tagSci-Fi & FantasyBalder's Saga Ch. 03: Hassana

Balder's Saga Ch. 03: Hassana


The battle was fierce and took the better half of the dawning hours. The howls and shrieks of the marauders would've shocked lesser men. But they were men of the coast, and they greeted fear with a roar of defiance. Balder cut the arm off one man as he ducked beneath a curved blade. He felt the blood splatter against his arm as he turned on another, slicing into the hide of his mount and forcing him to the earth. As the man struggled beneath the beast, Balder drove his sword into the masked face. The cloth parted in a wet mess as the pagan prince withdrew his sword, revealing a dark face. Balder spat on it for good measure and rejoined the fighting. It wasn't until the marauders had retreated and Balder sat down to drink from a skin that he asked, "What in the god's name just happened?"

"A battle." Helga said, planting the loaned spear into the sand.

"These lands are wild." Hassana groaned. She looked quite the delicious creature in her new attire. Balder had fashioned her a proper outfit for battle, using smaller bits of armor they took from their pillaging of the tribal islanders. Fur and leather mingled upon her ebony skin. "It's a known fact."

"To natives." Helga said.

"Nothing grows here," Hassana began as she uncorked the skin "and why would the Shah care about land not their own?"

"But why did they attack an armed and manned ship?" Balder asked. "It strikes me as suicidal."

"Desperation drives the waste walkers to do many things. Often, they come like lightning and snatch what they can before riding back off into the sandstorms." Hassana squinted her eyes past Balder. "Speaking of which... We have one on the horizon." She jerked her head. "Everyone back into the hull."

Balder blew into his horn to signal Fjolgan, who blew in his own and hustled the warriors back to the shored ship. Much grumbling was heard as the warriors were pressed together in the uncomfortable heat, and as the sandstorm scratched and battered at the hull. "Why are they so violent?" Fjolgan said, holding Helga close. They looked cute together.

"Naz'kim is a desert near the Ashlands, known for violent storms and carrying ash far more toxic to the body than sand." Hassana shifted beside Balder, pulling her legs close to her chest. "I think the Shah knew that when she offered to give you a map to this place."

"What a cruel bitch." Helga said. And the storm continued. "How long do these things last?"

"It varies." Hassan replied.

"I think she gave us a better gift than this map." Balder chuckled, looking to Hassana.

"Well, I wasn't hers to give. Not entirely." Despite that Hassana blushed, turning away from the Prince as the company weathered the storm. When it ended, they returned to the beaches. Hassana prodded Balder with her elbow to get his attention, as the Prince groaned silently about crossing the wasteland. Nothing was there. No trees. No landmarks. Just miles and miles of sand and wind.

"All to be King." Balder said to himself, though loud enough for Hassana to raise an eyebrow. "How far do you think the journey could be?"

"I cannot say. All I can offer is following the map and praying we don't get lost out there."

"Lost." Balder repeated. "Damnit."

"The tombs were built with the storms in mind to ward off tomb raiders." Hassana crossed her arms. "Queen Nefita was fabulously wealthy. Whatever is in there must be worth a fortune."

"How do you suggest we get through?" Balder asked. "I won't take Fjolgan. I need him here to watch the ship with Helga."

"We're going?"

"Just the two of us." Balder looked her up and down, and he saw her shift in such a way to accent herself. If he did eat her out during that... interesting night, he did not regret it. "I assume you can translate? And you're quite decent with a blade."

"I can, and even caliph girls learn how to protect themselves." Hassana smiled.

"Caliph. Shah. What's the difference?"

"Plenty. But we can talk about that on our journey. We stole one of those camels from the marauders, correct?"

Balder informed Fjolgan of their plans, and soon he and Hassana were riding off into the desert on the back of a camel. Hassana controlled it. Balder didn't even know how to mount it properly. "It's like a deformed horse." The prince said through the makeshift cowl. Their bodies were pressed close together on the creature, though a hump kept Balder's arousal from poking into Hassana as he watched that slender ebony back go up and down.

"That's rude." She replied through her own cowl. "It's called a camel."

"I know what it's called." Balder growled, sounding far more sensual than he intended. Why was this woman doing this to him? It reminded him of Siv, an infatuation for a woman he'd been spending time with. Why didn't this happen with Helga? Probably because it would break Fjolgan's heart, though he'd never show it. A loyal man.

'Your slave is educated'. The words rang into his mind every time he looked at Fjolgan. Not because it was offensive, but because it was true. All the royal children had sworn-shields, and each one of them were slaves trained from youth to be a bodyguard. Fjolgan and Balder may have grown up side by side, but they were not equals. That is what hurt Balder the most. It left him in silence when Hassana and he camped for the night within a sandstone ruin. The place had enough corners and nooks to weather a night storm, and Balder had to admit the calligraphy and artwork upon the walls were things of alien beauty.

"What's all this?" He asked. The image was of a woman holding both hands up towards a man holding a hammer and sickle. Between them rose a bird cast in gold, keeping them at bay from one another.

"Ishtar and Dagon, disputing the creation of Humanity before Anu, God of the Heavens." Hassana removed her cowl and took in a deep breath. She had full lips, and Balder watched them longer than he should've. "These are old ruins, from the time when the Shah ruled the land."

"Don't they already?" Balder asked.

"Here. But their reach used to be much greater." Hassana soon stood in nothing more than a cloth wrap for her breasts and a pair of loose leggings. She draped her robe over a nearby brick and sat down. "Not until Ayyub the Mighty wrest freedom for the caliphs did the Shah lose their power- it was proof that they could be defied. The rest of the tale deviates into scripture and history, interwoven and vastly different."

"Caliph. You mentioned that before. Aren't all Easterners Shah?" Balder sat beside her, producing one of their rations and tearing off a good portion for Hassana.

