tagAnalBalcony of a Beach House...

Balcony of a Beach House...


Balcony Of A Beach House At Sunset


A beach house, on a white sand beach, the balcony, terracotta tile flooring, while wooden railing, the top of palm trees reaching to the balcony. The horizon filled with sky, waves crashing on the beach. The sun setting in the horizon, filling the sky with streaks of Indian red.

We are sitting in white upholstered lawn chairs, enjoying the sun set, listening to the waves crashing on the sad, and the gently breeze blowing through the palms, the chirp of the seagulls in the sky.

You have a white summer dress on, the top is quasi transparent, I have white shorts on, no top. Sitting there with you in my arms, legs on either side of the chair, you sitting back towards me snug against me.

My arms around your waist, your hair put up on your head in a ponytail, I am kissing your neck gently my lips nibbling at your soft flawless skin, your hair gently brushing in my face pushed by the gentle breeze.

My hands move up, cupping your breasts, you move your hands above your head and put them behind my head to draw me in close and tighter. I gently bite you, whispering sweet nothings in your ears at regular intervals. My hands pinch your nipples, rolling them in between my fingers feeing you quiver in my arms, I continue sucking lightly on your neck.

I get up and stand next to you admiring you, you see the bulge in my shorts, you scoot back in the chair, and pull up your dress, above your knees, I can see your dark areolas through the fabric of the dress. I get in between your legs, your bare pussy illuminated by the sunset in the background looks very delightful, I rub my hand on it, and rub your clit in circles with my finger, I lean in removing my hands and spreading your lips with mine, your clit finding its way into my mouth, I suck on it, gently massaging it with my tongue, circling it as well. I suck on it gently. You moan and dig your nails in the fabric of the lawn chair, I carry on my nodding of my head in your crotch, your sweet juices invading my mouth, your moans getting louder and louder.

I insert a finger in you, start pumping it feverishly, licking around your hole and your clit with my tongue, savoring your lips and your sweet nectar. My finger continuing its motion, in and out and in again, your hot juices coating it and easing its slide into you, you moan and put one hand on your breast, kneading it, pinching your nipple, closing your eyes, moaning in ecstasy, you are feeling your first orgasm approaching in your pussy, you start convulsing, your pussy tightening around my fingers, you tell me you are about to cum, as you start releasing your juices on my fingers, shivering and shaking. I take my fingers out of your pussy and lick them dry.

I get up and remove my shorts, you tell me you want to 69 me, I get on top of you my hips hovering your head, you take my penis in your hands and you take me in your mouth, you taste my pre-cum and moan with your mouth full of my prick, I start working on your bare pussy, taking your clit in my mouth again, licking it round and round, spreading your legs and your pussy lips with my hand, I lick and suck your pussy, moaning. I gently bite on your clit, sucking it, licking around it, I feel your lips working on my cock, I can feel your tongue licking the tip of it, your teeth dragging along its length.

You tell me to lay down on the lawn chair, you get on top of straddling me with your knees on either side, you lower yourself on my prick, taking me in inch by inch your hair cascading over your shoulder, you have my entire cock in you, you feel stretched, you start moving up and down my shaft, gasping each time I fill u entirely, you start moving faster and faster, up and down, moaning, your hands on my chest, you gyrate your hips in circles on mine, looking at me deep in your eyes, your hair framing your pretty face, you bite your bottom lip as you resume your up and down motions your bare pussy glistening with your dripping juices, my balls stickiness caused by your juices, you moan louder and louder, mmmmm?ing at my large shaft in you, you like the feeling, you pinch my nipples, as I reach up at your breasts and take them in my hands I start kneading them, pinching your nipples in my hands as well.

You lean down on me, and let me take over, I start pounding my cock in and out of you at a great speed, my hips just pumping up and down meeting yours with each stroke, your juices splashing every time my balls hit your ass, your lips pressed against mine, kissing me with all the passion of the moment our tongues playing with one another. You climb off of me, in a daze, your legs barely able to keeping you up, I look at your ass swaying from side to side as you walk over to the edge of the chair you pat on the end, and I slide down you wink at me, touching your pussy, you bend down your ass towards me, you put your hands to your ankles, and scoot back a little bit letting your ass into my face. I put my hands on your ass cheeks and spread them tenderly, licking from your pussy to your back hole and around it, probing it in by occasions, My hands on your ass kneading it, and parting it wider and wider, your moans intensify, I probe my fingers into your pussy and your asshole, in and out, you can feel me all the way inside both your holes, your pussy juices coating my fingers, you bite your lower lip breathing in sharply as my fingers stretch your muscles, moaning under my touch.

You move forward my fingers exiting your body; you spread your legs to either side of me, and start squatting over my hips, your hands spreading your ass cheeks, you let the head of my cock into your pussy and let about two inches into your body, you let it back out and reach for my member, you point it to your ass, and you let yourself slowly down on it, I lean back resting on my elbows, watching your ass take in my whole cock, you put your hands on my hips and start rocking your hips from side to side, letting me glide in and out of you, you moan and scream feeling me deep inside of you, moving your hips up and down harder and harder, I moan as I feel you tighten on me. You look back at me and blow a kiss. You gyrate your hips in circles on my prick, moaning harder, you continue moving up and down. Both of us moaning, you tell me you are about to cum, your hand finds its way to your clit and you rub it feverishly in circles your body tenses up, and your thrusts on my hips intensify, your moan get louder as your orgasm overcomes our body, making it shake and shiver throughout your limbs and pussy.

You get up and let my cock out of your ass, you turn around, with a towel you wipe my dick off and you deep throat me immediately, taking my head in your mouth then my entire shaft, your head bobbing up and down, your hand playing with my balls rubbing my scrotum, you moan with my cock in your mouth, my pre-cum dancing on your taste buds, one of your hands on your pussy rubbing it and inserting a finger or two deep into you. You look into my eyes. Your tongue sticking out and licking from base to top you look straight into my eyes, my hands behind your head, you are licking my cock, the shaft wet by your saliva and my pre-cum. You tell me you want my load in your mouth, you start deep throating me again my entire shaft disappearing in between your lips, I moan you hands on my balls playing with them. You licking them and kissing them, taking them in your mouth while your fist moves up and down on my shaft. You tell me to cum, you tell me you want all of me in your mouth, I lean my head back and moan hard, my cum starts to boil, I can feel it starting to come up the shaft, I met out a deep moan and you put your lips around the head of my dick, my cock starts thickening in rhythm, squirt after squirt my cum shoots into your mouth you smile wide, looking at me opening your mouth showing you my cum, you swallow my sweet juices.

Slowly you crawl on top of me to kiss me, your thigh resting on my limpening cock, you lay your hand on my chest and your head on my shoulder, nibbling at my neck, passionately kissing my lips from time to time, we lay there, the sun set and the seagull's cries long gone, the breeze a little colder, I put a blanket on top of us, as we rest there and recover from out passion.

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