tagSci-Fi & FantasyBait and Switch Ch. 05

Bait and Switch Ch. 05


Author's note: This chapter contains a small amount of incest. If this bothers you, then you have been ignoring the note at the beginning of the last 4 chapters. The incest in this chapter is small, but subsequent chapters will contain more, and more explicit depictions of familial relations. All characters are over eighteen, as I can't abide kiddy-porn. If all this is suitable to your tastes, please enjoy my series, Bait and Switch.


Standing in the cool white light, in the featureless room, I examined the alien in front of me. Her eyes looked white tonight, with a hint of blue around the edges, and light seemed to ripple around her nude frame while her fingers pressed invisible buttons in the air. I wondered briefly how she made the light do that. It actually looked like the light covered her in places, but didn't actually touch her, as it flickered and shifted around her curves.

I could feel my body getting weaker, as the white luminescence did its work to build my muscles. I still couldn't figure out what would trigger Lela's 'horny' switch. No matter how hard I pushed on it, it refused to budge. The other two moved easily enough, but this one refused to obey my will.

It has to be something different about her species, but I didn't think I could ask her about her race's mating habits. Alien or no, I didn't know if that was crossing the line.

I started going over what she'd told me last night, which was decidedly little. It really boiled down to her ancestors coming from herbivores. Was there something different about them? I tried to think of herbivores on Earth to compare, but they were all dumb animals, only mating when...

The idea struck me, and I looked up to try it out, but my time in the light was done, and before I could form the switch, I found myself back in my own bed. I would have to try tonight, when she came for me again.

Exhausted from the treatment, I slipped back into sleep before five minutes had passed.

* * *

I woke slowly, some noise disturbing my rest. Rolling over, I hoped it would go away, but it continued relentlessly. Groaning, I sat up, and only then woke up enough to realize someone was knocking on my door.

"What?" I asked, more ornery than I'd intended, but it was Saturday, and I valued my sleep. Besides, if the Demons arrived and I couldn't stop them somehow, I wouldn't be getting anymore good sleep; only the long sleep of death.

"Nick, are you awake?" Groaning loudly, wanting Gina to hear me, I flopped back onto my pillow. I had told her I would talk to her today, but I didn't expect her to show up in my apartment.

"I am now."

"Can I come in?" The door was already slowly opening, and my frustration was building. What was the point in asking, if she was just going to come in anyways? For half a heartbeat I was tempted to close the door as if it were a switch, but decided against it.

"Might as well, but I'm only in my boxers."

She slipped quickly into my room, and shut the door behind her. Quietly, she went to the foot of my bed, and sat down, her hands clasped in her lap, as she stared at her knees as if they could impart some great wisdom to her. After she sat there for awhile without speaking, I almost lost it.

"What do you want, Gina? It's eight o'clock on a Saturday. I don't usually get up till at LEAST ten, and last night was a tiring night." Anger laced my words, but I was able to keep my volume down. It wasn't likely that Dennis had slept through Gina's knocking, but I didn't want to disturb my neighbors this morning either.

"Tiring...?" She looked up and around, and I realized how that must have sounded.

"No, no one was here, I was just working on a project, and it has left me exhausted." It wasn't really a lie. Somehow after everything, I didn't think I could lie to her; it would make me feel like too much of a hypocrite. She nodded, and I could see that she was relieved, before her eyes dropped back down to her lap.

"May I ask what kind of project?"

No, you may not, I thought, but answered differently. "It will take a couple weeks before I am ready."

She looked up at me, and then down again. I have never seen her act like this before. Normally she is so self confidant, but this morning it is like she is entirely a different person.

"Oh, okay. You look good today, even your—" She cut herself off, and looked at my bare chest and then to my jaw, and I knew she was looking for the bruises that were no longer there. "Your chest! Your bruises are gone. How...?"

I had to think fast. I didn't want to lie, but I couldn't tell her an alien had healed me, either. "You did give me a really great massage." I let that hang, hoping she would draw the wrong conclusion, and only feeling slightly guilty. Technically I wasn't lying.

"Massage... Yeah... I never knew a massage could do that." Her eyes were still locked on my torso, and I wanted to change the subject.