"No." She chewed slowly. "We, the caliphs, are the children of Dagon, whereas the shah are the children of Ishtar."

"Are the Caliphs like the Shah?"

"In a way, but I'm not talking about the Caliphs, I'm speaking of the caliphs. They're different." Hassana replied. "Why are you pinching the bridge of your nose?" The pair remained in silence afterwards, simply eating and sharing meager sips of water. Darkness and strong chill covered the entire desert as Balder and Hassana huddled behind a formation of loose bricks, wrapped in their robes and cowls and bodies pressed together. Balder boldly put an arm around Hassana, who turned back and raised an eyebrow.

"For warmth." He said.

"Warmth." Hassana replied and pushed herself closer into him. Neither could sleep, however, apparent when Balder heard the feminine huff. "So how did you end up a slave-boy for the Shah anyway?"

"A favor for a favor." He grunted. The memories of the women using his body for their own pleasure- the pulling and the tugged and the smothering and the breast-

"You're poking me." She said.


"Don't pull away else you might freeze." Hassana kept her backside pressed firmly against Balder's half-erect cock. "Besides, I'm sure you had fun eating out caliph girls and cumming on the Emira's breasts."

"I'd be lying if I said that part wasn't fun. She's married?"

"She's the second wife of Emir Karim Youssef al-Farz, Emir of the Daspus River." Hassana shifted and ground herself back against Balder. She was not helping his half-erect cock.

"Why was she-"

"Boredom." Hassana cut him off. "She is a bored woman. Karim replaced her with a younger pair of legs."

"What was your relationship to all of them?" Balder asked. His arm held her tighter, firmer. He liked how she felt against him.

"I am one of Karim's bastards." She seemed to grow more comfortable, nestling into Balder as a lioness did her mate. "The Emira wanted me gone, and no doubt planned to give me to the Shah, but instead she gave me to you after your... show." She stifled a giggle. "I'm sleeping with a whore."

"Be quiet." Balder said, though he flinched. He meant to say something else. Why did it come out as such?

"No 'shut up'? You are so fond of saying it." Hassana teased, before sighing and closing her eyes. "Goodnight, Prince Balder." She relaxed, her breath soft against Balder's arm as they laid together beneath the threadbare clothes and suffered the sandy chill. How could a land so hot turn so cold? At least upon the air.

Beneath the clothes, Balder grunted. He could not sleep, not with a fully erect cock pressing against the backside of his ebony companion. She had such a large one too, filled out nicely. It was bigger than Siv or Jarl Tova's. The prince licked his lips and shifted his arm upon which Hassana lay. She did not stir, so Balder's other hand lowered and gripped the hem of the leggings he loaned her. Slowly it pulled down past that round, pristine backside and gathered right beneath where the thighs met and took it all in- and soon moved that free hand to his cock.

He knew it was wrong; it was not polite or proper, but gods be damned he was too aroused. The heat and the battle earlier sent desires and needs through his body that needed satisfaction. Besides, he'd already tasted part of her during the incident with the Shah, so why can't he just let skin touch skin? She'd seen it before. Balder gave a grunt as he felt the warmth of her skin against his cock, the lighter flesh starkly different from the darkness that was Hassana. He ground himself against her, sliding up and down, letting the foreskin of his cock peel back and forth and allow the pink crown of his cock to press against that full backside. Her hair was pressed into his face, smelling of spice and foreign scents. He didn't notice it, but his cock was already leaking. The moonlight reflecting off the light glaze his seed had formed.

"Balder." Hassana said. The Prince flinched. "What are you doing?"


"Nothing?" Hassana pulled away. One of her hands came around and squeezed his cock. "Nothing, of course."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. Just ask me." She stroked him. "I was curious though... Do you fuck pussy as well as you eat it?" Her hand pulled Balder's cock forward and pressed it against her sex. It was wet.

Balder said nothing as he pressed himself closer. One hand came down to push away Hassana's and guide his cock into her waiting sex. "You don't-"

"We're in the middle of a desert and we're horny. Just fuck me, Balder." Her leggings were lowered, and soon the prince was thrusting upwards into the ebony woman. She gave a low groan. "So big... Are all Pagan's like this?" She pressed herself back as Balder thrust.

It was an awkward position, but it was pleasurable. Every squeeze of Hassana's thighs tightened her pussy around Balder's uncut cock as it thrust deeper. His breath was hot against Hassana's ears, and it made her moan out loudly. "Balder-" She mewled, her pussy tightening more around that cock in enjoyment. The chill of the desert was burning away as the two youths fucked beneath the moonlight peeking through the ruined structure. "Not inside." Hassana said, panting and pulling away from Balder. The Prince snarled as his cock thrust air and slid against skin. "Not inside there..."


"Because this is just sex. There's no need to breed me from it." She lifted herself up, panting and looking back at him. "Mm... Bastards don't want other bastards, come here."

When Balder was close enough Hassana began to stroke his cock. Again, and again Balder felt pleasure building, until he finally released, coating the darker fleshed backside in thick ropes. Hassana panted as her other hand fingers her pussy, and if her moans indicated anything it was that she came as well. Both youths were panting against one another s their orgasms subsided. Hassana groaned and nuzzled her face into Balder's arm, and Balder kept her closer.

"Not the best I've ever had." Hassana finally said breaking the silence. "But I've never felt a pagan cock before. The foreskin... it's nice." She giggled. "I can't believe we did that. We barely know each other."

"I ate you out." Balder grunted.

"That's different. I didn't let you fuck me." Hassana sighed and closed her eyes. "Ask next time, Balder. And I have the right to say no, despite how handsome you are."

Soon the pair were asleep, the cold desert wind caressing their sweaty bodies into bliss.

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