I was shopping for a new city. Since age 15 I had been planning my escape from the small town in which I grew up. I ended up staying local for college. I got married. I got divorced. I went back to college for a second degree. But I had to work too much so that didn't go so well. The previous decade had put me in terrible debt between the first degree and the marriage/divorce. But then it occurred to me...for the first time in all of that time, I had nothing really holding me back from moving. So I started my research.

I had several places that I wanted to explore. Honestly, I can't really afford to travel much at all if any. But I did mange to figure out a somewhat inexpensive way to afford a visit to two of my "places I need to see".

It was the second night in the second city of my tour. I would be heading home the next day. I had gotten a pretty decent deal at a rather nice, full-service hotel. It was just past 9pm when I finished my exploring for the day and returned to my room. I had to be up early for my trip home but there was too much left of night. I decided to go down to the bar/restaurant that was housed within the hotel. I ordered myself a DiSoronno on the rocks. I loved that sweet smell and luscious taste of amaretto.

The bar was pretty empty. It was a Tuesday night. I was spinning the ice in my empty glass thinking about my trip, the return home and the decisions I needed make. The bartender asked if I wanted another one. Handing him my glass I replied with a "thank you". After he returned with my drink I took a sip and then I looked up to watch him return to his conversation with another customer. It was only then I noticed that both the bartender and the male patron were particularly good looking. The bartender was tall and rather thin for my tastes but he possessed a boyish-handsome face and stunning green eyes. The patron, with which he spoke was shorter and stocky, more my style. They both had brown hair and appeared to be in their mid 20s.

The patron took notice of my interest and invited me into their conversation. I slid down the bar to join them. As it turned out, the "patron" was also an employee of the hotel. He was a bellhop who had finished for the day with his concierge service and retired to the bar, waiting for his friend (the bartender) to complete his shift.

We talked, we laughed, and we drank. I fantasized about having both of them at once. I told them about my trip and when the topic of my employment came up their interest was obviously piqued with the knowledge of my occupation. So we chatted at length about that as well. As midnight drew near the bartender tidied up and readied himself to leave while I chatted more with the bellhop. When the bar was ready to be shut down for the night he commented that we should all hang out sometime. The bartender joined us as I announced that I'd be leaving in the morning. It was silent. We stared at each other, obviously all thinking the same thing. "I'd invite you both up to my room," I said, "But I suppose that would be against hotel rules for you to join me?"

Turning my head to the right I opened my mouth to take in the dick that wasn't already inside my wet pussy. It felt so incredible to have those two cocks inside me at once. I was in heaven. I had fantasized about this moment since I was a freshman in college when a close female friend had told me, detail-by-detail about her experience with a MFM threesome.

We had come up to the room in tandem. The bellhop was already inside when I opened the door for the bartender. I turned back to enter the room and the bellhop was in front of me, the bartender still behind. It all started happening so quickly, I was in somewhat of an ecstatic haze. My shirt was pulled off over my head from behind, my pants unzipped and pulled down from the front, all simultaneously. Hands cupped my breasts, he was kissing my neck. Who? A mouth on my pussy; a tongue darting over my clit. I was brought to my knees. Both men rubbed their cocks on my face. One was thick, the other long. I closed my eyes and smiled before accepting the first one into my mouth. I sucked them both, switching back and forth. Then we were on the bed. They both sucked on my tits. OH! One on each one at the same time. Hands all over my body. One was between my legs. I felt a cock slide inside my pussy as another tapped against my face begging for attention. I opened my mouth to take in the dick that wasn't already inside my wet pussy. It felt so incredible to have those two cocks inside me at once. I was in heaven.

Then they switched. The second cock in my mouth had the taste of a rubber but I didn't care. It was the thick dick inside of my pussy now fucking the shit out of me which made it difficult to really suck on the other dick well. But he came quickly and all over my face. The guy between my legs wasn't far along. He slammed me hard for maybe another minute or so before he too came.

I lay spent and satisfied...unable and unwilling to move. The Bartender & the Bellhop got dressed. Before they left they stood together smiling at me. Damn they were gorgeous! What a talented team. I wondered if they had done that before. I didn't ask. As they walked towards the door I heard one of them say, "I hope you enjoyed your stay". Indeed I had! I wouldn't be moving to that city, but I wouldn't be forgetting it either.

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