tagIncest/TabooBanging the Aunts

Banging the Aunts



Ralph Cave's mom and two other sisters caught him fucking their youngest sister and it really was a big moment for the family.

Holy shit he'd never seen his mom so mad. If a guy couldn't fuck his aunts, what use were they coming and lounging about having coffee with his mom, talking non-stop and saying wasn't Ralph becoming such a fine looking young man?

Well that was a lot of wordage because his mom's three sisters lived close by. Aunt Meg was the first to open her legs for him.

Ralph remembered how he'd sparked sexual interest in Aunt Meg, the cutest of the sisters. She had a big smile and even bigger tits. Ralph was home after his first semester as a sophomore and Aunt Meg and his mom had been nattering away and drinking wine. He was in the bathroom and had lazily left the door open as usual when his aunt came for a pee. Ralph had just finished peeing and was shaking the last drips into the bowl.

Meg who was thirty-two skidded to a halt and said, "Oh I'm sorry to burst in like this. The door was open and..."

"It's okay. I thought you were coming in to tell me to remember to put the seat down."

"What? Oh no, I'm not your mother. Omigod."

"What?" Ralph said, looking into the bowl to see if he'd peed blood.

"That... that what's in your hand."

He looked down and could only see his dick. "You mean my dick?"

"Yes, you're hung like a horse. You are half as big again as your Uncle Alan."

"Yes I know I'm big. Do you want to touch it?"

"Yes... I mean no."

"Then can I watch you pee? You'll have to lift up a bit."

"No... I mean okay. Oh god what am I saying?"

"You said it's okay for me to watch you pee."

Aunt Meg hesitated and then said if he told anyone he'd watched her pee she'd break his ass.

Ralph couldn't figure out how she could break his ass but so what? He said it would be their secret.

Meg ran back and locked the door. She then hitched up her dress and backed over the bowl.

"You have very sexy legs and I already reckon you have by far the best tits of your sisters, mom included. You are a real stunner."

Those compliments appeared to reach Meg where it counted. "Gee do you really think so?"

"Yeah, that's my honest opinion."

"Come closer, bend down if you wish."

Fascinated, the crouching guy just turned twenty watched the stream flow.

"Well what do you think?"

"I was thinking do you fuck much."



"Is that a question a nephew should ask his aunt?"

Ralph chose his words carefully, deciding to make a hit on her. "In your case I consider it very appropriate because I'm very attracted to you."

"Oh god," Meg wailed as she wiped with toilet paper.

"Turn around, bend over and let me see your two holes."

"No, definitely not. My god Ralph."

"What? I wasn't aiming to touch you on this occasion."

"And there will be no other occasion thank you very much."

Ralph said there would be other occasions but urged her not to dispute that. "Think of my dick when you are in the bath tonight musing and then decide whether or not there will be another occasion."

"Could you leave now? We ought not go out together. Oh and thank you for those genuine compliments. They rather thrilled me."

"Yeah right. You deserve accolades."

Meg was at the vanity mirror putting on lipstick when Ralph reappeared grinning.

"Mom's asleep with her head on the kitchen table, her mouth open. You and I could have fucked."

"Ralph," Meg hissed. "Don't talk to me like that."

Grinning, Ralph slapped her ass and left the bathroom.

* * *

During the next couple of days the almost perpetuating memory of the size of Ralph's cock haunted Meg. Eventually she reached the stage of imagining it up her and she holding a fat smile.

Oh god.

Meg knew why she'd become so carnally focused. These days Alan was so pedestrian in sex. Usually he now limited it to Friday and Sunday nights and then only in missionary. If he awoke early on Saturday morning she was permitted to gobble him. It had to be early because he wished to be fully recovered before he went off to play golf.

She wanted, wanted, wanted the fun back in sex. Ralph might be capable of delivering on that. She considered the risks of being found out, knowing there could be hell to play if they were caught. She mused why have nephews if aunts weren't permitted to fuck them? She reasoned well if you fuck your nephew who's next? A girl could go light in the head thinking about all the possibilities of running amok but keeping it within the extended family. Omigod she was regaining her former interest in casting around for sex as she'd done so very actively before her marriage.


When next visiting the Cave's home Meg decided to remain watchful, having no wish to have that sexo pounce and grab a breast of whatever he had in mind. Her screams of triggered passion... er... her screams could bring her sister running and Anna might kick her son in the nuts, damaging him for life, and she might also ban Meg from visiting. Meg couldn't decide which of those two adverse outcomes would be the worse.

