Bank Takeover

byMistress Maria©

His course pubic hair scratched my tender ass cheeks as he slammed his gyrating hips into my backside. His thighs were strong and muscular. His balls slapped hard at my throbbing clit. My vagina became drenched and the wetness began to ease the pressure and initial pain. But after a minute, the surging movement of his penetrating cock began to stimulate me more and I soon felt sheer pleasure. I knew that I was not supposed to enjoy my rape. It violated every fiber and being of what it means to be a liberated woman of the 90s. But, I could not help it though. It must have been an involuntary response as I was getting savagely fucked by the biggest and blackest cock that I have ever seen or felt for that matter. I always fantasized by being taken by a strapping young black man, but I never had the guts to actual go through with the real thing. But here I was getting fucked thoroughly by the blackest man I had ever seen outside of the tribesmen I saw in documentaries about Africa.

He pawed at my dangling breasts over my blouse and bra through my open blazer as he rocked me on the table where I ate my lunch five days a week. My pussy was still very sore and swollen after the marathon session with Rick the previous night. After a while, my mind went numb and I just surrendered to the physical pleasure. I came with a shrilled scream that would challenge a Brink's alarm system. The man's powerful thrusting lasted for five long minutes after I climaxed, then he came inside me. His ejaculate was warm as I felt him spurt into me and fill me to the brim. Suddenly, I had a horrid thought. I am not taking the pill no longer and I am close to my ovulation time. I prayed that I would not get pregnant by my rapist, especially when my husband and I have been trying so hard to make a baby. What would I do if I conceived during my rape? Would I abort it or keep it? Would I put it up for adoption? Would it be black? White? Or mulatto? Would I even live through this? My mind started to race and wander and think of all sorts of weird things.

"Whew baby! You a fine piece of ass." The second robber said as he pulled his cum dripping cock out of my ravaged pussy. He pulled me up by my hair, but he was not too rough. He turned me toward him and ordered me to clean him off with my mouth. I got the first close up look at the huge male member that invaded my pussy. I was in awe at the thick, long, black beauty that lay before me. He was nearly twice as big as Rick. He should have been in a freak show and I was astonished that I was able to take in such a man.

I sucked that beautiful chocolaty looking cock and cleaned my womanly wetness and his potent emissions off of it. My attacker was loving every minute of it. The whole act felt very primitive and instinctual. I guess human beings are truly and basically animals when it comes to sex. When he was finished with me, he brought me into the lobby with the others. There, in the middle of the lobby floor the third robber, with his pants down around his ankles, was conjoined with Mrs. Stahl in a standard missionary position. She kept her eyes shut tight and her fist clenched in a ball during her assault. Claire was back down on the floor, laying prone just inches from where her mother was being taken by force by a strange black man. Her head was buried in her cupped hands, refusing to witness what was happening to her mother. Keith and Margaret sat in office chairs with their wrists bound to the arm chair rests with duct tape. They were looking on at Mrs. Stahl's rape. Keith had an obvious erection.

Lani was on her knees giving fellatio to the leader, who still held his rifle. His cock was as big as the man who had just fucked me. Lani's eyes were wide, very surprised by the huge piece a black man meat she was nursing. Her red lip stick was smeared all over his stiff dark shaft and her ravaged mouth. Her plump belly rested on her reclined thighs. The poor girl had to go through this ordeal while being very pregnant. I was concerned for her safety and that of her unborn child.

"Please leave her alone!" I pled with the leader. She is pregnant for god sake." The leader just smiled and released his seed into the pregnant girl's mouth. Lani tried to lap up every bit of cum that emerged from the cock fucking her mouth, but white globules dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and dropped over the front of her pretty blue dress. The leader pulled his cock out of her raped mouth.

Then the leader grabbed me by the upper part of my left arm and took me into the break room. There, he took off my blazer and threw it on the table. He tossed me onto the sofa back side down. He ripped open my blouse and caressed my bra covered breasts. Then he plunged his big hands into the upper rims of my bra cups and curled his fingers inward. He tore open my bra down the center, exposing my plump breasts and erect nipples. The cool air felt good on my hot and sweaty chest. Then he pulled off the remainder of my torn pantyhose and tied my wrists behind my back with them. He flipped me over onto my back again and yanked my skirt off. The remainder of my torn panties were whisked off me. Then he pushed my legs wide open until my inner thighs burned from the stretch. The masked leader patted and rubbed my thick pubic hair patch and messaged my fleshy Mons Venus with his hand and finger tips. He rubbed me vigorously over my sweaty groin. He took the head of his massive black cock and rubbed it against my sensitive pink clit. He got me nice and wet as his tip of his penis worked my fleshy clit with a circular motion for a several minutes.

