tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBambi Does It Her Way-Rev.1

Bambi Does It Her Way-Rev.1


"This is bullshit! All bullshit! I didn't hit the stupid bitch, all right? She's lying!"

The middle-aged female officer pushed the tall, blonde woman through the door and into the waiting arms of Reno police headquarters' burly Sgt. Brown, who stood there trying to keep his coffee from spilling as the blonde and her three friends were ordered to sit down in front of him.

"What do we have here?" Brown asked the officer.

"Assault and resisting arrest," the woman replied.

"I want to see my attorney!" the blonde demanded.

"Calm down, lady," Brown said, his eyes involuntarily drinking in the sight of her delectably long legs. "You'll get your phone call. I just want to know a few things."

"Like what?"

"Who are you?"

"My name is Bambi."

"Bambi?" he snickered. "Is that for real?"

"Her birth name is Amber," said the gum-chewing redhead sitting next to her.


"Yeah, that's right."

"So Bambi is what—a nickname?"

"No, it's my real name," Bambi replied. "I had it changed a long time ago."

"Bambi is a Disney character," the female officer said disparagingly. "And it's the name of a male deer."

"So? What of it?"

Brown put his coffee cup down on his desk and studied the beautiful face.

"Are you purposely trying to be difficult?" he asked Bambi.

"I'm telling you the truth."

"Why would a woman choose to be named after a male deer?"

"It's a long story."

"I'm listening."

Bambi rolled her eyes and grimaced at the female officer standing over her. "Okay. It goes something like this. My real name is Amber."

"Your friend..." Brown suddenly cut himself short and turned to the redhead. "What is your name by the way?"

"Mistress Mayhem," the redhead replied casually.

"Oh, boy!" the female officer groaned.

"Mistress Mayhem," Brown chuckled. "And I suppose that's your real name too?"

"Of course not. It's my alter ego."

"I see. And what about you?" he asked the pretty brunette sitting on Mayhem's left.

"Sinderella," the girl replied without even looking at him. "And that's spelled with an 's'."

"Of course it is."

Brown looked warily at the waifish young woman on the end. She was dressed totally in black and was holding a rosary in her hands.

"And I suppose you must be...the 'Wicked Queen'?"

The girl laughed. "You're very funny Sgt...Sgt..."

"Brown," he said flatly.

"Yes, Sgt. Brown. Your perceptions are not far off. My name is Sister Severity."

Several of the other officers in the room watched as she fondled her rosary beads with increasing alacrity. A few laughed out loud.

"Severity?" Brown asked, shaking his head.

"Yes. As in severe, or sever."

Despite the girl's sanguine demeanor there was an unmistakable tinge of contumely in her voice.

"Let's get back to you miss," Brown said to Bambi. "Your real name please."


"Amber what?"

"Amber Dextruss."

"Did you say, 'ambidextrous'?" the female officer inquired.

"No," Bambi replied. "My last name is 'Dextruss'—d-e-x-t-r-u-s-s. But I am ambidextrous. That's how I got my name."

At this point most of the officers were laughing at the ridiculous story, but Brown was determined to get to the bottom of things.

"Let's get this straight," he said, his voice quavering with irritation. "Your real, legal last name is 'Dextruss' but you also happen to be...ambidextrous?"

"That's right."

"And you can use both your left and right hands equally well?"

"Yes. I can write, play guitar, throw a ball... even punch guy in the face with either hand. You know, like when you go to a bar and some loser starts hitting on you...you hit him, right? Or when some jerk in authority asks too many stupid questions..."

Brown eyed her furtively.

"Which hand did you use to strike that woman?"

Bambi's face suddenly grew dark. "I told you. I didn't strike Sado Lady."

"Who the hell is 'Sado Lady'?"

"She's the woman who won for best director at the AVN award show tonight," one of the male officers informed him. "Her real name is Jennifer Steele."

"Thanks for the update," Brown replied, dubiously.

"Sado Lady is an asshole and she didn't deserve to win a frigging thing," Bambi said. "But I never laid a hand on her."

"So you claim. But what I don't understand is how you came to call yourself 'Bambi'.

"Oh, that's easy. You see, because I was ambidextrous, the kids in school called me that."


"No, just 'Ambi'. My older brother was the one who started calling me 'Bambi'."

"And why was that?"

