tagBDSMBall Busting Boss

Ball Busting Boss


The interview was the best I had ever had. The woman I was talking with was the Most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on. Her breasts were enormous, and she wore a tight dress, and choker necklace.

"Let me be clear, Pete, you are a perfect fit for this position!"

"Thank you Ms Friday, I must agree with you."

"You will report directly to me,"


"Okay? Okay what?"

"That I will be reporting directly to you." I replied nervously.

"No, Pete. You do not understand, I demand total respect from my subordinates, Your answer was unacceptable. Yes Ma'am or Yes Madam, not just Okay! Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Better, but I'll still have to make a note of your offense."

"But I do not work here yet?"

"Another unacceptable response, But you will. You do not want to see the consequences for not accepting my very very generous offer to you!"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Don't worry too much about my note taking, every Friday is retribution day."

"Retribution day?"

"Yes, a day of atonement, so that every Monday your slate is clear and free. Now, sign here on your employment contract, and we can get started!"

Peter leaned forward looked and the multi page document on her desk. She spun it around and flipped to the last page, and pointed to where his signature belonged.

"May I be permitted to read this?"

"That's three in less than 15 minutes, Peter; not a good start indeed! And to answer your question, NO! I have made you a VERY Fair offer! You will sign this document and begin your employment as my personal Slave 'er assistant immediately!" She barked back in a very angry voice.

"Yes Ma'am," Peter meekly responded and scrawled his name.

She immediately snatched up the contract, countersigned it then placed it inside her safe.

"Good. You are now my employee for the next 365 days, we will review your contract each year on your anniversary, now for your uniform. Please stand and remove your trousers."

"What? My pants?" He replied aghast by her demand.

"That is 4, from this second forward you will refer to me properly, Yes Ma'am or Yes Madam, but I prefer Yes Mistress - you are allowed NO other response! Now strip off those pants before I must take punitive action with you!"

Pete was a little freaked out to say the least, but he dropped his trousers as commanded.

"Underwear too!"

"But...." he started, then "Yes Ma'am".

"Much better see you can learn!"

She reached out and looped a length of rope about his testicles and tied it tightly, then placed his protruding testicles in a metallic mesh sock and synched it it snugly about them. Next, she put a metal band about the base of his hardening penis, and then another metallic mesh sack type bag that covered the head of his penis, and he could distinctly feel something entering his penis about 1.5 inches deep.

"There that should do it!" She clipped on several locking chains to keep everything secure then fastened several wires, then she fixed a belt around his waist, and locked it too about him.

"Now step out of your pants and remove your shirt, you are wearing all the clothing you will ever wear in this office!

"What is this? I demand that you remove this at...." His voice trailed off into a scream she she pushed a button a remote control. Peter screamed and dropped to the floor as the electrical current brutally coursed through his genitals.

"You WILL learn, Pete, or I can promise you that you will have the most painful genitals in all of Houston! This is the medium setting, there are 5 more above this.

"Please make it stop!" Pete begged rolling on the floor clutching his genitals.

"I cannot, you will receive the full 60 seconds of electricity, its clear to me that you will need a LOT of correction!"

Finally the pain subsided.

"Get up, and I will show you to your desk. And let me tell you that every woman in this office has a similar remote control, all of them are here to assist me in making you the Best Man you can be! Today is Monday, any time you feel this; she pressed another button which sent a pulse of electricity into only his testicles, you will know I want you. You will come immediately or suffer dyer consequences, I do NOT like to be made to wait! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Yes Ma'am"

"Here we are at your new desk." She pointed to small table in the middle of the room. She pulled out the chair, and there was a dildo protruding from the center of the chair.

"What is that?" he said pointing to the dildo.

"This is your chair, now SIT!"

"I cannot sit on that!" His sentence trailed off into screams as his genitals erupted again in agony.

When it finally stopped, She said "Now are you ready to sit?"

"But I ...." again his balls lit up in pain....

