tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBald Ted, Carol and Alice

Bald Ted, Carol and Alice


It all started with a fetish of mine about my wife Carol having a bald pussy. I had asked her several times about trimming the bush, and she usually told me that I was a pervert and then a few days later I would notice she had trimmed slightly.

I kept asking her and she finally told me that maybe I should shave my cock and balls. I quickly got our beard trimmer and a razor and shaved myself bald. Carol was shocked but did comment that I looked huge and proceeded to suck on my cock, I was hard as stone and then Carol started licking my balls something new. My cock was twitching and the head was purple, Carol pumped my cock with her fist then swallowed my load. I was weak but satisfied then I went down on her fuzzy snatch and ate her till she came on my face.

The next day I mentioned that I had shaved and now it was her turn Carol told me that this wouldn’t happen today because she had lunch plans with Alice. I was working on the garage when Carol came home she kissed me and told me that Alice was coming over tonight and I should shower and shave with a wink.

We were grilling outdoors on the patio and drinking margaritas having a good time when Alice blurted out that Carol told her I was shaved and she said she wanted to check out my equipment. I was shocked to hear Alice say something like that and I looked at Carol. Carol responded with a go-ahead big boy show her the package. I am not a hard body or anything close to a Brad Pitt type guy. I am 6’ and I pack a thick 6” I don’t have a belly. I started by pulling off my polo shirt. Then I loosened my belt and lowered my pants. Alice was watching me and just rocking back and forth on the barstool. I was down to my boxers and putting a pretty good size tent in the front. I slowly lowered my boxers while staring at Carol and she kept just nodding her head in a yes motion. I lowered the boxers to expose my bald pubic mound. I was afraid to go any further but Carol said don’t tease us and Carol spread her legs and gave me a beaver shot. It wasn’t perfectly clear but I thought I saw bare flesh from under her skirt. I dropped my boxers and stood there with my flagpole waving at the girls. Alice smiled and said nice work I hope you can convince Steve to follow suit. Alice said she had better go because she had helped Carol enough and thanked me and walked over to me and kissed me and said see ya later. I watched Alice walk out the door.

I turned back out to the patio and Carol had her skirt bunched up around her waist and was fingering her pussy her hand still covered most of that wet treasure. Let me tell you something about Carol she told me she had never masturbated and most of our sexual experiences were in our bedroom not on our patio in the backyard. I approached Carol. Her pussy was so wet you could hear her fingers splashing in her pussy. I took her hand away and licked those fingers. Sure enough she had shaved her pussy bald. I was ready and so was she. I inserted my hard cock into her hot wet pussy I was practically sucked into the bottom. I could hear the bare skin from our groins slapping against each other. We both came in a matter of just a few seconds. I hugged her tight. Then I started to kiss her breasts and head down to see that bare treasure. Carol never wants oral after sex but this time she put her hands on my head and practically grabbed my ears and begged me to eat her pussy. Most of my cum was still in her very wet her pussy. She was just begging to be sucked and licked. When I hit her clit with my tongue she just rocked her hips back and forth till she came.

I came up for air and Carol said I looked like I had just won a glazed doughnut-eating contest. I was rock hard again and I wanted to fuck her bald pussy again. I gently picked her up and we went into the house. I took her from behind this time and the feeling was incredible. I reached around her and cupped her bald mound and fingered her clit again till her pussy started clamping on my cock. This was more than enough for me and I filled her pussy again. We relaxed for a bit then I asked when did she shave, Carol said that at lunch she told Alice about my desire and Alice told her that she had been shaving for a while and how great the sex had been with her husband and had wanted her husband to go bald as well. Alice proceeded to prepare a hot bath for Carol and laid out all the necessary tools. Carol trimmed her pussy with a beard trimmer then soaked in the tub and started shaving her pussy right in front of Alice. Alice instructed Carol to go with the grain and how great her pussy would taste. Carol was so excited from being naked in front of Alice that her pussy was just on fire. Carol told Alice that they had to get to dinner before I got mad about being so late. Alice stood up next to the tub and pulled her yellow thong over her own bald pussy and she quickly lowered her bald snatch to Carols’ face. Carol said she just started licking Alice’s pussy when Steve came home they quickly got dressed and left for our house.

I asked her if she had ever had any other bisexual experiences with Alice before. She said no but always wondered what it would be like with a woman. Alice is a short atheletic brunette. I always thought she had a great ass and Carol said maybe we should invite her over for dinner soon.

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