tagMatureBangin' My Neighbor

Bangin' My Neighbor


After witnessing all of Lora's mental, verbal, and physical abuse to Dan, Selena understood why he was coming on to her the way he was. Even though she tried to keep her morals in line and be the bigger person compared to her own wandering spouse. She knew he didn't care considering her husband did the same sort of thing with his wife. Was he seeking revenge on the both of them or is he really attracted to her was the question running through her mind. She didn't want a commitment to him; she was in it just for the fun and excitement.

Being their neighbor, they were good friends and hung out very often. Lora would confess all the time that she didn't care about him and was planning on leaving him, get the right amount of alcohol in that women she will tell you ALL of her problems. She's so sure about herself to where she will try to lead any man onto get what she wants. She would flirt consistently with any man she could, even on Ron. One night of drinking led him on to confess their past affairs which ending the couples' friendship for 2 years.

When Rob's transmission went out on the side of the road, by his house, Dan so happened to be driving by and saw that he and his little wife were in trouble. Rob, being almost 25, was happy to see his old friend. Dan saw Selena jump out of the truck to his, in her tight fitting tank top undershirt and tight green sweatshirt and well fitted jeans. He was so hypnotized by this 5'2", tiny, swollen breast woman and her sweet voice that he barely comprehended that she was begging him to take her to school. She was late to class and had to give a very important final presentation. Rob knew how important that was, so he asked Dan to take her while he called their other neighbor, Junior, that had a 2 ton truck to help pull him home.

Dan casually nodded, "Aight, man, I'll make sure she gets there."

Rob, "You really don't mind? I would really appreciate it."

Dan, "Oh yeah, it's all good. I know how important that must be."

Rob, "Thanks man."

Selena, riding and even drinking alone with the guy before, breathed a sigh of relief when she jumped in the passenger side.

Selena, stressed out, rubbed her face and started saying, "God, I don't know how to thank you enough, Dan! I don't know what I would do if I missed this!" Dan glanced over and noticed her tight 23 year old body just rocking those jeans.

"Yeah," He laughed, "it's no problem, always great to help a friend." Selena sweetly smiled at him and said, "Awe, you're a real cool friend."

Coming from the country, it's quite a long drive, so to cut the awkward silence Dan decided to flip the radio on to some classic rock. Selena felt a tad bit awkward and uncomfortable around him, she didn't know why but she felt like he didn't like her. She didn't realize that he wanted her in ways more than one. Him being 38, he knew all the songs that came on the radio, but he didn't know that she knew them too. He noticed, from the corner of his eye, that she was singing every word to one of the songs that came on the radio and he just had to ask her.

"Now how do you know this song?" He bluntly asked her, turning the radio down.

"Huh?" She stared at him puzzled, "Why you ask?"

"This song was made before you were even thought of, how could you possibly know this song by heart?" She dropped her eyelids with offense and replied, "Why? Because I'm 23 you don't think I don't know the Scorpions?" Dan was impressed at the accurate name drop. She looked at him, opened her mouth in shock and laughed, "Ah! I see you're profiling!" He just laughed, "No one is profiling." Noticed her hand on the center console and his soda right by it, so he reached down and brushed her hand and jerked it away. Her smile soon turned into a shock as she pulled her hand back. He smiled a bit, still watching the road, "Sorry." She gave him a shy smile and went back to looking out the window, now he felt like an ass.

When they finally made it to the college, she quickly jumped out and darted toward the building. "Bye!" he called out to her as she swung the door open and ran inside. She was confused at the feelings and the vibes she felt in the truck, she shook her head and tried not to think about the awkwardness she encountered.

When she was finished with class, she walked out to the parking lot to find her husband waiting for her in her mothers' truck. She jumped in and he started talking to her about what was wrong with the truck. As he was talking about the people he knew where to get a new one and how much it was going to cost and how they were planning on getting it just bored her to death. She knew what was going to become of her front porch and that it needed to be done, she just didn't want to talk about it.

"What about we pull over and mess around," She giggled as she started playing with her hair, "It's not our truck and I'm not wearing any panties." He groaned and replied, "I would, baby, but we have a truck and Dan at the house that needs to be worked on and it's going to probably take all night." She just sighed and started pouting. "Maybe before we take me to the airport tomorrow we can do something fun."

