tagBDSMBar Bet Weekend Pt. 03

Bar Bet Weekend Pt. 03


Sorry for the long wait, folks. Life got busy for a bit. Hope this is worth the wait...


Saturday morning began slowly. Joly slept late. Rina ached with exhaustion and put off getting up as long as possible. What had she been thinking when she accepted that stupid bet? Sure, there was something emerging, being broken out of its shell in her. She was discovering her submissiveness, but she had been some other person for so long that this new Rina felt strange and shameful. Letting someone - even as good a friend as Rina- force her to expose herself? Have sex with strangers? Have sex with women? This wasn't her, this was some dirty disgusting evil being.

And yet, she had never been more aroused or satisfied in her life. As she lay there with the sun streaming in and illuminating her spent and naked body, a war raged within her. Should she tell Joly to just screw off? Pack a bag and leave? Move to another city? And just as that thought seemed at its most attractive, her sexual need came knocking at the door, "You want this, girl. You are loving being a humiliated cum slut." And her juices began to well up.

Yesterday, as promised, when they got home from the shopping expedition, or perhaps exhibition, Rina was ordered to don the strap on and pound her mistress until Joly had several satisfying cums. They spent the rest of the evening sipping wine and trying on or out the various toys they had bought, but nothing too strenuous. Of course, the trying on had taken place in front of Rina's wide open and brightly lit windows where anyone in the high rises across the way could see the action.

After bathing her mistress and herself, Rina dropped into an exhausted sleep, dreamless this time, until she woke and her internal war began.

When she finally crawled out of bed she wandered around the apartment - even ventured out onto the balcony alone and without being ordered to do so. She was impatient waiting for Joly to wake wondering what new adventures and humiliations awaited. And yet she understood that as a sub, patience and waiting were part of the delicious anticipation of the game.

Mostly, Saturday was spent quietly. Sure, Joly made her go out for breakfast again, clad only in the cum covered dress shirt from the day before, and again she was made to sit on the balcony, naked for the world to watch while she ate and drank her coffee.

"How's about you go get that Hitachi wand, slut?" ordered Joly. We didn't really try it out last night and I guess it's been a long while since you had that unauthorized orgasm in the sex shop. I'm betting you would like another, eh?...Oh, and bring your phone, too."

The new slave returned, both horny and reviled at the thought of bringing herself off on the balcony. She was already blushing on her return. Though she had been out there on her own an hour before, exhibiting yourself and being exhibited under orders was completely different. The latter was far more intense.

Meanwhile, Joly had pulled out some poster board on which she had written "Slut needs permission to cum. Please call..." and Rina's phone number. Rina blushed deeply.

"Ok, sweetie, plug in the wand, sit down and put your feet up on the railing spread wide. Let everyone across the way see your dripping cunt.

"Now, here are the rules...you don't take the wand away and you DON'T cum until some nice person calls up and gives you permission."

Joly held up the poster angling it from side to side for all the voyeurs to see. Rina started rubbing her clit with the powerful wand and immediately wanted to cum. This was going to be hard!

The phone didn't ring at first, not for 10 long minutes. Rina started sweating and grunting with effort.

Finally the chime sounded. Joly answered on speaker.

"Hellooo this is the slut line! How can we help you?"

An angry woman's voice shouted down the line, "This is an utterly disgusting display. You are both whores and you will be damned to Hell for your lascivious, disgusting, sinful actions. And before you taste Hellfire, you should be jailed..."

Joly let her go on for sometime before interjecting, "Thank you for calling slutline and sharing your views. However you aren't helping this little whore get off so, goodbye!" She snapped "goodbye" just like that English woman on the game show.

Rina grunted with relief. Her task was getting harder. She almost had no sense of the world around her anymore, so lost was she in the subspace of her humiliation. Her only focus was her arousal and her desperate effort not to come.

The phone chimed again.

