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Baking Day


The sun was shining brightly for a February morning. I felt the warmth on my back as I pegged the last of the washing out, the breeze cool and chill. 50, and walking around naked. What would people think if they could see me. Would they think I was a dirty old man? My online lover didn't think so. She brings me to new peaks, and exploring new boundaries, some taboo, some tame, but all new. And I try and do the same for her.

Her latest suggestion though, well, it did make me stop and look. And then smile in the thought of performing it!

I stepped back into the kitchen, the meat cooking in the pan was nearly ready for the slow cooker, so at least there would be a hot meal when I came home tonight from work. I checked my emails. Yes, there it was, confirmation, and, most importantly, permission to carry out this dare, this task...

I picked all the things from the cupboards, made sure the oven was warmed up, removed the pan of steaks and placed them in the slow cooker. All the while, my cock was semi hard, dangling yet sticking out, fuelled by the image of a pair of Pink Polka Dot Knickers, encasing the curvy cheeks of my lovers cute bum. She had sent me the picture as a reward, as a treat, as a favour. I had re-sized it, so that when I opened it up on my PC, it filled the screen. How I imagined being there, behind her, kneeling, begging to place my hands on those cheeks.

Shaking my head, I reached for the mixing bowl, my hands automatically adding the ingredients, my mind wandering, filled with images of my lover, and the things we had talked about, imagining her soft, lipsticked mouth hovering above my shaft. Instinctively, I stepped forward, my cock lifting above the work top, my shaft pressed upwards to the skin of my belly, the base and my balls on the rounded edge. As I mixed each ingredient in, I steadily flexed my legs, and rubbed myself against the worktop. Outdoor sounds came in through the open back door, as I pictured my lover...

My wife had never sucked my cock, nor licked it. Well, no, I lie. She did try it once. "Oh no, I can't do THAT!" she had said, and that was the end of it. 25 years ago. I loved giving her oral sex, and she never stopped me, not once. But there was no way she would return the favour. I always wondered what it would feel like.

Glancing down, I noticed the thin watery liquid inside my foreskin, as my cock began to seep with precum. Everything was ready now, so I reached down with my hand, and began to stroke myself, feeling the heat of the shaft in my hand. But it felt wrong, it just didn't feel right. It wasn't working, and I felt myself start to soften. Grinning, as realisation dawned on me, I placed my hand in the mixing bowl. The warmth of the mix felt sloppy, sticky. I smeared it over my shaft -- which instantly returned to life. Closing my eyes, I pictured a pair of red puckered lips, blue-grey eyes behind glasses smiling up at me, my cock disappearing into that willing mouth.

The first spurt of cum caught me off guard. That was quick! My eyes opened. I could see it, there on the top of the mix, the rest of my white spend pooled into my hand, and I reached for the wooden spoon, and eased it into the cake mix. My legs were shaking, knees trembling, but my cock refused to lie down, still hard, it pressed against the worktop. The spasms of each belt of cum had felt wonderful as the pressure against the worktop had made the muscles work hard to force the cum up the shaft. I reached for the hard shaft, pulling my foreskin right down, the scraping of currants between my hand and my shaft adding o the pleasure. Almost like a voyeur, I watched my hand resume stroking, felt the tingles as I built up speed, not believing that I would be able to come again.

There wasn't so much this time, but I diligently scraped it into the bowl, mixed it all up with the wooden spoon, and placed it into the cake tin. Bending to place it in the oven, the hot waft of air rose over me. Damn my cock, he was still semi erect, smeared in creamy coloured cake mix. On shaking legs, I made my way to the shower, cleaning him, and stroking him, in his semi erect state. The things my lover can do to me! As I dried myself, I couldn't help but grin, thinking that after all these years, my wife would be eating my cum. Not much of a consolation for never knowing what a blow job was like, but it did make me smile.

Somewhere, I know, we have a recipe for butterfly cakes, and I think I know just the additive for the filling in them!

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