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Balloon Fetish


Today was his 18th birthday. It as about 3:00 in the afternoon when Jeremy walked in the door of this house. His father wasn't home yet and wouldn't be for quite some time. So, Jeremy decided to have some fun. Ever since he was 12, Jeremy had had a fetish. A balloon fetish. I loved the feel of the latex against him, the thrill he got when inflating them. At school, he would sometimes stay after just to nab some balloons that were used as decoration. Jeremy didn't know hwy he had this extreme attraction to these inflatable play things but it felt so good, he chose not to question it and just enjoy.

Jeremy waltzed into his room with much anticipation. He pulled open his desk drawer and pulled out a fresh balloon from a bag. It was a big 18" pink balloon. He stretched out the neck and began to blow into the balloon. The toy began to inflate slowly, growing bigger with every passing second. As he continued to blow up his toy, Jeremy began to strip off his clothes. Once naked, he pressed the half inflated balloon against his chest. It felt amazing! Jeremy kept huffing and puffing until the balloon was ready to pop. He chose to stop and tie off the balloon.

"You and I are going to have lots of fun!" Jeremy said to the balloon.

Jeremy laid back on his bed and put the balloon against his now throbbing cock. He began to slowly rub the balloon up and down. Moans escaped his mouth at the pleasure. Jeremy started to rub faster and faster.

"Oooohh! Fuck my big balloon!!" Jeremy moaned loudly.

While Jeremy was doing this he hadn't heard his father's car pull into the drive way. His father opened the door to the house and heard a strange noise off in the distance.

"Oooohh! Fuck my big balloon!!" he heard.

Jeremy's father wondered what this was so he went to investigate. He quietly climbed the stairs and saw that his son's door was slightly ajar. He crept down the hallway and peered into the room and saw his son making love to a over inflated balloon. Not being able to resist seeing more, his father poked his head in even more so. Jeremy still hadn't noticed.

"Ohhh God! This feels so--" Jeremy moaned again until something caught his eye.

He stopped and looked over to the door and saw his father's face peeking into the room. Embarrassed, Jeremy tossed the balloon to the side and covered himself up with this blanket.

"Dad! What're you doing home?" Jeremy asked, red in the face.

"I got off early today." His father responded, "What're you doing?"

"Well, I'm...uh, well." Jeremy stammered.

His father smiled and came into the room. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to his naked son. His father leaned back and grabbed the balloon and gave it to Jeremy.

"So, you like making love to balloons?" Jeremy's father asked.

"Yes, daddy." Jeremy replied.

"Please, call me Dave." He said.

"Heh, ok...Dave." Jeremy replied.

The two had a little talk. They talked about what Jeremy loved about balloons and how if felt making love to them. After five minutes of chatting, Dave began to move in closer.

"I think this balloon fetish of yours is fascinating, son!" Dave exclaimed.

"Really?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes and I was wondering...would you mind sharing in your interest?" Dave asked.

This was a peculiar question. Did his father just ask to share in his balloon fetish? Jason hesitated a moment. He has never done balloon activities with anyone else, let alone his own father. But at that moment, something sparked in Jeremy's brain. He looked at his father and saw a different person. Someone he felt safe with...and attracted too.

"Ok daddy!" Jeremy said, disregarding his father's first name again.

"Daddy?" Dave asked.

"Yes daddy. I love you." Jeremy said.

He couldn't explain what had come over him. Jeremy suddenly found himself leaning towards his father. He leapt forward and locked lips with him. As the two kissed, a passion began burning. A bright passion that could not be put out.

"Let's make love to this balloon!" Jeremy exclaimed.

His father nodded and started getting naked. Once nude, the two placed the balloon between each others cocks, pressing it hard against them. Jeremy then wrapped his arms around his father and began to rub up and down. Taking the hint, Dave did the same. Their cocks rubbed hard against the drum-tight balloon. Harder and harder! Faster and faster! Jeremy and Dave felt amazing. But suddently...


The balloon popped against their dicks. Jeremy looked at the shredded remains of his beloved plaything. Dave saw his son's sad face and titled his head up.

"C'mon son, we don't need that balloon." Dave said erotically, entrancing Jeremy.

"You're right." Jeremy responded.

Dave laid his son down on the bed and lifted his legs up. Jeremy gave his father a quizzical look but Dave gave him a reassuring look in return. Knowing his father wouldn't hurt him intentionally, he allowed him to proceed. Dave took his hard rod and pushed his way into Jeremy's round anus. At first, Jeremy squirmed a little but once inside, he relaxed. Dave began to pump in and out of Jeremy's ass.

"Oh yeeeaaahh! Fuck me good daddy!" Jeremy moaned.

"Gonna fuck you good, balloon boy!" Dave moaned back.

Jeremy needed more. He took his hand and began to masturbate. He pumped hard on his fat cock as his father pump hard into his rear. Jeremy moaned and moaned. The feeling was amazing! It was the best feeling in the whole damn world. He grabbed his sheets in ecstasy.

"I love you daddy! Ooooh! Fuck me harder! Pleeeeasse!!" Jeremy moaned.

"Oooh yeah! I love you too. God!" Dave moaned back.

"I'm coming daddy! Please fuck me harder! Harder! Harder! Pleeaaaasse!! I need you fat cock in my ass!! Ooohh! I love you daddy! I love you! I'm your sexy balloon boy! Fuck me harder! Harder! HARDER!!!"

Dave fucked as hard as he could into his masturbating son. Jeremy pumped more on his cock and together, they orgasmed. His cum shot into his father's face but Dave didn't mind. He began to lick it.

"I love your juice son." Dave said, laying down next to Jeremy.

"And I love you daddy." Jeremy said passionately.

The father and son embraced each other in a kiss. They began to touch and feel each other all over. Dave and Jeremy were in love and that's just the way they liked it.

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