He studied my white body. He admired my luscious tits and soft flat torso, but he focused mostly on my pubic area. The second robber's semen, the leader's pre-cum, and my love juices mixed into a wet, sticky, and sweet medley of sexual fluids on my outer pussy walls and vaginal opening. The smell was potent and arousing. It permeated the room. I was well lubricated as he crammed his wet, hot, throbbing member into my quivering vagina. I looked up at the leader's covered face as he violated me. I tried to look into his eyes, which were black as coal. He caught my stare, but diverted his eyes away. He probably did want me to get a good look so that I wouldn't recognize him later. But it was more like, he didn't want to me to realize that he was getting personally involved with me and that had to struggle to concentrate and think of me as a sex object and not a real person. He lifted my legs and pressed my knees into my breasts as he slammed repeatedly into me. The leader fucked me and fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. He was incredible. I came an unprecedented four times in a row.

Soon, the door to the break room flung opened and the second robber was pulling Lani by the hair, which was now down and in disarray. He threw Lani on the lunch table. Her backside rested on my discarded blazer. The man wildly tore the maternity dress from her body and left her clad in only white lacy maternity panties and a matching nursing bra. He rubbed his hands together and licked his chops as if he was going to devour a Thanksgiving turkey before him.

"No! Please don't. Lani cried out, "You might hurt my baby!" The second man laughed and told her not to worry and that the motion will rock the baby to sleep. He proceeded to tear off her nursing bra and playful batted her blooming milk filled breasts. Lani screamed and begged for mercy, but this got her attacker even more riled up. He nibbled Lani all about her full breast and dark sensitive nipples. The he sucked like a baby on her left teat.

"Ah! Your milk is so sweet!" The man relished in his nursing on the breast of a pretty Asian woman. I appealed to the leader to intervene on Lani's behalf. He told me to hush up, because Lani seemed to be enjoying the foreplay that his comrade was engaging. The leader kept fucking me at a steady pace as he assured me that Lani would not be hurt. The second man pulled Lani's legs toward the end of the table. He easily ripped the maternity panties from her person and positioned himself between her legs. He jammed himself into her like he did to me, very hard and sudden. She screamed at first, but then settled down to quiet whimpering as the man screwed away at her plump pregnant pussy. There was little doubt that his huge prick bounced into the baby within Lani's womb. His massive cock completely filled her birth canal. Lani was on her way to a series of multiple orgasms during this lustful rape session.

After a while, the leader came inside me quietly, without fanfare. I was so wet, I could barely tell if he did. He pulled out and began to finger my wet hole. He proceeded to message my clitoris with two fingers on one hand, while he finger fucked me with two fingers on the other hand. He brought me to a huge convulsing orgasm. I started to feel shame as I was actually deriving pleasure in this hellish nightmare. The leader pulled me up off the sofa and brought me back to the lobby, where the third deep voiced robber had Martha propped up against the loan desk, her skirt hiked up, her panties down around her knees, her pantyhose down around her ankles, and his cock deep in her ass. The Ice Princess actually seemed to be getting off on this too. She was a sick woman, I thought. But what about me? I was no better. I felt a bit hypocritical after the thought as I just gotten off after being masturbated by my second rapist.

The Ice Princess climaxed, rolled off the desk and fell to the floor in orgasmic bliss. The third man noticed my return and saw that I was totally nude. He walked over to me with his still rigid pole in his hand. He was not as big as the other two. He was only about 8 inches. He was still big compared to what I was used to. He grabbed me and roughly pulled me to him.

"No!" I whined. "I can not take much more of this." He bent me over the same desk where he anally pleased Margaret. He pressed his black cock head against my tight anus and pushed it inside me. I only tried this once before with Rick and never cared for it. Now it was happening against my will.