"Because I loved that cute little deer. I had all his books, his movies, his dolls, everything. I lived Bambi day and night."

"And so you had your name legally changed to 'Bambi'?"

"Yes. Is that so hard to understand?"

At that moment a rotund, balding man poked his head through his office door and addressed the sergeant.

"Jennifer Steele's attorney just called. She's dropping all charges against Ms. Dextruss."

Bambi pumped her fist in the air. "Yes!" she cried exultantly.

"Now why would she do that?" Brown asked the officer.

"Don't know. Maybe she's feeling magnanimous."

"About what?"

"Maybe because she beat Bambi out for best picture the second year in a row!" Mayhem suggested.

"But she's not going to win next time," Bambi said, her eyes locked on Brown. "You know what they say—three strikes and you're out. Well, that's not going to be me!"

"We still have her on resisting arrest," the female officer said to Brown.

"No assault?"


The sergeant leaned over close to Bambi, his face stern.

"I'm going to make this easy on you and let you off with only a fine—this time. Now get the hell out of my office."

Bambi looked up into the sergeant's eyes and offered a weak smile. "See you around, handsome."

Brown watched bemusedly as the female officer escorted Bambi and her friends out the door. As soon as the women had gone, the entire room exploded with laughter.

"Bambi Dextruss!" Brown cried. "That's one for the books!"


Amber Helena "Bambi" Dextruss did not decide to enter into the world of porn to make money. Unlike most of her female porn star counterparts, she was independently wealthy and came to the profession for other, more esoteric reasons; foremost among them being the desire to transform pornography into its own singular art form. She detested the often callous and brutal way women were treated in many mainstream adult films, and had decided that she would write, direct, and act in her own productions. Her films would put women in charge and relegate men to subservient roles; a tantalizing inversion of the existing status quo.

Bambi's parents died in an automobile accident when she was just 12 years old. Being an only child, she inherited her parents' vast wealth, which was put in trust for her until her eighteenth birthday. The strikingly beautiful and precocious girl was put under the care of her fraternal grandparents who treated her with tender and loving kindness. She excelled in scholastic pursuits and individual sports competitions. But it was evident that by the time she had graduated college with a degree in filmmaking, that she would make that endeavor her life's work. That she had decided to turn her attentions to the erotic was something not even she had anticipated.

Her introduction to porn had come about through her boyfriend, another budding filmmaker she had met in college. He had an immense adult film library that documented the earliest porn "loops" from the 1970s to the present mish-mash of reality and gonzo porn, most of which Bambi found distasteful and lacking in wit and style. She had asked him why the earlier films, which at least had some semblance of plot and character, were not being produced today. His reply was perfunctory and not very helpful: "We're a society in decline. No one wants to think anymore."

By the time she had reached her twenty-first birthday, she had acquired a vast library of erotic books, many of which were written by such luminaries as Anais Nin and Olivia Knight. But what intrigued her most were the books and videos that dealt with female domination; not the form of domination that enjoined corporeal punishment of men, but rather the softer, more gentle forms of domination that were not necessarily cruel in nature. Her favorite forms of domination involved scenarios where the women remained clothed while their male servants had to remain completely naked. She found endless amusement in watching men being led around on leashes, or spanked like little boys for disobeying their mistresses. Some of her favorite scenes involved men who were forced to masturbate in front of large groups of women, their always teetering self-esteem demolished in front of a cheering multitude of females who laughed as the submissive slave surrendered spurt after spurt of his liquid ego into the air in front of them.

Bambi's interest in the erotic led her to form a coalition with other like-minded women who were to become the foundation of her filmmaking business. Her magnificent estate, located on a high promontory overlooking Redondo Beach, and encompassing more than thirty acres of pristine woodland, became the de facto headquarters of her film company, Triumphant Productions. Her fist dozen or so films were little more than experimental film noir, a primitive attempt to blend reality porn with a skeletal plot that included very little actual female domination. But her attempt to play follow the leader by giving audiences what they had been accustomed to only led her to discontent and failure. It was only when she began to implement her own artistic vision, however variant it might appear within the pornographic world, that she began to be taken seriously by the adult film industry. Her first real female domination film called "I Obey," written and directed by her just after celebrating her twenty-second birthday, was nominated for the Saturn Award for best picture in the BDSM category. Her second film entitled, "Training School," had also been nominated a year later. In both cases she had lost to Jennifer Steele, who as 'Sado Lady', practiced a more severe form of female domination, which seemed to appeal to a wider audience. These losses were a bitter pill for Bambi to swallow.

