tagRomanceBaptism at Indian Lake

Baptism at Indian Lake


Driving over and around the rises and curves of Route 19, Genna couldn't help but to find herself the slightest bit elated as she made her way to Indian Lake. This first day of spring had, indeed, begun with a sense of newness and regeneration.

Waking near sunrise, she had padded out in her pajamas onto the patio to sip her coffee, knowing full well that another long and brutal Wisconsin winter was behind her. The song of robins serenaded her from the treetops, while the ears of her three cats, who had followed her out into the morning air, pricked with rapt attention. The season of rebirth had finally arrived. It was nothing less than baptism by sunshine.

She found it fascinating to note how much joy one could discover in the simple things, having gone so long without. The freshness of the air, the scurry of rabbits in the courtyard. At last, she was able to greet the day with a sense of gratitude, and that brought her the peace and contentment amid which she thrived.

Turning onto a long, winding side road, she steered toward the trailhead, only to find a single motorcycle parked in the otherwise empty lot.

Knowing without a doubt that she couldn't be early, as she was never on time for anything, she wondered for a moment if she had mismarked her calendar; yet, it was the annual equinox trail workday, and spring was everywhere around her.

Taking the spot next to the cycle, she turned off the ignition, grabbed her bottled water and pocketed her keys. She made her way up to the trailhead, the designated meeting spot, and saw a solitary figure through the glare of morning sun. As she neared, he offered a wave of acknowledgement.

"You here for the workday?" he asked.

"Yeah," Genna responded. "But, where is everybody?"

"It looks like it's just you and me."

"So much for community involvement, eh?" she said with a slight smile.

"That's all right. I'm ready to whip these trails into shape if you are," he announced with conviction.

"You bet, but I have to admit that I don't have any tools or supplies. I assumed they would be provided."

"No worries. I have everything we'll need, and we won't need much for an initial cleanup. Let's just give it a couple more minutes to see if anyone else arrives. By the way, I'm Lucas, the coordinator of this year's highly successful workday," he introduced himself with a wink and an outstretched hand.

"I thought you looked familiar. I'm Genna. You're Kara O'Connell's brother, right?"

"As a matter of fact," he responded, revealing the most perfect smile she had ever seen.

"I thought so. I've noticed you around town, and I think I remember you from last year's event."

"Gotcha. Well, as much as I love Mad Town, I'm glad to be out in the sticks today. It's an awesome morning; but, beware, there's a lot of melt."

"I don't mind getting dirty," she countered with nonchalance, lest he take her for just a pretty girl.

"Well, what do you say we start clearing debris from the lake loop? If we have time, we can work on the more remote trails. It actually doesn't look too bad."

"I'm up for it. Let's go," she agreed.

They made their way onto the main loop, both astounded to find isolated stretches of snow pack despite the recent rise in temperatures. Genna could have sworn the daytime highs hadn't dipped below fifty degrees for a week or more.

"Just watch your step," Lucas warned. "Despite the muck, the ice is slick."

"Trust me, I'm as sure-footed as they come," Genna assured.

Clearing the occasional fallen branch by tossing it easily into the woods, they found themselves surrounded by paper birch, which, though beautiful, had robbed the area of its natural prairie. Even up on the slopes, gnarled oaks and other hardwoods had choked off the wildflowers.

Although they had spent a couple hours or so easily navigating the trails, Lucas and Genna found that the muck through which they had trod was barely an indication of what lay ahead -- a complete washout. Indeed, the trail had disappeared into what resembled marshland, and only that if they were lucky.

"Where do we go from here?" Genna asked, having gleaned a healthy amount of respect for Lucas's wilderness skills.

"You said you don't mind getting dirty, right?"


"At the worst, I'd guess it might be at thigh level. The lot's not far. I have sandwiches and extra waters. Otherwise, we'd have to backtrack, which would take a lot more time."

"Okay, let's go for it. I am getting hungry."

"That's my kind of lady," Lucas said, once again displaying his incredible smile.

Each step proved to be an adventure in itself; and, despite their cautious footfall, they both found themselves very slowly and clumsily making their way toward solid ground. They never knew how deep their boots would sink into the wet earth or when they might let their weight unwittingly bear upon the slick surface of an algae-covered rock.

"You doing okay?" Lucas asked over Genna's left shoulder.

"I think -- " Genna's ankle gave just slightly, allowing a buckling in her knees. "I think I'm good," she professed, however uncertainly, as she regained her composure.

"Here, grab my hand," Lucas said as he reached a sinuous arm toward her. "We'll get through it together."

Smoothly and with ease, Genna's fingers entwined Lucas's own.

