Bang Baby Bang Ch. 04


"That's it mom take my cock." Michael met his mother's shove fully, feeling the head of his cock falter and stall.

"Oh fuck. You fucking big dick bastard." She groaned as his cock pressed further into her ass. "God you're stretching me! My ass is on fire."

"Fuck mom you're so damn tight." His eyes rolled back as he couldn't believe the sensation he was feeling. He really enjoyed fucking her vaginally but this was good too. Different, not so much better but he would definitely be doing this again.

"Easy baby you really are big. Let me get use to you." Her ass was full of cock and as much as it hurt it strangely felt good too. She knew she would have to be careful he was much bigger than his father and definitely bigger than anything she had stuffed up her ass before.

"Fuck mom. Fuck!" his impatience was getting the best of him and he was finding it hard to be the considerate lover. He held his cock still allowing her to get use to his size but the burning desire to thrust was extremely compelling.

"Ok, ok slowly now. Just go slow and I'll tell you when to speed up." He was listening now which was good but she knew he'd take control soon. She only had a short time to set the pace and then he'd want to fuck.

Slowly his cock went deeper and the strokes began to be more deliberate and steady. He was definitely enjoying this. "Awww Fuck you're going to take it right up to my balls now." His tone was sounding more and more dominant.

"That's it baby more." She said encouraging him knowing his pace would increase soon and she would be into the fucking of her life. God where did he get the stamina? His strokes were more deliberate, smoother and quite controlled he was definitely becoming a masterful lover.

"Aw that's it, that's it take my cock." The warm water from the shower continued to pour over them making his mother's ass slick and shiny as he buried his cock deeply with her.

"More baby more," she pleaded as the sensation through her body became more and more pleasurable. Anal sex had never really been her thing but she had conceded in the past and allowed Michael's father to fuck this before but again like everything else with Michael the experience was again different, more pleasurable, and more intense.

"Faster fuck me faster!" His cock moved much more quickly now deep full strokes penetrating her so deeply. She had never felt this full of cock and she liked it. She was quickly becoming aware that she was becoming his and that both exhilarated and terrified her.

"Finger my clit. Fuck you bastard finger my clit!" She grabbed his hand from her hip and brought it forward to her sex. She pressed his finger into her and pushed hard grinding her clit. The erotic buzz from this act thrilled her; she was more aroused than she had ever been wanton, wild, and sexual.

"That's it baby make mommy your bitch fuck my ass!!" The words coming from her mouth seemed all at once alien. Who was this harlot, this desperate bitch who was whorishly fucking this young man? She met each thrust fully taking his cock deeply inside of her. She was his to do with as he pleased and she found that thought strangely arousing even if it did degrade her.

"I'm going to cum mom." He immediately held still after that announcement. But she wouldn't have it she pushed back hard and continued to fuck herself on his large appendage. "Oh you fucking bitch your ass is so fucking tight."

"It's ok baby, cum if you need to, mommy can take it." Again she continued to push back and grind her ass against him taking him deeply inside her, stretching her anal passage as she had her vaginal canal. He was her lover and her bod belong to him.

"Cum baby, cum for mommy." That was all it took, with those words he was done. She had learned a long time ago that she could control the duration and pace of sex by merely saying the right choice words at the right time.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck." He moaned and froze as his cock ejaculated deeply inside his mother ass. He knew he could never stay away from her he would be her lover and she his for the rest of their lives.

"Oh god baby I can feel you spurting in me. That's it cum for me make me yours. Make me yours." She pushed back hard driving his cock deep into her bowels. His pubic bone was pushed hard against her tail bone. His balls tightly pressed against her pussy. Her legs began to shake and she began to cum as well, a first for her she had never had an orgasm from anal sex before.

The house was air-conditioned which allowed her to wrap herself up snugly in the oversized housecoat.

"Hi can I help you?" Rachel said as she looked at the beautiful young blonde girl standing before her. Right away Rachel found herself fighting the reflexive jealousy that coursed through her body. This girls wasn't much taller than Rachel, had an all over tan that was magnificently accentuated by the outfit she wore. Whoever she was she knew how to dress in a way that subtly put all of her best attributes forward, especially if she was trying to impress a boy. The white T-shirt she wore had blue striping on both shoulders with a matching blue stripe that went down the front. It traveled over her right breast drawing attention to its shape and firmness. The T-shirt had the shorter girl sleeves and a hoody that bunched up slightly as it draped down her back highlighting her blonde hair even more. Her faded hip hugger jeans

"Is Michael home?"

"Yes he's just getting out of the shower," Rachel responded flatly. Her first response was to say she had the wrong house and slam the door shut

"Can I tell him whose calling?"


So this is the girl.

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