A week after her run in with Sergeant Brown and the Reno police, Bambi sat in her business office surrounded by Jane Marsh, her secretary, and a few other women on her production team, including Mistress Mayhem, Sinderella, and Sister Severity. This was a brainstorming session, which Bambi did religiously every Monday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. With the agonizing experience of having lost yet another round to her nemesis ever present in her mind, Bambi was determined not to let it happen again. As her eyes scoured the entertainment pages of the Los Angeles Times, she growled deep in her throat and slammed her fist on the desk.

"I want all of you to hear this," she began without looking up. 'Jennifer Steele once again proves why she is the reigning queen of S&M with her erotically charged 'Your Ass Is Mine'. Her winning AVN's Saturn Award for the second year in a row is no coincidence. The beautiful and gifted filmmaker and actress has an uncanny ability to tap into the erotic pulse of her audience, presenting them with some of the most innovative and intensely sexual scenarios to satisfy even the most carnal appetite. She has taken the S&M fetish to an entirely new level with her most recent film and we predict there is no stopping her.' Bambi looked up and sighed heavily. "Now how do you like that?"

"I think it sucks," Severity said.

"I think Sado Lady sucks," Sinderella added, casting her eyes down at the newspaper to look at a picture of Steele holding up her trophy.

Mayhem shook her head and frowned. "I agree."

"Well that's just fucking great," Bambi said, casting a disparagingly look at the three women. "That was so helpful."

"What do you want us to say, Bambi?" Severity asked. "She's got Vivid Studios behind her and all that money. What do you expect?"

Bambi eyes narrowed. "What do I expect? I expect you to give me some useful information—some insight for Christ's sake."

"She just told you," Mayhem replied. "Jennifer has the backing of a major studio. That means the best director..."

"She's the fucking director!" Bambi exclaimed.

"Okay. But she has the best of everything else. Everything money can buy."

"I have everything money can buy, or haven't you noticed? Her winning has nothing to do with money. I'm a good director and I write good scripts. I have some of the most talented people in the adult film industry working for me. So don't tell me that it's a matter of money."

"Well then," Severity asked, "what is it?"

"I don't know," Bambi replied with frustration. "That's why we're here today—to discuss what it is that makes her films so...Oh God, what did that reviewer say? Oh yes," she looked down at the newspaper...'innovative'."

Mayhem's frown turned into a sneer. "Innovative, my ass! She probably gave that guy a free blow job just to get him to print that crap."

The other women laughed. Bambi remained silent.

"Miss Dextruss," Jane said. "I know it's not my place to offer advice, but I think I may be able to shed some light on this problem."

"You know you're always free to express your views, Jane. You don't ever have to ask."

"Thank you, miss. I appreciate that." The nineteen-year-old, auburn-haired girl sat upright in her seat, impeccably dressed in a charcoal-gray skirt with matching blazer and a white blouse buttoned up to her neck. Her sleek, athletic body shifted toward her superior as she quickly looked down at her laptop and then at her boss. "I've watched both of Sado Lady's winning films and there is one constant in each of them."

"The severity of her punishments," Bambi said dejectedly. "Yes, I know. I was hoping for something more useful."

"That's not what I was going to say, miss."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Go on."

"Well, if you notice, the men in her films are quite endowed."

"Nothing new there, Jane," Mayhem said.

"Yes, that's true. But in addition to that, her subs are able to provide substantial ejaculations..."

"Are you talking about the cumshots?" Severity asked.

"Yes, I am."

Sinderella laughed. "So some of those guys can come a lot. Big deal! A few big cumshots don't make a winning movie."

For the first time that day, Bambi's face brightened.

"Now wait a minute. Jane has a point. Many men, and I would have to say, many women too, enjoy a really good money shot."

"Oh, you can't be serious!" Mayhem said derisively. "Are you saying it all comes down to how big a load a guy can produce?"

"Well, let's face it, Mayhem. All those guys in Steele's movies were big shooters. Not one weak one in the bunch."

"And I believe that's what put her movie over the top," Jane said. "Look at this."

