Balance & Equilibrium


Penny, fearing that she would explode if her pussy didn't get some serious attention fast, inserted her hand inside her rain-soaked jeans and massaged the entire length of her slit. An involuntary shudder lifted her ass away from Jake's knees and drove her breast against his face, smothering him.

Laughing with surprise, he let the breast pop from his mouth and immediately went back to fondling them, only becoming aware of her naughty antics when her fingers produced a slushy, slightly sticky resonance that was music to his ears.

"What are you doing" he said, his eyes leaping wide as he alternated between staring at the entrance to her jeans and into her deeply expressive, slightly lust-ridden brown eyes.

"What does it look like?" she moaned.

"It looks like you're playing with yourself!"

Penny grinned at him and stroked the side of his face. "Sweetie, that's exactly what I'm doing."

"You…you aren't wearing any panties, are you?"


"Do you always go commando?"

"No, not always. Putting on underwear seemed like a rather trivial thing to bother with today."

Jake's eyes turned misty and Penny sensed that tears weren't far behind. Before he could succumb to the heart-wrenching sadness of Brian's death, Penny extracted her hand from between her legs and eased two of her shiny digits into his mouth.

"Taste good?" she enquired.

"Mhmm," he moaned, giving her a slight nod of the head.

She retrieved her fingers when he finished sucking them dry, pleased to see that she'd thwarted the onslaught of negative thoughts that he had almost become inundated with.

"Did you like watching me play with myself?"

"I loved watching you do it."

A corner of her mouth curled into a coy smile and her fingers found his left wrist. Jake was left handed, and the task she was allocating him required a certain level of dexterity that can only be found in a person's preferred hand.

"Perhaps it's your turn to have a play with it, don't you think?"

"Y-yes," he said, a shaky tremor afflicting his husky voice. The fact that he was slightly bashful only made him cuter, which was a quality that, when it came to Jacob McCloud, was well and truly in stock.

Everything about him made the butterflies flutter in her stomach: his tanned good looks, friendly smile, easy-going nature, hot body, and most importantly; he was just like Yogi – smarter than the average bear.

Penny guided his hand downwards with such care and grace that it could be comparable to Neil Armstrong's gentle delivery of the Lunar Module to the surface of the Moon, and the giddy excitement that Jake was experiencing might have emulated the astronaut's as he, like Jake, was about to charter unknown territory for the first time.

The tips of his fingers ran through her sparse thatch of light-brown pubic hair. She always kept herself neatly groomed, making a habit out of shaving her pussy lips every Sunday morning, just in case rare moments such as this should arise.

Masturbation is like going to the picture theatre by yourself; it's something you can do if you have to, but everyone knows it's more fun to have a partner to snuggle up to.

When Jake's fingers came into contact with her vagina, sparks flew and fireworks burst though her body.

For some reason their conversation in the car made a brief appearance in her stream of consciousness. His utterings of feeling nothing had scared her silly, but now she sensed a profound change in him that made her as playful as a kitten.

"Do you feel that, Jake?" she asked, and then wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss.

"Yes," he sighed.

"What are you touching?"

Jake buried his face in her neck and proceeded to kiss and lick her throat. "I'm touching your pussy," he murmured against her hot skin.

His fingers rubbed back and forth, beginning at her clit and terminating at the point where her pussy, yearning to be filled with anything resembling a phallic object, desperately tried to suck his fingers deep inside. There was no way Jake could mistake her constantly contracting vaginal muscles for anything other than a deep-seated need to have her pussy stuffed, so again, mischievous brat that he had always been, he was being a real tease.

"Tell me specifics. I want details, mister."

"It's warm," he groaned.

"Keep going."

"It's unbelievably wet, but also kind of sticky."

A shiver raced through her when his pinkie finger suddenly wormed its way into her tight opening, giving her immense pleasure despite his finger's lack of stature. It wriggled about for a few seconds and then made as hasty a retreat as it did an entrance.

Men often understate the importance in the art of teasing. Many often dislike being in receivership, and even fewer return the favour. It was incredibly refreshing, albeit slightly frustrating, to find a man who embraced the sweet agony of delaying gratification.

"So tight," he muttered, his lips vibrating along her flesh. "Your pussy is so tight."

