tagRomanceBank Bonus Ch. 02

Bank Bonus Ch. 02


It was twilight when Katherine started to wake up from the best nap she'd had in a long time. She was lying there reliving a vivid, erotic dream where she had been kissed, caressed, licked, fondled, when she realized it had not been a dream. The sensation of a warm body behind her, a hard cock pressed against her back, a hand fondling her breasts, was real.

"Joe," she thought. The man from the bank who had kissed her in a way that made her throw caution out the window and follow him home.

Now here she was in his bed, reveling in the sensation of his warm body pressed up against hers. She remembered they had fallen asleep after Joe had given her the best pussy licking she had had in a very long time, if not ever. She could feel herself getting aroused again just thinking of how his tongue had teased her outer lips, then spread them open to expose her big pink clit. She had moaned loudly when he did this and it was impossible not to moan again at the memory.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up. Hope you didn't have to be anywhere," Joe's warm breath in her ear sent a chill down her spine.

Katherine tried to roll over but Joe wrapped his arm around her and prevented the move.

"Let me enjoy this position for awhile, if you don't mind. I love feeling my cock pressed up against your ass," Joe said. He let go of her breast and slid a hand down her curves, starting at her breasts, ending by squeezing her ass. All the while, he was kissing and biting her neck.

Katherine closed her eyes, but remembered how Joe liked to kiss with eyes open. So she opened her eyes and drank in the view while she enjoyed his touch. The sun was almost set, but the shadows were still visible. Lying on her side with Joe behind her, she could see their outlines cast on the wall. It was a very abstract, but Katherine knew what the shadows were.

Joe was rubbing her upper thighs, and Katherine absentmindedly rocked her ass against him in rhythm to his touch. She could feel herself getting so wet. She couldn't wait to feel Joe's big thick cock slide into her, but she didn't try to hurry him. She was enjoying being aroused by his hands and lips on her.

"Mmm Kate, I want you so much," Joe's voice was still close in her ear.

She was starting to like the way he called her Kate. It sounded sexy. Everything he said sounded sexy, though. He started to stroke her upper thigh. His fingers rubbed gently as he reached her mound. One finger slipped in the wetness that was coating her lips. He could call her anything he wanted now, as long as he kept rubbing her that way. Kate pushed back against Joe and pinched her nipples. She tried not to moan out loud, she didn't want him to tease. She wanted this orgasm now.

"Come for me Kate, then I'll let you ride my cock, as long as you want," Joe said as he picked up the pace on her clit.

Kate didn't have to be told twice. She pushed against him and let her climax take over.

"Thank you Joe OH FUCK YES!!!" Kate screamed.

She grabbed Joe's hand and pushed it hard up against her soaked pussy. He inserted two fingers and crossed them, uncrossed them, crossed them again. He could feel her throbbing against him, still coming. He let her enjoy the sensation until the waves subsided, leaving his fingers inside her while she relaxed against him. When she was still, he slipped his fingers out of her and put them to her lips. Kate tried to take them in her mouth but Joe pulled back, then put his fingers on her mouth and traced her lips, coating them in her own sweet cum. Then he moved back and pulled her around to face him.

"Now you can have a taste," he winked at her and put his fingertips to her lips.

Kate sucked his fingers slowly, wrapping her tongue around them while she looked into his eyes. Joe's smile of approval made Kate smile. She held his hand with both of hers, and licked between his fingers, down his palm to his wrist. Overly thorough? Perhaps. But Joe seemed to enjoy it. He allowed her to continue for a few minutes, then pulled his hand away from her grasp. When Kate started to protest he kissed her. He pulled her close and sucked her lips, nibbled on them gently, then found her tongue with his. Kate wrapped her arms around him and got as close to him as she could. The hair on his chest was soft against her nipples and teased them gently. Joe put his hands on her hips and rolled her over on top of him.

Kate's eyes flew open wide at the sensation of Joe's cock pressed up against her. She couldn't help but slide her wet pussy up and down the length. When the head spread her lips open, Kate stopped sliding. She looked Joe in the eye. He was looking up at her with a look of patience tinged with lust. He wanted her as badly as she wanted him. He had already admitted it out loud. Did Kate dare tease him now?

"This down seems to be short by about 8 inches," Kate said in her most official-sounding voice. "We may need to bring out the chains."

