tagSci-Fi & FantasyBaltar's Captivity

Baltar's Captivity


Gaius Baltar was being held prisoner on a Cylon Basestar. All he could remember seeing since leaving New Caprica was the inside of one little room which consisted of a bed, chair, and coffee table. He was under constant surveillance by a Centurion (Cylon robot killing machine) which did not respond to anything he said and refused to let him pass.

The truth is he had long since stopped caring how long he had been in that room. The only way of keeping track of time now was monitoring the growth of his beard and hair.

One morning he awoke to a warm/moist sensation on his penis. He opened his eyes to see the angelic Six. She took her mouth off his dick and looked at him soulfully in the eyes.

"I've finally convinced the others to let me visit you." She said.

"Oh God Six. Please don't leave me again! I'm so lonely. I'm going quite insane here. "

"I'm so sorry Gaius. We have decided to keep you here for the time being, but I'll see what I can do to get you some company in the days to come."

She lowered her body, impaling herself onto Baltar's engorged member. He was quickly forgetting all of his problems and slipping into what Cylon's refer to as projection. All of the sudden he was vividly picturing Six and he conversing on a warm beach on Caprica.

When he awoke again, God knows how many hours/days later, the bed was wobbling from accommodating the weight of eight naked model 8's.

"Gaius" Six said from the corner of the room. "I'd like to introduce some familiar faces. Kissing your cock right now is Boomer, the one who shot Admiral Adama.

"Mmmhhhh. It's a real honor Dr. Baltar" Boomer cooed.

The other Eight's were busy massaging every inch of Baltars body in bed while Boomer took him sloppily in her mouth. She savored his dick and swallowed every drop of his seed hungrily. This ended with great applause by the chorus of Boomers sisters. Gaius spent the rest of his day mercilessly fucking these identical Asian ladies in every variation his brilliant mind could come up with.

The next day Baltar was tortured with electro shock therapy for 20 straight hours by the cruel Diana Troy (Number 3 for anyone whose counting). The only saving grace for Gaius was projecting his mental state away from the pain, and back to that beautiful island with Six. After what Diana guessed was an odd religious experience for him, she gave up trying to question the good doctor.

Gaius was growing weary of passing out and being woken up by genital stimulation. But that all changed when Diana was riding his cock screaming about how sorry she was and how she wanted to make it up to him for what she had put him through.

"Oh God, its alright. This just about does it. I think."

"Oh no Gaius. Please let me try. I think I know just what will make you happy." And with that she let out a piercing whistle.

Gaius' room was immediately flooded with model Six's, Eights, and Three's. They were dressed in various fetish outfits which they'd purloined from the 12 colonies of humanity after they nuked them to cinders.

A six wore a naughty, French maid outfit. An Eight wore a school girl uniform. A different Diana Troy wore a white latex nurses outfit. Another Six was a sexy cop. Boomer was a fireman stripper. A Three was a dominatrix. Another Six was a cheerleader.

In the next eight months until Gaius Baltar was returned to the Battlestar Galactica, he was given every sexual pleasure imaginable by some of the most gorgeous women ever designed. It would be difficult to say he enjoyed every minute of it, but c'mon... Who really feels bad for this guy?

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