tagNonHumanBamboo Lovin' Ch. 01

Bamboo Lovin' Ch. 01


It was a clear, crisp night at the Alaska Zoo. Impossibly tall conifers surrounded a large, clean pen housing a very cute and soft animal who was emerging now that the day's crowds had been sent home. Even the zoo-keepers had left for the night, allowing the facility's most prized possession a certain amount of privacy. Out stepped Ling Ling, the only Panda bear in Alaska, or for that matter in this hemisphere.

She idly waddled to sit on a rock placed among a grove of carefully manicured bamboo trees. Her glossy brown eyes peered out beyond the chain-link fence, to a world she could only imagine but never touch. The wind changed direction and she smelled that amorous, musky, thick and wild scent. Her nightly visitor was up the hill, hidden by dense forest, not too far away. Little did she know that this night, he would become more than a just a visitor.

Ten minutes later, his scent disappeared. Saddened by his disappearance, Ling Ling retreated in to the back of her plywood "cave". Nestling in the hay, she shed one solitary panda tear, so lonely and miserable.

Suddenly, she heard a great crash, and a rusty tearing sound. Her mysterious visitor had barreled down the hill at breakneck speed and rammed open, with his sheer bulk, the zoo-keeper's gate! He emerged before her, an impressively large (about seven feet tall and almost a thousand pounds of muscle) and feral beast -- an adult male grizzly bear! Frightened before she could comprehend, Ling Ling let out a yelp, but was overpowered by the grizzly bear's earsplitting roar. He grabbed Ling Ling, threw her over his rippling shoulder, and carried her away in to the virgin Alaskan wilderness.

Barreling over rocks, fallen logs and hilly terrain, the Grizzly ran in to the night, grasping Ling Ling to him with a mix of gentle fondness and ferocious possessiveness. Ling Ling screamed and wailed, clawing at his gnarly fur, which she could not penetrate. After a long time she gave up, and began to cry great sobbing, hysterical tears. She was so helpless and exhausted from fighting; she could do nothing else but weep!

Noticing that his feisty little Chinese dumpling, as he affectionately thought of her, had become limp and shuddering in his enormous arms, the Grizzly stopped his rampage. Carefully, he lowered her to the soft earth and lay her before him. When she curled herself in to a tight black and white fur ball, the Grizzly placed a massive paw on her head and gingerly stroked between her ears. He bent his gigantic head down close to hers, nuzzling her cheek with his big, wet nose. Slowly, Ling Ling came around and understood that her visitor was not going to eat her, or cause her any bodily harm, and she relaxed enough for him to snuggle her adorable little face with his own, huge and powerful. As she released more and more of her anxiety, and accepted his tender advances, she gave his muzzle a soft, cautious lick with her perfect pink tongue.

The Grizzly, at this point, could barley contain his vast Grizzly erection, a full fourteen inches long and six inches around. Not wanting to panic his precious Beijing butterfly, he attempted to shield her from his epic hard-on by diving, muzzle first, in to her Panda pussy. He suckled at her clit, which quickly changed from a cherry blossom pink to a red-lantern crimson as it became engorged from the Grizzly's skillful and sumptuous stimulation. She wiggled her thighs and kicked, overcome by delight. A deep, orgasm swelled deep inside of her. She struggled against the Grizzly, afraid that such an O would explode so much Panda pussy juice during her climax that the Grizzly would surely drown. Despite this reservation, she thrust her Panda pelvis as far in to his Grizzly face as it could go. She moaned and screamed, terrifying small birds and squirrels, but profoundly arousing all other Grizzly's within earshot.

Her Grizzly Bear, on the other hand, nose and tongue submerged in supple Panda pussy flesh, nearly choked resisting the urge to plunge his colossal bear cock in to her tight Panda cunt with one bold thrust and simply erupt with a huge boom like a hot geyser. The more he vigorously indulged in her luscious labia and scrumptious, bloated clit, the less he could restrain himself from power-dry humping the soft loose dirt he lay upon. With one swift and nimble gesture he lifted Ling Ling in to the air and slammed her open, waiting, yielding pussy on to his rigid cock.

Grasping her under her Panda arms, he fucked Ling Ling like a toy, flinging her up and down on his throbbing Grizzly member whiled her hips gyrated and her cunt loosened and tightened around his dick in time to his fucking motion. They continued like this for what seemed like hours, screaming and roaring, Ling Ling with her multiple orgasms and the Grizzly with his scarcely contained eruption of cum. As Ling Ling let out one final shriek and quivered, the Grizzly gave a final heave and lunged so far he saw stars and black, as he burst open with a rumbling, bone crushing orgasm so intense his cum filled every inch inside of Ling Ling and gushed out of her shivering cunt.

He collapsed, falling backward, and Ling Ling could do nothing but fall in to him, his huge soft body a furry bed of warmth and post-orgiastic euphoria. They cuddled, as only a Panda and a Grizzly can, and fell asleep together under the moonlight.

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