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Balcony Exposure


Nothing was going right today. I woke up late this morning so I was a half hour late to work. I work as a customer service rep, so my days on the phone always suck – people call me to complain and yell, so the odds of my day looking up were doomed. This could have been about my worst day of the year.

Since I was late coming in, I also had to stay late, which messed up my day even more. I went to take a different bus route home, but at least I knew the route. Standing at the bus stop, I did nothing but complain to myself about everything in life, dragging my spirits further down. There was no way in hell this day could get have anything good happen in it.

Trying to improve my mood, I started people-watching. Maybe making fun of people in my head would make my life seem less sucky. There were very few people at my bus stop today since I was going home so late. I tried looking around at the buildings near us, and right next to me there was an empty office building with 'For Lease' signs on all the windows. I was surprised to see two people walk up the the front door, unlock it, and walk in. The guy that looked like a real estate agent locked up behind them.

As I ran through the possibilities of what kind of place could be opening up there, my train of thought was interrupted when I heard the door to the balcony one floor up open. There wasn't much of a balcony, more like just a space for flower pots or something. But I heard their voices, and looked up to see them looking out at the skyline.

FINALLY! The one good thing to happen to me today! The agent was showing the building to a lovely young lady, maybe early 30's, and filling out her skirt suit quite nicely. Not some skinny twig of a lady, but some nice curves to accentuate her assets. A light breeze was moving the bottom of her skirt, which was loosely bunching around her knees.

As I looked up, the wind gusted just right, poofing up her skirt at just the right angle for me to see all the way up. Only about four feet above my head, I could not miss the fact that she was not wearing underwear. Her legs slightly spread, I caught a clear view of a small patch of pubic hair just above the folds of skin of her pussy.

Instantly forgetting whatever was in my mind before, my eyes were glued to this shapely beauty right above my head. I could clearly hear them talking now.

"Well, I don't know, I think this just isn't for me" she said. "The price is a little higher than I want, the building has a weird layout, and I really can't see my company moving in here."

The agent's face fell, his disappointment showing clearly. "Look Mary, I emailed you all the information on this building, a dozen pictures, and the price requirements. Are you really sure you can't do this? How about if we drop the price a little?"

Mary shook her head. "No, it's really too much for us, Mark. It's twice as big as we need, and we can't afford the extra space that we will never use. Besides, it's further away than I thought it would be."

Now the agent looked upset. "So you are telling me that this trip was a total waste of time. For both of us."

The wind shifted, and Mary's skirt fell. Just then, Mary looked down and saw me staring at her. Her face blushed beet red as she backed up a step and turned to face Mark. "Oh my! That pervert down there was staring up my skirt!"

He looked down at me and laughed. "And why shouldn't he? He's got a hell of a view. If I was in his place, I would be staring too!"

"MARK!" she gasped. "After all this time we have been working together, I have never heard you say anything like that. What the hell has got into you?"

He went forward to the railing, leaning on it and starting off into space. "It's simple really. Ever since the first day you came into my office, I thought you were beautiful, and have wanted more than a work relationship. But I knew nothing would ever happen with me as your agent. You wouldn't trust me, and I would get fired if anyone found out. But I gave my 2-week notice yesterday, so I'm leaving, so now I don't care anymore."

She looked shocked again. "You should have said something! I got out of a bad relationship a few months ago. I don't want a relationship, but I sure could use a good fuck. If I go any longer without some dick, I'm afraid I will forget what to do with it."

They both knew I was still there, watching and listening. What the hell, I thought, I can say something, it's not like I will ever see them again. "HEY!" I yelled up at them. They both looked down at me. "You both want to fuck, and I would really love to see you do it. And right now too!"

They looked at me, then at each other, then back at me. Their eyes wide open, incredulous that I would be saying this. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my bus coming. Screw it, this was more important, the next one will come along eventually.

Desperate to convince them, I continued "You will never see anyone here again, you both want each other, and no commitment issues. Besides, it's so intense when you do it in public, you have to experience it."

Neither of them said anything, so I continued, crossing my fingers. "Mary, stand closer to the railing" I told her, expecting attitude. No way! She was moving forward. Was this really going to happen? My brain churned to find something else to say.

"OK, just a little more. Ya, there you go. Now grab ahold of the railing with both hands. Perfect! OK, now Mark. You come around behind her. A little closer. Now kneel down. Now hold onto Mary's ankles. Now slide your hands up her legs slowly. No, don't stop there, push her skirt up as your hands move."

Mary saw where this was going now, and stood straight up. "Mark, what the hell are you doing. Stop it right now!"

Embarrassed, he stopped and leaned back on his heels.

Dammit, this has to get back on track. "Mary, what's wrong? Why did you stop him?"

"This is not gonna happen, we are out in the wide open! And I am not some sleazy bimbo to be ordered around!" she barked at me, but the glow in her cheeks told me that she wasn't really sure she wanted this to stop.

"Mary, come on" I begged. "It's like I just said. You both want each other, and you will probably never see each other again. You will most likely never see me again. No one here knows you, and this is your one chance to get a bit kinky with no regrets. Let yourself get a bit wild – trust me, you will thank me for this later."

She thought about this for a second, her arms crossed over her chest. Then she smiled. "Allright, Mr. Stranger, you're on. Tell me how it's gonna be. We can be your puppets for a little while."

"First things first. Mary, take off your suit jacket and toss in on the floor behind you. Good. Now spread your legs a little more and lean over on the railing again. Yes, Mark, I see you grinning like a fool. Get back on your knees and get your hands on Mary's legs again. There you go. Now move your hands up to her waist, and push her skirt up all the way too. Slower, slower. Yeah, there ya go."

