Bait and Switch Ch. 10


"You've been working out!" Shannon exclaimed as I disrobed, and I grinned at her. Both women gave a small sigh when my manhood came out, neither limp, nor hard, but somewhere in-between.

"So, what is it?" I wanted to know. "What is the difference?"

Both women busted up laughing. It took a moment before Shannon could get enough breath to tell me. "There isn't one. I planted that idea in you, to play a trick on you. I even got Lindsey in on it. That's why she talked to you, today." She started laughing again, and I felt the fool. I had been duped. I couldn't be too angry though, because I had cheated on their game too. I just hoped they never asked me how I could tell them apart.

"Oh, don't look so upset," Shanna told me. "I'll still give you a kiss." She placed her hands on my shoulders, stood on her toes, and this time the kiss she gave me was a real one. Her tongue slid between my lips, as her arms wound around my neck, and her hard nipples pressed into my chest. I eagerly put my arms around her slender waist, as I met her tongue with my own. I had already been semi-stiff from having them naked before me, but now with her pressed against me; I was poking her in the stomach.

"Hey, no fair," Shannon complained when her sister pulled away from me. "He lost! He should be kissing us."

Not one to argue, I stepped over to her, wrapped my right arm around her waist, and pulled her to me. She squealed as I placed my hand behind her head, and pulled her lips to mine. She hungrily devoured my lips and tongue, while her hands dropped down to my naked ass, giving my cheeks a firm squeeze.

Shannon backed me up to the couch, and when my heels struck it, I sat down, heavily. She grinned as she straddled my thighs, grabbed my cheeks, and pulled my face back into the kiss.

"It's my turn to have him tonight," Shanna complained. "You had him last time."

Shannon broke off the kiss long enough to look her sister in the eye. "It's not my fault you didn't take the opportunity when you stayed at his place." Part of me felt like a piece of meat. Another part didn't care.

"You know why I didn't," Shanna shot back, and I was now certain that she'd been on the rag. Not that I was adverse to the idea of having sex with a woman during her time of the month, but I enjoyed cunnilingus, and I WAS adverse to that!

Shannon ignored her though, as she turned back to me, kissing me thoroughly. Shanna plopped down next to us, folding her arms underneath her ample breasts, and pouted.

Wondering what I might get away with, I placed my hand on Shanna's thigh, and she didn't remove it. I slowly slid my hand up, but before I reached her crotch, she grabbed my hand, and placed it back further down. Shannon was really starting to moan into our kiss, but I assumed it was to make her sister jealous, as I wasn't doing anything more than kissing her.

I decided to try a different tact with Shanna, and grabbed her right arm. Shannon was still over my legs, and my cock was standing up between us. I pulled Shanna's hand to my stiff member, and she fought me a bit, before succumbing, and wrapping her slender fingers around it. I started to move her hand up and down the length, and after a few strokes, I let go. Her hand continued to jack me off, and I place my hand back on her thigh. A few seconds later, Shanna started to moan as my fingers rubbed her clit. I felt no evidence of a string.

Shannon pulled away from me when her sister moaned, and saw what was happening. She glared at the hand on my rod, but before she could say anything, I leaned forward, and sucked one of her nipples between my teeth. I nibbled lightly on the stiffened red flesh, and Shannon moaned for real, this time. I brought my free hand to her crotch, and easily slipped my middle two fingers into her already wet snatch.

Shanna, pulled my hand away from her crotch, but her other hand remained on my stick, so I didn't mind. A second later, I felt her hair brush against my stomach just before her lips engulfed my cock, and I moaned into Shannon's tit.

I decided to get more comfortable, and tilted my body to the side, and moved Shannon's body with me. I moved her up until I could taste her pussy, while I lay back on the couch.

"Get that cock nice and warmed up for me, Shanna," Shannon ordered her twin. My cock wobbled side-to-side as Shanna shook her head. She wanted it first.

Shanna was devious about it though. She waited until Shannon was cumming on my lips, before getting up, and straddling my crotch, and impaling herself on my spear. Shannon realized she had been tricked, but I quickly nibbled on her clit, and she forgot about it.

Shanna was using long powerful strokes to get me further into her crevice, and pretty soon I felt her crotch touch my balls, and I felt that strangling sensation around the top of my cock again. Shanna cried out, and I let my cock twitch inside her a few times.

I moved my mouth away from Shannon's pussy, and she looked down to see what I was doing. "Remember Brent's party?" I asked her.

She knew immediately what I meant. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, you little pervert." Her words were angry, but I remembered how wet she'd gotten when Brent started to play with his sister. I went back to eating her out, curious what she would do.