Meg kissed Anna and handed across the flowers. Ann said Ralph was sunning himself outside and suggested Meg should go out and say hi.

"Um no thanks."

"What? What has Ralph done to you or don't you like him?"

"Um no. I'm trying to look after my complexion and don't have sunscreen makeup on."

"Heavens girl, you have to be out there twenty minutes to do yourself harm. He'll be disappointed to be told he's missed seeing you. You are his favorite aunt."

"What, who told you that?"

"He did silly. He's said that for years and probably will think of other compliments when seeing you in that sundress with so much tit showing. God Meg, you're a married woman. Are you sure you ought to be dressed like that?"

"Don't be so prudish," Meg snapped and wondered why the hell when coming here of all places had she decided to wear her most revealing dress.

"God you little slut," she whispered.

"Hi Ralph."

"Hi," he said, a turning and seeing who it was said, "Oh hi. God you look great with your tits hanging out like that. I didn't realize that voice was my aunt with the juicy cunt."

"Ralph you can't talk to me like that," she snapped.

"Why not?" he challenged.

"Because... because your mother might hear."

Meg knew that was a mistake. She should have said because she didn't like it.

"Okay you have a point. I must keep my voice down when speaking to you intimately."

There, she had the opportunity to tell him she didn't like him speaking to him intimately. But she jumped to something else and asked what was he reading.

"A piece about women having multiple orgasms."

"Perhaps I ought to read that. I haven't had... oh god."

"It's okay. Your sexual frustrations and dirty sex secrets are safe with me. But you do have the occasional orgasm?"

"Er yes. Occasionally is a very accurate description for what I experience."

"What about when you masturbate?"

"I don't masturbate," she said, cheeks flaming.

Ralph looked straight at Meg. "How can we talk to each other honestly when you lie?

"I-I'm sorry. I do masturbate and have been fisted twice."

Ralph nodded. "Pull down your top and flip out a breast for me to see. Mom can't see out of the kitchen window at this angle."

Meg believed she had to do it to keep on side after being scolded for lying.

She fiddled and flipped.

"Gee me, it's a fucking beauty. Cover up because mom's watching and probably wondering what you are doing."

"Oh god," Meg wailed.

She turned around red-faced but saw the asshole had been lying. No one was there and she couldn't see the kitchen window.

"You asshole," she spat. "You almost made me pee myself in fright."

"Sorry. Pee over me and shame me if that will make you feel better."

Meg was astonished. "You mean you wouldn't mind if... you know?"

"Who knows Meg? We must find out sometime. You best go back inside otherwise mom will be thinking you are fucking me."

"You liar. You know if you had a good woman she'd kill you with her intensity."

"Way to go baby. The inscription will read, 'Here lies Ralph Cave, fucked to death by the good woman Meg Wilson. RIP'.

"You stupid asshole," Meg giggled. "Come in for afternoon tea and behave like a proper nephew. They usually ignore their aunts."

Masturbating that night and three times bringing herself to orgasm Meg wondered why she'd lied to Ralph she couldn't have repeat orgasms but her guilt wore her down. She had to admit it was part of strategy: perhaps one day they might fuck and he'd claim he'd triggered her into her first multiple organism, probably nine of them within two minutes by smacking her vulva with that big dick of his once he'd fucked her into a gasping, writhing climax.

Next evening Anna called, "Phone for you Ralph."

"Hi is your Uncle."

Ralph's nuts or perhaps his lower stomach tightened. But he was confident Meg wouldn't have shot her mouth off. It was just a guilt reaction letting him know he was taking a big risk and risks were associated with penalties.

"Hi Uncle Alan."

"Well you're twenty now so call me Alan in future."

"Right and thanks. How's the boat-building business?"

"I've had to take on three more guys and another office lady. I have orders coming out of my ears. You aunt is complaining our motor-yacht is sitting in the marina rotting. Well I'm working six days a week and I Sunday I like to potter around the place after an early round of golf. Will you take her out?"

"Did she suggest that?"

"No I've just thought about it. You've been out with me often enough and have docked Merlin Magic enough times without dinging her and you being the current champion skipper of the Ensign fleet on our lake. She'll know what you don't know about boating is not worth knowing and I'll remind her she knows that."