"I don't think you came to look at my bruises. Why are you here?" Her eyes immediately dropped back to her clasped hands, and I felt my frustration growing. What was wrong with her? I leaned forward, and placed my hand under her chin, and gently turned her face up to me. She refused to meet my eyes, but at least she turned.

"I—You probably hate me, I know, but... I... What I mean to say is... I wanted to... I don't feel right about what happened, and I..." Her inability to come right out and say it was starting to drive me up the wall. Could I make a switch to get her to come right out and say it? "I want to make it up to you, and will do whatever it takes to earn your forgiveness." She finally spluttered out, without me making a switch.

This again? I thought we'd gone over this already.

"Waking me up early on a Saturday isn't a good start," I told her, and her chin yanked out of my hand at the sound of rebuke in my voice. She was fidgeting now as she sat on the edge of my bed, and I remembered the conditioning my switches had caused in her. Checking them real quick, I could tell she was horny, and every time I talked only made it worse.

"I-I know, but you barely return my calls, and you wouldn't let me come see you. I didn't know what else to do." I watched as a tear slowly slid down her cheek, leaving a wet trail in its wake.

My anger fled.

Pulling her to me, she rested her head on my bare chest. I could feel her hot tears on my chest as she shook and sobbed against me. This once proud and socially powerful woman was now broken, and in large part because of me. I had half seduced her, manipulating her into sex. She had tried to cover it up with her boyfriend by claiming it was rape, but had confessed the truth before I'd been beaten too badly. Her boyfriend was gone, her social status likely crumbled, and I was probably the only person who treated her with any kindness. She had suffered for her crime, worse than I'd suffered for her lies. In a sense I was her jailer, the only one that could set her free. The sense of power over her that that gave me was a heady feeling that I immediately felt guilty for. I had enough power over her as it was.

Sucking in a deep breath, I readied myself to tell her she was forgiven, but before the words left my mouth, she turned her face up to mine and planted her lips against my own. The kiss was gentle, not fierce or passionate like others had been, but even better for its tenderness. Her arms snaked around my naked torso, and hugged me tighter to her slender frame. I held in the breath of air as long as I could, letting it out slowly through my nose. There was no tongue involved in this kiss, just our lips and bodies pressed against each other, and yet I could feel myself growing hard as it continued on.

Unexpectedly Gina pulled away, and I could see fear in her red rimmed hazel eyes. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have done that... I just—"

I silenced her with a quick peck, "You're forgiven." The words came easier than I thought they would, and I knew they were true. She really had suffered enough. "Not because of the kiss, or the sex, or anything else, but because I can see you've suffered enough. You don't need to worry about me anymore; I can take care of myself. You don't have to do anything else that you don't want to."

Fear turned to relief, and then confusion. "That I don't want to?" Her eyes searched my own. "I haven't done anything I didn't want to, Nick. Even when I let you in my ass, it was something I wanted to do. Whenever Robbie tried it always hurt, but when I'm with you, everything is different. I feel good when you talk to me, and your touch sends thrills through my body. I don't know what this effect is that you have on me, but I like it, and I like being with you."

Now I was the one to feel low. She only felt that way, because I'd made her feel like that. It was my fault. The catchphrase from Spiderman came back to me, "With great power, comes great responsibility." How true that is, I thought as I looked down at the beautiful blonde still in my arms. I was now responsible for her.

"Gina, I—" her finger pressed against my lips and cut me off. I had been about to apologize myself, and maybe ask her to leave.

"Don't say it. I won't say it either, but just don't send me away. You know how I feel now. Just hold me." And so I held her, feeling like a heel, but not knowing what else to do. I couldn't remove the switches in her, and even if I changed the one she was conditioned with, it wouldn't change her conditioning. I toyed with the idea of reconditioning her, but decided not to for two reasons: I had no right to manipulate her further, and could actually cause more damage, and though I felt worse for it, I liked holding her and being with her.

In silence we held each other, me not daring to speak, and manipulate her more, and I had no idea what was going through her head. After some time had passed, Gina looked up to me, and spoke, "Nick?"


"I want you." Three such simple words, and yet they held so much weight.

"Dennis is home," I tried to back out, talking as little as possible. "What if he walked in?"