"Oh this is amazing! I got through. God you are a hot little minx. I saw you yesterday too. You are great and soooo submissive."

Joly interjected, "Thank you so much for calling. You know we are playing a little game with slut. As you can see she is playing with herself, and I have to admit that for a worthless cunt, she is doing a pretty good job of holding off her orgasm. You see, she has to get permission from some kind caller before she can come, Otherwise I will have to punish her."

The work 'punish' broke through Rina's haze and nearly pushed her over the edge.

"Rina...RINA, snap out of it and pay attention! Your kind caller has a question for you..."

"Hey slut, you are pretty damn hot."

"Thank you sir," she gasped.

"What will you do for me if I let you come?"

"Ohhhh, God! Anything sir! I'll suck you, you can fuck my pussy, my ass...ANYTHINNNNNGGG. Please, sir!"

"Well, that sounds pretty good. Ok, you can come, NOW!"

Joly was sure the scream springing from Rina's lips woke up anyone still asleep anywhere in the block. She started giggling uncontrollably. The girl bucked and shook for a very long time, face flushing, and sweat streaming. Joly recorded it all, of course.

"Stay here and get yourself off again for the nice man. I'm going inside to talk with him privately."

Rina obeyed after she calmed down and so climbed to a second shattering orgasm.

Inside, Rina asked the man's name. 
"Rick. Damn that's one hot girl...well..um...you both are really."

"Why thank you. Can you send me a pic of yourself?"

"Sure! Hang on."

Shortly Joly was looking at a nice and well built guy. She had an idea.

"Well, I know Rina slut has to pay off a debt to you, but I have to tell you that I got kind of horny watching that shameless little vixen. You up for a twofer?"

"Oh, God, yes!"

"Ok come over about five. And here are the rules. You are going to fuck me first, because I need cock very badly today. After that you can have at her as much as you like, but when I say leave, it's time to go."

Rick agreed and she gave him the address.

The rest of the afternoon the girls relaxed, though Joly locked herself in her room planning for the final day of Rina's enslavement. All Joly told her slave was that she would be taking care of the nice man later.

Promptly at 5 the downstairs door buzzer rang. Minutes later, a naked Rina was opening the door for their guest.

"Oh shit!" he said.

"Mistress does not allow me to wear clothes indoors, Sir," said Rina, "and often not much else out of doors either," she giggled. She like the look of her new Sir.

"Mistress is waiting for you Sir, she is very ready. May I help you get ready and then show you the way?"

Rick nodded. She drew closer to him...very close, teasingly close and began to unbutton his shirt, slowly rubbing her hands over his firm chest as she drew the shirt down. Carefully she stepped away and folded it. Close again, she slowly dropped to her knees while looking into his eyes, brushing her hands over his thighs as she sank.

She unlaced his shoes and slid them off along with his socks and placed them carefully aside. Then she reached for his belt and the button on his jeans and drew them down to his ankles and helped him step out. Again, she folded them very neatly and placed them with the shirt. Finally she reached for his jockeys. "MMMM, looks like I don't have to do much to get you ready for the next part, Sir." Indeed his cock was a nice thick seven inches. Still, she gave it a light kiss.

Rising to her feet, she took him by the hand and led into Joly's bedroom where she lay sexily propped up against the padded headboard, with a satin sheet covering her only to the waist. She looked gorgeous, a fact confirmed by the sharp intake of breath by Rick.

"Welcome to my humble boudoir, kind sir. Rina, he certainly looks ready, but maybe you should give him some appetizer."

Again the girl dropped to her knees and started to gently lick and nibble at the head of his already dripping cock. Meanwhile, Joly langourously lay back and started gently fingering her pussy.

"Make sure he doesn't come in your slut mouth or there will be Hell to pay!"

After a few minutes she summoned Rina to her. "Get me ready, now, girl." Gazing into Rick's eyes and fondling her breasts, Joly gave into to Rina's oral ministrations. Who know she would be such a good pussy licker?

