Bank Takeover

byMistress Maria©

This is based on a true story that happened 8 years ago. The names, places, and some details have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. The narrating character, Giovanna, was based on me.

My name is Giovanna and I worked as a teller in a small bank in Monterey, a bay side town on the coast of Northern California. I stayed up late to watch the 11:00 o'clock news with Rick, my husband of two years. The headlining story was about a violent bank robbery in San Jose , where three masked gunmen entered, fired machine guns into the ceiling, and took the bank over. The female employees and customers were sexually assaulted during the robbery. Although the men could not be identified, they were described as three black men in their 20's. "How dreadful." I thought to myself out loud. It was easy for me to put my self in the place of those poor women. I was robbed at the bank once before, but it involved a straggly white guy who passed a note. He said he had a gun, but never produced one. There was no violence and certainly no sexual assault.

"Yeah!" Rick agreed. "But I wonder what those guys did to them?"

"What does that matter? I would imagine that those women would have just freaked if they were just touched or molested, let alone having to deal with a full on rape." I answered sharply being annoyed with Rick's insensitivity.

"You know, I really want to you work somewhere else. The bank business is too dangerous nowadays. I wouldn't want anything happen to you." Said Rick.

"I know, but I have put in five good years with the bank and we have to supplement our income somehow and the benefits are good. Besides, we live in Monterey, the land of Steinbeck, nothing bad ever happens here." I said.

"San Jose is only an hour away." Rick said worriedly, "You are definitely going to quit when you're pregnant." Rick's concern for my welfare was endearing. It deflated some of my anger towards him at the moment. We had been trying for a year to get pregnant. I agreed to quit my job when I got pregnant Banking was dangerous, especially in California, the bank robbery capitol of the country, and that news story scared the pants off me. "Those poor women." I thought out loud, "The shooting must have been scary for them too."

Rick and I went to bed after the news. We made love three times that night. For some reason Rick was especially horny that night. After our lovemaking, I slept deeply and woke up at 7:00 AM. I showered, powdered and perfumed my young, soft, supple body. I primped in the large bathroom mirror and liked what I saw. I was an attractive, 23 year old Italian-American girl, with long curly black hair that nearly reached my waist, I had dark brown almond shaped eyes and the standard Mediterranean olive complexion. My skin was very silky to the touch. My breast were rotund and perky. My nipples and quarter sized aureoles were a cherry red color. My breast were not too big, but not too small either. They were a nice handful, I thought, as I kneaded them gently while applying some after bath powder. My waist was trim and my hips were round and creamy. I needed a little work on my thighs, but they were still very shapely. I was of medium height and well proportioned. I powdered and pampered my pubic region, which was covered with a coarse patchwork of dark hair, groomed very neatly about my vulva. I slipped into my mauve colored satin and lace bikini panties and matching bra. I loved dressing in sexy lingerie as I cherished my femininity.

Rick loved how I dressed too. He came in the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me from behind as I finished putting on my make-up. He was tall and athletic looking with short brown hair. He kissed my neck and smelled my hair.

"You smell nice." He whispered in my ear.

"Thank you." I blushed.

"You look so hot in your panties and bra." He cooed, "Boy I would love to make love to you right her and right now." He was feeling amorous again. I felt his stiffening penis poke into my panty covered gap between my ass cheeks. I reached back and grabbed his livening penis. Then he said something very odd to me, "You know, if I robbed your bank, I would definitely take the extra time to have my way with you." His cock shot upright to a full erection when he said that. I wondered what was going on in his head.

"Now that's not a nice thing to say." I said.

"I know, but I just want to do you so bad right now." Rick was behaving like a kid wanting a special treat.

"We made love three times last night!" I said, "Didn't you get enough?"

"I can never get enough of you." He said kissing my neck and rubbing the sides of my upper thighs and ass.

"Rick." I said sternly, "We are both running late." I tried to appeal to his sensible side, even though I wanted him again as well. I wondered what was going on in his dirty little mind. I didn't care really, as long as he would fuck me and impregnate me. I finished dressing as Rick finally let me go and jumped in the shower. I slipped on a navy blue skirt with hem line that fell about mid thigh. Before putting on the skirt, I pulled on a pair of silk suntan pantyhose. The bank had a dress code which required women with skirts or dresses to wear underwear, nylons, and or pantyhose. Usually I liked going without nylons, but panties were a must. I put on a white long sleeved blouse and a blue blazer that matched my skirt. I put on a pair of black glossy pumps to complete the ensemble, which made me look like a flight attendant. It was sort of our uniform for the bank. I gave Rick a passionate kiss good-bye when his wet, steamy, naked body got out the shower. We hugged, kissed again, then we said our good byes and I love yous. I made it out the door at 8:45.