The secretary positioned her laptop on Bambi's desk so that all the women could see the screen. In a few moments an enormously engorged black cock filled up the frame.

"That's a scene from 'Your Ass Is Mine'!" Severity said. "And I'll bet that dick belongs to Charlie Jackson. I can tell by the shape of the head."

"How the hell did you get your hands on this?" Bambi asked Jane, her eyes focused on the screen.

"A friend of mine just started working for Vivid. She owed me a favor so I asked her to rip a copy for me. I hope you don't mind."

"Mind? Are you kidding? This is fucking fantastic! Now what are we watching here?"

"Well, as you can see, the black guy is jerking off for his mistress, Sado Lady, and three other doms. Now watch how much cum shoots out of his dick."

A few seconds later, the huge penis exploded with several giant ropes of pearly semen, each volley shooting up high into the air in front of the delighted dominatrix and her friends.

"Jesus Christ!" Sinderella exclaimed. "What a load!"

"Just watching him climax like that got me hot!" Severity said, her fingers nestled between her legs.

"There are three scenes in all like this one in the movie," Jane said to Bambi. "Each one has a guy jerking himself off in front of a group of women."

"I don't know why I didn't make this connection before," Bambi replied, her eyes still glued to the screen.

"Maybe because—as in all her movies—the emphasis is upon the S&M aspect whereas the CFNM aspect is downplayed and the big money shots are merely ancillary to the main theme."

"They may be ancillary but they are certainly fucking amazing!" Mayhem said.

"But if you recall," Jane noted, "her storyline was very weak with almost no plot to speak of. Most of the film falls into mainstream S&M with the CFNM elements taking on a subordinate role."

"So?" Bambi asked.

"So I'm saying that if you want to beat Sado Lady at her own game, you have to up the ante a bit. Include some handsome guys in your next movie who can deliver these kinds of powerful ejaculations. And maybe add a bit more CFNM to the mix. You're already a great writer and director, so half the battle is already won."

Bambi sat back in her chair and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair. "I have to admit that I was very turned by those big cumshots too," she said to Jane. "And I think you might have a very good point." She turned to Mayhem. "What do you think?"

"I think it's worth a shot. What have we got to lose?"

Sinderella crossed her long legs and smiled contentedly. "I'm in."

Severity agreed too.

"But I'd really love it if you let me do a live castration," she said, her eyes twinkling.

Bambi laughed and took another look at the huge black cock on the screen. A long strand of ejaculate clung to its tip. "Let's go find ourselves some big fucking cocks!"


Freddie Seeman, whose real name was Jack Wilcox, was reading through the back pages of Daily Variety, ostensibly looking for legitimate work. But he knew he was merely kidding himself. What he really had in mind was to find a way to break into the porn industry as a stunt cock. He knew he had the requisite physical attributes to land the job. He was six feet tall, muscular, and handsome. His wavy black hair, penetrating blue eyes, and dazzling smile combined to make most women fall at his feet. Originally a native of Manhattan, he had decided to make his way to Los Angeles to seek his fame and fortune in adult films. He figured he wouldn't have to work too hard and would have a bevy of pretty females to indulge his greatest passion in life: fucking as many women as he could. That was pretty much his sole aspiration, and he made no apologies for it.

He nearly jumped out of his chair when he read that an independent adult film company called "Triumphant Productions" was holding a casting call for male porn actors. The ad had stated that no experience was necessary but that the applicant should possess a penis at least six inches in length, inordinate staying power, and most importantly, the ability to ejaculate huge amounts of sperm. The names of Peter North and Matt Hughes were given as examples. Freddie laughed when he read the names of the famous men. "Those guys ain't got nothin' on me!" he exclaimed as he threw the paper on the table.

The following week Freddie, along with several dozen men, stood in line in front of Bambi's casting agent's office in Beverly Hills. Each man was interviewed and then told to perform sex with several of the fluffers on hand. Freddie and two other men were hired on the spot and given contracts to sign.

"So, what's the movie about?" Freddie asked the female casting agent as he hastily read the contract, signed it, and handed it back to her.

"It's called 'Gangbangers Go Wild,' the woman replied. "That's all I know." Actually, the woman, Jill Traynor, Bambi's friend and confidant, knew everything about the movie. But she had been sworn to secrecy. "Did you bother to read the contract?"

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