"Well I don't know. She might not like sailing with me. Why don't you ask Miranda Wolf, she's my nearest competitor on the lake?"

"Because she's too busy nailing guys, that's why."

They laughed and Ralph said if she devoted as much time to sailing as she did to that Miranda would be the best sailing skipper/tactician around.

They laughed and Alan said, "Well?"

"Talk it over with Aunt Meg and if she wants me to do it then ask her to call me. How often would we go out?"

"Whenever you guys wish. Meg only works mornings. Use the small outboard if you're just messing as those big puppies really burn gas. Come in to the yard to fill up with gas whenever the tanks fall below the half-full mark. If I'm not there the boys will recognize Meg. Oh on hot days she likes sunbathing um at least topless but never when we have other people aboard. That won't scare the crap out of you will it is she decides to do it thinking of you as family?"

"Nah their tits are just like male tits, only bigger."

They laughed.

Meg called five minutes later and he yelled to his parents who were watching TV the call was for him and his father called okay.

"Alan says you'll take me out on the lake."

"Yes. When he proposed that I asked him to make the suggestion to you and to get you to call me. I had no wish to place you in an embarrassing position."

"I'm happy for you to be my skipper darling. You are a noted sailor and have handled MM before. I'm just not confident enough at the wheel and bashed against the jetty over at Mission Landing and that was the end of me attempting to be skipper."

"Yeah well it's a lot to do with touch, confidence and instinct."

She replied yes to his question was Alan in the room with her.

She said calmly, "Well perhaps I lack in touch, confidence and instinct when it comes to boats. I'm quite okay with cars but they are much smaller."

"Suggest to Alan to change down to a smaller boat?"

"Alan change to a smaller boat? You have to be kidding. Meet me at MM at 12:30 tomorrow. I can't wait to get out on my beloved lake."

"Right see you then Aunt Meg."

"Ralph please call me Meg. You are more like a kid brother to me than a nephew."

"Right Meg. Bye."

* * *

Meg arrived at the marina with Alan who gave Ralph the security code that opened the door accessing the saloon and at the same time that action switched off the alarms. Alan took Ralph through all the systems and safely measures and then up on the fly bridge. They removed the weather cover and stowed it and Ralph following the set procedures started the twin engines and while they were warming up they joined Meg in the saloon who already had poured three wines.

"Don't operate a boat drunk," Alan said and Ralph said he knew to be careful.

Alan stepped ashore and when Ralph was ready cast off the lines as requested and MM (Merlin Magic) slid forward smoothly and at the end of the jetty he swung her to port and headed for the exit gap in the wave deflection wall.

Meg came up with coffee and bacon bagels.

"This is just a bite. We'll have lunch in about an hour if that's okay with you."

"Do you want to just muck about or what?"

"Do you mean us?" Meg asked almost shyly, unaware that the skipper was very shy about this.

"I really meant did you wish to cruise or head for one of the bays?"

Meg laughed. "I know you did. I was just teasing. I suggest a bay, preferable a fairly isolated one so we can feel were are in our own private world and that's just so easy to achieve on a boat."

They anchored in an unmarked tree-fringed indentation just up from Pegasus Bay. Three boats were rafted (lashed together at anchor) in Pegasus where there was a great little beach.

Meg poured two wines before serving lunch.

"Look this might disappoint you but so be it."

Ralph replied flatly, "You're not going to allow me to seduce you?"

"Well not on MM."

"Where and when?"

"Look I don't know. You see this boat is very precious to Alan. It look him three years to build in his late teens and we spent our honeymoon on it."

"Well I can understand the sentiment. Yes I am disappointed but understand the sentiment. Walk around nude for me."

"What now?"


Without a word Meg left the saloon and returned naked and set about prepared chicken salad for lunch.

"That's probably the two big things I like about you Meg: you a daring and uncomplicated."

"Thank you for thinking of me like that Ralph. You may as well know that because I was daring and uncomplicated in my late teens-early twenties, I was quite a slut and your grandmother despaired of me and your grandfather predicted I'd become a prostitute. Well I studied nursing at college and took it up as a career and settled down, one guy at the time and for longish periods. Finally Alan found me and some of his respectability rubbed off on me for which I am very grateful."

Meg oiled up after lunch and sunbathed for almost an hour. Ralph sat by her in the shade and they chatted. They then had coffee and returned to the marina very slowly, enjoying the cooling afternoon and docked at the jetty without incident. There was no need to refuel.