I drove to Lani's house, which was about three miles from my mine and only a mile from the bank, where we both worked. Lani and I carpooled. She was a twenty year old Asian girl with a slender and petite frame. She stood about only about 5'-2" and was diminutive compared to my 5'-8", 135 pound body. She had long straight black hair, which she usually kept pulled back and pinned up for work. She had dark and exotic Asiatic eyes. Her skin was flawlessly smooth and unblemished. She was very pretty indeed. She was also very pregnant, about eight months worth. She carried the extra weight well though. She only had a belly and was thin everywhere else. And of course, she had that cute pregnant woman's glow about her. I was happy for her, but I was also very envious. I wanted a child badly. Lani came out of her house wearing a sensible maternity style business dress. It was a button down navy blue affair, with a short pleated skirt and a white lace collar. She got into my car and sat down. I stole a look at her perfect legs which were covered in nude tone nylons. I hoped that I would look as good as her when I'm that pregnant, I thought. Lani was always very perky and upbeat She spoke with a high pitched sing-song voice.

"Good morning." She chimed.

"Good morning Lani. How are you?" I returned her pleasant greeting. I really liked her.

"Fine. But did you hear about that horrible bank robbery in San Jose yesterday?"

"Yeah, wasn't that terrible."

"I hope no one was hurt." Lani said, "I would hate to imagine what those women went through. They were molested, you know."

"I heard that they were sexually assaulted, but the news wasn't specific about what happened. I would absolutely freak out if something like that happened at our bank.."

"Oh, me too. Joe begged me not to go to work today." Joe was Lani's husband.

"I know, Rick wants me to quit all together."

"But you know what? This robbery news made Joe act very strange. Normally, he doesn't touch me too much anymore now that I am getting so big, but last night he couldn't keep his hands off me."

"Wow! You too!" I was amazed at what Lani said, "Rick was the same way with me last night. I almost didn't make it to work today because he was ready to take me right there on the bathroom floor." I said. Lani giggled.

"I wonder what goes through their minds sometimes." Lani pondered. I told her what Rick had told me about taking advantage of me if he was a bank robber who robbed our bank.

"Our men are sick." Lani spat out in disgust.

"I know." I agreed, "But they know how to please us in the bedroom."

"You are so right." Lani grinned and drifted off in thought.

Later in the day, while at work, Lani and I took a break together. We talked and gossiped. We were really becoming close after four months of working together. We mostly talked about her pregnancy and aired our complaints about some of our fellow co-workers. We griped about the manager, Margaret, who totally lacked in people skills and managerial skills. We called her the "Ice Princess." She was only nice to Keith, a blond, 19-year- old surfer type, who had no clue what he was doing at the bank. He was cute young guy, but he a simpleton and very immature. He was dating the Ice Princess, who was 12 years his senior. Margaret was a stunningly beautiful woman with auburn shoulder length hair, which she kept in a tight bun. She wore round wire rimmed glasses, which made her look like a sultry librarian. She always acted so prim and proper. Keith was basically incompetent and lazy, but he got preferential treatment from Margaret. She promoted him to senior teller over me and I've been with the bank 4 years longer than he. Keith knew he was Margaret's pet and he relished it. He enjoyed rubbing our noses in it.

Anyway, it was a busy Friday at the bank. Lani and I worked non-stop after our break. Keith and Margaret disappeared for a good part of the day and left Lani and I to do all the work. Keith came back a half hour prior to closing time. Margaret was still out. Keith explained that Margaret had him run some errands for her. Lani and I were pissed, because we knew it was a lie and that they were at the Motel 6 down the street fucking their pea sized brains out.

