Bangladeshi Maid


Memoona, a young, single, beautiful, mother living with a man unrelated to her for the past 3 months, needed no further encouragement. The next few minutes were in slow motion. She placed both her hands on my thighs and moved slowly towards my crotch. One hand cupped my balls as if she owned them and the other hands snaked around the shaft and bent it towards her. Her fingers were wrapped around my cock while her thumb was pressing and playing with the head. She put pressure at the base which caused pre-cum to escape. She caught the flow with her thumb and spread it on the head with all her fingers. Her attention was solely focused on my cock head. She kept pressing it, checking its firmness and kept lubricating it as my pre-cum flowed like a river. I realized her face was inches away from my cock. She extended her tongue and caught the next drop. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and nudged her closer. She got the message and opened her mouth into which I guided my cock head. She sucked it like an expert biting on the head every so often. Both her hands were on my shaft and she looked a small girl with a lollipop. I wanted to see her breasts but the feeling of her warm mouth on my mushroom was too good to let go. I did untie her hair so that her lovely curls were all over my crotch.

I wish I could say that I did more but the truth is I had been without a woman for way too long and so within 5 minutes I was ready to cum. I pushed her back, lifted her chin and came in long intense spurts all over her neck and shoulders. My orgasm was so intense that it left me sweating, panting and a little woozy. When I opened my eyes she was still squatting between my legs, with her hands on my naked thighs watching my cock shrink. I told her 'Chal saaf kar' (Clean up). I was surprised to see how quickly she reverted back to being a maid. She brought a wet napkin and wiped my now flaccid cock. She also squeezed out a few remaining drops and lowered my lungi to cover me up (I thought her husband must have trained her well!). She cleaned the floor which had a few drops of jizz and left the room for me to ponder the next steps. I retired to my room without any further interaction with her.

The next day

The next morning everything was more or less back to normal. She smiled at me a lot and tried to chat me up. She was looking at me with expectant eyes hoping that I would say or do something different or special. But apart from out usual morning banter I didn't venture out. I had thought about this night before and I realized that I didn't want a companion, girlfriend, or worse, a wife. I just wanted a maid with privileges and it was important for Memoona to recognize her place -- she was my maid, I was her employer/provider and even though we could use each other to satisfy our urges it would never change our overall relationship. That evening we found ourselves in the same position. After working on my calves, I invited her to work on my hamstrings. This time I didn't expose myself even though I was rock hard. After finishing both my hamstrings she looked up to me to figure out the next move.

Now imagine my friends: your pretty, dark skinned, lactating maid is kneeling between your legs. She is resting her oil-smeared hands on your exposed thighs. You are wearing nothing but an old lungi that is now only covering your rock hard erection. She is wearing a green saree with a plain, orange colored, cotton blouse. She has just stepped out of a bath and her hair is open and slightly damp. Her pallu is bunched up so that you can clearly see both her blouse-covered globes. Her blouse is thin and almost transparent and she is not wearing a bra. Not only can you see the bump of her teat you can also see the shadow of her dark brown nipple through that paper thin blouse. You know she is eager to please you. What would you do? Here is what I did.

I looked at her and told her "Khol na" (Unwrap it). She lifted the lungi to free my lund (cock). It immediately assumed it natural stance which is curved upwards with the head almost touching my belly button. With each hand she held one of my balls. With her fingers she delicately examined and gently pressed each nut. She picked at my sac, feeling the overgrown hair and licked each nut delicately till it was completely covered with her spit. She also lightly traced her fingertips over my perineum. Then she took some oil and massaged both my perineum and nut-sac leaving me breathless. I wondered if she was really a whore or just an amazing wife. With her oily palm she then pressed on the underside of shaft causing me to moan loudly. She smiled at my reaction and starting rubbing the underside with her palm in leisurely strokes. Her other hand greased my scrotum thoroughly leaving nothing dry. She then held my lund and bent it towards her so she was looking directly at the eye of the snake. She squeezed my shaft and a big glob of pre-cum escaped from the eye. She carefully took the whole drop and rubbed it back onto my shaft along with the oil. My cock, which had never received such detailed and loving attention, was throbbing in her hands.

