce in my pants again) give a twitch.

I followed her to her room, and stopped as soon as I entered. On her walls were posters of Naruto, and Bleach. Sitting on a shelf in the corner were Voltron figurines. The mouse pad to her computer was a picture of the tenth Doctor. I even noticed some drawings of Link and the Triforce. But none of that surprised me more than the three video game systems hooked up to a large flat screen TV.

Shanna was a geek like me.

Not only that, but she was the almost mythical hot female geek.

"Are you going to stare at my room all day, or are you going to come over here?" Her voice snapped me out of my daze, and I realized she'd already removed her shirt and bra. I quickly undressed, while she removed her pants.

I went to her, kissing her lightly on the lips, before moving to her jaw and neck. As I kissed my way down to her chest, I laid her back on the bed, and crawled on top of her. Grabbing her right melon with my hand, I twiddled her nipple between my fingers, while I sucked her other areola between my teeth. She gasped at the attention, running her fingers through my hair.

"I want you," she whispered to me, but I had other plans. Releasing her tit from my mouth, I kissed my way down her soft slender stomach, pausing for a moment to make out with her belly button, and enjoying the sound of her giggle. By the time I finally reached her prize, I could easily smell the arousal pouring from her.

Another gasp escaped her as my tongue worked circles between her inner and outer labia. She had a small bit of fuzz that had grown since the last time she'd shaved, but I just relished in the act of tasting her as I dove my tongue as deep as it would go. Her legs mashed against my ears, and her hands dug into my scalp as she came. I moved my tongue up to her clit, and felt her twitch every time the tip of my tongue ran across it. Continuing to concentrate on her most sensitive part, I brought her to another orgasm, before she grabbed my ears and painfully pulled me up to her.

"I want your cock in me, now," she demanded, before shoving her tongue as far down my throat as it would go. I knew she could taste herself on my lips, and groaned as I brought my cock to her entrance. It only took a little pressure to pop the head into her, she was already so wet, and we both relished in the feeling of completeness.

I slowly worked my hips back and forth, gently entering her bit by bit. Meanwhile our tongues were fighting a battle for dominance, neither of us sure if we wanted to win or lose. I brought my hands up to her large breasts, and tweaked both her nipples, while her cunny sucked me in deeper and deeper.

She felt just as tight as she had in the freezer a couple nights ago, but oh so much hotter. Her hands dug into my back, my neck, and my buttocks as I finally hit bottom in her, forcing her to gasp for air. "I feel like you're going to split me in two. Don't stop, Nick. Fuck me hard!"

I pulled out, all except for the head, and then slammed back into her. Arching my back, I brought one of her teats to my lips, and sucked hard as I pounded into her again and again. It didn't take long before she was shuddering beneath me, her pussy gripping my slickened cock for all it's worth, as she came.

"Hold on," she told me, pushing against my chest, and I pulled out of her, "I want to be on top."

Happily, I flipped over, and let her climb on top of me. She faced away from me, and I had a great view of her ass, as she lowered herself onto my rigid pole. She was able to take most of my length, before I hit bottom again, and then lifted back up, and slammed her delightful rear down again, grunting.

My view was wonderful, as I watched her asshole rise, my shiny prick slowly leaving her juicy cunt, only to have her slam down hard again. I reached down, and grabbed a globe of each cheek in my hands, moaning with every movement. The juxtaposition of her slow lifting, coupled with her quick violent thrusts would have had me blowing inside her already, if not for that great blowjob in the auditorium.

On one of her powerful downward thrusts, I felt myself go even deeper, as something seemed to strangle the tip of my cock, and for the first time ever, I was fully buried inside a woman's vagina. Shanna let out a shriek as she sat fully in my lap, and for a second I was terrified I'd really hurt her. Her inner muscles were massaging my length, while that inside ring gripped my member tightly.

"Oh, fuck, that's deep," she moaned, and from the sound of her voice, it was a good thing, rather than a bad one. "Don't move for a second. I need to get used to this." I couldn't help myself, and felt my cock twitch inside her. "Oh, Gawd, I'm cumming again!" She screamed, and I could feel her juices slipping out around my prick, and dripping off my balls, as she shuddered.

She collapsed backwards onto me, and I wrapped my arms around her torso, my right hand going to her left tit, and my left hand going to her clit. I pinched her nipple and clit at the same time, and began gyrating my hips.

"Hold on..." She moaned, "I need to... Catch my... Oh, fuck... Wait... I really... ungh.. I... Ah!" I applied more pressure to her clit, and started nibbling on the back of her neck, and her words changed. "Yes, right there! Damn, you're deep. Keep fucking me. Oh yessssssss!" As she drawled out her moan, I felt my own climax coming on, and picked up the pace of my movements. In just a few seconds, my body locked up, as I blew my load into her. "I can feel your hot cum deep inside me. Oh, fuck, it's going to make me cum agaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn!" Our mutual climax seemed to go on and on, till we were both panting and out of breath.

Shanna rolled off of me, and gave me a quick peck, before running to the bathroom to clean up. I could barely move, overwhelmed by my post-coital bliss, until I heard the front door open and close, and Shanna's voice come drifting in. "Shanna, I'm home. Some idiot set off the fire alarm today. I can't believe some people can still be so juvenile after high school."

Quickly realizing that this must be Shanna's twin sister, I jumped out of bed, and got dressed. Shanna was dressed before me, and went out to meet her sister. I soon followed, and from the look her sister gave me, she knew what we'd been up to.

Shanna introduced me to her twin, Shannon, and looking at the two, I couldn't tell them apart. They both had the same brown hair, cut in the same fashion, the same eyes with their impossibly long lashes, the same lips... I wondered if they felt the same in bed... For only a second I was tempted to use my switches on them and find out, but a sudden twinge between my eyes changed my mind.

"Nick was just leaving," Shanna told her twin, and shuffled me out the door. Outside in the cold, we kissed for a few minutes, holding each other tight, before she asked, "So what do you think of my headache cure?"

"It worked better than you could know," I told her. Someone walked their dog by us, and from the way they smiled, I knew we must look like a couple. Thinking of that, I had to ask a question, though I was almost afraid to do so. "So... What are we, exactly?" I didn't want to drop the childish terms of boyfriend/girlfriend, but didn't want to act like a player either.

She smiled at me, and it eased my concerns. "Let's just say that we're REALLY good friends for now, and see where that goes."

Somehow I was a little let down that she didn't want more from me, but then I thought of Gina and Professor Frankens, and figured that I would manage just fine.

She drove me back to the campus, where my car was, and we kissed for a while longer, until we agreed we either needed to stop, or screw again. I was okay with the latter, but she told me she was a bit sore, and didn't think she could right then, but tomorrow after Brent's party, maybe we could again.

I kept my window rolled down as I drove back to my apartment, trying to cool off and let the cold winter air clear my head.

When I walked in, Derek told me that Gina had stopped by again, and I was supposed to call her. I was starting to think she was getting pretty clingy, but she was also a good lay, so I called her up. Her mom answered, and then got Gina on the line.

"I miss you," she told me. "Can I come over?"

I debated for half a heartbeat, and then lied to her. I was still horny after leaving Shanna, but it really wasn't fair to transfer that to Gina, and besides, young though I was, I needed some rest. "Maybe tomorrow. I haven't slept well for days, and could really use some sleep." She sounded sad, but I let her go.

I spent the rest of the evening playing games on my computer (trying not to think about what Lela had told me about Earth's impending doom), before going to bed. I woke at some time in the night, bathed in white light, Lela standing in front of me.

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