"That's the point, Rob!" She sighed, "You're leaving for another month tomorrow and you've been hanging out with your friends and hunting since you came home." He shook his head and replied, "The hunting is for food and I would like to socialize with my friends, you seem to don't have a problem with doing those things either when I ain't here." She rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and legs, scoffed, "It's only to bide my time till you're home! What the Hell else am I supposed to do? Just wait by the phone 24/7?!" He shook his head, "I'm not arguing with you right now, I have to think about how the Hell I'm fixing my truck." This wasn't the first time he neglected her, she just lost the battle again.

When they pulled up to their country house and immediately got to work; Rob climbed underneath and started trying to unbolt the bolts. Selena pulled off her sweat shirt to reveal her tank top and started helping him reach the tight spots. It started getting dark, so Rob got up to look for different types of tools that they were going to need. Headlights of Dans' truck lit up the pavement underneath the truck; he already had started on the drinking beer part of redneck mechanic projects. He walked up, looked underneath at Selena and she looked back up at him. He quickly glanced out of the corner of his eye to see that Rob was distracted, so he just smiled real big at her for a second and winked. She was astonished at the way he looked at her; she hasn't ever seen this kind of behavior before.

"Want a beer?" Dan asked Selena.

"Uhhh," She laughed nervously, "maybe here in a little bit, I'm kinda preoccupied at this moment." He nodded his head. She cracked the bolt, finally, and was able to loosen it up to unscrew it properly. Transmission fluid started running down her arm and into her long blond hair, that's when she started losing it. "Ahhhh!" She laughed and screamed at the same time, "It's getting in my hair! Ahhh!" Dan chuckled, "I wish Lora would do stuff like this with me, all she does it holler at me." She slowly gazed over at Ron, who was feeling extremely uncomfortable at that point. They didn't respond, they just continued what they were doing.

"Uhhh I think I got them all, babe." She informed her hubby. He and Dan took Selena's spot and both Lumbar Jack men led it all the way down, got the new one and put it up. They all sat around and started drinking, laughing and just hanging out to celebrate their achievement. Ron started drinking on hard liquor, challenging Dan to a drinking contest, got sick and passed out in the bedroom. Selena was trashed herself; she helped him into bed and returned to the dining room to a laughing Dan.

"Guess he can't hang, huh?" He chuckled as he took another drink of his beer. She nodded a giggled, "Aww! He tried!"

She paused for a moment then asked him, "So where is Lora, again?" He replied, "With her family in Florida, been there for almost a week." She gently nodded her head and mouthed the word, "Oh." She got up and stumbled to the back porch and looked at the pool.

"I should go swimming," She laughed, "I'm bored!"

"That ain't a good idea," He said, "well, to go alone that is." So he picked her up and threw her in the pool then jumped in behind her. Playfully, she splashed him; screaming and yelling, "Ugh! You asshole! These are my good pair of jeans!"

"Well," He chuckled, "then take them off." She wiped her eyes and starred at him in confusion. She felt her face get hot; she knew she was blushing at his comment. "Wanna go to the river?" He asked her. She shook her head, "We've been drinking and we can't leave him alone." He noticed him starring obviously at her chest, which she then realized that he would see her bra through her wet, white tank top. Starring her up and down for a minute or two, "You're the most beautiful chick I've ever seen and your tits are gorgeous." She started laughing, nervously, and began to head back to the ladder to exit out of the pool.

He rushed up behind her, grabbed her curvy waist, pulled her back in the pool and snarled in her ear, "I can make you pull your hair out." She gasped, feeling like a damsel to his strength, she tried to pull away but he just grasped harder, reached down and grabbed her wet pussy and he D sized tit. Gasping and moaning, she wasn't sure to fight or give in; she was so confused at what was happening.

"Please," She begged, "we can't do this." He spun her around, gazed into her eyes and said, "Let me show you what a full grown man can do to you." Still in shock, he started to try and kiss her. She held back for a second, but she rolled her eyes back and finally gave in; he kissed her in a way she has never ever felt with any of the guys she used to date, or even her young husband has ever. She began to wrap her legs around his waist but she snapped out of her trance and darted out of the pool, holding her mouth in shame. She ran to the bathroom, grabbed her robe, looked at Dan and told him, "I think you should leave." He starred at her for a moment and just nodded, "Probably what's best."

He began to head out the door, but he noticed her grabbing and chugging her beer and stumbled to, what she thought, was her room but it was in fact the spare bedroom. He followed her back there and started trying to apologize for his inappropriateness, but he knew he wasn't REALLY sorry. "Whatever," She said waving her hand at him, "just try not to bring this up again."

