tagInterracial LoveBAP Becomes Black Female Slave

BAP Becomes Black Female Slave


We all have a purpose in this life. Mine was to serve a dominant white mistress. My name is Michelle Haverhill and I’m a six-foot-tall, busty and big-bottomed, kind of chubby and extremely dark-skinned black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I was once a high-powered attorney working for one of the big law firms in Boston. I walked away from it all to willingly become the black female slave of Mistress Donna Benton.

Mistress Donna Benton is the short, chubby, gray-eyed and blonde-haired Irishwoman who brought order into my life. It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, she was my secretary. Until she helped me see the light. I handed the controls of my life to her. The three hundred grand I had in the bank. The big house I owned in Brockton’s west side. The keys to my brand-new red convertible. My bachelor’s degree in business administration from Emerson College and my MBA from Northeastern University. My jewelry collection, estimated to be worth forty grand. All of the material things I no longer needed. I embraced a new lifestyle. A simpler lifestyle. A life of devoted servitude to the only person who ever understood me.

Mistress Donna Benton is the person who freed me from the shackles that society imposed upon me. I was taught that a black woman was supposed to be tough, loud, outspoken and downright merciless in dealing with other people. I was taught by our ignorant society that black women had an antagonistic relationship with white women, a hidden sexual history with white men and a love-hate relationship with black men. I was expected to be a strong black woman.

Right now, I’m wearing a black and white maid’s uniform as I scrub the floors of the kitchen. Mistress Donna is sitting on her chair, reading a Harlequin novel. I finish scrubbing the floors, then come to kneel before my mistress. Mistress Donna looks at me and smiles. Gently, she strokes my face. I lie down at her feet and she puts her feet on my back, using me as a foot stool as she reads. I am quite content to do this. For she is my dominant white mistress and I am her very devoted and loving black female slave who obeys her every order.

After reading for quite some time, Mistress rouses me from my day dreams with a swift whack of her hand to my big black butt. I snap to attention. Mistress Donna smiles at how obedient I am and she places a collar around my neck. The collar is fixed around a leash. I know what this means. We’re going for a walk. Mistress senses my excitement and she tells me that she has something special planned for me today.

Mistress Donna walks to the door and opens it. Two women enter. White women. The first one is tall, red-haired, green-eyed and very athletic. She looked like a champion bodybuilder. Mistress Donna addressed her as Miss Sharon. The second one is a short, stocky, brown-haired and blue-eyed white woman in her early fifties. Mistress Donna addressed her as Miss Abigail. They’re both dressed really well. They exchange kisses with my mistress, then look at me. The big and tall black woman on all fours, wearing the black and white maid’s uniform, with a collar and leash around her neck. They smile at me. Mistress Donna ushers them into the house, and the four of us return to the living room.

The three white women sit comfortably on the living room couches. Mistress Donna claps her hand and orders me to entertain her guests. I look at her meekly. I’m not sure what my mistress wants me to do. Mistress Donna removes my leash from its collar hook and I am free to move once again. I get up and start to dance. I dance wildly, like one of those video vixens seen in music videos on MTV, VH1 and BET. The trio of white women watch me with interest. I make a good show of shaking my ass like one of them glossy, hyper sexual, big-booty ghetto sluts seen on the television screen by millions around the country. The three white mistresses watch me and smile. Clearly, they like what they see.

Mistress Donna holds up her hand and I stop dancing. The two white women whom my mistress invited into her house, Miss Sharon and Miss Abigail, nod in agreement. They comment on how well-trained I am. Mistress Donna tells them they hadn’t seen anything yet. She orders me to strip. I hesitate. I’ve always obeyed my mistress and I’ve done a lot for her. However, I’ve always believed that my beauty and my sexuality were for her eyes only. I respected Miss Sharon and Miss Abigail because they had the look of strong, dominant white mistresses but they were not my mistress. They were the colleagues of my mistress. Mistress Donna cocked an eyebrow, a sign that I was entering dangerous territory. Disobeying a direct order from my mistress is the last thing I want to do. So I quickly removed my black and white maid’s uniform.

I stood before the three white women, naked as a jay bird. Mistress Donna smiled. Miss Sharon and Miss Abigail traded looks of approval as they checked out my magnificent, voluptuous black woman’s physique. My big tits. My heavyset yet very sexy body. My wide hips. My big, round butt. And my extremely dark brown skin. Yeah, they liked what they saw. Mistress Donna ordered me to come to her and I need. She told me to lick her feet. Obediently I got on all fours and began sucking on my dominant white mistress sexy toes.

Miss Sharon and Miss Abigail clap as I begin sucking on Mistress Donna’s toes. I kiss my mistress sexy feet, worshiping her the way she deserves to be worshiped. And so I worshiped her. And when she decided to spank my fat black ass, I just bent over and took it. In front of the two giggling white women, Mistress Donna spanked my ass with a thick wooden paddle. Then she donned her favorite strap-on dildo and told me to assume the position. I happily obeyed her orders.

Mistress Donna came up behind me and spread my ass cheeks wide open. She applied lube against my asshole, then pushed the dildo into my ass. Before her white female audience, she shoved the dildo into my ass and began sodomizing me. While the two other white women watched, Mistress Donna fucked me, her black slave woman, up the ass. I screamed in pleasure and pain as she ravaged my ass with her strap-on dildo. As I endured the sweet agony, they watched with interest. Clearly they liked what they saw. In spite of myself, I was flattered. I was putting on a good show for my mistress friends. I was truly a compliment to my mistress talent for domination. We rocked like strap-on sex was going out of style.

Mistress Donna fucked me hard, until I begged for mercy. Thankfully, she heeded my cries and allowed me to retire to my modest chambers. Nodding, I left the living room, but not before saluting my mistress and her visiting friends. Just like a good slave too. That night, I couldn’t sleep peacefully. My mistress stayed up late chatting with her friends. When they finally left, she went to bed. She found me sleeping at the foot of her bed, as was my custom. I love my mistress!

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