tagGay MaleBanged by the Bartender

Banged by the Bartender


"You're a little tease," he said in a soft effeminate tone as he cornered me in the dark hallway leading to the house's second bathroom. My heart raced as he stepped closer. I'd never been with a man but I was no stranger to bisexual fantasies. They were my guilty pleasure but I kept them a secret from everyone especially my wife. I had long wished I could share then with her but I knew she would never understand.

"I don't know what you are talking about," I stammered as he stepped closer pinning me in the corner of the long secluded hallway. He was easily 5 inches shorter than me but he had the powerful muscular body of a college athlete.

"Oh no?" He said skeptically as he reached out and brushed his hand against my semi-erect cock. He looked at me with the same fuck me eyes that he had been staring at me with all night and my knees felt weak.

"No," I replied unsteadily. I was unfamiliar with being pursued. With women I had always been in charge. I was the alpha dog but he turned that around. He moved closer until his body was just inches from me and reached down between my legs. I could smell the fresh scent as his cologne wafted up to my nose. He squeezed my fully erect dick and smiled brightly.

"Your sexy lips say 'no'," he said confidently, "but your big hard cock says 'fuck me please'. Tell the truth baby, you want me to fuck you don't you?"

I slowly shook my head "no" but the truth was that I did. It was a strange realization because in the years that I had been fantasizing about bisex I had never wanted to be fucked. My fantasies had always been singularly focused on sucking another man's cock. The person it was attached to was immaterial and I had never considered being sucked or fucked but as he stroked my dick through my shorts in the dark secluded hall that changed. I wanted to suck his cock, yes, but I also wanted to feel his hands on my body and his cock inside me.

"You're lying," he said softly as he leaned in and brushed his lips across the sensitive skin at the nape of my neck.

I bit my lip to stifle a low moan but my reaction did not go unnoticed.

"I heard that," he said softly. His free hand slid under the hem of my shirt and touched my bare chest as he continued to stroke and squeeze my hard throbbing dick. "Do you want me to fuck you?" He asked again.

I closed my eyes and pictured the scene. I moaned openly and slowly nodded "yes."

His hand moved from my cock and he stepped back as he smiled triumphantly. He continued to stare at me with piercing blue "fuck me" eyes and my cheeks flushed crimson as I stood against with wall with a massive erection making a tent my loose fitting shorts.

I had known I was playing with fire when I first responded to his advances. He was tending bar at a friends party and my wife, Sheila, and I were in from out of town. We were staying in the first floor guest room for the night before heading back to our DC metro home. His interest had been clear from way he looked at me and I liked the way it made me feel.

My second drink had been very strong and I jokingly asked him if he was trying to get me drunk.

"Would I have to?" He had asked as his eyes bore into me. I had looked around nervously to see if anyone had seen our obviously charged interaction but we were alone at the bar.

"Even if you did," I had replied, "I don't think my wife would go for it."

"She can watch," he answered quickly. I suspected that I was not the first straight married man he had hit on and I wondered how often he was successful.

"Good luck with that," I had mused as I turned to leave. I needed fresh air to clear my head.

My next three drinks had been accompanied by similar exchanges and each time I could feel my dick swell and leak in my shorts. It was an incredibly exciting feeling and I wondered how far we would take it. Even if it ended with a fizzle I had a ton of fantasy material but I honestly hoped he would keep pushing and I didn't know how far I would let it go.

The party was breaking up and Shawn had closed the bar when I walked past him and down the secluded hall toward the guest room and the second bathroom. I smiled at him as we made, and held, eye contact on my way past him. My heart thumped in my chest and my adrenaline level surged. I hoped and wondered if he would follow me.

He did and I turned to face him just before I got to the bathroom. He looked at me with deep penetrating eyes and I felt oddly out of control as though I was a marionette and he was pulling the strings.

As he stepped back away from me after working me into a sexual frenzy unlike anything I had ever felt he looked over his shoulder and down the long hall. My eyes followed his and I saw my wife with her mouth agape. I knew she had seen it all and I held my breath as I waited for the fallout but it didn't come.

Sheila walked quickly down the hall as Shawn guided me past the bathroom and into the guest room where Sheila and I had our overnight bags.

I was in a dream state as Shawn pulled my shirt over my head and pushed me back toward the bed. He took his shirt off exposing his muscular, well defined chest and moved forward as my wife entered the room and locked the door behind her. We had never discussed having a threesome and I had always assumed she would be grossed out at the notion that I was, at the very least, bicurious, but the look on her pretty face told me that she liked what she saw.