"I do have a rather tiny pussy," she concluded breathlessly.

It was so small and tight that, as opposed to most women, a tinge of worry ebbed through her whenever she removed a man's trousers for the first time, because it was a frightening notion that he might be sporting an appendage that wouldn't fit inside her.

Jake's fingers upped the ante and massaged her with a heightened sense of resolve. Each kiss and lick that made contact with her neck compounded her excitement, essentially reducing her to a putty-like substance as he showered her with affection. Her breathing became erratic, the tingle between her legs upgrading into a full-fledged quivering mess that was shooting bolts of pleasure through the millions of sensory receptors in her body.

"Kiss me," she cried softly, too weak to grab the sides of his head and pull his mouth up to hers.

He pulled his face away from her throat. "Where do you want to be kissed?" he asked.

"Everywhere," she whispered. Her eyes turned wet and it was impossible to unglue the dopey smile pasted to her lips. "But for now," she added, "I want you to kiss me on the mouth."

They shared a scintillating kiss filled with passion and sexual longing. It wasn't merely their tongues intertwining but also their hearts, which now, instead of beating out of sync as they had for so many years, pumped in time to the same tune. This was the way kissing was supposed to be – soft and deeply sensual, yet also gripped with an undercurrent of intensity that surged through the sharing of lips, tongues and assorted gasps and moans.

Although she was already squirming around on his hand as if she had a whole platoon of ants stored in her jeans, the undulations of her hips increased ten-fold when he extracted it from between her legs.

"Oh shit," she whimpered. "You are such a tease."

"Well, I don't want to ruin your appetite on finger food when the main course isn't too far away."

Penny struggled to maintain a no-nonsense frown, but her pouting demeanour was betrayed by a few girlish giggles. "I'll have you know that when it comes to my appetite, it's insatiable."

Two glistening fingers arrived at her mouth and eased between her lips, feeding her the sweet nectar that had flooded her pussy, which was undeniable proof that her level of arousal was leaning towards being extreme. She slurped his fingers clean with a variety of lewd noises that would make a nun cringe, if not faint dead away.

"You are so damn sexy," Jake admonished, removing his fingers. "I had no idea you could be this sexy."

"Thanks, cowboy. I have to admit, you have an unnerving knack for making me feel incredibly sexy. I'm never this confident when I'm with a guy."

"I love it when you call me that."

"What? Cowboy?"

He nodded. "It's cute," he said.

"A cute nickname for a cute guy," Penny shot back. The loss of motor function she had been temporarily afflicted with gradually dissipated – no thanks to his lack of stimulation downstairs – allowing her to dangle her arms around his neck and rub her breasts provocatively against his chest.

"I want you," he sighed. "Oh boy, I want you so bad."

"Well, you've got me," she said, kissing him on the cheek. "I'm totally and utterly yours for the wanting. But before we dig into the main course, you don't mind if I taste the entrée, do you?"

"And what would the entrée be?"

Penny licked her lips suggestively and offered him a come-hither look. "What do you think it is?"

"I asked first," he grinned.

"Okay, fair enough. Well…it involves sticking something very stiff into my mouth and sucking on it."

The look on his face was adorable. He reminded her of a little kid in a candy store, gazing with wide eyes at all the delicious edibles that lined shelf upon shelf, a virtual utopia for the young.

"Ahem…uh, how do you know that I'm…excited?"

"The conspicuous bulge in your trousers kind of gives you away," she said in a conspiratorial whisper, dropping her eyes to his crotch. She had become aware of this phenomenon the precise moment she straddled him on the bed, although the surface area of the protrusion had increased over time.

This was very important to Penny. Jake was as hard as the proverbial rock and she hadn't even laid a finger on him. Although hardly romantic in any way, shape or form, this was quite possibly one of the finest compliments a man can bestow on his partner, because it implied an attraction so powerful that touching and looking was enough to get him highly aroused.

Penny gave him a protracted kiss on the lips, combed her fingers through his slick hair and then rose from the bed. The silky, almost sensual motion of her body resembled that of a career stripper, not a florist in training. Perhaps she'd been the former in a previous life, because her body swayed to the beat of unheard music as she wriggled out of her jeans and yanked off her black socks.