For the first time that day they touched, Meg kissing Ralph deeply. She thanked him for being so understanding.

On Monday afternoon the following week Meg called in for afternoon coffee to find Ralph home alone.

"Mom's out for a couple of hours."

"Oh then I'll go."

"No please stay. Come in to the lounge."

Ralph unzipped the back of Meg's sundress and turned her around to face him. She made no protest and just watched him, her hazel eyes appearing to widen and darken.

He pulled the top of the dress forward by the narrow puffed sleeves and Meg cooperated, holding her arms out and when the dress was free of her shoulders straightened her arms to allow the garment to fall to her hips.

Ralph squatted and pulled the dress with its built-in bra to the floor and Meg stepped out of it and kicking it away stepped forward and pushed her groin against Ralph's nose. He sniffed heartily; she squirmed and wheezed, "Omigod."

He snuck two extended fingers under a panty leg and pulled them out dripping and sucking those fingers looked up at Meg. She said softly, "Wet them again for me to suck."

Ralph stood and fed Meg his fingers and began grinding a breast with his other hand, the nipple already up proud and very stiff.

"You'll need a condom."

"Taken care of. Do you want it in the butt or cunt?"

"Your choice. Look we mustn't delay."

As the naked Ralph worked on the condom Meg said, "Change of mind. No way is that big thing going up my ass."

Ralph lifted Meg on to the sofa and asked her to get on to her hands and knees.

"Oooh doggy, my favorite."

Meg was quite small physically and her pussy looked small but Ralph was surprised he went in relatively easily with them both grunting only a couple of times. He banged away and Meg pushed back with great timing, showing her experience and soon she gurgled into a release. They kept going and when Ralph pushed a finger up her ass Meg gurgled and jerked into a big ejaculation.

They kept going and had just regained good rhythm when they heard noise at the doorway and turning they saw Anna with her hand over her mouth drowning the scream of "Omigod." Anna and Meg's other sisters, Patricia and Laurel were looking bug-eyed until Laurel, the bright spark of their family, said, "Oh Nurse Wilson is collecting another sperm sample."

"Into the kitchen Laurel," said Patricia, placing an arm around Anna and dragging her along. "You two uncouple, clean up and join us. God this is such a shock."

There wasn't much to uncouple because Ralph had experienced near-instant deflation.

"Jesus Anna must have met our sisters when out shopping and brought them home for coffee."

Ralph said, "Yeah that's a plausible explanation. Sorry I got you into this mess. But at least you have learnt you can have multiple orgasms."

"What, oh yes. God I must have had another big release when Anna screamed. I'm creaming juice."

"Um Meg what do we do now?"

"We clean up and go out and face the music. For goodness sake don't attempt to claim we were doing nothing. They saw us doing it. Just nod and say yes or no as appropriate. Leave it to me to do the talking. I have to work on your mom because she will be outraged the most and then Patricia. Laurel is probably itching to get in here for her turn but don't you dare mention to anyone ever I just said that because that was stress speaking."

As they were toweling Meg said, "Always remember this Ralph: I don't regret having had your big cock up me. I just wish we could have gotten away with it."

Anna's face was red and pinched in anger. She was sitting facing the door to the lounge and Patricia had an arm around her. Laurel on the other side of Anna was grinning.

"I'm so deeply, deeply ashamed of you two," Anna began.

"I know and completely understand how you feel. Well goodbye it's so sad my sisters will never wish to speak to me again," Meg said, walking to the backdoor.

Ralph was astonished to see Laurel with a hand over her mouth and almost falling off her chair laughing.

"Oh no, darling, come back little Meg," Anna shrieked. "No way do we wish to lose our dearest sister whom we babied."

Although looking surprised, Patricia nodded.

"Well if you think..." Meg said, turning back and then glaring at Laurel. "My hand fell into the cookie jar and I couldn't help myself."

"Omigod, after all these years she's trotting out that pathetic excuse," Patricia said, trying hard not to laugh. "Meg you're impossible; you have no conscience."

"That appears to be true Patty but I do think I'm improving. I must tell you Ralph and I have been together several times and nothing ever like that happened as far as I can remember. Ralph?"

"Um no, I swear Meg and I have not fucked before. Um my hand sort of fell into the cookie jar."

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