"Bring him over and guide him into me, slut."

"Please, Sir, may I assist you?" Rina was truly getting into this 'serving the mistress' scene. She was dripping - a seemingly constant state this weekend.

Gently holding his cock she brought him to the bed and positioned his cock over the entrance of Joly's pussy. "I need a good fucking, Rick. Give it to me!"

And he did while Rina alternated stroking his balls and ass and fondling her mistress' breasts.

Try as he might, the stimulation was a little too much for Rick. He couldn't last all that long. Fortunately Joly was just as ready as he and just as wired from the scene. They came together in a heaving series of groans.

Rick rolled over onto his back panting.

"Clean him slut!" commanded Joly and Rina dutifully began licking and cleaning his cock until it began to stiffen again.

"Now me. Drink all the nice man's cum...in fact, get on your back, slave."

Rina did as ordered. Joly straddled the girl's head and positioned her cunt over that lovely mouth.

"Open wide," she said as a string of cum began to drip down. Rina swallowed dutifully, "Now, go get the rest," cried Joly as she dropped her pussy on the slave's mouth. "See if you can get me off again, and Rick? You can use her pussy now if you want or just wait till I'm done if you want her mouth."

Rick was too happy to slide into Rina's dripping pussy and just pump slowly while fondling Joly's breasts from behind and nibbling her neck. "Such amazing women," he breathed. "Thank you."

"Oh the pleasure is all mine," gasped Joly as she came again courtesy of the girl's tongue.

"She really has an amazing mouth. In fact, that's what got her into this mess serving me. You should try it."

"Oh, I was just courteously waiting my turn." Rick pulled out and sat on a nearby chair. "I've always thought the sexiest thing in the world was a woman on her knees looking into my eyes and sucking my cock for as long as it takes. Get to it, girl."

Getting fully into it, Rina rose as gracefully as she could and walked around the bed with the sluttiest walk she could manage. "Yes, Sir", she sighed, "I am happy to serve."

Fixing him with a sensual gaze she sank to her knees. She took hold of his semi-hard penis and began to gently lick and suck, nibbling now and then until sliding it ever so slowly as deeply into her mouth as she could.

She knew there was no reason to rush, he had just shot a load, after all, but she was determined to please him and her mistress with her skill. She was at it a long while, her jaw beginning to ache when she felt his cock thicken with an impending orgasm. Rina picked up the pace, never letting her gaze waver, even as Rick tossed his head back and closed his eyes. When his load came she felt both powerful and submissive at the same time, in her own world.

"Don't swallow!" A voice penetrated her consciousness. Joly.

"Hold his cock, but turn and show me his load," Joly was filming, of course, "Now let some slide down your breasts and rub it in. Look at the little whore, doing as ordered," She giggled, "You truly are a complete slave slut aren't you?"

Smiling, Rina knew it was true, the demons of the morning gone now. With a lightness in her breast, she knew who she was, who she always was, who she was destined to be. She felt at peace.

Rick lingered a little longer and fucked her again and then after a whispered conversation with Joly, left for the evening.

The girls ordered Chinese food, which of course, Rina paid for while standing nude. They watched a movie on Netflix and then Joly said,

"Off to bed with you, girl. Tomorrow is a grand finale of the weekend and my last day owning you. I have some things planned. Stay in your room in the morning until I tell you. We are having a few guests over to watch the football game."

The smile she offered sent Rina to bed in fear and delicious anticipation.

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by LiseKLord04/15/18

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for your excellent and insightful feedback. Regarding your comments on part two, this is, of course, fantasy. 'Brutal and abusive", yes, but like many thrillers and murder stories,more...

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by Anonymous04/14/18

Is your writing properly focused?

Part one was a story about a bet and it’s consequences. A touch of exhibitionism and the winner claims the loser for sex. Standard fare for this group and a cute opening story. Great start.

Part twomore...

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