"There's no rush," Lucas offered his words of gentle encouragement. "Let's just take it slow and -- "

Before he could complete his thought, Genna's misstep had left her submerged beneath the lake water, far exceeding its natural boundaries; and, the suddenness of her fall had pulled Lucas down with her, leaving him sputtering mid-sentence.

As the strength of his arms brought her back to the surface, she clung to him; and, for just a moment, she allowed him to glimpse her vulnerability.

"I've got you," he uttered, bringing her to rest upon his chest, as they stood surrounded by the lake and enveloped by the middle-distant call of cranes.

She gazed up at him with wide hazel eyes. "Oops," she breathlessly offered as an apology and once again rested herself against his muscular torso.

Yet, it wasn't but a moment before she pulled back up straight, and her features found their characteristic willfulness.

"It was just a slip. It'll be easy from here," she affirmed.

The quick dunk in icy cold water had brought her nipples to firm attention, straining against her cotton t-shirt; and, his gaze lowered despite all efforts to the contrary. Desire for her ignited not only in response to her beautiful breasts, fully awakened, but to the vulnerability he had witnessed, which he sensed she guarded day in and day out with her incredibly steadfast will and feistiness.

As he had pulled her from the water, he saw quite clearly, in a single moment, the many intriguing aspects of Genna. Her humanness and complexity inspired him, and he found himself drawn to her, for he had never encountered a woman so fully real.

Yet, he felt the responsibility of guiding them to dry land, and he focused his energies on bring her to safety.

"You're up for going forward?" Lucas clarified.

"Absolutely. We're almost there."

Hand in hand, the last leg of their journey was challenging, yet, in another vain, effortless; and, by the time they reached dry ground, their movements were virtually synchronized.

"We did it!" she exclaimed through exhaustion as she collapsed atop him upon the not-yet-green grass.

Looking up at her, he found that the humanness he had admired within her reflected now as a goddess-like quality. Everything about her was so refreshingly genuine and pure in its intent.

Resisting the urge to bring her lips to his own, Lucas lightened the moment by appealing to their other appetites.

"Let's grab the food from the bike," he suggested. "We'll have ourselves a bit of a picnic."

"Bring it on. I'm starving," Genna seconded the motion whole-heartedly.

Plodding up to and across the pavement, their legs felt heavy from their trek. Yet, as Lucas reached into a saddlebag to retrieve the sandwiches and waters, their spirits lifted at the mere thought of taking nourishment.

"Are you up for chilling for a while by the lake?" Lucas asked her. "It may be wet, but we can't get much filthier than we are now."

"Agreed," Genna said, wanting nothing more than to tear into the sandwiches.

Carefully making their way to the shoreline via a moderate drop from the trail near a large, hollowed out oak, Lucas led the way, keeping within arm's distance to support Genna's decent.

Settling precisely where they arrived, Lucas handed Genna her long-awaited lunch.

"Mmm, what is it?" she asked.

"Grilled portobello, tomato and soy cheese. I made it myself," he said with pride.

Genna remained silent -- and the slightest bit smug -- for a brief moment.

"You are an earth nerd, aren't you?" she laughed.

"Pardon me?" he replied in mock indignation. "You can just hand that back, right now," he said as he reached for the sandwich.

"Not a chance!"

"Give it back. You don't appreciate ethical eating," he jested.

"Make me!"

With one swift leap from where he stood, he pinned her to the ground, straddling her hips as he wrenched the sandwich from her hand.

Her wide eyes sparkled as she struggled against him, writhing and reaching for that which he'd taken from her.

"Give it to me!" she demanded.

"You want the sandwich, then? You admit that it will be delicious?"

"No, I want you," she stated forthright, as a woman who knew precisely what she wanted.

"You want me?" Lucas ensured his understanding.

"Actually, no, Lucas. I don't just want you. I need you," she said as her tone deepened with seriousness.

Pulling her wet t-shirt up and over her beautiful blonde locks, he brought his mouth to her erect nipples, loving them as he'd wanted so badly to do since she surfaced from her fall into the lake water. Drawing each in turn with his lips and tongue, he allowed himself the liberty of a gentle yet firmly administered bite.

Given the way she writhed with the sensation of his teeth upon her tender flesh, he confidently moved his mouth downward, trailing light kisses along her tightened abdomen to the waistband of her well-worn Edun jeans.

"May I look at you?" he asked, seeking the answer deep within her eyes. He noticed her pupils dilated with arousal.

"I'd like that, Lucas," she admitted. "I'd like for you to get to know me."

Unzipping her jeans, he brought the fitted denim down and over her hips and thighs, exposing her white lace panties and silky smooth skin; and, bringing himself to her feet, he tugged lightly and released her from the confines of her clothing all together, save for the panties he wasn't yet ready to remove.

