tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBalcony Play, a CFNM Story

Balcony Play, a CFNM Story


Travelling and living out of a suitcase can get lonely, even when you're assigned to the same area for weeks at time. Being lonely, bored, and horny is a dangerous mix and that's my only excuse. You see, I'm not above finding my own fun, like leaving the curtains to my room slightly ajar while I'm naked in my room. Depending on the configuration of the hotel, it's fun to think I might give someone a bit of a show every now and then.

My latest hotel didn't afford me much of a chance to flash or show-off, though my room was very nice including a balcony. Hotel balconies are funny things. At some hotels, the balconies are connected, though usually separated by a wall. I've been in some where the balconies are strategically positioned so you can't see your neighbors. That's how this hotel felt. With the rooms layered just right, each balcony felt like its own world which is why I didn't think twice about doing a bit of nude sunbathing on my balcony.

Okay, saying "nude sunbathing" is a bit a misnomer. Yes, I was naked, outside, on my balcony in the sun. However, I was always hard, too. There's just something refreshing about allowing the sun to caress my hard-on that makes it too tempting to me. I usually don't masturbate outside only because I prefer looking at porn while I'm jerking off. Still, I'll spend a good long time standing or lounging on my balcony, wondering if someone in the hotel across the way might have a pair of binoculars.

I knocked off work early on a Friday and wound up back at my hotel with nothing to do but enjoy the view and allow the sun to kiss my naked ass. It was too early for me to jerk-off, that's something I like to save until later in the evening, but it still felt good laying on the lounge chair with the rays hitting me just right. As the sun moved, I did, too, moving my lounger closer to the far wall to stay in sun. That's when I noticed something I hadn't noticed before, the balconies above me. Actually, there was just one above me and if someone hung over the edge and looked down, they could see me. Like the pretty blonde haired woman.

I don't know how long she was standing and staring at me. But I know she got a big eyeful of me laying on my back, naked and occasionally stroking my hard cock. When I happened to open my eyes, glancing upwards and seeing her, it was an interesting moment. "Nice view!" she called down to me with a big smile on her face.

"Thanks!" I called back, remaining exactly how I was. Why not? If she wanted to watch, I'd give her a show. Instead, she glanced over her shoulder, pushed away from the balcony and was gone. I waited a while to see if she would show back up. She didn't, but that was okay. I had great fodder for my evening jerk-off session.

She never came back to the balcony that day, but later that evening, I shared an elevator with her and her two girlfriends. I was standing behind them. She glanced over her shoulder at me, as if recognizing me, but unsure from where. When the elevator stopped on my floor, one floor below theirs, she put it together. As I stepped off the elevator, I heard her say, "Nice view!" I turned and shot her a smile as the door shut.

I rushed back to my room, stripped and stepped out on my balcony, naked and hard. It took a couple of minutes before she showed up on her balcony. Leaning over the side of her balcony, she waved as I stroked my hard cock. I guessed she was sharing her room with her friends because she turned, but instead of leaving, she said something else. A moment later, there were two more girls hanging over the edge, watching, pointing, and laughing among themselves. They cheered me on until I came before heading back inside their room.

Saturdays spent out of town are the worst. With nothing to do until Monday, I hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door and spent the day naked in my room. That included enjoying a cup of coffee in the buff on the balcony. It wasn't long before I had an audience. I acted as if I didn't notice her, which was difficult. More than anything, I wanted to look up and see her watching me. I discreetly stretched as a way to look upwards and was disappointed to see her balcony empty. Oh well, I still had last night's memory in my mind and that was special.

That night, I was sitting at the bar, enjoying a couple cocktails before heading up to my room. The bartender was cute and friendly and that was a good enough reason to hang out. I've never gotten lucky at a hotel bar and that night wasn't an exception. I stood waiting for the elevator when three familiar faces walked around the corner drunk and giggling. When they recognized me, they started laughing even harder.

"Are we going to get a show tonight?" the pretty blonde asked.

"Maybe," I smiled, already knowing they would if they wanted.

"Invite him back to the room, Susan," one of her friends suggested, giggling even harder.

"Yeah, he can give us a private show," the brunette with short hair giggled.

"You know he can hear you," Susan laughed as the elevator doors opened. The four of us stepped inside. I pressed the button for my floor while Susan reached past me and pressed the button for theirs. I stood in front of them and tried my best to play it straight.

