Balls Deep


I stopped in the doorway and leaned against the door frame admiring the way his body silhouetted through the light from the fireplace. His back was very muscular, I could see through his form fitting shirt, and his jeans rounded nicely at his ass. His ass was the perfect size, even in jeans, filling them out nicely. As he turned to look in my direction, I watched with awe as his abs rippled through his shirt. "There you are..." He smiled broadly and stepped in my direction. I returned the smile and extended a bare leg from beneath my black lace robe as I stepped closer to him. "Mmmmmmmmm..."

He grinned as he reached forward, running his hand up my inner thigh with a light touch while he drew me to him swiftly and easily with his other hand. The feel of his hand through the satin was warm and sent tingles through my body as I felt him slipping it down my back and over my ass. My robe fell from my shoulders exposing the roundness of my full breasts, the nipples hard and stiff, pointing toward him like homing beacons. My hands felt his biceps, strong and firm, curving gently into his neck muscles, and as my hands slipped upwards still, I felt the softness of the hair at the nape of his neck. As his lucious lips touched mine, I felt the already strong heat between my legs grow and almost instinctively, his hand which had been gently tickling my inner thigh, began to investigate closer. When I felt his fingertips gently circling the uppermost areas of my thigh, teasing me...coming just up to, but not touching anything...I felt the moistness building rapidly within me. "Ummmmmmmm" I moaned with pleasure and gasped for a breath, "I'm all yours" I whispered sultrily in his ear.

He smiled down at me with that handsome boyish grin, and lifted me off my feet, carrying me to the throw pillows near the fireplace. As he gently set me down I watched as his muscles curled, flexed, and relaxed in fluid motions. He knelt on the pillows beside me and I smiled as I watched him remove his shirt. I reached up and stroked his beautiful chest, teasing his nipple with my right hand, and tugged him down to me while unfastening his jeans with my left. As his body slid down beside mine, his hardness pressed into my leg, and I felt an ache begin to build between my legs. His hand, as though being drawn by magnets, reached down and tickled my upper inner thigh again, and I parted my legs slightly as I arched my hips toward his fingers. Putting my mouth to his well teased nipple, I circled the areola with my tongue and traced the other nipple with my other hand. Feeling the warmth of his body against mine, I moved my hand off his nipple and ran it softly down his chest toward his pelvis. Simultaneously I moved my lips and tongue up closer to his neck. Breathing gently into his ear I ticked his earlobe with my tongue, and at the same time felt his cock brush against my hand. Flattening my hand against his hip, I gently rolled him onto his back and climbed on top of him as my mouth found his lips again and I explored his lips with my tongue.

I felt his hands cup my breasts fully and firmly, and my body shivered as he began to tickle, then tug at my nipples. Lowering my hips to hover over his cock, I felt the tip of it barely touch my clitoris and jerk away, sending a wave of excitement through my body. Our mouths had become one again, and his kisses were sensuous. Looking up and watching his facial expression, I lowered my hips and found the head of his cock with my clit again. As his cock spasmed from the slight touch, it excited my clit, and I felt my juices moistening his cock as I rubbed my pussy down the backside of his shaft. His face was soft, eyes closed, exhaling long held breaths, and as I moved to take his cock into my mouth, his head tilted backwards and his mouth opened with unspoken words.

The sweet taste of my juices mixed with his on the head of his cock was divine, and I moved my mouth to encircle his cock fully so I could taste it all. As my lips moved over the ridge of his head, his cock spasmed again and I tasted his fluids on my tongue. The veins in his increasingly hardening cock began to grow rigid against my tongue as I massaged the beast with my mouth and took him balls deep into my throat. With one hand caressing his balls, and the other gently kneading the area between his balls and his ass, I felt his frenzy grow until it seemed the monster would explode. Opening my throat and taking him balls deep several times in a row brought him spasms of pleasure and I felt the warm sweet taste of his cum sliding down my throat. Lifting my face while he was still shooting, I felt the last spurts sprinkle my face and then my chest. His face was calm now, relaxed, serene, and he wore that same slight boyish grin as his hands reached up and began to massage his cum into my breasts.

My nipples responded again to his touch, and immediately turned hard against his skilled hands. My body slid down his again and the touch of his bare skin against mine was warm and inviting. I felt his hands move down to my hips, and he deftly moved into a position of command over me. Massaging the full length of my body with his hands, I felt his breath caress my pussy and I gasped for air. The initial touch of his soft tongue, a gentle lick of my clit, sent chills up my spine. I felt his hands firmly on my ass, squeezing slightly, and I tilted my pelvis begging for more. He looked up at me with a slightly evil grin, and I saw the flash of his tongue as it dove down to lick my hard clit, teasing and massaging, encircling my pussy and diving deep into it before coming back to play with my clit some more. My pussy was aching badly now, and my hips were beginning to move on their own.

Knowing exactly what I needed, I felt his fingers enter my dripping cunt, and I moaned with pleasure. The intensity continued to build between every stroke of his fingers and the genius of his tongue on my clit. I felt his fingers playing with my juices and ticking my ass, until at last he had fingers moving in both holes while his lips and tongue continued to wrap my clit in soft, luscious, licking, kisses. I felt the orgasm overwhelm me as I cried out in pleasure, arching my back rigidly and shaking from the release, but he refused to stop and that took me higher still.

Just when I thought I could take no more, I realized that he had removed his fingers, and his kisses had moved up my torso to my chest. I felt his cock, rigid again, tease my clit in much the same manner that my clit had teased him, and I smiled up at him my own evil grin. Spreading my legs to expose my pussy directly under his cock, I refused to wait any longer and lunged upwards thrusting him into me with one swift motion. My hands grasped his ass, and I guided him home, grinding him into me and swooning with pleasure over the feel of his beastly cock inside me. The tightness of my cunt had not been compromised by my wetness, and every squeeze of my muscles made his face shock with pleasure as he slowly pumped into me. Wrapping my legs around his, I begged him to fuck me, harder, and harder, until the rhythmic sound of our bodies collided in hard slaps and I felt every inch of his cock pounding inside me.

Rolling onto his back while holding my hips and carrying me up on top of him, I felt new pleasure as his cock swelled up into me when I sat back on it. Grinding forward and then backward, I felt his cock as it went deep into my cunt, and my juices dripped from my pussy. I felt his cock slide through my body, and I began to slowly pump up and down, riding the beast as it filled every crevice inside me. His fingers found my clit at the same time my fingers did, and I joined him in the finger tease. His eyes were hazed as he watched me play with my clit, and his pumping grew stronger within my walls. The feel of our fingers on my clit and his demon inside me, made me cry out even louder as I orgasmed twice as hard as I had before.

As I lay forward onto his chest, my cunt still in spasms and squeezing his cock, he gently slid from underneath me and I felt his hands begin to gently trace the small of my back. Massaging my muscles under his palms, he moved down to my ass and slid one hand over my cunt. My body responded by lifting my ass to him, and I felt the head of his cock spread my lips and enter my pussy. The strength of his thrusts grew with each one, and soon I was thrusting backwards into him with the same force he was driving into me. I began to tilt my pelvis forward and backwards with each thrust, so I could feel the length of his shaft each time it drove in and out of my pussy. His balls slapped my clit as I did so, and I felt my excitement building again. I felt his hand reach around and massage my clit, as the strength of his thrusts increased even more. In seconds I was overpowered with a third orgasm as I felt his own releasing upwards into me with the force of a hurricane. He emitted a loud moan, and lay forward on top of me, his cock still writhing and spewing inside me. Sweetly, he wrapped one arm around me and cupped one of my breasts, just as we both drifted off to sleep.

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