"Please don't!" I cried, "You will really hurt me that way. I can't."

"That's the idea." The anal intruder said in his baritone voice. It felt like a locomotive was coursing through me when he entered my tight anus. The pain was intense at first, once he passed my anal ring, I began to relax my anal muscles. There was no sense in fighting it. It would only serve to hurt me more. Once he got some rhythm and natural lubrication going, it was becoming quite pleasurable. Now I had nearly every opening of me penetrated except my ears. Just as I thought that, the leader came around to my face and planted his cock into my lips. He ordered me to suck him dry as his deep voiced cohort invaded my ass.

Now I had every orifice breached and violated within a hour. I was getting very excited at being fucked at two different ends by two strong black men. The leader had the most prettiest cock of them all and I loved and adored it with my hot wet mouth and tongue. Soon, all the continuous physical exertion was getting to me. The leader and robber number three both came at the same time. Cum shot into my mouth and my ass simultaneously. The two men left me there on the desk to rest. I tried to close my tired eyes. I wondered if Rick would call or come looking for me if he had not heard from me in a while. I hoped that he would not come, because he would be caught up in all this mess and I did not want to see him hurt. What about the others? Would their loved ones be calling. The phones rang occasionally, but went unanswered. I soon drifted off to sleep for a brief time.

When I woke up I sensed myself being pulled from the desk and ordered to the floor. I saw that Lani was back with us in the lobby. She was nude and curled in a fetal position, crying. She was crying in shame. The same shame that overcame me. How would she explain to her beloved Joe. Would he ask if she enjoyed it?

Mrs. Stahl was now tied to a chair facing the loan desk. Cum leaked from her violated vagina. She was begging for the men to leave her virginal daughter alone. Two of the men hoisted Claire up and plopped her down on top of the loan desk. All three pawed and rubbed their hands all over her young firm body. The y flipped her uniform skirt up and rubbed all over her panties and untouched pussy. Her mother sobbed as her daughter was being molested before her eyes. The robber tore open Claire's white blouse and cut her bra off with a pair of scissors lying around the office. Claire trembled in fear. The leader cut her plaid skirt off and pulled her white and blue floral panties off. He was amused that they were wet in the crotch.

"Ohhhh!. So you like seein' all these brothers fucking your mom and these other stuck up bitches. Don't you little mama?"

"No" Claire cried out, bursting into tears.

"Yeah, your pussy don't lie. Your wet panties here gave you away." Said the leader.

"No." Claire sobbed and turned her head away in shame. She could not look at her mother. The young girl was curious about sex and she watched the carnal activity with mixed emotions of horror and fascination.

The three men ran their hands all up and down, Claire's young white nude body. She was taller than her mom, but much skinnier. She had pointed little B-cup boobs. The men had a field day with them. The leader stroked her short trimmed blond pubic hair. With his thumb he parted her pink pussy lips. This was the first man ever to touched her innocent vagina. He sunk his index finger into her tight wet vaginal opening. Her back arched up off the table as the leader fingered her and pressed his thumb onto her clit. Claire just discovered her clit last summer, when a girlfriend of hers taught her the joys of female masturbation. Claire never imagined such physical pleasure could be possible. And fear played a vital role in her excitement and arousal. After priming her sweet 18 year old pussy and making it dripping wet, the leader penetrated it with gusto. Her precious pussy, which she vowed to save for the man she would marry, had been officially violated.

Claire gave a half hearted protest, but the second robber stuck his huge black cock into her mouth, stifling her. The leader forced his black 12 incher into the young school girl's snatch. He tore the poor girl open, popped her cherished cherry, and stole her treasured virginity. I stared as his thick long shaft stuffed her tiny slit and stretched it to the breaking point and beyond. The blackness of his flesh contrasted totally with the pale, blond haired girl. The leader slammed his pelvis into her with every forward thrust. He thoroughly punished her pussy. The second man pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked himself to climax. He shot his white hot load over the pretty girl's face. Soon thereafter, Claire hyperventilated uncontrollably and came with a guttural roar . It was her first true orgasm. The leader picked her legs up and held her upright calves in a "V" in front of him as he stuffed his meat into her.