"Do it," I heard one of the girls insist.

"You do it," Susan said.

"If you ask, I'll do it," I offered without turning around. More giggles and then the doors opened to my floor. I took a step forward before feeling a hand grabbing the back of my pants. I stepped back and the doors shut. I'm guessing it was Susan who stopped me, but I really don't know.

The doors opened a moment later on the top floor of the hotel. I stepped out, smiling and waiting for more of an invitation. "Hold on," Susan said, stepping a few feet away from me with her girlfriends before waving me over. "You're not allowed to touch us," she said. "We just want to see you naked."

"Okay," I said, willing to hope for the best.

"And no talking," the short haired brunette added. I would soon find out her name was Amber and she had a mean streak to her. I nodded, hoping to demonstrate that I could follow simple instructions.

"And, if you get hard, we're going to make fun of you," the other brunette added. That was Karen. She had long, dark hair and such a brilliant white smile that her teeth appeared to glow against her dark tan. I nodded again, already know that would be the most difficult part. I followed the three of them to the suite they had.

Compared to my room, their suite looked massive with two bedrooms, a large sitting area, and a balcony that was twice the size of my balcony. There was a wet bar lined with bottles they had brought. As soon as we stepped inside their room, Susan and Karen darted off in opposite directions to visit a bathroom.

Amber tossed a couple ice cubes into a glass, filled it halfway with rum and added a splash of Coke on top before taking a sip and staring at me. "Are you really going to get naked?" I nodded. "Okay, then do it." She took another sip from her glass.

I started to ask if I could use the bathroom, too, but didn't. I didn't need to go, I was only stalling. Taking a deep breath, I began working the buttons on my shirt while watching her. Amber clinked the ice in her glass and waited. There was no where for me to set my shirt, so I tossed it on the floor next to door. I'm in good shape and I wasn't afraid of being topless in front of her. I caught her eyes roaming over my chest and flat stomach. If she approved, she didn't mention it. I kicked off my shoes before working the front of my pants.

"Am I missing it?" Karen asked as she walked back into the sitting room.

"Not yet," Amber said, stepping aside so Karen to mix a drink, too. Instead, Karen sat at the bar and watched me.

"I can't believe you're doing this," Karen smiled. "Have you ever done anything like this before?" I shook my head. "So, why are you doing it now?" I shrugged, pulled off my jeans, and stood in my boxer briefs.

"Aw, come on, guys!" Susan protested as she came back into the room. "You couldn't wait for me?"

"You're just in time," Karen giggled.

"Do it," Amber said. She didn't need to say it. She didn't need to say anything because I was going to do it just the same. I hooked my thumbs into the elastic waistband of my boxer briefs and pushed them off to excited hoots from Susan and Karen.

"Oh yeah," Susan cheered.

"Looking good," Karen agreed. I tossed my underwear on the pile of clothes by the door and stood, wondering what to do next. I wasn't the only one. "Now what?"

"I don't know," Susan said. "Make him walk around so we can look at him?" Without a plan of my own, that's what I did. I made a lap around the coffee table in the middle of their sitting area as they watched.

"He's sort of hot," Karen giggled.

"Sort of," Amber agreed.

"Is he allowed to get hard?" Susan asked her short haired friend.

"Maybe later. I like seeing him like this," Amber said, picking up her cell phone and snapping a picture of me.

"Are we allowed to do that?" Karen asked, looking surprised.

"Why not?" Amber asked, taking another picture. "Get next to him, let me take your picture with him."

"What if Brad sees it?" Karen protested.

"Oh please," Susan giggled, pushing away from the bar and posing alongside of me. "Brad will never know. And neither will Tony or Keith." It wasn't challenging to guess those were the names of their boyfriends or spouses. Since only Amber wore a wedding band, I guessed she was the only one married.

"Okay, wait, I want my picture, too," Karen said, joining Susan on the otherside of me. Amber had to switch cell phones, taking pictures with the other two phones, too.

"Did you have fun jerking off in front of us last night?" Susan asked while posing. I nodded.

"I bet you did," Amber said, picking up on the question. "You're a naughty boy, aren't you?" I nodded once more, fighting against getting hard. "I think he likes showing off, don't you?" Amber asked as she passed off her phone and approached me. Again, I nodded. She stood alongside of me as Karen took our picture. "Wait, take another one," Amber said before grabbing my balls. Her touch was not gentle.

