Bait and Switch Ch. 21


* * *


It took nearly two months for me to recover from that last switch. Two months in the ship under the healing yellow light, while the changed demons and friendly pink aliens came to an understanding and a truce.

That final switch didn't change all of the demons in the universe, only the ones that were within range at the time. However, according to the new truce, the Earth had a defensive friendly force. Some of the demons went with a few of the female pink aliens, to defend their home planet. The rest went to Earth to fight those that'd made it past me during the battle. It took almost ten years to flush all of the carnivorous demons from the Earth. Ten years of chaos, violence, and the beginning of a new age for humanity.

When I awoke from my coma, after the two months, I had a number of surprises awaiting me. Summer was pregnant with my child. She had debated on whether or not to keep it, and in the end decided that she couldn't get rid of it. She even helped Shanna and Julia find a large enough house for the four of us to live in.

Julia and Shanna had worked out their differences, apparently, and Shanna had come to Lela's ship to visit me every day in my convalescence. She told me all about reconciling her trust issues concerning Julia, and couldn't wait for me to come back down to the Earth to be with them.

Gina and I are still great friends, and is actually living next door to us now. I try to encourage her to find someone else, but she keeps telling me she will only leave me when she finds someone better. Fifteen years, and three kids later, she still hasn't found anyone else.

Robin had apparently become pregnant as well, despite all of Dennis's precautions. They ended up getting married before the child was born, and even had three more children, though none of them looked anything like the first. It didn't take long for their oldest to start displaying interests in the geekier things in life. I kept my mouth shut about my thoughts about his real father, but somehow I don't think it escaped Dennis's notice.

All of my children with Lela were doing well, and going strong. They were growing faster than normal humans, yet slower than the pink aliens. They also seemed to grasp concepts and thoughts faster than either race. All of Lela's and my children were speaking both languages fluently by the time I came to.

My mother had been worried sick about me, until Summer'd brought her up to visit me. With the demons still roaming the Earth at that time, she was filled with fear at first, but Harana and Lela put her at ease. She took the news of Summer's pregnancy a little hard at the beginning, but in the end agreed that she couldn't get rid of the child. When I finally saw her again, she almost looked like a different woman, my switches having taken their affect on her, increasing her skin elasticity and slowing her aging. She looked twenty years younger, and Summer informed me that they were constantly mistaken for sisters.

When the unchanged demons first arrived on Earth to start devouring the human race and Earth's resources, one of their first victims was my father's girlfriend. The sight had completely unnerved my father, and he came crawling back to my mom. To her credit, she told him where to go, and in no uncertain terms how to get there.

Old Mrs. Polkins was found in the dean's office one day; or rather, under it, by the dean's wife. Somehow the wife didn't take it too well, but last I heard, Mrs. Polkins had found herself another job as a high school nurse, and none of the students were complaining. I never did see professor Frankens again.

All of those surprises were minor compared to finding out that I had burned my ability out. I was too weak when I used that last switch, and no matter what Lela did, the ability was gone. I couldn't even sense any of the switches I'd made, or my half-human children.

Despite my lack of a special ability, Lela and Harana insisted that I be the main liaison between the three races. Even at my young age, the world leaders agreed, though some felt slighted because they were left with no choice in the matter. Lela, Harana, and even the demons made sure of that.

Some of the other modified human's came to the rescue of their race, during that ten years, but some used their abilities for their own gain. Once the carnivorous demons were dealt with, Lela, Harana, my sister, Shanna, Shannon, and even Gina, helped me to capture the rogue humans, and deactivate their special genes.

Five years after the last rogue human was found and dealt with, we realized that all of my children had my ability. They are all working on healing mine, though I have come to terms with its loss.


Author's note:

I hope you have enjoyed my final series, Bait and Switch. Keep an eye out for garbonzo607's spin-off of this series, coming out later.

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Good story

I enjoyed the story although I was a little concerned about a battle and sex at the same time. Thank you.

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