It was a few minutes before 6:00 PM and dark outside when I looked up at the clock. It was late fall and getting darker earlier. I had only one customer remaining, Mrs. Stahl. She was an attractive woman in her late 30s. She had shoulder length blond hair, which she had in a short pony tail, and blue eyes. She was in a white tennis outfit as she had a tennis lesson at 6:30. Her husband owned a hotel in town and they were well off. She had two teen aged kids, but she looked like a teen-ager herself. Her pretty eighteen year old daughter, Claire, was with her. She looked like Mrs. Stahl's little sister. She wore a blue, white, a gray plaid and pleated school girl skirt, white blouse, white ankle socks, and white and black oxfords. She was an 18-year-old senior at a local Catholic high school. Mrs. Stahl was truly a nice lady and always treated me well. Claire was a shy demure girl.

I told Lani to get ready to close up as I was nearly finished with Mrs. Stahl and I did not want to handle any last minute customers. It was Friday night and I was anxious to start my weekend. Rick and I were going to take a drive up the coast to a bed and breakfast and work on making a baby. Lani went to the door and spoke to someone, who I couldn't see. "Sorry, we are closed." She said. Suddenly she shrieked loudly as I saw her stumble backwards away from the door. She nearly fell on the hard tile floor. I let out a scream of shock as I saw poor pregnant Lani being tossed about like a rag doll. Then three large men burst through the doorway. They were dressed in camouflaged commando fatigues and donned black knit ski masks. They were armed with assault rifles. They entered very stealth like and took strategic positions about the lobby. Two of the men began yelling and screaming. One man closed and locked the door behind him and began drawing the vertical blinds throughout the bank. Lani had already put out the closed sign. Another man, the largest of the three, moved straight toward me and pointed his rifle square at my chest. "You best not hit that alarm, bitch! Or I will off you and everyone in this punk ass place!" The man was calm, cold, and direct. He spoke with a street accent I saw that he was black through the face openings of his ski mask. All three of the robbers were black men in their early 20's, just like the ones in the San Jose robbery from the day before. A feeling of dread came over me and my heart began racing like a jack rabbit.

"I-I w-won't" I managed to let the voice out past my tied tongue..

"Step back away from the counter. I know you have button on the floor." The larger man was right. The alarm button was on the floor under the counter. I could not get to it without him knowing. He leaped over the counter and stuck his rifle in my side. It hurt as he jabbed my ribs with the barrel. The third man, who was thin and agile, pulled Lani by the arm and drug her across the floor to where Mrs. Stahl and her young daughter were standing, cowering and shaking with their hands raised. "All you all on da floor! Now!" The third man shouted at Mrs. Stahl and her daughter quickly hit the floor on their stomachs. He forced Lani down to her knees next to the Stahls. Seeing that she was pregnant, he allowed her to lay on her side facing the door.

Keith just came out of the employee bathroom and entered the lobby without a clue about what was happening. The second man who was closing the blinds, confronted him and ordered him to lay face down next to Claire. The second man was the older of the three and sported a thin mustache. He jabbed Kevin in the ribs with the butt of his rifle for good measure.

The first man, who seemed to be the leader, demanded me to take him to the vault. I told him that it was closed and Margaret, the manager, was the only one with the combination. He did not like my answer. He directed me to lay down on my stomach next to the others while he cleaned out the petty cash in the teller drawers. I felt my skirt raise up as I got down and laid upon the cold hard floor. I felt cool air on my exposed rump. I tried to squirm and pull my skirt down over my butt. The second man saw what I was trying to do and told me to stop moving. He took the muzzle of his rifle and lifted up the back of my skirt and playfully poked the long hard barrel into middle of my ass pushing my undies into ass crack. I braced my self and tensed up like a tightly wound clock. I bit my lower lip so I would not scream. He laughed at my obvious discomfort.

"Knock that shit off!" The leader ordered the second man, "We got a job to do, fool!"

"Old habits are hard to break, bro." The second man replied sheepishly.

I looked over at Lani who was lying on her side facing me. Her eyes were shut tight and her face was tense. She rubbed her swollen belly. She looked uncomfortable. Suddenly, the men stopped in their tracks as they heard jingling noises at the front metallic door. It was the sound of keys turning the lock. "Who the hell is that?" The leader demanded.

"It must be the manager." Keith said. "She said she would be back at six."