"Hey, I didn't know we could touch, too!" Susan squealed, quicking passing her phone to Karen and joining Amber. Together, the two girls cupped my balls while Karen took the pictures.

"We should do stuff to him," Karen suggested from behind one of the phones.

"Like what?" Susan wondered.

"We could shave him," Amber suggested and a soft groan escaped me. "What? You don't like that idea?" Truth was, I didn't. Back when I was in college, my girlfriend said she would shave her pussy if I shaved my pubes, too. At first, it had been a lot of fun, until it started growing back and then it itched like mad. While I do manscape down there with clippers, I swore I would never again shave down there. "Are you afraid of getting hard?" I sighed, wanting to explain but not wanting to break my promise of not speaking.

"Does anyone even know his name?" Susan asked, still running her hands over my naked body. She seemed especially fascinated with my pecs.

"I don't want to know his name," Amber said, stepping back to her drink. She took another drink before turning and staring at me with a smirk on her face. "So far, he's close to perfect: naked, mute and nameless."

"He'd be better if he was shaved," Karen said, fixing herself a drink. I sighed, still not a fan of that idea. Amber put down her drink and left the room. While she was gone, Susan joined Amber at the bar. Sipping drinks, the two girls stared at me.

"Do some jumping jacks," Susan requested. The two girls giggled as they watched my cock and balls flopping around. "Turn around and do them," she said.

"Ooo, he has a cute ass," Karen said, approving of the view. I felt foolish jumping around like an idiot but kept going until Amber returned carrying a pink razor, shaving cream, a couple towels and a pair of pink clippers.

"Here you go," she said, setting them down on the floor near me. I looked at the supplies she had brought and sighed. "Aw, don't be like that," she admonished, pulling over a chair for me and spreading out a towel on its seat. "Guys like it when girls shave, so now you get to do it for us."

Without a choice in the matter, I sat down and picked up the clippers. My pubic hair was already short, but I made it shorter before applying some shaving cream. Susan, the hot blonde who had gotten me into this, had the common sense of emptying out the ice bucket and filling it with warm water. While the three women sat at the bar drinking and laughing, I slowly raked away every bit of my pubic hair.

"Don't forget your taint," Amber giggled as I carefully worked her razor over my balls. Of the three, she seemed to enjoy my discomfort the most.

Once I was done shaving, the three girls crowded into one of the bathrooms to watch me rinse off inside the glass shower while they took pictures. Once I was dry, I was required to stand for inspection twice because halfway through my first inspection, Susan realized no one was taking pictures of them feeling my freshly bared flesh.

As they took turns caressing my bareness, I reached my limit for denying my excitement. "Ooo, does our little man like this?" Karen asked as she caressed my balls and noticed my cock beginning to swell.

"I think you're making him hard," Susan giggled.

"You might want to think twice about getting hard," Amber cautioned, grabbing me by the dick and leading me back to the living room area of their suite. I stumbled behind her as the other two girls laughed.

"What happens if he gets hard?" Susan asked.

"I guess he'll have to jerk-off for us," Amber said, leading me to the coffee table. "All fours, naked boy." I crawled on the table, feeling awkward and exposed. She reached between my legs and patted my dangling balls. "Feel nervous?" I shook my head. I didn't feel nervous as much as I was worried about getting hard.

"What are you going to do to him?" Karen asked, sitting on the couch alongside of me.

"I don't know, what do you think we should do to him?"

"Wait, I have an idea," Susan said, scampering out of the room for a moment. She returned with a bottle of lotion and a long handled hair brush.

"No way," Amber grinned, holding out her hands for both. I glanced over my shoulder, worried about what was going to happen next. A moment later, I felt Amber drizzling lotion down the crack of my ass and I knew what was next. "Ever take it up the ass naked boy?" I emphatically shook my head. I never had and had never been interested in it either. "Guess there's a first time for everything," she laughed and ran the handled up and down my crack.

"I had a boyfriend once who liked it up the ass," Susan said, sitting next to Karen for the show.

"No way!" Karen said, bursting out laughing. "Who?"

"Mark. He used to beg for it."

