The vampire stalked her prey through the darkness of the night. A swirl of mist followed behind her as she silently glided towards the tall shadow of a man. He drunkenly collapsed into a side alley where she gleefully followed. Thirsty for every sense.

Had he turned around to gaze behind him instead of looking in front, he could have seen her. She was feeling bold, brash...and sexy.

The tall, five eight dark haired vampire felt like sex on two legs. Her pale skin was smooth and soft...everywhere. Her jet black hair fell in gentle waves all the way to the small of her back. Her face was like a prom queen, full of strong cheek bones and slender angles. Her eyes, a vivid teal glowed as she neared the drunk, almost hypnotized by the sight of a fresh male.

Her body was curvy. Full breasts that threatened to spill out of her blood red corset top that only exaggerated her slim waist and full hips. She wore a plastic black skirt that seemed glued to her generous ass, showing off her long pale legs in knee high boots, spiked with wicked heels.

As she neared the man, she allowed her heels to clack clack on the sidewalk, never taking her eyes off of him

Up close she realize how handsome he appeared to be. He had dark red spiky hair, his skin was just as pale as hers was, but she couldn't see his face. But she could see his build.

He was six foot two, with wide muscular shoulders and arms that seemed thick with muscles. His chest seemed broad, his abdomen fit, and his legs seemed to be sexily muscled. She licked her lips, noticing he was shaped rather pleasing.

Then she sniffed the drunk...only to realize...

He wasn't drunk.

Puzzled, she stopped. Then he whirled on her and attacked before she could register anything.

"I felt your eyes on me, my pretty" He whispered in her ear.

Up close, the heat from his body scorched her. Her already heightened arousal bursting, making her pussy clench as it moistened for him. In a daze, she felt his tongue lick her neck as he ruthlessly ground his cock -a rather large one- into her spread legs. She wasn't wearing any panties and she felt the thick bulge through his jeans.

When her eyes shot to his, she gasped.

His face was flawless. Pale skin over ruggedly handsome features. A perfect nose that had once been broken, gave him a rather brutish look. He had a dark red goatee, making him look like the devil. But his eyes convinced her that he was Satan, up from hell for a night on the town. His eyes were a bright brilliant gold rimmed darkly with black.

She creamed again and she knew the front of his jeans were getting moist with her slick juices.

"You know me," He growled. "You know me and you'll fuck me."

She whimpered in pleasure as his fingers reached up to tweak her nipple through her top.

"You're going to take my big dick in your mouth and swallowed every drop of cum I have for you." He pulled her top down, exposing both of her tits to his greedy gaze. Her white breasts jiggled with each breasts as her pink nipples hardened to long points. "You are going to take it in your little juicy cunt. When I'm done ripping it apart, I'm going to go after your perfectly tight asshole. Ever had any meat in your buns?"

She was stunned. He really was the Devil! He had her topless in the open while his hands roamed her body, his left one holding her immobile against him while his right played with her tits. He gripped the soft mound in his hand tightly as he pinched the nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

"I know who you are Annalei," He grinned, baring large canines in a beastly face. "I see your undead soul and I know just how much of a fucking whore you can be... When you have the right Master."

Annalei was an ancient vampire, nearly two hundred years old. She had talked, fought, and seduced her way out of many situations. But old Satan never came to her until now and all she could say was;

"What took you so long, Master?"

Satan's eyes flared in shock, his hands stilling upon the beautiful vampire. He had seduced many of the undead before, all of them were either too weak to handle his brand of sex or just too freakin tight assed to do anything but be as stiff as a dead fish.

But this one... She was getting turned on. He could smell the delicious perfume of her wet pussy. He could imagine her cumming all over him, creaming as he slid into her tight little sheath, screaming his name, begging for his little tortures and torments if it meant she could have a wildly controlled orgasm...

Satan smiled and in a flare of black smoke and flames, he brought her down to the sunless lands of Hell.

He lay her upon a large bed covered by dark grey silks. With a snap, steel chains wrapped around her ankles and wrist. He simply sat and stared at the beautiful picture she made. Her red top he had pulled down now pressed her breasts more invitingly up into the air. Her long pink nipples begged for him to bite them and tweak them and pull them til they were red. Her legs were pulled apart and her skirt was bunched around her thighs. He could see a glimpse of her wet smooth pussy lips. He was surprised that she had no hair there!

"So Annalei, I see you're wet for Master." He slowly pulled off his clothes. Exposing to her gaze a body made by sin. Chiseled chest and abs that flexed with each of his movements as he bent down, pulling of his pants, revealing an engorged dick. It looked like it was as wide as her forearm as it strained towards her.

She could only nod.

Satan laughed as fire burst around him. "Do you remember what I said I was going to do?"

Annalei tried so hard to remember, but her pussy was tingling with the need to be filled by that monstrous thing. She licked her lips. "Face fuck me."

"Good girl!" Satan walked over her, she saw his dick bouncing in front of her face. She wanted to trace every vein with her tongue, wanted him to choke her with it. His balls were heavy sacks of virility and she wanted to suck those too. "Now open wide baby."

When she opened her mouth, he plunged in, choking her. Tears welled up in her eyes as he cut of her breathing and her jaws stretched to near dislocation. But she loved how he used her. Loved how it felt so hot and tasted salty with his sweat. Loved that drop of precum she had seen sparkling on the end.

His balls rubbed her chin while he fucked her hot little mouth and throat. He groaned from the feeling. He started slowly, leisurely loving how she stretched her chin to tickle his balls which only allowed his dick to go further down her throat. He felt it constrict around him and he gasped with pleasure.

He reached behind him and started playing with her tight nipples, her moan vibrating up his shaft. He started fucking her faster, hardly allowing anytime for her to breath. But she was undead so she didn't really need it.

He felt his balls tightening up. Oh god how he loved her little tongue tickling under his shaft. He looked down at her and saw her staring at him with her eyes glazed, she was moaning all over his dick. Her spit dripping off of it in messy little drips. Her black hair was a mess over his sheets. He grabbed the sides of her head and started fucking her throat hardcore.

She felt him piston in and out of her mouth, his cock getting bigger, filling her until she thought she'd break. He was snarling. Sweat dripping off of him, he balls slapping her chin violently. His eyes were all gold as he roared with his release, hot come shooting down her throat. He pulled out towards the end, shooting a couple globs into her hair and on her face. She felt a little bit of the salty treat dripping from the corners of her mouth.

She just stayed there while his eyes roamed over her face and features. A male sense of satisfaction over his face.

He snapped his fingers and undid her chains. Another snap and she was naked.

"I must return to work--torturing evil souls and trying to tempt the good to become evil." He snapped again and a boiling hot bath balancing on the backs of three youngish looking men who were screaming soundlessly appeared. "Clean yourself up before my return. And vampire?"

Annalei dazedly stared up at Satan with a bemused look on her face. His own face looked just as confused. "Yes Master?"

"If you allow any soul--demon or mortal-- to touch you while you remain I Hell, I will personally see to it that you are flayed alive then dipped into a boiling acid for the next couple centuries."

"Yes Master." She sighed and smiled at him. "I am only for your use Master."

"Remember," He winked at her. "I see into your soul, my slutty little Annalei."


Keep an eye out for the second part. J It's coming I promise!! (Oops! No pun intended there. PS REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!

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