The leader motioned for the second and third robber to intercept Margaret as she came through the door. Margaret entered and was pounced upon immediately. The door was quickly slammed and locked behind her. The second man pushed her toward the center of the lobby and kicked her square in the ass forcing her to fall forward. Her tight knee length black skirt bunched up high on her thighs as she fell, exposing a hint of pink panties under her dark blue pantyhose. He nylons tore at the knees and her white long sleeved blouse was smudged with dirt from sliding on the floor.

"What's going on here?" Margaret asked defiantly. Once she saw the masked gunmen she knew the answer to her question.

"What's the combination boss lady?" The leader demanded.

"I don't have it. The safe is on a timer lock. It won't open until tomorrow morning." Margaret replied calmly as she could. She was shaken, but tried to remain stoic and calm as she thought of her self as needing to be good leader in a crisis in order to set an example..

"That's fucked." The leader snarled, "You better not be lying to me, bitch!"

"Looks like we gonna have some time to kill, blood." The second robber said.

"Yeah. Yeah. The leader fidgeted impatiently, "We gonna have some fun. Hell, we got all night." All three men laughed with a menacing tone.

"What are you planning to do with us?" I asked trying to choke back tears.

"We all gonna play some games baby." Croaked the third man who had a deep base like voice. The men stood around our prone bodies in a semi-circle with their rifles at the ready.

"All you bitches stand up. Turn around and face us with your hands up!" Barked the leader. They made us stand up and bunch together facing them.

"Shit. We hit the mother load here my brothers." Said the second man, "The bitches in this here bank are hotter than the ones in that bank in Saint Joe."

"And they all wearing short skirts too. I like that." The third man added.

"Yeah." Said the leader, "Lets' see what you got ladies. Lift em up." He was upset that we moved too slow. "I said lift your damn skirts up! And lift em high dammit!" He shouted and thrust his rifle at us. The men glared and licked their lips as all of us skirted women reluctantly raised our skirts showing them our underwear. Lani and Mrs. Stahl were crying in humiliation. Lani had white laced maternity panties on beneath her pantyhose. Her tight underwear accentuated her pregnant belly. Mrs. Stahl had white nylon cotton tennis panties with ruffled leg openings below her raised, short, white tennis skirt.

"Please don't make me do this." Mrs. Stahl begged. "Not in front of my daughter." She looked over at Claire, who was petrified. Claire had white cotton bikini panties with a light blue flowers scattered about. "Please I am a married woman with children." She plead.

"Good. You're the first one we rape." Croaked the third man.

"Then we fuck your daughter." The second man threatened with a devilish grin.

"No!" Mrs. Stahl and Claire begged in unison for the men not to violate them. I knew that we were all doomed to be raped. I just hoped we would survive. The men ordered Keith to strip down to his underwear. He did and was left standing in a pair of black silk bikini underwear. He crossed his hands in front of his groin to maintain a semblance of modesty.

As we stood there trembling with our skirts raised above our hips, each man approached each of us and took turns manhandling and pawing at our pantied and nylon covered pussies. The second man was especially rough on how he handled me. He grabbed my precious mound very hard and squeezed it. He slid his hand down my panties, then rubbed and pulled on my pubic hair. It hurt when he did this.

"I'll take this one." The second man said decisively. He pulled me aside out of the line up and whisked me away to the took me into the break room. I tried to pull my dress down as we walked to the room. He bent me forward over the white lunch table and stood flush behind me. He reached under my skirt, grabbed a handful of nylon and panties, then forcefully tore out the crotch of my undergarments with one quick yank. I gasped at how quick he made me exposed for his pending assault. I felt cool air on my naked bottom and pussy.

"Please don't hurt me." I begged with tears streaming down my face. "You don't have to do this."

"Shut up!" He barked at me and slapped me hard on my ass. The loud crack reverberated throughout the room. My soft skin on my firm ass burned and stung from the strike. The sharp burning pain made my clit tingle and my pussy began to get instantly wet. He pushed up the back of my tight skirt to my lower back and positioned himself behind me. I made one last attempt to protest, but he plunged his hard black cock into my white and pink vagina. I screamed through clenched teeth as he thrust deep into me. He was enormous as I felt my pussy bursting at the seams. The upper and lower ends of my vaginal opening were tearing as his 10 inch rod assaulted me. He savagely pumped my moistening vagina from behind. Our pelvises repeatedly collided with tremendous force.

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