Bar Flashing


After we have been out with me flashing on the expressway or in a shoe store, we usually go to a bar for a few drinks. Some times we will just go out to a bar so I can show off there. I usually wear a dark colored see-through blouse with no bra. I wear a dark colored blouse because the men will have to be near me to see that my tits and nipples are exposed. Once in awhile I will wear a short skirt or one with a slit up it, stockings with garter belt, or thigh highs.

Jerry and I would just sit at the bar and talk or watch some event on a TV if there was one on and maybe talk to some of the people around us. Usually the bar tender would be the first one to notice that I had on a see-through blouse and that my tits were visible. Most bar tenders would strike up a conversation as soon as they realized that they could see my tits and nipples. But as with any bar they must move around to all the customers so he cannot stay with us. But we are never lacking for service in a bar, as they want to come over to look as much as possible. Most of the bars we go to are small local bars, that are kind of quiet, and not to young a crowd. So in these bars the bar tender will know most of the people in it. After they see that we are easy to talk to and are not starting trouble, they will tell some of the other men that I am wearing a see-through blouse and my nipples are visible.

We can usually tell exactly when he is doing this. Then Jerry and I bet on how long it will take one of the gentlemen to work his way over to us. Most sit for a while, go to the men’s room and on their return try to strike up a conversation with us by starting with light talk. You can also see right away that they are looking to see if what the bar tender told them is true. As soon as most see that they can see my nipples, they get a little shy. But soon they find out we are easy to talk to they sit right down next to us. They try not to look directly at my tits, but you can see them looking and its fun. Most men just sit and talk with us and maybe call over a friend or two to meet us. Watching the eye movement between them as the other man or men now realize that they can see my nipples is great.

We have had men ask me to dance, (there is no doubt that they want to see how much I will press against them or they are thinking of copping a feel), but I usually decline politely. Very few men will actually mention my blouse and that it is see- thru. And of the ones that do mention it, most are very polite. “I love your blouse and I think its great that you are not afraid to dress this way”, “Please don t get mad, but I love your blouse and I love what you have in it”. Some do take the other stand and ask if we are looking for a little three-way action or something. We tell them no, that we are not swingers or anything like that. Most then apologize and are very good. Very rare does this upset them, but it has happened. They feel that just because I am wearing a see-through I should be putting out for them. But this very rarely happens, and it is always controllable or we just leave. About now these men are comfortable looking at me with out getting embarrassed.

We have had women bartenders even tell some of the men in a bar what I am wearing. Some have mentioned my blouse to me and said they like to do the same thing or its “I wish I had the nerve to wear a see-through blouse”. This is funny as most of the women bartenders are built better then I am.

We have also had quiet a few couples come over to us to talk. They usually notice my see-through blouse, and that is what starts the conversation. I have been quite surprised of how many women want to do it and how many do it. A lot of the couples are swingers and are looking for other couples to swing with. We have also met a lot of couples who just like to watch other couples have sex or want others to watch them. But none of these are our thing so we just politely say no. But we usually do have some nice conversations with these couples. A lot of the women who come over are wearing a thin blouse with a bra and after sitting with us for a while, it’s amazing how many go to the ladies room and take off their bra. A lot of talk ends up about sexual things we all have tried and what we like to do. It’s nice to see that whatever you do, there are a lot of people who like the same thing.

A few times I have some fun by putting rubber cement on my nipples and then sprinkling glitter over my nipples. It gives it a very strange look. You would have to look for a moment to see that I was not wearing a sexy bra, but that it was my nipples covered with glitter. It is fun to watch the face on some man when he realized that what he was seeing was my tits and not a sexy bra. This would sometimes really start some great conversations. Jerry asked me to try to put the nipple clamps with chains on my nipples, but is was painful for me so I do not wear them.

A few times I show more than my tits in a bar. I do not wear panties on panty hose. So if I am wearing a short skirt, or one with a slit up the front or side it is very easy to show some pussy. I usually do this when I am getting on and off the barstool. And the men will have to be looking right at me to see anything. If we are in a good conversation with some man and I have had a few drinks (not to many because I get tired) and I am in a good mood I try to show him my pussy a few times or if we are secluded in the bar, sit with my pussy slightly exposed.

One night I was in a real sexy mood and we were talking to a real nice gentleman. I had to go to the ladies room. So I unbuttoned the lower buttons on my skirt so that it would open when I got up. I turned toward him to get off the stool and as I got up my pussy was visible for just a moment. I wasn’t sure if he would see this as getting off the stool it only shows for a second. But he did see it. I could tell by the smile on his face and the approving look he gave me. When I came back he was waiting to see if I would show it again as I got back on the stool. Well getting back on the stool takes a little more work and I can show my pussy for quite a bit longer. Which is what I did. He didn’t miss a thing, he saw all of me. And his intake of breath and smile really let me know what he saw.