"Oh yeeeeaahh! Baby! Oh yeeeaahh!" The leader carried on. "I'm going to come in your white pussy. I'm going give you a black baby." The second and third robber placed both of their swollen black cocks into Claire's dainty mouth. Her mouth was crammed full of dark flesh. One of those dirty cocks had just fucked her mother and fucked the asses of two others. Although it was impossible to breath from her mouth, Claire sucked the two men simultaneously. The young girl, who up until a five minutes before never had never even touched a penis, had three big black ones stuck into her at the same time. Claire convulsed as she came again. She gagged on the two cocks deep in her mouth as she tried to vocally express her second orgasm. Mrs. Stahl was amazed at her daughter's new found sexuality. She realized that she was no longer her sheltered and shy little girl. Her innocence was gone forever. The leader came with heaving grunts and bathed her cervix with a hot semen shower. Claire marveled at the foreign sensation of having a man cum inside her. She felt so womanly at that point and nearly forgot for a few moments that she was being raped in front of a group of strangers and her very own mother.

"Well, looks like you gonna be a granny to a black grandbaby Moms." The leader said with a smirk to Mrs. Stahl, who was sickened by the thought. The third man pulled out of Claire's mouth and flipped her on her stomach and took her tight virgin asshole, while the second robber continued to force feed her his erect penis. Cum shot into her ass and mouth. Every fuckable opening of her young body was penetrated and defiled.

For the next hour, the three men took turns raping all of us women again. Toward the end of this ordeal, my pussy was so swollen and shredded that they couldn't force a lubricated Q-tip into my closed vagina. I was incredibly sore, but very satisfied. I couldn't take anymore pain or pleasure for that matter. The men were getting tired too. They couldn't even cum anymore when they fucked us. They were just going through the motions and actually became bored.

"This is getting old my brothers" The leader spoke. "Time for a new game." The three men pulled up and fastened their pants.

The leader pulled Margaret up off the floor and sat her in a chair. She was nude from the waist up. Somehow she managed to keep her skirt and panties on during her four separate rapes. Her pink satin bikini style panties where stretched, tattered, and cum soaked at the crotch. All the rest of us women had been stripped of all clothing, with the exception of Mrs. Stahl who still had her tennis outfit on, but no panties. They were shoved in her mouth and taped in place when she protested her daughter's rape.

Margaret was seated in a chair with her skirt raised to her hips while the leader stood between her wide open legs, rubbing her wet, pink, panty clad mound. Her pantyhose were torn into strips and were used to tie her legs and arms to the chair. Margaret was moaning and squirming passionately as she was being fondled. She was enjoying things a bit too much.

The second robber approached Keith, the lone male victim, who was almost forgotten by the robber-rapists. He was still sitting tied to his chair off to the side. The second robber kicked Keith with his heavy black combat boot. He noticed that there was a wet spot on the front of Keith's silky drawers and a raging hard on poking out of his waistband. The cum stain was very prominent at the top of his bikinis as a pearl sized drop of his essence still pooled outside the smooth black material.

"Hey! Check this out!" The second robber announced. He dragged Keith's chair closer to the group and showed him off to the others. "He's getting off on all this shit. He's fuckin hard and creamed his panties." The other's laughed. Keith grew red with embarrassment.

"You like what you see here boy?" The second robber interrogated Keith, jerking him around in the chair.

"I bet you would like to have some fun too." Said the leader, "Would you like that?" Keith did not respond verbally, but I saw in his eyes that he entertained the thought of take part in a sex act with one of us under the approval and amusement of our captors. "Well, not today bitch!" The leader continued, "But we may have some fun with you, yet." The leader kicked Keith's chair over backwards. Looking like a turtle stuck on his back, Keith's expression changed to fear and he grew pale. The second robber reached down and grabbed Keith's package and squeezed his scrotum sack.

"This reminds me of the fun I had in the joint. I had me a ton of pretty boys like you." The second robber said with a laugh as he manipulated Keith's ball sack. Keith flinched and tried to scramble away, but the second robber dropped a knee onto Keith's upper chest, close to his throat. He had trouble breathing. The second robber hoisted Keith's chair upright and took duct tape and bound Keith's ankle's to the legs to the chair causing his thighs to spread open and leaving his silk covered genitals exposed and vulnerable. He pushed Keith's chair next to Margaret's.

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