Being stark naked in front of her best friend felt as natural as a puma's instinct to stalk its prey. Penny experienced no uneasiness under Jake's oh-so-obvious scrutiny; a welcome change from the insecurities which had plagued her in the past.

"Undo your belt," she ordered.

Saliva accumulated in her mouth as she maintained her bedside vigil. The very thought of giving him a blowjob made her flush with anticipation. Her pussy twitched with envy, jealous that another set of lips would be tightening around what Jake was in the process of freeing.

She gave her pussy a quick pat, temporarily sating it. All it needed was some love and attention, much like the domesticated feline that occasionally goes by the same name.

Having undone the buckle, Jake jerked his belt through the loops securing it to his waist and tossed the piece of leather aside. Then, spurred on by a nude and very horny female in close proximity, he squirmed his way out of his saturated trousers, slipped off his white socks and shoved his underwear down his legs.

The sight of his erection caused her to salivate profusely from both ends; her pussy, which she'd thought to have coaxed into a state of dormancy, now meowing to be fed instead of stroked. Never one to be a vegetarian, it wanted meat and demanded it now.

'Too bad', she thought, 'I want to suck on it first.'

"Why don't you lie down and get comfy," she offered.

"O-okay," he stuttered. There was that glimmer of bashfulness again, a spark of nervousness, pleasing Penny that she had a profound affect on his psychology as well as his physiology.

Jake scooted backwards until his head hovered above her fluffy pillow like an Apache helicopter, only it didn't execute a landing on the soft helipad because he'd braced himself into a half-sitting position by leaning on his elbows.

Some girls flat-out loath giving head, and that was fine. Penny absolutely loved it. Maybe it was because she'd been blessed with partners who had reciprocated without fault, or perhaps she was genetically predisposed to derive pleasure from giving it. Whichever was the case, for Penny at least, going down on a man was not a downside to making love.

She padded across the mattress on all fours, feeling very much like a lioness prowling for her supper. When she arrived at his legs, she grabbed him by the ankles and spread them apart as easily as a pornographic movie starlet's.

"Hi there, Yogi Bear," she purred, slipping between his splayed legs and sandwiching her body snugly between his thighs.

His cock, now only an inch or two shy of her eyes and pointing at the ceiling, was beautiful. The skin was smooth and a shade whiter than the rest of his body, while the head was tinted with the same maroon blush rising in her cheeks. It wasn't huge by any standards (thank God!) but it certainly couldn't be classified as small – it hovered in a perfect balance between the two. No ugly veins rode the length of the shaft, and from what she could tell, the only imperfection was a barely perceptible curve from base to tip, which actually lent it a unique quality rather than detracting from its overall beauty.

It was only after she'd gawked and gaped at his erection that she became aware of something quite funny. Giggles escaped her mouth as she stroked the twin sacks underneath the base of his shaft, which were roughly the size of two pieces of passionfruit. They were smooth and hairless, and right now, instead of sagging, the skin was drawn tight over his testicles.

"You're going to have to explain this," she laughed.

"It's a long story."

Penny delivered a soft kiss to the tip of his penis and then beamed at him. "I'm not eating my entrée until you explain to me – in full detail – why you shave your balls."

"Okay, okay. Remember Keira?"

"Yes," she said with a nod. Keira Maguire had been Jake's last girlfriend, an upper-class snob who had surely only used him for his body. In the chess game of life, Keira would consider herself to be the queen – royalty, and quite possibly the most important piece on the board. All those surrounding her were considered to be her pawns, expendable and only employed to do her bidding.

"Well, she kind of had a fetish. She loved sucking on my balls, so much so that she made me shave them on a constant basis."

"But that was eight months ago."

He grinned sheepishly. "I know. After we broke up I tried letting the hair grow back, but I had no idea how itchy it could get. Continuing to keep them shaved ended up being the lesser of two evils."

"Would you like me to lick them?" Penny asked, giving each testicle a gentle kiss. Deciding that the poor guy deserved at least a small measure of stimulation, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began stroking him with a firm grip.

"Uh huh," he groaned. "That would be super-nice."