Shawn dropped his shorts and boxers to the floor and stood naked in front of me. I had never seen another man, erect and nude before and my hungry eyes soaked in his strong powerful body. His arms and legs were thick and muscular and his body was tan and shaved smooth. His cock was long and thick with a fat bulbous head that glistened with precum. He wrapped his fist around the shaft of his big dick and looked at me with his "fuck me" eyes.

"Is this what you want?" He asked as his eyes penetrated me. I knew Sheila was in the room just a few feet away but it was as though I was alone in the room with Shawn.

"Yes," I said softly. My voice was low and thick with lust. It sounded foreign to me as though it was coming from somewhere and someone else but the words and desire were all mine. My eyes were drawn to his cock.

He stepped forward and I sat on the bed in front of him. His cock was inches from my face and I could smell the faint musky scent from his drooling precum and I liked it.
My eyes moved slowly from his dripping dick and traveled up his athletic body to his deep blue eyes. I had never been a submissive lover but with Shawn I felt comfortable under his direction. He smiled and nodded letting me know that he wanted me to touch his big hard cock.
My hands trembled with the combination of fear and desire as I reached out and touched his throbbing dick. The skin was impossibly soft like silk covering a granite shaft and it felt oddly different from when I touched myself. I squeezed his hard shaft and he moaned softly.

"Go ahead," he said softly. His voice, previously high and effeminate, was low and thick with desire. "Suck it."

I wanted it and his gentle persuasion was all that I needed to do what he asked. I stuck my tongue out and slowly ran it up the hard throbbing shaft of his delicious cock. I could taste the briny flavor of his salty flesh and I liked it. I inhaled deeply, drawing his natural musk into my lungs and filling me with raw unbridled desire.

"Mmm," he moaned as my tongue slithered over the smooth flesh of his cock and balls. His scent was a powerful aphrodisiac and I soon lost myself in the eroticism of his magnificent cock. My tongue slithered lower and glided along the sensitive skin on his upper thigh as I slowly stroked his cock.

I could hear my wife moaning softly in the back ground as I opened my mouth wide and took his big cock between my lips. The salty sweet flavor of his precum tickled my taste buds making me moan with raw, wanton desire. I had never sucked a cock before but it seemed like a natural thing to do. My eyes were closed tight and my head bobbed over his dick taking it deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Shawn's hands guided my head up and down his cock as his hips moved gently fucking my mouth. My throat opened and I forced his entire dick into my mouth. Tears streamed down my cheeks as my nose pressed against the short cropped fur above his cock.

He moaned loudly as I deep throated him. My hands grabbed his taut muscular ass holding him deep inside of me until I needed to come up for air.

His cock was covered with my saliva and I stroked the shaft as I licked all over his pelvic area. I slid lower and licked under his balls and tried to get back to his taint. My mouth was on a lust fueled autopilot, seeking places to give him pleasure. I moved back up to his big delicious cock and wrapped my lips around the head as my hand moved quickly over the shaft. I sucked hard and he moaned again. I wanted to make him cum and my entire focus was on that one desire. I could tell he was getting closer. His cock drooled profusely in my mouth and I swallowed his juices savoring the tangy flavor of his excitement.

"Lay down on your back," Shawn said as he guided me onto the bed. He climbed between my legs and hoisted them onto his shoulders as he pressed his face between my ass cheeks. His tongue slid over my sphincter and I moaned loudly. I had never felt anything as deliciously wicked and wonderful in my life. My heart raced and my toes curled as he slobbered and licked my tight puckered asshole. He spat onto my crack and pushed two fingers inside me as he rose onto his knees between my spread thighs.

I panted wantonly as Shawn finger fucked my virgin ass. He pumped his fingers hard and deep into me for several minutes before adding a third and then a fourth digit to his anal assault. I moaned and groaned as his fingers stretched my ass wider.

"Are you ready to get fucked?" He asked playfully as his deep blue eyes looked at me intently.

"Oh god yes," I panted. I wanted him inside me and I wanted it badly. "Please fuck me." My words were loud and proud. I knew what I needed and I wanted him and Sheila to know it too.

Shawn spat into his fist and rubbed saliva over his cock. He pushed the head against my asshole and it offered little resistance to his granite cock. His fingers had stretched my asshole but his cock filled me like nothing I had ever felt before. He leaned forward and pressed his weight down on me sinking his long tool balls deep into my ass making me groan loudly. The pain was bearable but the pleasure was unreal.