"Then he can watch like he did the other night," she said, as I felt her lips press against my chest, while her hands dug into my boxers.

Somehow I wasn't too surprised that she'd known Dennis had watched us. I was a little disappointed my ploy had failed. It wasn't that I wasn't in the mood. Her fingers firmly squeezing my rock hard shaft could attest to that. My only problem was I still felt bad about what I'd done to her.

As her digits slid up and down my pole, I could feel my resolve weakening. "We really shouldn't," I tried to say, as her lips trailed down my torso. She really knew how to use her hands I thought, as a moan inexplicably left my throat. I need to put a stop to this, before it goes too far.

But my hands stayed where they were, and I made no move to stop her. Would it really be so bad? Just this one last time, then never again... No, this is wrong. I need to stop this now. I need to... I need... The thought was lost as her lips touched the head of my penis, and this time there was no stopping the moan. My hands finally moved as they went to the back of her head, digging into her hair.

I felt, more than heard, her moan through my cock, and she picked up the pace of her sucking. I lifted my head off my pillow, and looked down at her. Her face and my crotch were hidden behind her blonde hair, but a movement from her arm caught my attention. By the looks of it, she was playing with herself, while giving me a great blowjob.

I knew I shouldn't say it, it was wrong to do so, but I was lost to lust by that point. "Take off your clothes, I want to lick you."

Quicker than I thought possible, and with more energy than I'd seen her have all morning, Gina stripped off her clothes, planted her soaked crotch against my lips, and swallowed me back between her own.

I wanted to make her feel as good as she was making me feel, so I moaned loudly while I licked her labia, and was rewarded with a flood of her fluids. She tasted different from Shanna, but not in a bad way. Both women tasted great. I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go down her hole, grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, and tried to shove my whole face inside her. I then sucked her clit between my teeth, and had to hold on tight as she came again.

Gina flopped over onto her side, as she came down from her climax, and then started to kiss her way up my body. When she got to my face, she didn't go for my lips as I'd thought she would, but instead started to lick all of her juices from my chin, cheeks, and nose, before finally shoving her tongue as far down my throat as she could.

Lost in what she was doing, I didn't even realize she'd moved her pelvis into position, until I felt her velvety folds start to squeeze tightly around my member. I dropped my hands to her rear again, and we soon reached a matched rhythm. Her hands were on my face, as she kissed me hungrily, her torso pressed against mine, and my cock going deeper and deeper into her crevice.

She was the one to break the kiss, as she gasped for air, and sat upright, allowing me to go a little further into her. I was still a little outside her, but I reached down with one hand, and rubbed her clit, while I used my other hand to fondle one of her large breasts. She shuddered as another climax took her, and I used my hips to roll us over.

I had to pull out, but I kept her on her side, straddled her right leg, and slipped back into her, with her left leg going around my torso. I used my left hand to continue rubbing her clit, as I slid in and out of her hot hole. She twisted her upper body so her shoulders were flat on my bed, and used her left hand to encourage me to up my pace.

I grabbed one of her delectable tits again, and then leaned forward to take one of her nipples between my teeth. Even with my length, I couldn't go as deep like this, but by her moans, she didn't care.

I knew I was getting close, and picked up my attack on her cunny, and felt sweat start to bead on my brow.

"Fuck me, with that cock, Nick. Fuck me hard! Oh, Gawd, I'm going to cum again. Don't stop. Don't stooooppppp!" As I felt her inner muscles clamp down hard on my shaft, I let fly with my own ejaculate. Her eyes flew open, as I spewed inside her, and it seemed as if her orgasm doubled in intensity.

Spent, worn out, and tired, I collapsed behind her, and soon fell back to sleep.

I woke a few hours later to the feel of soft lips against my own. Smiling, I opened my eyes to see Gina's Hazel eyes looking back at me. The memory of my crumbling resolve, and all the wrongs I'd done her came flooding back, and I scooted away from her, falling out of the bed.

Gina laughed at my misfortune, before saying, "Not the reaction I was expecting." She laughed some more as I tried to get up, and realized I was still naked. I tried to cover myself, and couldn't remember where my boxers had gone. Had I ever even taken them off during the sex? Grabbing a clean pair, I turned back to face the beautiful blonde, but didn't dare speak. "Dennis poked his head in awhile ago, and asked if you were still going to the party tonight." Her face had gone solemn, and I felt a sinking sensation in my gut. She was talking about Derek's party, and he had specifically asked me not to take her. "Was he talking about Derek's party?"