I was close to coming but unlike yesterday I wanted to see Memoona in just her skin. I told "ek minute, hataa" (let go for a minute) and she obediently let go of my cock. She was still kneeling between my legs. I lifted the pallu of her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. I drank in the sight of her in her weathered short sleeved blouse. The fabric was completely stretched as it was trying to prop up her milk-laden breasts. Her tummy was almost flat with her navel just peeking over the top of her saree. Her saree and petticoat were tied tightly digging into her soft fleshy waist creating delicious love handles. Saree blouses are typically front closing with 4-5 metallic hooks. As I leaned forward to unhook the first one, we heard a whimpering from the room where her kid was sleeping. By the time I reached the third hook the whimpering turned into a loud cry.

For the first time I had seen Memoona's cleavage and I was all worked up. But when I looked up I saw that all her attention was now focused on her crying child. I sighed and let go and motioned her to check on her kid. She immediately sprang up and ran to her baby with her blouse half unhooked and pallu trailing behind her on the floor. I was left nursing a throbbing erection. I could hear her trying to pacify the kid from the other room. I waited for 10 minutes during which time my blood cooled down. I shut off all the lights and went to sleep

Milk and Oil

In the morning I woke up with my usual hard-on. I could hear Memoona's patter from the bathroom. My heart beat quickened and my cock stiffened as I walked through the events of last night. I started rubbing my lund over the lungi. By the time I was completely awake I realized that now I didn't have to wank off to get my monkey to behave.

I shouted her name. She came scurrying to my room and stood at the door. I called her inside - 'Idhar aa' (Come here). She was wearing the same saree from last night. I realized I had interrupted her cleaning the utensils because her petticoat/saree was hoisted up revealing her smooth calves. Her hands were wet and there were splashes of water all over her. Seeing her walk towards me caused my lund to become erect and I went back to stroking it. She looked at my hand and understood why I called her. I held her by the wrist and directed her to sit down on the floor between my legs. I took her hand, lifted my lungi and wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She immediately started stroking it. She was wearing her pallu modestly so I dropped it to the floor, quickly unbuttoned the top few hooks and fished out one of her boobs. It was soft and surprisingly lighter colored compared to the rest of her body. Her areola was large and almost black.

It had been a long time since I had held a woman's tit and Memoona suffered the consequences. I mauled her tit first with one hand and then with both hands when I realized she was leaking. I couldn't express more than a few drops of her sweet milk but the sight of it drove me wild. I removed her last few hooks and almost tore the blouse off her body. I made her sit up on her knees and put one of her mammaries in my mouth. I suckled on her teats trying to tease out as much milk as possible. I drank hungrily, biting her as her strokes became more urgent and rapid. I knew I wouldn't last more than a minute if I entered her so I decided to come all over her naked chest. I pulled her closed towards me and rubbed my cock-head over by her teats. Then I handed my shaft back to her and she rubbed the underside of my shaft all over chest and breasts. My pre-cum was not enough to lubricate her actions so I took some hair-oil and and rubbed it on her chest, her breasts and her neck. The result was amazing. Not only was the feeling of my meat getting rubbed on her warm, slick tits exquisite, but the sight was also very erotic.

But I wanted more. I told her 'thoda doodh nikaal' (Express some milk). She expertly squirted some milk all over my groin. The feeling of my cock getting rubbed in a mixture of oil and milk on my maid's naked chest was enough to push me over the edge. I pulled her towards me and wrapped my thighs tightly across her chest. I came violently with all my pent up jizz from last night erupting in thick ropes and coating her entire chest with a mixture of oil, cum and her own milk. After I recovered my composure I looked at her and saw a hint disappointment in her eyes. She was still working my now deflating cock, dutifully squeezing out the last few drops of my man-juice.

As I watched my half naked maid, sitting on the floor, cleaning me with a cloth, I realized that she had taken care of my needs on three occasions and in return I hadn't even touched her sex. I felt bad for her and took her in my arms. I planted a kiss on her cheeks (our first) and nuzzled her nape & shoulders. She seemed to like that as she looked at me and smiled. I knew she was craving affection and appreciation. I told her 'bahut mazaa aaya! tumko yeh sab kisne sikhayaa?' (I really enjoyed it! Who taught you these things?) She answered 'mere mard ko accha lagtaa tha' (My husband really enjoyed this).

