Balcony Play, a CFNM Story


"No," Amber said, nodding at the door.

Feeling slimy from the lotion still coating my ass, I went back to my clothes and pulled them on. I knew I still had cum on my face. I had pasted my hair and forehead, too. I tried to ignore how I looked as I pulled on my shirt.

Dressed, I gave them a meek wave before opening the door. I made it as far as the hallway before Susan opened the door and called out to me. "Hey naked-boy! What's your number?" I recited it to her as she typed it into her phone. After reading it back to me, she closed the door and I was left alone in the hallway.

Smiling, I went back the elevators, glad I didn't see anyone else between my room and theirs. Along the way, my phone chirped with the first of several text messages from Susan. The first picture showed the two of us standing together, with me completely naked. "Thanks," she wrote before sending more pictures.

After taking a shower, I double checked my phone and found dozens of pictures had been sent to me from three different numbers. Getting hard, I stepped out on the balcony and jerked off again. None of them bothered to watch, but it didn't matter. I had plenty of fodder for the rest of my trip and a new toy to enjoy.


I did my best to proofread my story, but that's always a challenge. Hopefully the occasional typo didn't detract too much from your enjoyment!

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Not a fan of humiliation. I do enjoy CFNM though.

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