I couldn't lie, but I didn't dare talk either. I didn't need her getting horny again at the sound of my voice. I just nodded my head.

"I know I'm not invited. Do you still plan on going? We could stay here all day... When Dennis leaves, we'd have the whole place to ourselves. I'll even let you put that beast in my ass again."

It was tempting. Oh, so tempting, but I knew I had to refuse. I couldn't do that to her. Not again.

"I'm going," I said, and watched her face fall.

She got out of my bed, and started dressing. I could see the tears forming in her eyes, but didn't know what I could say to stop them.

"Fine. I know when I'm not wanted." She'd gathered all of her things, and was headed for the door. Despite myself, I blocked her. "I see you really haven't forgiven me."

I grabbed both her arms in my hands, and held her at arm's length. "Gina, it's not that you're not wanted. This is the first time I've ever been invited to a party." Against my will, the words were coming out, many more than I'd wanted to say. "You ARE forgiven. I promise."

I saw hope return to her eyes a split second before her arms pulled out of my hands and wrapped around me, hugging me tight. "Thank you, Nick. I promise not to be too angry, but don't forget me while you're there."

I nodded, and then she kissed me and left. I sagged against the door, and cursed myself for my weakness. Why couldn't I have just let her go?

I spent the rest of the day trying to get my mind off of my problems, by playing games, but only partially succeeded.

As the sun started to set, I took a quick shower, followed by Dennis.

The drive to Shanna's house was a cool one, but blessedly quick. Standing at her front door, I waited somewhat impatiently for her to answer. When the door finally opened, it felt like my heart skipped a beat. She looked lovely, with her makeup lightly done, a pair of skin tight jeans, and a light winter coat on.

"Shall we?" Her voice was soft and sweet as she passed by me, and I caught the slight fragrance of lilac and vanilla. I rushed after her, and held my car door open for her, as she got it. "Oh, a gentleman," she cooed, and I couldn't hide my smile. I didn't know what my mother would think of how I was using my abilities, but she HAD taught me how to treat a woman.

The drive to the party seemed to start and end before I was even aware of it. The moon hung heavy in the sky, and the snow was falling lightly, like a million little diamonds from the sparse clouds. When I told the analogy to Shanna, she laughed her lovely little laugh, and I thought, tonight is going to be a good night. Forget about the demons, forget about Gina, and just have fun with Shanna.

The music was blaring as I pulled up to the house, and someone was already puking off of a balcony.

Brent Ratner spotted us as soon as we walked in, and smiled, waving us over. He had to yell to be heard over the music.

"You brought Shanna, or is this Shannon? Either way, good choice," the slap on the back he gave me pushed me forward a bit. He shoved a beer in each of our hands, and then leaned in close so that only I could hear him. "Make yourself at home. Have fun, get crazy, but please don't put anyone to sleep. There are plenty of beds upstairs if you need one."

I could feel my cheeks burning as he pulled away, but he had spotted someone else, and went off to greet them.

"What did he say?" Shanna asked.

I debated on telling her, but after what we'd already done, and as forward as she'd been, I saw no reason to hide it. "He said we were free to use one of the bedrooms if we wanted." Well I wasn't going to tell her I could put people to sleep, now was I?

I saw her cheeks color slightly, which surprised me. Wasn't it her that had been the forward one? I took a sip of my beer, as I looked around. The place was crowded with a lot of faces I didn't recognize. Those I did know were mostly jocks and their girlfriends; not my usual crowd.

I spotted Dennis over by a beer pong table, and went to chat with him. My roommate was chatting with an attractive platinum blonde, while cheers went up at the table as the ping pong ball landed in a cup.

"Nick, this is Lindsey, Brent's sister. Lindsey this is—" Dennis started to introduce us, but Lindsey cut him off.

"I know who Nick is. He is all the talk at school right now, and I share a class with Shannon twice a week."

"This is Shanna," I said, wondering what was being said about me on campus.

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