Bangkok Bar Girl


I recently attended an international trade conference in Bangkok. The manager of our small office there, a big, ruddy-faced 50-something American called Mac, took me under his wing. (I'm 32 by the way, and married.) Before I left for the conference my colleagues in London wound me up mightily about the legendary sex scene in the Thai capital, but I intended simply to attend the event, see a few temples or whatever, and behave myself.

Despite my best intentions, one evening Mac, an old Bangkok hand, guided me into a large bar in a rather dodgy part of town. Inevitably, within minutes a couple of bar girls had lodged themselves at our table and started flirting with us, much to Mac's satisfaction. The one who'd targeted me was an extremely pretty little girl, maybe 20 years old I thought, petite (about five feet tall, nearly a foot shorter than me) with sparkling almond-shaped eyes, a lovely smile and shiny black hair hanging halfway down her back. Her hair was held in place by a pink ribbon, and she wore a matching sleeveless dress, short enough to showcase slim but shapely legs. When she leaned forward I could see down the neck of the dress to small unfettered breasts with nubby dark nipples. She told me her name was Brandi and I told her my name.

I still intended no more than to have a bit of fun, but it seemed only polite to flirt back. After a couple of whiskies, and with her head resting on my shoulder and her long slim fingers stealing between the buttons of my shirt and trailing through my chest hair, I felt a definite stirring of interest in my pants. Brandi obviously noticed it too, and her hand withdrew from my shirt and switched to my groin. I groaned slightly as the palm of her hand rubbed firmly, deliciously, across my fly. Mac, meanwhile, already had a hand down his girl's dress, right there on the floor of the bar. Brandi pressed her lips to my ear and, nuzzling my earlobe, whispered, "You want me to give you good time Peter?"

My eyes had closed with the sheer pleasure of what she was doing to my cock through my trousers, but I didn't really want her wanking me there. She laughed prettily and said there was a place we could go. We agreed what seemed a very reasonable price and, my last shreds of conscience falling away, Brandi took my hand and led me through the crowded bar to a flight of stairs. I suppose I had been naïve not realising that the bar itself doubled as a knocking shop. We entered a dimly lit windowless room which contained nothing but a double bed, a toilet and shower cubicle, and a corner table bearing a pitcher of water, a few rather grimy drinking glasses and a glass bowl filled with condoms. The room was boiling hot and the fly-spotted ceiling fan clearly wasn't working.

We sat on the bed and Brandi immediately unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders. She wasn't keen on me kissing her on the lips, but dipped her head to my chest and started nibbling and sucking my nipples, which I found surprisingly erotic. Meanwhile, her hands released my painfully stiff dick and started lightly stroking it. I was getting desperate to shag her, and I pulled at her dress. She lifted her bum off the bed to allow me to pull the dress over her head, then pulled my head down to her small olive tits. I pressed her back onto the bed and sucked one into my mouth, flicking the hard little nipple with my tongue. I trailed my other hand across her belly, to the edge of her pants, but to my surprise she grasped my wrist and pulled my hand away. I looked at her in surprise, and said "We are going to...?"

She gave me her gurgling laugh again. "Of course we fuck, but not too soon, I give you really good time." Mentally shrugging I decided to let her control the situation and returned to sucking on her tit, tweaking the other nipple with my fingers. She made a few slightly artificial-sounding moans of pleasure then, detaching her boob from my mouth, slid down my body and pushed my trousers and pants down around my ankles. She gasped in apparent admiration at the size of my erection, then took it into her mouth.

God, that mouth was clearly made in a special corner of heaven. Brandi swirled her tongue around the tip of my knob, then slowly grazed her lips up and down my shaft. With one hand she wanked the base of my cock while with the other she caressed and gently squeezed my balls. I knew I wouldn't be able to take much of that, and after probably no more than a couple of minutes I shot my load into her mouth. She spat my jizz delicately into a corner of the room then, giggling, kissed me on the cheek and squeezed herself against me. Then she whispered "You want something special now?"

What she'd already done with her mouth had been pretty special, so I nodded and lay back to see what was coming next. Was I in for a surprise! With surprising strength Brandi flicked me over onto my stomach and, before I realised what was happening, pulled me onto all fours. Next thing I knew, I felt a slight pressure between my bum cheeks and a red hot tip nestling there. I assumed she'd pulled a dildo from somewhere, and I glanced over my shoulder to say I wasn't sure about this and got the shock of my life. It wasn't a dildo, it was all Brandi! Nestling between 'her' legs was a stiff condom-sheathed prick every bit as impressive as mine, with a very masculine pair of balls hanging beneath it. The entire area had been completely shaved of hair. I'd heard of ladyboys, of course, but I never dreamed I'd ever meet one, let alone be stark naked on a bed with one!

Brandi smiled slightly nervously at me, and whispered "I fuck you, then you get to fuck me. You like, I promise." I'd never wanted to have sex with another man, but if I'm honest I must admit that occasionally I had, very fleetingly, wondered what the attraction was for blokes, and what it felt like to be the fucked rather than the fucker, so to speak. Now, totally out of the blue an opportunity to find out had presented itself; besides, if I stopped things at that point I'd lose the chance of me fucking someone that I'd promised myself. So I nodded and watched, shuddering slightly as Brandi pushed two fingers into my backside and liberally smeared lubricant around inside me. Then 'she' grasped my hips and slowly, almost teasingly, pushed that big prick inside me. I felt a sharp pressure as it rammed into me time and time again, increasing in pace.

As Brandi pumped in and out of me her small hands reached around me, one sliding up and down my cock in time with the rhythm of her thrusts, the other caressing my bollocks. At the same time she planted kisses on my back and murmured things like "Oh that is so great" and "What a nice tight love-hole you have". The talk didn't do much for me but those soft, seductive hands did, and by the time I felt a slight warm surge as Brandi shot off into the condom my own prick was rock hard again. She pulled out of me, threw the condom into the corner, slid one onto me and manoeuvred herself under me. Then, grinning, she said "Now you fuck me hard, Peter darling". She raised her slim legs, resting her ankles on my shoulders, and pulled me towards her, until my cock was nestling at the opening of the front her arse, beneath her own big balls. Totally guided by Brandi's actions, when she placed her hands on my bum and pulled me forward again I slipped my prick into her.

For a street whore Brandi's bum was tighter than I might have expected, and once I found my rhythm I started to enjoy a nice firm fuck, just as I would with a woman. It was the weirdest experience though: at eye level she was a beautiful young girl, with small but lovely tits jiggling as I screwed her; yet with each thrust I could feel her hairless balls and semi-stiff, slightly sticky prick rub against my belly. Abandoning myself to the moment I massaged her tits, pressing my palms against her nipples, while she pulled faces of exaggerated ecstasy and gasped "Ohhh, fuck me hard Peter, you so good, so biiig!" After a minute or two I exploded into the condom and collapsed, wreathed in sweat, onto Brandi. As I lay there I felt her rubbing her prick between our bodies, presumably getting herself off again.

When I had recovered Brandi gave me another exquisite blow job then finally left. I locked the door and showered then dressed and returned, somewhat embarrassed to join Mac. Judging by the grin on his face he had been having his own good time in my absence, and he leered to me, "What do you think of Brandi? Amazing, isn't she!"

I've never had, or wanted, any sort of sexual encounter with a man since then, and my marriage remains happy, healthy and extremely lively in bed. I must admit though, if I ever go back to Bangkok, I wouldn't have any qualms about again sampling the unique charms of the local ladyboys.

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