tagAnalBanging the Boss Ch. 03

Banging the Boss Ch. 03


I spent the weekend thinking about the amazing sex Jack and I had that Friday in work. I was trying to do my housework, putting the washing in the machine, throwing the Hoover around, and yet all the time I thought about Jack's hard cock violating my arse. I had to stop after a few hours and lie on the bed and touch myself. My pussy was dripping and almost painfully swollen with desire. I lay there and stroked my clit, legs spread wide apart, and remembered Jack's hot cock in me. My pussy was so wet my juice ran down my thighs. Fuck I wished he was here!

At the side of the bed I had a glass of orange juice, and floating within a few ice cubes. As I massaged my pussy with my right hand my left groped for the ice in my glass. I found a large chunk of ice and rubbed it against my throbbing nipples, all the time wishing Jack was here doing this to me. I groaned deeply and felt my pussy getting even wetter, I wanted to cum badly so stopped touching myself for a moment, I didn't want to cum just yet. I lay there and remembered how he smelled, how he touched me, how his cock felt in my pussy and arse. Fuck! I didn't want to wait anymore, rubbing small, fast circles on my clit and holding the ice to my hard nipples I allowed myself to cum. I shook and jerked liked mad, felt amazing, but now even after an amazing orgasm I wanted Jack all the more.

Monday morning came around, back in work, all I could think about was Jack and his beautiful hard cock. I couldn't wait to get there, I drove in a trance, I needed him so bad. I could feel my lace briefs getting wetter by the mile as I imagined his supple fingers working on me. I pictured in my head, me licking his tattooed hairless chest, running my hands over his tanned body. His strong arms knotted with veins wrapping around me, holding me tight, allowing no escape, forcing me to submit to his whims and fantasies. By the time I got there, I was horny as hell.

I was devastated to find that customers were already in the store, Jack stood smiling behind the counter, the kind of secret smile that lovers shared. 'Morning', I smiled shyly, glancing at him beneath lowered lashes. 'Morning', he winked back, that cheeky, knowing wink. We shared a sly smile and attended to the needs of the waiting customers.

The hours flew by; the shop was never empty, never a minute alone. By now I felt almost tearful I was so horny. And then, a lull, no customers for at least half an hour. Jack took my hand and led me by the hand into my office. I bit my lip as I followed him hand in hand into the dim room.

Jack kissed me passionately, my lips responding hungrily, tongues probing viciously. Jack had to restrain me from grabbing his cock and ramming it into my begging pussy. 'Wait a minute.' He whispered in my ear.

As we kissed he ran his hands down my breasts, his thumb nails grazing my nipples, I thought I would die from the anticipation. I ground my pussy into his thigh and felt my juices run freely down my leg wetting his jeans through the fabric. 'Fuck, you're so wet!' He gasped.

'I know,' I groaned, 'I want you in me now.'

'Not yet.' He smiled running his hand up my thigh.

It felt so cruel, yet so fucking good. Jack denying me -- his boss! I felt I had to beg him for his cock, I felt so submissive and horny. 'Darling, please!' I pouted.

Jack just smiled and pushed me down on my office chair. He grabbed one leg and rested it on my desk, the other on the dexion racking so I was exposed before him. He knelt down on the floor between my legs, looked at me and said ' I know you want me to eat your pussy, that's what you want, isn't it?'

'Yes,' I croaked, my voice husky with desire.

'Lie back.' He ordered.

I lay back across my chair, my head resting on the floor, hands gripping onto the racking and chair leg, pussy wide open and wet. With a groan Jack dived in, sucking and licking my freely flowing juice, his hands pushing my thighs apart. He was obviously one of those men who loved the taste of pussy, and who was I to complain!

He licked and sucked my clit hard, causing me to squeal in delight. Jack laughed, he loved to hear me squeal and scream. I've always been quite vocal when it comes to sex but Jack makes me noisier than anyone I've ever met. 'Ahh, ahh, ohh, ohh, fucking hell!' I screamed, hoping that nobody had come into the store.

Jack kept licking and fucking me with his fingers, my pussy gagging for his hard cock.

Just as I was getting ready to cum Jack stopped and pulled me to my feet. 'Stand on the chair.' He ordered.

I did as he commanded, my back resting against the cold, hard, steel of the dexion racking. He took my right leg and wrapped it around his neck; my pussy was at mouth level. 'Hold the racking.' He ordered. And I did.

As I pulled my weight upwards he took my other leg and wrapped that around his neck. My whole body hung from the shelving, legs around his neck, holding my arse he pulled my awaiting pussy onto his face. My eyes rolled back in my head as he ground his face and tongue onto my clit, probing deep into my hole and sucked out my juice. My arms ached terribly, but I didn't care, my pussy won and I needed his tongue, his fingers in me.

I heard the shop door bell ring as a customer entered, Jack looked up nervously but I pulled his head back between my legs, I was too close to stop now. A sick part of me hoped the customer would walk into the office and catch Jack with his head buried deep in my wet pussy, I envisioned looking into the customers eyes with a smile as I came, and then I did. Hard, deep spasms engulfed my body as I came on his face, Fuck!! He made me cum so hard.