My suspicions were confirmed. She was well trained by her husband in the art of pleasuring manhood. I understood this was a woman to be treasured. I thanked her husband in my mind and felt sorry for the fool to let go of such a woman. I decided to fulfill any and all of Memoona's sexual desires. I knew that a mixture of discipline with affection and appreciation would allow me to get all my fantasies fulfilled by my maid. I kissed her cheek again and whispered in her ear -- 'Aaj raat ko chodugaa tujhe' (I will fuck you tonight). She smiled coyly, hurriedly covered her tits with her blouse and scampered out of my room leaving me to get ready.

I finally nail her

The day passed in a sexual daze. Work seemed tremendously harder to accomplish when all I could imagine was Memoona's pussy and its warm slick texture on my needy cock. By the time I navigated through Mumbai's traffic it was late in the evening and I was tired. Memoona was already home and making food in the kitchen.

I showered, prepared a drink for myself and sat down to watch TV. I saw her move around the house. She was wearing a nightgown for breastfeeding mothers that I had bought her. Her body was clearly silhouetted when she walked in from of the TV a few times and I could see that she was not wearing a bra. I then heard her child cry out and heard her go into the spare bedroom and lock the door. I was horny and decided that I couldn't wait for dinner or her customary foot massage. I chucked my vest and went into her room with just my lungi covering my body. This was the first time I had entered her room while she was feeding and I was a bit apprehensive. She was sitting on the floor with her back towards the door and she immediately turned when she heard the door open. Our eyes met and I smiled. She returned the smile and her gaze fell to my crotch and she noticed the bulge. I foolishly asked 'kya kar raheen ho?' (What are you doing?). She said 'doodh pila raheen ho' (Feeding him milk). Then she went back to feeding her child while I stood foolishly behind her. Her son was about 8 months old but he still needed an occasional feed. The little guy had Memoona's teat in his mouth and was asleep.

The sight of her exposed breast made me rock hard and I lifted my lungi to expose my lund. I patted Memoona on her shoulder to show her my urgency. Her head was at the level of my groin and at first she was a little taken aback to see my cock so close to her face. She then looked down at her son and then looked at me as if making a decision. Since the kid was sleeping she turned around and planted a light kiss on my upturned cock which enraged it all the more. I bent my shaft and brought the head close to her mouth. She gobbled up more than half of my fat 7 incher in one go. With one hand cradling her son, she used her other hand to blow me. I bent my knees and move in front of her to give her easier access. I untied from lungi and lifted it over my head. Standing buck naked with my knees slightly bent I held her by her face and starting fucking her mouth.

This was new to her and she resisted at first. So I gently unwrapped her fingers from my shaft and told her 'mooh khol' (Open your mouth). She let go of my cock and opened her mouth wide. Fucking her mouth was not as enjoyable since she wasn't experienced. She even gagged a couple of times. Sensing she was losing interest I decided to skip the appetizers and go directly for the main course. I told her to keep the kid on the side and made her lie down on her back. I lifted her gown to reveal her unshaven pubes. I pushed her legs apart to examine her sex. The entire vulva was extremely dark in color -- almost black. She had nice protruding meat-flaps which I love. They were already moist and when I separated them I could see the bright pink of her canal into which my lucky cock would make an entry tonight. I took my time to caress her inner thighs, her pubes and her sex. Occasionally I would plant kisses and lick her inner lips to get a taste of her salty juices. All this while I kept making eye contact to gauge her reaction.

