tagAnalBand Parents Ch. 07

Band Parents Ch. 07


It would be helpful to your understanding of this chapter to go back and read the first six chapters, particularly Chapter 5.


The alarm rang. It was the Monday of the first full week of school after the holiday break. I thought this day would never get here -- and not because it meant my son would be out of the house and back in school. Today was the day when I would deflower Linda's virgin ass and we'd record it for our spouses. It had been four long weeks since Charles and had discussed his fantasy while we installed the video system in the bedroom. Four weeks that had dragged themselves out like four months.

Maybe I was just horny. Charles had been mentioning it in practically every conversation I'd had with him. Linda had mentioned the number of remaining days every time we had a conversation. My wife Lily teased me with it every chance she got. The action I saw on the video feeds from Charles and Linda's bedroom hadn't helped either. Their play since Christmas had included a lot of Charles licking Linda's ass while she told him how much she was looking forward to "Bill shoving his hard dick up my tight virgin ass and fucking me as hard as he can." On top of that, Lily had refused to let me cum for the past full week, saying she wanted me "hot, horny and full of cum for Linda."

During that last week, I even started dreaming of Linda's ass. Usually the dreams were of lining up my hard cock with her perfect little star, shining with lubrication and winking at me. Sometimes they were vivid dreams of spreading her taut cheeks with my hands and dipping my tongue deep inside her ass. These were all 'Technicolor' dreams, in full color with surround sound, and were so vivid that I could smell the musky scent of her as my face approached her virgin crack. It was probably some kind of miracle that I didn't cum in my sleep sometime over the weekend.

Now the day had arrived and I awoke from the most vivid of these dreams so far with my cock straining for release. There was even a drop of pre-cum shining at the tip. This was definitely not the usual morning wood. Any other morning if I'd awakened with an erection like this Lily would've been very late for work. As it was, she chuckled at the state I was in, gave my erection a nonchalant flip and said, "Somebody seems ready for what the day will bring," before she hopped out of bed and went downstairs to make coffee. I showered, trying not to think about the sex to come, using every mental faculty to will my penis back to its flaccid state. It almost worked, but seeing Lily strip and step into the shower almost undid all my efforts.

I tugged on some clothes and went downstairs for a mug of coffee. My son was just heading out the door, laden as always with his backpack full of school stuff and his trombone case in hand. His ride was already out front, impatiently revving the engine.

"Band practice until 4:30 this afternoon, dad."

"Need me to pick you up?" I asked.

"Nah. I'll probably get a ride from somebody," he said as he turned his back. "But I'll call you if I can't."

"OK," I mumbled. "See you tonight."

With him out of the house and Lily in her getting-ready-in-the-morning routine, which meant standing around in her underwear for a good long while, I had a lot of trouble keeping the beast in my pants under control. I tried to sit down at my desk and check my email, but the whirr of the video system kicking in from the Kowalski bedroom proved to be too much temptation.

When I brought the system up on my computer screen, the four cameras showed their different angles of the same scene: Linda, naked and on her knees on the bed, with Charles behind her, naked and aroused, licking her ass and jacking himself off. Linda was teasing him with all kinds of dirty talk; mostly variations on, "The next time you kiss my ass will be after Bill has fucked it with his big hard cock." They stayed in that position until Charles came, pumping a load into his own hand. Linda rolled onto her back to watch him as he brought his palm up to his mouth and hungrily licked up the load he had just shot. "There," Linda cooed. "That should hold you until you get to watch the video." They stumbled off to the bathroom to shower together, so I turned off the monitor and went back to checking my email and dealing with a couple of the more urgent things from my clients.

At long last, the clock moved to the appointed time of 9:30. I drove over to Charles and Linda's house and parked out front. I felt as nervous as a kid on his first date as I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. Linda opened it almost immediately, and the look in her eyes told me she was as eager to get me into her bed as I was to get there with her. She was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt and had bedroom slippers on her feet. I was willing to bet that there wasn't anything under this easy-to-remove clothing. Once she had closed the front door, she practically flew into my arms and we kissed deeply. She smelled wonderful -- a mix of her shampoo and body wash mixed with a perfume I recognized as one of her favorites and, underneath it all, unmistakable hint of aroused womanhood. Even if I hadn't been horny already, this could have brought me to instant hardness by itself. As it was, I was afraid I'd cum in my pants like some kid.