Joe gave her a wry look. "Unless you brought your own, I'm fresh out of chains."

"There is another way to measure," Kate said. "It requires close, physical inspection, is all."

Kate slid on Joe's cock so he was perfectly aligned to enter her. She looked at him very seriously and asked if she had permission to proceed. When Joe nodded she let the head of his cock enter her. She did her very best to keep her eyes on his, but it was hard not to close them.

"The way you're looking at me is so fucking hot Kate," Joe smiled up at her. That made it a little easier.

Kate smiled back and slid her tight pussy further down Joe's dick. She was feeling stretched and full but still had a few inched to go. She slid up and down to coat his shaft with her wetness. Every stroke she would go a little deeper. When she finally felt he balls up against her ass she relaxed back and looked down. She could see her labia spread out around the wide base of him. Her clit was up against him. Everything felt warm, wet, full, so good!

Joe put his hands on her thighs and gripped them in his big strong hands. Kate put her hands behind her neck so Joe could appreciate the way her breasts moved while she rode him. She started out with slow, long strokes. She would rise up on her knees enough to allow only the head of Joe's cock to remain inside her. Then, she would squeeze her pussy walls as tight as she could.

"This measurement could take some time, I want it to be perfect," Kate teased. She squeezed Joe's cock extra hard while she spoke.

"Please do take your time, I want it to be perfect, too," Joe teased back. He reached around and fondled her ass while he talked.

Kate kept up the slow steady pace for as long as she could. Joe's eyes bored into her and made her even hotter, if that was possible. He filled her so completely, there was no part of her pussy that wasn't being touched. Joe thrust his hips in time with her movements, watching her face change as her orgasm got close. Her eyes got a far away look, her smile was softer. She bit her lip and moaned "oh, yes, Joe, that's...that's so good.."

"Do you want to come now, babe, or do you want to wait for me?" Joe asked her when he heard her soft moans getting louder.

"I want to wait for you," Kate tried hard to sound like she meant it.

At this moment, she was almost willing to take her chances on coming now and catching up to him for his, but she didn't want to be selfish. Okay, maybe she did want to be selfish, but her manners were hanging on by a thread. She slowed down her movements and leaned down over Joe's chest. She let her nipples rub his while she smiled down at him.

"Tell me what to do, Joe. Harder? Faster? Slower?" Kate demonstrated each change with her motions.

Joe smiled up at her while she teased him. He was enjoying the hell out of her playful attempts to keep him aroused. He couldn't remember keeping his dick this hard this long for many women. Great sex? Of course he had been with some hot girls in his life. But Kate had a fun personality as well as a hot body. He was aroused by her before he ever saw her naked. And now that he had seen her naked, well, she had turned him on like he hadn't been in a very long time.

"Come here," Joe said as he pulled her down on top of him.

Kate's nipples were hard and pressed against him. She looked him in the eye and kissed him like he had been kissing her; eyes open, tongues exploring. Joe's cock was buried deep inside her and he began to rock her harder, pull her closer with every thrust. He took her head in his hands and held her face while he kissed her. When she closed her eyes, he pulled away. She was starting to enjoy this game. Starting to enjoy it a lot. She smiled at him and leaned down to kiss him. This time she was determined not to break his gaze.

Joe could feel the pressure building in his balls. He wanted to come, but he wanted to make sure he was not alone when it happened. He put his hands on Kate's breasts and pinched her nipples softly, rolled them between his thumb and fingers, felt the areola harden and contract. Kate's eyes got bigger when he pinched harder.

"Oh, that's so good babe," she groaned as he pinched her sensitive nipples.

Kate's pussy grabbed Joe's dick tightly and she moved her hips against him. She could feel his balls up against her. He seemed to be having a hard time keeping his eyes open, too. She pulled back and stopped until he looked up at her.

"You ready?" Kate asked him innocently, though she did give his cock a hard squeeze when she asked.

"Are you?" Joe asked back. He knew he was past the holding back point, but she didn't need to know it this second.

"Yes, please come with me Joe?" she asked between breaths. She was having a hard time not panting. She was so very close to climaxing.