The tip of her tongue grazed his flesh and left a thin trail of saliva. Her licks were hesitant, like the first steps of an infant learning to walk, merely testing the water before diving straight in. And then her excitement of having her mouth stationed between Jake's legs grew, as did the lengths and speed of her lapping tongue.

Jake squirmed around like a tortoise on its back, the pleasure so earth shattering that his arms gave out and his head crash-landed to the pillow with an audible 'poof.' His primitive moans of delight encouraged her to slip into a higher gear, spurring her to kiss, lick and suck on him with wild abandon.

Her lips shifted north and arrived at the base of the stiff object being caressed by her hand. She delivered a rapid-fire series of kisses up the underside until she made it to the tip, and then cocked her head and wrapped her silken lips around half his girth, proceeding to slide her mouth up and down as if she were playing a harmonica. However, this musical instrument, instead of being cold and metallic, was warm and fleshy, requiring Penny to suck instead of blow in order to produce the desired effect.

"Oh, Pen. That feels incredible," Jake sighed, cupping the back of her head in an effort to hasten the movement of her lips.

A great blowjob doesn't come down to technique alone – and this is universal for all things sexual – it requires a perfect balance of skill, enthusiasm and a connection to exist between both parties; on an emotional plane as well as the physical. Giving another person oral pleasure is a selfless act. The only satisfaction the giver can gain is through the knowledge that their actions are appeasing the receiver's sexual desires, and not just hurrying through so that they can switch roles.

Penny's slick lips broke away from her makeshift musical instrument and repeatedly licked the entire length as if it had, by some small miracle, suddenly been coated in her favourite flavoured pancake topping – chocolate syrup.

"I bet you want me to stick it deep into my mouth, don't you?" she teased between gigantic licks.

"Oh, yes. God yes, please do."

On any other day she would have gone out of her way to torment him by using every trick a girl knows how. Her naughty streak egged her to take Jake to the outer limits, yet she was restrained by the unshakable cloud of melancholy that had plagued her for two whole days.

Although gone unspoken, the sharing of their bodies had more to do with filling a void in their hearts rather than their loins. They were both without a doubt enjoying themselves, but not for one single moment was Brian ever completely exorcised from their minds.

Jake's fingers slipped around her ponytail and, using it as a rudder, steered her mouth towards the glistening tip of his penis. His entire erection was shiny with spittle, glimmering despite the meagre daylight being cast through the bedroom window.

Their eyes met as her lips stretched wide to accept his stiff, warm meat. It speared its way into her watering mouth, sliding all the way past her teeth until she couldn't fit any more in.

Penny sat like that for a moment, staring into Jake's eyes with over half of his cock buried inside her mouth.

Without warning her lips tightened and formed a seal that prevented air from entering or escaping, and then she initiated such a powerful suction that it put the Hoover vacuum company to shame. Jake's hips shuddered, the involuntarily gyrations making his shaft slide in and out of her mouth haphazardly.

Penny clamped her hand around the base and forced his ass into the mattress, using her weight to hold his humping hips steady. Then she coupled her hard sucking with a quick, deep bobbing action, letting the prickly edges of her teeth and the spongy surface of her tongue graze against him to induce optimum pleasure.

"Penny…" he moaned breathlessly. "Oh, Penny. You have no idea how good that feels!"

Juicy slurps rose from his crotch, their pitch and lewdness increasing along with the duration of her superb blowjob. The culprit of each high-pitched squelch came care of her salivating mouth, which was ejecting such a copious amount of liquid down the underside of his engorged cock that it put Pavlov's dog to shame.

A part of her thirsted for his sperm, wanting nothing more than to coax him into spraying the inside of her mouth with his hot, sticky cum. Each man's load varied in taste and texture, and Penny's curiosity over Jake's was going as nuts as Spider-Man's instinctual danger sense. But whenever she intuited the immanency of his climax she would ease off the accelerator and coast along at a leisurely pace, always denying him access to the area marked 'point of no return.'

Sucking Jake off was making her so horny that her pussy was screaming with envy, not caring that it was committing one of the seven deadly sins. Hell, her pussy would happily commit all seven sins if it meant getting stuffed with the heavenly flesh her mouth was currently gorging on; for it was presently in the painful grip of a burning itch, one which could only be scratched by an orgasm.

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