When we finally broke our kiss, Linda took me by the hand and pulled me up the stairs to the bedroom. All the lights were on, the comforter was pulled off the bed and Linda had a box of condoms and a bottle of lube ready on the nightstand. We kissed briefly and then, as if on cue, broke apart and started pulling off our clothes. I had been right -- Linda had only one layer of clothing on. She was naked before I had my shoes off and my shirt undone. Dropping to her knees, she popped open the button on my slacks, pulled the zipper down and shoved the slacks and my boxers down around my ankles. Taking a deep breath, she proceeded to take as much of my throbbing hard-on into her mouth as she could before she started bobbing her head up and down on my rod. I struggled to kick my pants out of the way and finish stripping off my shirt as Linda concentrated on sucking me.

Linda's blowjob was tender and loving, but it was also impatient. She really wasn't trying to hold me back or tease me, and she made that clear. Popping me out of her mouth for just a brief moment, she looked up and me and said, "I want you to cum quickly this time so you still have some energy left for the rest of the fun we have planned." Then she plunged back down on my erection, stroking and twisting with one hand and following her fist up and down my shaft. It felt like a continual and very active deep-throat job. She was tugging at my balls with her other hand, coaxing them to give up their treasure to her hungry mouth.

It wasn't long before I was groaning from the pleasure, straining toward a climax that I had no intention of trying to hold back. "I'm cumming," I manage to grunt and then, with a final roar, I begin to climax. Linda clung on with everything she had, holding just the head of my cock in her mouth and working her tongue frantically on the underside while stroking me as if to pump even more of my cum onto her waiting tongue. Whatever her intent, the result was that she strengthened my climax to the point that my knees almost buckled.

As soon as my last shot of sperm oozed from my cock, Linda stood and stepped into my embrace. I knew what to expect next. Ever since the creampie adventures began between we two couples a few months ago, neither Linda nor my wife had given me a blowjob where my own jism wasn't snowballed back to me afterward in a passionate kiss. I've come to expect - even relish - this salty, gooey delight. This time was no different. Linda's mouth met mine and we kissed deeply, passing my cum back and forth, both of us reluctant to swallow and end the fun. It was a big load, and it grew with our saliva until eventually it spilled from our mouths and dripped down our bodies, spreading between us in sticky white pools where our chests were pressed together.

I suppose Linda swallowed what remained in her mouth after we broke our kiss, but I didn't. I held it on my tongue, savoring the taste, as I pushed her back onto the bed. Pulling her legs apart, I dived between her slim thighs and began to lap at her wet pussy. She was freshly shaved and so aroused that her meaty inner lips were deep red and almost stiff against my tongue. Her clitoris was peeking out of its hood, also bright red, and even the lightest swipe of my tongue against it brought a moan from her and a shudder that practically lifted her from the bed.

Just to 'prolong her agony' I concentrated on the copious moisture that was literally pouring from her vagina, lapping up all the wetness I could and drinking it along with the load of my own fluids I held in my mouth. Linda's juices were still getting away from my hungry mouth and running down over her anus. I chased the streams down that way as well, pushing her legs up and spreading her cheeks apart to lap at the little crinkled opening that would later be welcoming my cock into its virgin depths.

I was regaining my hardness just thinking about plunging into Linda's tight rectum. I'm fairly certain that the thought was on her mind also because when I pointed my tongue and poked it stiffly against her asshole in imitation of that act, she screamed and shook in a powerful orgasm that pushed a fresh flood of juices from her. I lapped them up greedily. Soon it was too much for her and she grabbed my head to pull me up on top of her.

I stopped along the way to suck at the big puffy nipples that capped her tiny tits. As I was about to move up and kiss her, I licked up the remaining bits of cum from her chest and held them in my mouth. Rather than kiss her right away, I held my face about six inches from hers and used one hand to pull down on her jaw. She got the hint and I let the cum I had collected drip into her open mouth before dropping down to kiss her. We swirled that tasty liquid between us for as long as we could, reveling in the salty tang as much as the kiss itself.