Joe gripped her ass and pulled her close. She felt him buck beneath her and heard him groan. When she felt that first spurt of cum start to run out of her pussy she cried out and grabbed Joe's shoulders. She let her hips grind into him while she felt herself coming in waves. She tried to push back but he pulled her closer and tighter to him. His chest was warm, she was a little sweaty, it felt wonderful to be in that much skin to skin contact. She thought she might want to stay right here forever. She nuzzled his neck and kissed his ears, telling him thank you for making her feel so good.

Joe rolled her over and wrapped his arms around her. Kate snuggled up close, put her ear against his chest so she could hear his heart beating. She knew they couldn't lie here forever, but she wasn't going to be the one to point that out. Nope. She wanted to lie there with his arms around her, his scent strong in her nostrils, until he made the next move. Then her stomach gave a rumble. Not a cute little girly growl, a "damn I'm hungry" growl. Joe laughed and rubbed her tummy.

"May I invite you to dinner?" he asked. Now Kate laughed.

"I guess we were supposed to do that first. dinner, maybe a movie, before I let you have your way with me?" Kate laughed and ducked her head under Joe's chin. She was feeling just a little on the slutty side. The room was almost dark now, but she knew he would be able to see her blush if he could see her face. What must he be thinking of her?

"I think it was just a case of dessert first, Kate. I want to wine you and dine you and get to know you. You're an incredibly sexy lady, but it was your sense of playfulness that caught my attention. I saw you looking at me, holding my gaze, almost daring me to approach you when you thought I wouldn't. Your brave response to my note...they way you kissed me back. You aren't like most women," he said all of this without taking his eyes off hers.

"I find it hard to believe your advances are ever turned down Joe," Kate responded.

"I didn't say I was turned down," Joe laughed playfully at her comment. "I said your response was unlike most women I have encountered. I can see becoming addicted to you in my future."

Then Joe reached over and turned on the light. Kate blinked at the brightness, but when her eyes adjusted she was glad he had done it. His face was so handsome. His eyes were that deep blue of the ocean, and his smile lines framed them perfectly. He was wearing just a hint of 5 o'clock shadow. Kate liked the way it scratched against her face and neck. She could almost make out the scent of his cologne, but it was mostly overpowered by the scent of cum and sweat. The aroma made Kate warm all over.

"I'll definitely need a shower if we're going out," Kate said as she relaxed her grip on his body and leaned back to stretch.

"Who said anything about going out? I'm a fantastic cook, so I've been told," Joe reached over and rubbed her stomach as he spoke.

"Oh, is that so? Well, if you agree to cook naked for me, I suppose I could enjoy some home cooking," Kate smiled. "I didn't really want to get dressed to go out, anyway."

"Naked cooking can be dangerous, depending on what you're serving," Joe replied. "Is an apron okay?"

The thought of Joe in an apron was pretty hot, Kate had to admit. She suspected his ass looked great with a belt tied above it. She hoped it was an apron like that. Then her stomach grumbled again.

"Let's get started on dinner. You don't mind being my sous chef, do you?" Joe asked as he sat up.

"I suppose I can let you be on top in your kitchen," Kate responded with a smile.

Joe's kitchen was neat and orderly. He put a bowl on the table and went to the fridge. He pulled out some mushrooms and olives and asked Kate to slice them while he stirred up some sauce. When Kate asked him what was for dinner he just smiled and told her something spicy. She was looking at him standing at the stove, facing away from her. It was hard not to walk up behind him and squeeze his ass. She knew she had better pay attention to what she was doing or else she would end up hurting herself.

"Damn," she said out loud as she sliced into her finger. She automatically put it in her mouth.

Joe turned from the stove in time to see a big crimson drop of blood run down her finger and drip onto the cabinet.

"I thought you said you could handle a knife?" Joe said as he pulled her finger from her mouth.

"It's just a little cut," Kate said. "I just need a band aid."

Joe looked at the cut, determined it was not too deep, and walked her to the sink to clean it up. He handed her a napkin to hold on it while he got a band aid.

"Damn, he must have been a Boy Scout," Kate thought as she watched him get the first aid kit out of the cabinet. She would never have been able to find a bandage at home this quickly at home.

"You seem prepared for just about anything," Kate said as he wiped the blood away and applied the band aid.

"I may have had some first aid training in my past, Joe told her. "And give me that knife, I don't want any more trauma," Joe pointed to a nearby chair. "I'll have this done faster if I don't have to play medic."