I panted and moaned with each powerful thrust of his big beautiful dick. He pounded my ass hard with long strokes as I looked up at him with lust in my eyes.

"Stroke your cock," he directed as he continued to fuck me hard.

I glanced at my wife and smiled. Sheila was slouched in a chair beside the bed with her shorts at her feet. Her right hand was busy playing with her pussy as her left hand clutched and squeezed her tits underneath her blouse. She had a glazed look on her pretty face as she approached an obviously powerful climax.
Shawn continued to fuck me hard. Sweat covered his tan muscular body and dripped onto mine. His taut muscles rippled with each powerful thrust of his big hard dick.

My legs trembled as the early sensations of an orgasm spiraled through my body. My right hand stroked my cock as my left reached up and rubbed his perfectly defined pecs. I was close. My heart pounded mercilessly in my chest and my breathing was erratic.

"I'm gonna cum," I groaned as he continued to fuck me hard and fast.

"Cum for me," he grunted. His voice was deep and confident and I felt myself pass the point of no return.

"Oh god," I cried out loudly. My body shook and copious jets of hot cream splattered onto my chest.

Shawn slowed his pace and reached down into the mess on my chest. He scooped my cum onto his fingers and pushed them into my mouth. His cock and fingers moved in and out of me in unison as I swallowed my seed and waited, like a hungry baby bird for more. He didn't disappoint. He scooped up more cum and pushed it into my mouth until I had swallowed my whole loan.

I moaned and swallowed my cream as I looked at him with hungry eyes. I had just cum hard but I was still hard and his dick was still sliding in and out of my gaping ass.

Shawn pulled his cock from my ass and moved to the head of the bed. He straddled my face and lowered his tight clean asshole onto my waiting tongue. It had felt so good when his tongue had been inside me and I wanted him to feel that good.

I slid my tongue from his taint to his asshole as he sat on my face. I couldn't see anything but his ass and I was intently focused on licking and tongue fucking his tight hole when I felt the familiar warmth of Sheila's wet pussy on my hard dick.

Shawn climbed off my face and lay on his side with his beautiful cock inches from my face. I sucked him into my mouth and sucked hard as my wife rode my still throbbing dick. Her body shook and she came with my dick deep inside her.

Shawn's body began to quiver and I knew he was close. I was tingling in anticipation. I wanted to feel him explode inside my mouth. I wanted to taste his essence and drink his semen. I wanted it all. His balls tightened and his cock expanded in my mouth as hot delicious cum pumped through its shaft and shot into my mouth. I swallowed quickly but it came to fast and spilled from the corners of my mouth.

Sheila continued to ride my hard dick. Her second climax spilled into a third as she watched me swallow Shawn's cum like a seasoned professional. She slammed her soft sexy body onto mine, her cunt clutching my cock and milking it until I came hard inside her. She collapsed beside me in an exhausted sweat covered heap. Her curvaceous body spooned beside me as Shawn turned around and lay in front of me with his face inches from mine.

"Thanks for a fantastic time," he said. His voice had regained its effeminate tone. His arm pulled my body close and his lips brushed against mine. I had never considered kissing him but his soft lips met mine and they parted of their own accord. His tongue slipped inside my mouth and we kissed deeply. His warm body felt good against mine and I returned his kiss with much more enthusiasm than I thought possible.

"No, thank you for a great time and for expanding my horizons. Can you stay the night," I asked when the kiss ended.

"You want me to fuck you in the morning don't you?" He asked as his hands roamed over my body lighting a new fire in my loins.

"In the middle of the night, in the morning and in between," I replied as I ground wantonly against him.

"I want you inside me when he fucks you," Sheila whispered in my ear as she spooned up tight behind me.

"Mmmm," I moaned as her hands joined Shawn's on my rapidly heated body. They rolled me onto my back and started kissing my face and lips as their hands caressed my naked flesh. I didn't know if I could get it up again but I was willing to try.

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my fantasy exactly

I truly wish this would happen to me. I want my wife to watch me suck cock and get fucked by a well-hung man. Please tell more stories like this one.

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My cock is red raw from wanking reading your story

I would love to suck a big beautiful cock and swallow all the lovely juice then get fucked really hard and get my ass vreamed

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The seduction of a married straight man made me want to be seduced and fucked

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