"You're exquisite, Genna," he uttered as he gazed at the beautiful young woman before him. "In every way, I find you remarkable, not only your body, but your mind and spirit. I've been blessed with glimpses of your essence today, and I want to learn more about you."

"My essence? You can taste it, if you want to. I'm wet for you, Lucas. Don't you understand? As much as I appreciate the intent, you don't have to be so cautious with me. Please, don't. I want you to know me -- my taste, my smell, the sensation of your being deep inside me."

Slowly crawling upon his hands and knees, he approached the source of the essence of which she spoke and gingerly pulled her panties aside for a taste.

As his tongue lapped slowly through her folds, Genna moaned, bringing her sex up to meet his mouth. As he licked her slowly and deliberately, Genna fought her frustration. She didn't want slow and steady. She wanted Lucas's passion and intensity. She wanted to experience the animal within him. How could she get the instinct to come alive within him, much less coax him into setting himself free? Fuck cautious. She wanted a primal lover, a lover who would protect her by day, yet take her by night.

"Rip my panties, Lucas, and fuck me with your tongue. Don't lower them; rip them from me. Take what I'm giving to you. Stop asking permission, and take what is yours."

Allowing instinct and Genna's encouragement to guide his actions, he tore the flimsy lace with ease and dove into her pussy, licking and gnawing at her clit until her juices dripped, only to be absorbed into the cool, wet sand that lay beneath her perfectly-shaped bottom.

"Let me take you in my mouth, Lucas. I want to taste you, just as you are."

Bringing his cock to her lips, he felt himself expand and come alive. With Genna, he didn't have to ask permission or fear offending her. He admired her openness and her utter self-knowledge. Thus, he positioned his hand at the back of her head and thrust himself into her mouth, as her tongue traced imaginary hieroglyphics upon the sensitive underside of his cock. To his delight, she accommodated him without hesitation.

"I want to make love to you, Genna. May I?" he asked, in spite of his shaft lodged deep within her throat.

Pulling away from that which had silenced her, she looked him in the eye as she demanded, "Stop asking. I want you to take me, Lucas. There are no judgments. There is no protocol. I'm inviting you to love me and to penetrate me. I want to feel you inside me more than I've ever wanted anything."

He positioned himself at her entrance without another word; and, grabbing her hips with force, he gave her his entirety.

With him buried so deeply inside her, it took no time for her to come to an earth-shattering climax that awakened her womb as she had never dreamed possible.

She knew this was just the beginning; but, even now, over the course of a solitary afternoon, it had become evident that Lucas was learning his own desires and discovering the freedom to imbue them with life.

"Fuck me, Lucas. Fuck me until you come," Genna begged for the natural transfer of his chi.

Suddenly rising upon his knees, he lifted her ass from the sand and pounded her pussy hard until he came with a most intense orgasm without emission, an experience that he had never before known. He remained as erect and ready to love her as ever.

Lucas was stunned. Genna was impressed.

After catching their collective breath, Lucas and Genna at last found the opportunity to devour their lunches while resting upon the jagged rocks.

"What do you say you hop on the back of my bike? You can clean up at my place," Lucas suggested as he crumpled the recycled cellophane from his sandwich.

"A shower would be delightful," Genna admitted.

Packing out their mess, Genna hopped behind Lucas onto the vinyl seat and rode with her arms wrapped around him to his flat, right in the heart of the eclectic Willy Street neighborhood.

After spending a quick moment, taking in her environs, she bee-lined for the shower, where she scrubbed off the muck and algae and stood for what felt to be an eternity beneath the shower's spray.

With the sudden loosening of the door's faulty latch, her ears pricked with interest.

"I was hoping to dry you off," Lucas hesitantly revealed his intention as the shower ceased to steam. She had turned the handle as he peeked around the curtain.

With the door ajar, she could make out the faint strains of Damien Rice's "Cannonball" streaming from his computer's rather tinny-sounding speakers.

Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth...

"Yes, you may," Genna granted as she lifted her arms to admit him access.

Beginning with the exquisite roundness of her breasts, he took the time to allow the plushness of the towel to absorb every droplet from her skin, as he dried her shoulders, her arms, her belly and back as well as the firmness of her thighs. Nevertheless, he couldn't resist the urge to linger for a moment before her bare mons, suckling upon her swollen nub.

So, it's not hard to fall...

"Genna, please stay the night," Lucas asked, looking up at her.

As he stood to dry her hair, he could only imagine what it would be to gently brush it for her, come morning.

"Of course, I will," she easily conceded.

When you float like a cannonball...

"I'd be honored to share your bed," she said, knowing their passion for one another could not be satiated in just one night. "Will you take me there now?"

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