Once more it eventually stopped, he heard snickering from all around the room...a crowd of women now gathered about him and his desk to watch.

He could feel himself turn bright red in embarrassment, he could also feel his cock hardening. His embarrassment was complete.

"Now SIT!" She commanded her finger poised over her remote control.

Several of the women began to laugh...

"It's the smallest one we have!! It won't hurt much!" Hahaha....

Peter positioned himself over the dildo, he could feel its bulbous head pressing against his anus.

"SIT! SIT! SIT!!" the office girls were chanting..

Pete, slowly began to lower himself onto the dildo, impaling his virgin anus. He felt someone's hands on his shoulders and suddenly his butt cheeks impacted the the chair cushion, the dildo rammed home inside him.

"Look!!" One of the women screamed and pointed at Peter's crotch...he likes it...he is hard as a rock!!" The crowed burst into laughter at his expense again.

A seat belt was thrown about his hips and clipped behind him, he was securely fastened into this torture device!

"One more little treat for you, my darling" Ms Friday said, as she turned on a switch at the back of the chair. Pete's eyes widened, "Oh GOD!" he screamed as the dildo came to life stroking and spinning inside his asshole....his cock pulsed as his prostate was struck over and over again.

"One word of caution, my love, you had better not cum, that will cause a full force shock into your precious testicles that lasts 5 minutes!" She patted his head, Now get to work! This month you will be reviewing our office training videos, she flipped on the Monitor in front of him, and pushed the video button. The Movie began, it was a hard core training video teaching the Art of Fellatio! Peter could feel his cock pulse again! When was his last orgasm? He could feel his lust building, as the dildo continuously reamed his asshole, occasionally striking his prostate. As Ms Friday walked away. His eyes trailed after her, staring intently at her beautiful ass.

Scarcely 15 minutes later he felt a deep electrical pulse in his testicles, he knew this was Friday calling him. His first impulse was to stand which resulted in him falling back onto the chair seat ramming the dildo deeply into his body! Another pulse hit his balls, this one lasted almost twice as long as the other. Peter then began pulling himself along rolling his chair as he went. Then it hit him, he had NO idea where she was!! Another longer pulse hit his balls...an shriek jumped from his lips. He tried to hurry, the faster he tried to go the more brutal the dildo was inside his asshole...finally he reached her office door, turning the door handle he burst into the room.

"Who the FUCK gave you permission to enter my office!" Ms Friday scream at him.

She hit a button on the remote and his genitals lit up like never before, this time additional current was being emitted from deep inside his asshole!

"Get out of hear and wait til I ask you to come in!"

He tried to back paddle the chair out of the room as the electrical shocks were wrecking havoc on his genitals! Finally he reached the door and got to the other side and closed it behind him.

The Electrical pulses and shocks kept coming for another 15 minutes, finally she opened her door and invited him in.

"I can see you will be needing intense correction."

"But Ms Friday?"

"What have I told you is your proper response to me?!" She screamed as she mashed another punitive button on the remote...lighting up his genitals...causing him to thrash about in the chair.

When it eventually stopped there were two other women in the room. In a flash, he was removed from the chair and bound arms and legs spread wide.

Mistress Friday stepped in front of him wearing a black and read leather corset, black gloves and a black mask, only her luscious eyes glowing through...In an instant the electrical devices were removed from this genitals, and they now swung free in the cool air, his cock involuntarily hardened.

"I can see you are enjoying your work here, Pete." She said as she reached out her hand and gripped his testicles.

"Yes Ma'am"

Her grip tightened, when I am in leather its MISTRESS!" She said accenting the word with a brutal crushing squeeze and vicious pulling to his balls.

"Yes Mistress!" He screamed.

"Better...but you have MUCH to atone for today!" She Took a small cord and wrapped it about the neck of his scrotum, then wound it up his rock hard cock and tied it about his stomach pinning his rock hard cock to his belly, and thrusting his testicles forward.