My legs weak I collapsed back into my chair, shirt still hitched around my waist. Jack wiped the pussy juice off his face and licked his lips. 'I'll go,' he smiled.

He went into the store with an obvious hard-on in his trousers and bravely served the customer, fuck knows how! Luckily she was easily served and he was back within ten minutes, his cock still hard.

I stood up and kissed him hard, felt his cock twitch on my thigh. Oh my! I was horny already. My poor darling deserved a real good fuck after all he had done for me. I reached down and stroked his gorgeous hard penis, savouring its shape under the denim of his jeans. I licked my lips, remembering how good he tasted; I wanted his cum in my mouth. To feel that salty explosion hit the back of throat and make me gag, but Jack had other ideas of where he wanted to cum.

'Turn around,' Jack commanded.

I did as I was asked; I loved him to take charge. 'Bend over,' He whispered.

Again I obeyed, holding onto my office chair for support. Jack hitched up my skirt around my waist and pulled my lace panties to one side. He spat on his fingers and pushed one of them up my bottom. I gasped, it felt so fucking horny as he finger fucked my arse hole, his other hand rubbing my clit and fucking my pussy.

I was so horny, my pussy was dripping and I was pushing my arse onto his hand. I needed his big cock now, nothing else would do. I needed to feel some pain, not a lot, just enough to put out the fire in my groin. I was desperate; I would have done anything by this point for his cock to penetrate my arse. And then he stopped finger fucking me and I heard the sound of his belt unbuckling, his jeans unzipping. I have to tell you readers, that sound in itself is so fucking sexy! Your back is to a dominant male, your pussy and arse exposed, gagging for cock, then you hear the sound of a belt and jeans undoing, you know you are going to get it good, and that makes you almost cum there and then!

Jack pulled out his delicious cock and rubbed it up against my pussy and arse hole, I could feel his pre-cum warm and wet on my most sensitive areas. I sucked in my breath in anticipation, all the time keeping a look out on the CCTV for customers entering the shop. Jack slid his strong hands up into my top and bra and pinched my nipples; I bit my lip hard to stop my screaming out. Reaching around I took hold of his cock and rubbed it against the tight hole of my arse, Jack moaned and pushed gently. I gasped as the head disappeared into my tight arse, the muscle of my sphincter gripping his penis tightly. 'It's ok, go on baby.' I urged.

Jack needed no more encouragement and letting go of my breasts, and gripping my hips he trust hard about half way down the shaft of his cock. I moaned loudly, it felt fucking amazing. Jack pumped hard, each thrust going further and further into my arse hole. Bit by bit he violated my sacred space, hurting, splitting, spreading, and intruding into my poor ravished bottom. Strangely, I fucking loved every minute of it; I wanted to hear his balls hitting my arse. 'Harder,' I rasped, 'Fucking do it, really deep!'. With a final violent thrust, Jack rammed his cock home as far as it would go. I screamed in a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

I reached around, I wanted to feel how deep his cock was in my bowel. I was shocked but also turned on to feel him buried deep inside me; my poor, almost virgin arse had a huge hard cock completely immersed in its depths. 'Fuck me hard darling,' I begged.

Jack did as he was told and with one hand on my pelvis, the other pushing me over my chair fucked me deep, fast and hard. His cock sliding painfully in and out of my arse hole.

I was starting to see stars, the pain was getting unbearable and yet deep down I knew I could take more of his abuse. 'Ow, it fucking hurts!' I squealed. My poor arse was raw.

'You can take it,' he growled.

I knew I could, I'd never deny him anything, I gritted my teeth while he fucked my arse harder. I wanted my sexy man to cum hard in my arse, I wanted to feel his hot white seed leaking out of me throughout the rest of the day. I wanted to feel him cum in my bowel, to feel that hot spurt high up my arse.

'Oh fuck! Cum in my arse,' I begged. It could have been just a thought, I'm not sure if I said it out loud, but I wanted it so bad, probably more then anything in my life. And then I felt him tense, one finger rammed into my pussy as deep as it would go causing my arse muscles to tense, and then he came. Ream after ream of hot white cum ejaculated into my arse, so deep I could feel it in my gut. He moaned loudly as he thrust his final spurt into me as deep as he could.

I felt so weak, and yet so amazingly well fucked. I wished we could have collapsed onto a soft bed but we couldn't. We were still in work and suddenly noticed a customer on the CCTV screen. Neither of us heard the shop door bell ring, but they were there and heading for the office. In a panic I ripped down my skirt and raced out on the shop floor while Jack recovered and put his cock away. I don't know how I served the middle age couple, but I did. All the time I could feel Jack's sperm leaking out of my raw, ravished arse hole, the scent of pussy in the air.

I knew even at that moment that we were going to go further, be naughtier, take more risks. I couldn't wait!

Love Veronica xx

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