"Care to do the honors?" Amber offered, still playing the tip of the brush handle against my puckered asshole. I hate to admit, as much as I didn't want to feel that toy up my ass, feeling it teasing my asshole was having an effect. I felt my cock growing with anticipation.

"No, you do it," Susan said, content to watch. "I want to see how hard he gets."

"Are we still allowed to touch him?" Karen asked.

"Sure," Amber said, pressing the tip against my butt and pushing. My puckered asshole couldn't offer any resistance to the slick, slippery plastic handle. Against my will, the handle began filling my backside. Honestly, I still can't tell if it was the makeshift sex toy or Karen that made the difference, because as soon as Amber began poking my asshole, Karen began pulling on my cock as if it was an udder hanging off a cow.

"I think he likes it," Karen crowed as I grew hard inside her hand. "He's really hard!"

"Yeah he is," Susan agreed, gleefully grinning.

"Maybe we should change your name to butt-boy?" Amber suggested, grabbing my balls. "Does that feel good? Do you like having that hair brush up your ass?" I shook my head, but she didn't care. "Bullshit. Why are you hard?" I bit my lip, unwilling to break my promise to remain quiet.

"Feel him," Karen insisted, pulling away her hand and giving Susan a turn.

"Yeah, that's how hard Mark would get, too," Susan said. Her touch was more gentle and playful than Karen's.

"Someone get a camera," Amber said. Karen did and more pictures were taken of me with the hairbrush sticking out of my ass while my hard cock throbbed. The handle had a taper right before the bristles and the damn thing was shoved deep enough that my ass had closed around that tapered section. All three of the girls thought it was funny as hell to see the brush stuck in my ass.

Amber, determined to humiliate me as much as possible, had me stand. Then she had me walk around the coffee table as they laughed and pointed at both my hard cock and brush stuck inside my butt.

"Look how fucking hard he is!" Karen hooted, grabbing at my cock as I walked by her.

"Does that feel good, butt-boy?" Susan asked, playing with the brush.

"We should make him cum on himself," Amber suggested. I groaned, frustrated, embarrassed, and more excited than ever.

"How?" Karen asked and Amber already had a plan. Once again, I was positioned on the coffee table, except this time, I was told to lay on my back. With Amber keeping the lead, she had me curl into a ball, putting my knees over my head until my cock was aimed directly at my face.

"Hold him like that," she told Karen. The pretty girl with long, dark hair quickly scrambled to the end of the coffee table and held me in position. I couldn't move if I wanted to. "Now jerk-off," Amber told me.

"Do it, butt-boy," Susan cheered, rubbing my balls. "You like to show-off. Show us how you do it." I groaned as I watched my cock throb only a few inches away from my face.

"You heard her, do it," Amber said, taking pictures with her phone. "Show us how much you like to jerk-off."

Reluctantly, I began pulling on my hard cock. As I did it, Karen and Susan grabbed their phones, too. I was surrounded by three girls, each taking pictures from a different angle as they laughed and taunted me.

"Look how hard he is!"

"Do it, naked boy. Come in your face!"

"Does that feel good up your ass?"

I tugged and pulled on my hard cock, both dreading and eagerly anticipating my orgasm. It felt so strange both wanting and not wanting the exact same thing. Susan played with my balls and hair brush sticking out of my ass. Whenever I looked up between my legs, I could see the gleeful look in her eyes while she watched me pulling on hard cock. Looking over my head, I could see Karen looking just as excited as she giggled and took more pictures. Meanwhile, Amber made sure she got pictures of everything that was happening, from Karen holding me in a curled up position to Susan playing with my balls and that hair brush.

It was too much for me. I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt my orgasm building up in my balls and started groaning just before the first spurt erupted and splashed against my face.

"Open your mouth!" Amber quickly shouted, squeezing my cheeks and forcing me to do it as I came, spraying my hot, wet seed against my face and inside my mouth. I got some on her hand, too, but she didn't seem to care. She laughed as she wiped it off in my mouth. "That's it, butt-boy. Lick it all off my hand." She even scooped a final droplet off the tip of my dick and fed it to me.

And then it was over. I was spent and the girls were satisfied with their show. Karen let go of my legs and I eased the hairbrush out of my ass. "Keep it," Susan told me when I looked for somewhere to put it.

"Can I use your bathroom?" I asked, the first words I had spoken since leaving the elevator.

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