"With that tight ass." He muttered.

"What?" She cocked her head. He smiled, shook his as a response and just pounced on her, pulled open her legs and thrust his pelvis in to hers. He rubbed her buttery, silky, tight skin which made him have a harder dick than what he was used to having. Even thought she was impaired, she tried to sit up and push him off her, yet at the same time she was fighting her thoughts of being faithful and wanting to consume his lust. She would shake her head but she would then feel his lips on her neck, which made her scratch his back and moan.

Exhausted from fighting back, she just laid back and sighed. He starred down at her limp, hard body; crawled slowly up to her ear and asked, "Are you going to tell anybody?" She just whimpered and shook her head. "We can't do this, please!" She whined as she fought to keep her pants on. He grabbed her hands, and then realized she wasn't wearing any panties. He smiled, "Just lay back, little gal, I'm about to make your toes curl."

She gazed up at him as he pulled her hands up to him and kissed her palms. Having her hypnotized again, he leaned in and began to gently kiss her all the way down to her cherry tattoo that sat right on her bikini line. Slowly he pulled her pants down, waiting for a swat or slap. Instead he got moaning and tugging on his hair.

"You're really getting into this, aren't you?" He laughed as he was gazing up from her pussy.

"I've never done this before," She whined some more, "I'm a good girl!" Dan just laughed and thought, "This is gonna be fun! I'm corrupting this sweet girl." He began to eat and tongue her pussy like she has never felt; she shot up, slapped her hand over her mouth and tried to scoot away from him. It ticked him off a bit so he just grabbed her legs, pulled her closer and slammed his cock in her. It felt like he could cum right then and there when he felt her warm, silky, tight, wet pussy.

"God Damn, girl!" He shouted out by accident, he hasn't felt a pussy this wet in years. She grabbed his hair and shushed him as he began to plow her juicy cunt. He pulled her tank and bra off at the same time to reveal her luscious, perky tits just drenched in pool water. He grouped them and noticed they were much bigger than his wife's tits. He sucked on her cherry nipples; it felt like they were swollen just for him.

He got up, pulled her hair, flipped her over and rammed her doggy style. "Take it all, little girl." He laughed vindictively as she moaned and grabbed the sheets. With his lack of sex over a long period of time, he could feel that he was about to cum real soon. He looked down at her large, fine ass bounce off his pelvis but it was the large tattoo on her lower back that made him blow. He pulled out and nutted all over her back, he sighed as he rubbed the head of his cock all over her ass crack. "Whew! That was sumthin' wasn't' it?" He laughed as he grabbed her robe and wiped off his dick. She slowly turned over, placed her hand over her mouth again and absorbed what she just did.

"Your wife is my friend." she said finally.

"Yeah," he replied.

"My husband is your friend,"


"And we just-"

"And you liked it," He smirked at her. She shook her head and began to choke up about the whole thing. He tilted his head, smiled slightly, and told her, "Ain't anybody's business but our own." She started to shuffle for her clothes as she nodded and sniffled. "Are you going to tell them?" She bit her bottom lip and shook her head no. He just nodded his head at her and responded, "Good."

He started crawling on her again, kissing her neck and grabbing the back of her head. She started sighing; eyes rolled back in the back of her head and just gave in again. He started making out with her and her still naked body, caressing this young goddess that has given him the time of day! "You won't tell anybody, will you?" He moaned as he grinded his semi hard cock on her pussy. She shook her head no again as she moaned and began to grind him back.

Feeling on her curvy body, he noticed the ray of sunlight coming through the window. He gazed over to see that it was already dawn outside and that he had to take his leave soon. "I have to go now," He whispered in her ear as he rubbed her tits, "but I'll be back to see you very soon to finish this conversation." She looked at him, with her glazed eyes, and let him passionately kiss her again. He slowly reached down, began to finger her and rub her tits some more. He needed to hear her moan before he headed back to his house. He stood up, pulled his pants up, stormed out of the house and left.

She sat in the dark for an hour or so before her husband finally woke up and jumped in the shower. She grabbed her clothes and darted to the guest bathroom and tried to shower before Ron realized that she was naked and smelt like the night before. Even though he was 14 years older than she was, she couldn't help but to think about him and his rock hard cock. That was better than anything she has ever felt, perhaps he did show her what a grown man could do.

Will he continue this conversation later?

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