She felt his bound balls, massaging them and mauling them, pulling them and twisting them extracting gasps of pain over and over and over....his rock hard cock never faulted, in fact a large glob of precum oosed from its opening.

"And I do enjoy men who like my work!" She said wiping the precum off his cock with her finger and depositing it onto his tongue.

Her first hit was head on...striking his swinging testicles sending them slapping up against his ass cheeks.

He moaned.

Another leather clad punch landed as they swung back forward adding their swing to the next hit.

The rhythm began...a slow and steady punching bag routine, never hitting so hard as to break him, but hard enough and consistently enough that his pain levels was rising up higher and higher, hit after hit her knuckles crashing into his exposed and vulnerable defenseless testicles.

He could do nothing to stop her, again and again her hits rained down on his helpless testicles...he could feel the pain level filling up his body, his stomach filled with it, he had to concentrate on releasing his muscles letting the pain waives flow through his body, then they reached his ribs...cramping in his ribs...then higher still, the strength of her hits began to increase steadily as the pain waives flowed into his shoulders and he let out a terrible scream of agony, but she did not stop, instead she slowed the rate of the hits, and slightly decreased the blows allowing his pain level to lower just slightly.

Sweat poured off his body, and the waives of pain flowed through him...through it all his cock stayed hard occasionally even throbbed. It was one of these throbs that caught her eye...

"My God he's going to cum from these hits!" she thought to herself in total disbelief!

She began to cycle her hits rhythmically, and his cock began to throb almost on queue! She cycled the hits harder and harder...she then noticed his breathing change...deeper...holding his breadth as the hits would crescendo and then back down....again she increased the level of crescendo...closer to release he came....and finally the cycle of hits were off the scale he cock throbbed and then erupted sending a rope of cum four feet into the air and landed on the floor as another traced path and then still another....she stopped punching and gripped his balls with the first eruption, crushing his balls with all her might virtually forcing the cum from them with each of the pulses of orgasm.

Finally the cum stopped, she released her grip.

"CUT!" she cried out.

Peter opened his eyes, and it was then that he noticed the four video cameras aimed at his body..

"That should make us a fortune!" She sighed....as she strapped the electrical devices back onto this genitals.

A moment later Peter was released from the X frame device on the wall and he was placed back onto his phallic chair, the seat belt securely fastened about him, the dildo fully activated once more. A leaver was pulled on the chair and it was lowered almost to the floor. Mistress Friday was pushing him around to the back side of her desk, and then backing him into the Leg opening hole. A moment later Mistress Friday was resting her legs onto his back, and forcing his face into her hot wet sex.

"That simply HAD to be the hottest video I have ever made!!" She announced to the room full of co-workers. She leaned her head back sliding her chair slightly, "You will NOW show you undying appreciation for me and this Job...I do not need to tell you that failure is NOT an OPTION!"

The room erupted in laughter, as she slid forward into is face.

He tried to remember the video he was watching, he did NOT want to get punished!! After her third orgasm, she let him up for air, and looked in on him again. His cock was rock hard, and face covered in her scent.

"I need to pee, don't you dare spill a drop!"

"Yes Mistress" he replied as she slid back forward toward him.

He latched onto her pussy as if his life depended on it, as she slowly released her golden fluid for his digestion. When she was finished, and he had licked her clean, she slid back once more..

"And what do you say?" She asked.

"Thank you Mistress" He replied.

"Very good, you will now be rewarded! But DON'T stop licking!"

He had no clue what she meant, but went back at his job with all the energy he could muster...slowly he could feel the electricity tingling up and down his cock and balls, small jolts into his prostate, slowly they increased...his cock throbbed and throbbed with the thousands of electric tongues that teased his swollen genitals. For a solid hour, he was rewarded as she was brought to orgasm after orgasm by his expert tongue.

When she was finished with him she hit the Medium Punishment button twice, he would receive a full 2 minutes of frying to calm him back down! After all she did not want him to cum until their next filming on Friday...yes this would be a very "hard" week for her new employee...

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