After a few seconds, she got off my face, and I was afraid I'd gone too far. She brought her lips down near my ear, and whispered, "Only for you, and only because you have such a wonderful cock. We've shared boyfriends, but we've never done anything with each other." I smiled as she stood back up, and sat back on my face, this time turned the other way. I shoved my tongue as far inside her as it would go, as she leaned over.

I felt a hand at my crotch, and guessed that Shannon was playing with her sister's pussy.

"Shannon, what—" She cut off as she moaned loudly, and he inner muscles gripped my cock as she came. She was breathing pretty heavy, as she started to talk again. "Why are you... That feels good on my nipple... What made you... Ohhhh, yes, rub right there. Ahhhh, fuck, you know right where to touch me. I think I'm gonna cum."

This time as her pussy gripped me, I knew I was close to, and started grunting, as I bucked my hips. Shannon shoved her sister off of me before I shot my first volley, however, and swallowed my load as it came out of me with her mouth. I dove into Shannon's cunt with my tongue, while she sucked the cum from me, until she was cumming all over my face as well.

Shannon's talented mouth didn't let me go limp. She got off of me, and went over to her sister, plastering their lips together, and I saw my cum switch mouths. If I hadn't already still been hard, that would have done it for me. With the one pussy I hadn't been in tonight free, I stood up, and got behind her. My cock was still slick from Shanna's cum, and Shannon's saliva, and it easily slid into the latter's tight tunnel.

Shannon moaned as I bottomed out in her, and still had a bit outside of her. I noticed that Shanna was eagerly kissing her sister, and Shannon actually had a couple fingers in her sister's cunny.

I began to work my hips back and forth, pounding into Shannon, and making her grunt every time I hit her uterus. Shanna came on her sister's fingers, and a moment later, Shannon lifted her head, to look back at me.

"That's it, stud. Fuck my tight pussy. Pound it hard, and make me cum. Make me cum, while I make my sister cum on my hand. Come on! FUCK me!" I took her order to heart, and slammed into her as hard as I could go. On the third thrust, just as had happened with Shanna, I felt something extremely tight slip around the end of my cock, and Shannon shrieked. "Oh gawd, that's deep!" She shook, as an orgasm overtook her, and her knees buckled. She collapsed to the floor, moaning, and shaking, as a small puddle began to leak between her thighs.

Shannon's hand was still within her sister, but I removed it, as I got between Shanna's legs. I slid into her with ease, not quite going all the way in, and smiled as her eyes rolled back in her head. I grabbed a breast in each hand, and started up a nice slow rhythm, both of us moaning at our blissful connection.

Shannon recovered on the floor, and stood back up. She smiled down at us, and then reached down to where we were connected and started playing with her twin's clit. This put her breasts right by my mouth, and I wasn't going to pass up that meal. With a tit in each hand, and another in my mouth, I didn't think life could get any better.

A few seconds later it did, as Shanna came hard, ecstasy wracking her body, as she twisted and writhed against my invading pole, and her sister's fingers. She was moaning so loudly, and gripping me so tightly, I started to cum too. My own body locked up, as I deposited my load into half of this beautiful geek team.

Exhausted, I fell back on the couch, releasing all three tits, and slipping out of Shanna.

I watched through blurry eyes, as Shannon dove between her sister's thighs, and started to suck my cum out of her sister.

"Oh, Shannon! Yes right there, lick me there. Ohhhh, you know right what to do! Oh, fuck, you're gonna make me cum again."

When Shanna finally relaxed, her eyes grew wide, and she backed away from her sister.

"What made you do that?" She demanded.

"I'm sorry," I told her, not wanting there to be any bad blood between these two. "I asked her to."

Shanna stared at me incredulously, till her sister spoke up. "I wouldn't have done it if I didn't want to, Shanna. He might have asked me, but I have wanted to do that for a long time."

"But we're SISTERS!" Shanna exclaimed. "That's incest!"

"You seemed to enjoy it at the time," Shannon argued in a tone that made it hard to argue.

"Yes, but... Well, I did, but... You wanted to?" The anger had leached out of her, and now there was only curiosity. "But we agreed to share boyfriends, not each other."

I wondered briefly if this meant I had been upgraded from REALLY good friend status, to boyfriend. It also made me wonder again about just how many times they had done this before. Either way, I truly didn't have any complaints right now.

"I only agreed to that, because I thought that that was what YOU wanted," Shannon said, and we all laughed. The two sisters hugged each other tightly, until I complained about being left out. Then they both tackled me, laughing, as they tried to tickle me. With my current strength, however, I got the better of the two, and soon had both of them squealing with beautiful laughter. Next thing I knew, Shanna turned the tables on me, as she sucked my cock between her lips, and I realized that I was hard once more.

The only thing I could think of, as to why I was recovering so quickly, was that marathon sex session with Lela.

By the end of the night, none of us knew where one body ended, and the other began.

And Lela didn't come for me again.

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