He winked at her when he said it, and Kate pouted appropriately in response. They were both thinking how nice it was to feel so at ease. Naked in the kitchen, laughing and teasing, it felt like they had known each other more than an afternoon.

Joe asked Kate to set the table with the plates and forks he had put out by the sink. He watched her ass when she turned to put the pieces on the table. She knew he was watching so instead of walking around the table, she bent forward to reach the other side. She took her time so Joe could appreciate her curvy round ass cheeks. She could see his reflection in the window so she knew he was watching.

"That's not going to get you fed any faster, you know Kate," Joe said as he watched her stretching across the table. I may have to spread you out on the table and have an appetizer."

Kate turned to face Joe and sat down in the nearest chair.

"Maybe a sample before dinner?" she looked up at him while she put a finger inside her pussy lips and rubbed gently.

Joe turned off the burners and walked over to the table. He took Kate's hand and sucked her finger into his mouth. He made a "mm" sound.

"We taste great, I hope this doesn't spoil your dinner," Joe said as he reached between her legs and shared the taste with her.

Kate licked his fingers and smiled up at him. Her stomach growled again. They both laughed.

Joe brought pasta and sauce to the table in hot bowls. He filled their plates and got a bottle of Merlot to share. Kate ate with a hearty appetite, which made Joe smile. When Kate pushed back her empty plate she held up her wine glass for a refill.

"I can't let you drive home tonight if you get drunk, you know," Joe said seriously as he topped off her glass.

"I didn't bring anything for a sleep over," Kate responded. "Do you have something I could sleep in?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do," Joe said. Finish that wine and I'll show you what I had in mind".

Kate tipped her glass and drained the last sip. A few drops dribbled down her chin and landed between her breasts. Joe followed the dark red liquid's path with his eyes and watched Kate shiver as the wine ran down her chest to her belly button. Joe knew he couldn't let that sweet drop go to waste. he leaned her back in her chair far enough to reach her tummy with his lips. He licked the wine from her navel then licked up her chest to the spot here the drops had first fallen. It was warm and sweet, and smelled delicious.

Joe suggested a shower before bed time. Kate was a little sleepy from dinner and the wine and the thought of a warm shower was inviting. She agreed and stood to help Joe with the dishes. They cleared the table quickly and Joe led her to the bathroom. He got out some big towels then turned on the water. Kate watched his ass while he stood facing away from her. Of course he knew she was watching. He leaned into the shower and she could see the firm muscle lines down his legs.

"He is just as sexy from behind as he is from the front," Kate smiled as she appreciated the view.

Joe held the shower door open and motioned her inside. The water was almost too hot and Kate hesitated for just a second. Joe's hand on her ass kept her from backing out, and he stepped up closer to her and nudged her into the spray. He closed the door behind him and grabbed her breasts. Her nipples were already hard from the hot water and cool air.

"I'm going to be pink all over if we stay in here very long," Kate turned to face Joe as she said this.

The water was running off her skin in fat droplets. Joe watched them drip off her nipples, run down her body in fast-moving rivulets. Her skin was indeed turning pink from the heat. Joe was content for the moment just watching the water course down her warm skin. Kate had plans, though. She told him to turn around and face the wall.

"Uh oh, should I be getting nervous?" Joe said, trying to sound scared. Of course he wasn't scared. He was turned on as hell. He couldn't wait to see what Kate had in mind for him.

"Nothing to be nervous about here, unless you're afraid you'll like this too much," Kate assured him.

First, she ran her hands up and down Joe's back, squeezing his ass and scratching lightly. Then, she reached for the soap and rubbed his back until she had a nice lather going. She massaged his neck and shoulders, down his arms. When she got to his hands she rubbed his palms with her thumbs. Kate moved from his hands to his lower back, his flanks and hips.

"Ohh, Kate, you are going to relax me to sleep," Joe said, and he meant it, too. The events of the day, mixed with the wine and the warm water, and the expert massage, were having a very soothing effect on Joe.

"Would you like me to invigorate you, then? Kate asked.

She held her breasts and rubbed them up and down Joe's back. Up and down, then in circles, touching every bit of skin. She squatted and rubbed them on his ass, too. She kissed up his back from the top of his ass to his neck, then nibbled and sucked there. All the while, her big soft breasts were rubbing against him.

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