She was extremely docile and only her slight smile and occasional twitches in her pussy gave me indication that she was ready. I moved between her legs and placed my cock at her moist entrance. I rubbed my cock head all over her inner lips and opening to coat it with her juices. I squeezed at the base to release a large drop of pre-cum that slid down and fell into her opening. I looked at her one final time and pushed the head pass her opening. She immediately let out a groan that caused me to stop. I leaned forward and placed my hands underneath her pits so I was directly above her. I pushed a little and backed out. I did this till the top half of my shaft was covered with her juices and then I gave one final plunge and rammed it in to the hilt. Despite her pregnancy she was nice and tight. I could feel her moist innards closing in on my cock. I started stroking her gently at first and then picked up the pace. She lifted her hips off the ground to meet my strokes. She had turned her face to one side and closed her eyes. I stopped to remove each of her tits through the openings in the gown. I lowered myself, and suckled on each tit till it was completely wet. When I looked up, she still had her eyes closed.

To be honest, our first fuck was an anti-climax since she was non-responsive except for a few occasional grunts. Because she was so chatty otherwise, I had expected a lot more action from her. Nevertheless my cock was thoroughly enjoying itself and pretty soon I came forcefully all over her crotch and her nightie. I was tired from the action and my knees were burning pretty bad because of the hard floor. I just lay on my back next to her panting. I could feel the last few drops of my cum escape through my now-flaccid cock and drip on to my thighs. I nudged Memoona and told her 'saaf kar' (clean up). She immediately found a napkin to clean me up. I collected my lungi and left her room and had a nice deep sleep.


The next day was a holiday and I woke up like a kid after his birthday. I had a new toy and I was going to spend my weekend playing with it. I went to the bathroom wearing just my lungi where I found Memoona washing clothes. My bathroom was narrow was structured such that first came the washbasin, then a shower area and then finally at the rear in a corner the WC. Between the basin and the shower area there was enough space for maids to wash clothes the Indian way by squatting on the floor.

She looked at me and I told her 'peshaab lagi hain' (I need to pee). On prior occasions she would leave the bathroom but this time I held her down by her shoulder and told her she could stay. I went to the pot and did my job standing with my back to her. I looked over my shoulder a couple of times but she was busy with the clothes. After I finished peeing I took a stool (Indian version, only about 6 inches off the ground) and squatted down facing her. She was wearing a red and white saree with a crimson blouse and petticoat. The only thing exposed were her legs below her knees. But her pallu was bunched up as usual and I could see her well endowed chest being restrained by a front closing, short sleeved blouse. I couldn't control myself. I placed my hand on her breast and pumped it a few times. She didn't respond and continued to look down and wash her clothes. I held her face by her chin and lifted it and asked her 'sharmaati kyon hain?' (Why are you so shy?). She didn't answer but smiled coyly.

Her mannerisms stoked my erection and I started rubbing myself over the lungi. She glanced at my hand and my crotch but continued her work. To distract her even more, I untied my lungi and lifted over my head. Now I was stark naked and my hand was nursing my angry lund. She kept looking at my crotch while trying to keep busy. I forcibly took her soapy hand and placed it on my dick. She let out a giggle but immediately wrested her hand free. It was great to feel her cool soapy fingers in the hot & humid Bombay climate. That gave me an idea. She had already filled a couple of buckets with water and so I took a pitcher and poured some water over myself. I gave her some soap and told her 'badan pe saabun lagaa de' (soap my body). After some cajoling she agreed to set aside the clothes. She asked me to turn around and poured some water over my back and took some soap and started rubbing it in. The bathroom was filled with the tinkling of her glass bangles and the squishy sounds as her palms massaged my back. She did a thorough job of cleaning my shoulders and back all the way down to my butt crack. I turned around and she did my front also.

I noticed that a lot of water was getting splashed on her sari. I told her 'sari geeli ho jayegi' (you'll wet your sari). She promptly stood up and removed her sari to reveal her red blouse and petticoat. She sat down and continued washing my chest, pits and hands. I then stood up and turned around so she could work on my legs. She lightly soaped my buttocks but avoided my crack. By this time I was thoroughly enjoying her massage despite my erection. But when I turned around and saw her squatting on the floor, cleaning my calves, I felt a sudden surge of blood to my loins. From top I could only see a hint of cleavage but as any Indian man knows a sari blouse worn without a bra leaves very little to imagination. Her blouse had splashes of soap and water and was getting transparent in several places. After working on my calves she started massaging my thighs. I noticed her staring at my upturned cock several times.

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