Her eyes drifted closed as she rolled her head backwards. Biting her lower lip in anticipation, I could see from here that she was breathing deeper now. She thrust her chest forward, breast pointed towards the sky. As Mark slowly worked her skirt up over her ass, the cool air greeting her hot wet pussy, she gasped and moaned a little. I could see from here her lips were swollen and glistening.

"Move your legs wider, let me see you better." I commanded.

She moved her legs a few inches wider as Mark's hands caressed her ass. Her cheeks were burning red from embarrassment. "No, I can't do it." She whispered and started to bring her feet together.

"Mark, quickly, her clit!" I yelled.

His hand shot between her legs from behind, pushing between her lips to find her clit. He started rubbing her button, and she froze. As he played with her sex, she started to relax. Her fingers were turning white she was grabbing so tightly to the railing.

"Mary, your left hand, take it off the rail and rub your breast. Let me see you tease your nipples."

Seeming not to hear me, she didn't move at first. Then slowly she released her grasp and grabbed her left breast. Squeezing hard, she let out a high-pitched squeal that turned into a moan. "Ooooohhh yes.... more, Mark, I love it."

"Mark, don't let her go, but turn around and sit down. Put your head between her legs and taste her. Mary, give him some room. There you go... Yes... Push your pussy into his face. Fuck his mouth."

Mary lost what little shyness remained and spread her legs wide, squatting down, pushing Mark flat on his back. Holding onto the railing with both hands, she ground her pussy on him.

No room for his fingers, Mark took her ass in both hands, spreading her open to get more on his face. I couldn't see half of his head anymore, it was buried so deep between her legs. The look on her face and her sounds were enough to make my cock rock hard, straining to burst through the front of my slacks.

Mark's hands appeared on her sides, moving up her body. Finding her breasts, he squeezed them together, kneading them for all he was worth.

Knowing she could no longer speak properly, I told him "Hey, you can feel them better if her shirt was unbuttoned."

He fumbled with a few, but she wanted it off too. Her hands moved, and her shirt was suddenly pulled off, and dropped back off of her arms. Mark yanked at her shoulders, pulling down the bra straps, setting her breasts free. For the brief moment I could see them, they were still bouncing from their efforts. A perfect pair of C-cups, which were quickly covered by his hands

She was starting to rock her hips on his face, her moaning turning into grunts as she neared her peak. This could not end so fast! Abruptly, I called up "Mary, get off his face and return the favor. I want to see his cock buried in your mouth."

Not moving, she totally ignored me, but Mark was interested. He pushed up on her ass as she struggled to sit back down on him. "NO" she cried "I'm so close!"

His face shining with her moisture, Mark jumped up on his feet, threw off his shirt and dropped his pants, revealing his throbbing cock. It was average sized, maybe six inches long, but standing straight up, bouncing slightly as the blood rushed to the growing purple head. Mary didn't move from her squat, but turned her head to him. She opened her mouth and almost jumped forward, impaling herself on his cock, burying her nose in his stomach.

Letting her knees hit the floor, she pulled back her head and took him in her hands, stroking his cock and holding his balls. She looked like a porn star, stroking his rod as she bobbed her head up and down the top half of his shaft.

Mary stopped after only a few minutes of muted sucking. "I need you inside me. Fuck me, NOW" she gasped as she stared into his face.

Standing up, she grabbed the railing again, bending over so her back was flat and her ass pointed straight at him. Without a word, he held her hips, lined up with her pussy, and slammed forward into her, their legs slapping together.

Her mouth fell open into the shape of an "O" and her eyes bugged open but not seeing. Mark's face was reddening as he slammed into her, fucking her like an animal. I could hear the sounds of their bodies slapping, and even the slight squish sound of his cock bottoming out inside her dripping wet cunt.

Mary's eyes closed and she stopped breathing as her back arched. Squealing in pleasure, she shook with the power of her orgasm. That was the last straw for Mark as his rhythm became erratic. A few last quick thrusts, and he let out a powerful "OOOOHHHHHHHHHH" and squeezed their bodies tightly together.

Her knees almost buckled, but it shook him out of his trance. He stood up straight, pulling his softening cock out of her, tendrils of liquid still joining them together. Walking slowly to the railing, he leaned down on it, resting this head on his arms. Her breathing finally back under control, Mary looked at him and moved her body up, resting on the railing just like him. They whispered something to each other and giggled, both turning to smile at me.

My heart still racing, I looked back and forth between them. "Thank you for that, both of you. That was the best thing to happen to me all year, and you turned my shitty day into something awesome I will remember the rest of my life."

Her cheeks turning red all over again, Mary mumbled something that sounded like 'I will too.'

As she looked away from me, she had a better look at her surroundings. Seeing the shock in her face, I looked around too. There must have been a dozen people all standing behind me, watching with the same lust in their faces that I'm sure was showing in mine.

At the same time, I saw my bus pull up to the curb and open it's door. The driver's jaw dropped as he surveyed the scenery on the balcony, giving me time to pick up my bag and get on board. As the got to my seat, I saw Mark and Mary gather their clothes and run back inside as the gathered crowd clapped and cheered.

A few of the audience members got on the bus and sat a few rows away from me, grinning like fools at what they had just witnessed. Before I knew it, I was at my stop. It had taken me the whole trip to write down everything that had just happened. Even with the crappy start, this is one day that could truly get no better.

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