As the kiss continued, I let my body settle on Linda's and she wrapped her legs around my hips, drawing me closer. Without any guidance at all, my newly re-hardened cock found its way to her opening and slid in without resistance. One little push and I was completely inside her. Even though our kiss was unbroken, Linda seemed to sigh contentedly as she felt my cock slip in, her wet sheath easily stretching to accommodate me. Her pussy gave me a little squeeze while I held myself still inside her. At that point, all thought of the cameras trained on us was forgotten. We made love slowly at first. There was no urgency as we undulated against each other. For many long moments we kissed or stared into each other's eyes as our hips rocked gently against each other.

That idyllic feeling couldn't be maintained for long, however. Linda soon pushed me to the side and, with an easy roll of her hips had flipped us both over and was riding me. My cock had never left her pussy, but now she sat upright on me, stretching herself contentedly and resting her hands behind her head as she very slightly picked up the pace of our sex. For my part, I reached up and cupped her tiny breasts and pulled and twisted their puffy nipples. "These are the sweetest little titties ever," I said. I meant it.

"I'm can tell you like them," she purred. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my shaft. "I can really tell."

I moved my hands down to her hips. "That's not all I like," I smirked, and then drove my cock deep into her with five or six hard lunges. It almost took her breath away. She gave answer by frantically riding my cock for about thirty seconds, bouncing like a jockey on a horse. She started laughing and stopped for a moment. After the giggles had dissipated, we resumed a slower pace. Linda mostly just rocked her hips -- barely moving up and down as she rode me -- and I pushed my hips up to meet her in such a way that her rolling hips increased the depths of my strokes.

Soon Linda's breathing deepened. She also began to moan when one of my strokes hit just the right spot inside her or when the angle of her hips rubbed her clitoris against my cock or my belly just right. The pace inevitably increased as our arousal grew. I let her control the pace, trying to match her stroke-for-stroke.

Suddenly she rose up off me, giving me a really naughty grin before spinning around and guiding my dick back into her in the 'reverse cowgirl' position. Our movements after that were almost frantic. The tenderness had gone out of it now. We were fucking - hard! She would slam herself down against me as I thrust up to meet her, then she would grind and rotate her hips in circles before lifting herself up. When she had risen to the point that I was in danger of falling out, she would slam herself down and grind some more. There was a rhythm to it and the pace increased with every cycle of drop, grind and lift. Both of us were straining toward another climax. Finally, with one last plunge and a final grinding of her hips, Linda arched her back and cried out. The clenching of her walls was the final straw for me as well and I bucked upward, unleashing a torrent of hot cum into her depths.

Linda lay back against me briefly while we caught our breath, but soon rose up again. Bringing herself to her hands and knees over me, she backed up until we were in the '69' position and lowered her cum-filled pussy to my face. At the same time, she gently took my deflating penis in her hand and began to lap up the sticky mixture of juices that had drenched my entire crotch. Linda's mouth felt really nice as she licked up both her juices and mine from my cock and balls, avoiding the sensitive head. I tried to be gentle with her pussy as well, avoiding her clitoris and concentrating instead on lapping up the cream that slowly oozed from her channel.

After a while, neither of us could take any more and Linda rolled off beside me. Still on her knees, she turned to kiss me before settling into my arms, spooning her butt against my wilted manhood. Linda took my hand and held my open palm against her small breast. I squeezed the one breast I could reach gently, rubbing in little circles without pressing down much. The puffy nipple responded by pulling together in a taut bud under my palm and I found myself taking it between thumb and forefinger and giving it little tugs. She responded with soft moans and by pushing her ass against my cock and rolling her hips.

"Oh God, Bill," she whispered. "I'm so turned on. I'm ready for you again. Are you ready to fuck my ass?"

Wordlessly, I rolled her over on her stomach and crawled between her legs. I pulled her cheeks apart with my hands and immediately sank my face into her crack. It's amazing how accurate my dreams had been, including the wonderful musky scent of her. My cock began to respond, but I knew it would take a minute or two to regain full hardness. There was no hurry. Linda was a virgin and I needed to be patient and tender.