Well as I finally got settled he waited until he was sure no one else was looking at us, especially Jerry, and he mouthed “Thank you”. Like I said, I was in a real sexy mood that night so I whispered to Jerry that I wanted to show my pussy a little. He looked around and saw that the only ones who would be able to see was him and the gentleman we were talking to, so he said ok. What I did was move around on the bar stool until just by the movement my skirt had opened and pulled up so that my pussy was now showing a little as I sat there. As we were talking the man kept glancing down and looking at my pussy. He did not make it to obvious and tried to act as if nothing was going on. I guess he was afraid that if I realized it I would cover up. He spent a little while catching looks and finally once he looked up and I was looking at him and just smiled. He instantly got a big smile on his face as he realized that I had done this for him. But he still could not bring himself to just look at it. So I stayed that way for a little while so he could keep peeking. We have run into this gentleman a few times now and it really is nice to talk with him. I do not always show him my pussy, but we always have a good time with him. He is the one who started us onto cock rings, ball stretchers and ball spreaders.

I have had a lot of men see that I had on a short skirt or one with a slit up it and they would drop thing on the floor so they would have to pick them up. This would give them a chance to look up my skirt to see if they could see any more. If I were in a real good mood I would open for them a little and give a quick peek. But showing my pussy in a bar is not something I do all the time.

We have gone into a bar that is to quiet there is almost no one there and none notice my see-through blouse. Most of the time we leave if this is the case. But one time we decided to stay. I am never sure what Jerry will do at any given time, as he seems to always be prepared for any and everything. So as we were sitting there he started to slide his hands over my legs. No on could see us and it felt great, and it is something I am used to from him. But he started going higher and he motioned for me to spread my legs. I just figured he was going to feel me up in the bar and play with my pussy. As I said no one could see us, so I complied with his wish and opened my legs for him.

Well as he was rubbing my legs he started playing with my pussy, and I was getting very aroused. It was kind of exciting sitting in a public bar with a man playing with your pussy. Jerry started to move me forward on the barstool. I figured he wanted to make it easier to reach my pussy, so I moved forward as much as he wanted me to. I kept looking to make sure no one could see what he was doing. But the bar had a small turn in it and we were on one of those sides and the few people who were in the bar were sitting on the other side. All of a sudden I felt something pushing at my pussy and saw Jerry smiling. He had a dildo in his hand and was pushing it up my cunt. I have no idea how he carried it in the bar or why he brought it, but there it was. Like I said we were in a position that no one could see us, it looked like we were just having a nice quiet conversation. So I figured what the heck, I was hot and wet already so I spread my legs for him, and he started humping me with the dildo. You have to picture this. We are in a small bar with other people in it and my husband is fucking me with a dildo. I must say I got very aroused and even moaned a few times, which had some of the men look our way. But they never saw or new what was going. We have done this a few more times but we are very careful. We find a place that has the bar against a wall, and has a small end to it, not a bar you can walk around. It must be almost empty and the people who are they’re not paying much attention to us. It does get a little exciting when the bartender comes over to see if we want something or just to chat with us. And if I am wearing a see-through blouse, they usually come over to talk a few times. And here I sit with a dildo up my pussy.

Once we had a very scary night. We were in a very quiet bar one night and Jerry had pushed a dildo up my pussy and was slowly moving it in and out. We were just talking and Jerry was teasing me with the dildo and I was loving it. Well all of a sudden the back door opened and about twenty people came in and all sat around the bar. As it turns out this bar was a home for a dart club and they had been out playing another bar. This bar that seemed so quiet and empty was now not so quiet or empty. But the problem was that they came in so fast that I still had a dildo up my pussy. We had no time to remove it, just pull my skirt closed. We had no idea how I was going to get the dildo out and how we could leave the bar. The dildo was to big for me to try and walk out with it still in me. I was very scared; I had no idea what to do. By now the few men sitting around us started talking to Jerry and started to realize that they could see my tits and nipples through my blouse. So now I was becoming the center of attention. Talk about mixed feelings! I was scared to hell because I was caught in a bar with a dildo up my pussy and my tits and nipples showing, and I was aroused as hell at the same time. I was very surprised I did not leave some kind of puddle on the floor. Meanwhile Jerry was calm as could be, but that bastard never seems to lose control. I was trying to whisper to him to find out what to do. Jerry finally said to relax we would be ok. Well he was right. A few dart games started up in the place and in a little while the men sitting around us were involved in one. They would still come and sit by us when they were not throwing, because they still wanted to look at my tits. But in a little bit the game was near the end and close. This had them all up and watching the other players. As soon as this happened Jerry reached under my skirt grabbed the dildo and being the clown he is, gave me a few quick strokes with it before he took it out and put it away. We stayed for about another hour talking with a few of the men then left. I just about raped Jerry when we got home. We laugh about it now, but for a while it was a very scary situation.

We do not swing or swap partners or anything such as that. And to read here what we have done it would be hard to believe that I am basically a shy person. But I do get excited doing the showing off that we do. I do my exhibitionism on the expressway for the truckers, in shoe stores for the salesman, I wear see-through blouses in bars, on summer nights I will walk nude on the beach at night and we have gone to different neighborhoods to just take a walk late at night with me wearing something very revealing or in the nude around our neighborhood, And when we still had them we had some hot adventures in adult movie theaters on Long Island.

I also love to pose naked or near naked outdoors (like I did on a golf course) and are always looking for new ideas for pictures and do make some AVI's.

Please write us and tell us what you think. If you think you may have been one of the men I have flashed I would really love to hear from you. And if you are a trucker and ever drive on Long Island I would like to hear from you (I have also done a little flashing for truckers on routes 80 & 380 in PA). Please give us your e-mail if you want me to write back. We don’t know if we can answer every one, but we will try. We are looking for some new good ideas also.

Liz & Jerry

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