Linda liked the feeling of my tongue against her anus. As I continued to lick, she pushed back against me, slowly rising up on her knees with her shoulders still against the mattress. Her hands took over the job of spreading her cheeks wide, freeing mine to begin the slow process of opening her up enough for my hard-on to enter. I asked her to hand me the lubricating gel and a condom from the bedside table. I was happy to see it was an edible gel. That will make this even more enjoyable for both of us.

I popped open the gel and poured a generous amount on my hand to warm it. It was still a bit cool when my hand made contact with her warm genitals. The shock of the cool gel made Linda flinch. She flinched again as I began to work my slick index finger into her tight passage. By now my cock was almost completely hard again and I devoted a little attention to stroking it with my free hand. I added a little more lube occasionally as I worked my index finger in and out of her asshole and when Linda started to roll her hips as I anally finger-fucked her, I started to work a second finger into her. At first she tensed up, but I gently rubbed at her engorged clit with my other hand and she opened up for my fingers. When she again rolled her hips with to meet the thrusts of my hand, I said, "I think you're ready now."

I took my fingers out of Linda's ass for a moment and hurriedly ripped open the condom packet and rolled the rubber onto my erection, then applied a generous coating of lube, and knelt behind on the bed. Her opening had already closed up as tight as if I'd never put my fingers in her, so I applied more lube to my hand and gently worked first one, then two fingers inside her again. Linda was tense, but I thought she was finally ready. With my two fingers still in place, I moved closer, my condom-clad and well-lubricated cock throbbing in my hand. At first she flinched when my rod made contact with the shining wet pucker of her ass, but then she pushed gently back at me.

"I know this sounds strange, baby, but you need to push like you're trying to push me out of you." I told her. "It'll open you up."

"OK," she grunted, and I could see her sphincter flex as I began to push against her virgin opening. I pulled my fingers away as my cock made full contact and the head began to slip in.

"Stop!" she warned me. "That hurts!"

"I know, lover. We need to go really slow until you get used to it." I reassured her, stroking her lower back. "Sometimes it helps if you play with yourself."

"OK," she whimpered. I felt her cool fingers sliding up through her slit and bumping my cock.

I let her relax by fingering herself for a moment or so, then told her to push out again. Linda sucked her breath in and I felt her muscles flex again. This time I pushed a little more firmly and by the time she let her breath out with a whoosh, I was halfway inside her.

"Damn!" she groaned. "I feel so full!"

"Am I hurting you?" I asked.

"Not exactly," she told me. "But it isn't exactly comfortable yet. Can you add more lube? Maybe that'll help."

I dripped more of the gel around the point where my cock met her asshole, then spread even more along the remainder of my shaft. "Ready for the rest of it?" I said.

"Might as well," she chuckled as she flexed herself once more. This time my shaft slid in all the way. I stopped to let her get used to the feeling.

"I feel so full," she moaned. "Don't laugh, but it's like being pleasantly constipated."

"I've never heard it put that way," I admitted. After a few more moments of letting her get acclimated to me, I started to make very short strokes. She was still extremely tight.

Linda's only response was, "ooo." Gradually I began to lengthen my strokes and thrust a little more firmly into her. She continued to play with herself. Ever so gradually, her anus began to loosen its tight grip.

"I think I can take some serious fucking now," Linda groaned. "Come on, Bill. Fuck my ass good!" I obliged her, and soon I was pounding her at a pretty furious pace. She had quit fingering her pussy by now and was clutching and pounding the mattress while encouraging me, between moans and groans, to fuck her as hard as I could.

Linda must have really loved this. She was even more vocal than any other time I'd had sex with her -- practically screaming, in fact. "Fuck me, baby!" was repeated over and over until I finally could hold out no more. I pulled out of her and tore off the condom, then jacked myself off all over Linda's ass. The first jet actually shot up between her shoulder blades. The later, less powerful gushes of cum spattered on her ass and one puddle of jism actually slid down between her cheeks and into her gaping anus as it clenched and tried to close. Totally spent now, we collapsed on the bed panting.

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