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Bar Room Fantasy


We are strangers... happen into the same club/dance one evening... Flirting is heavy across the room... then you slide up next to me at the bar and smile, being certain to let that luscious thigh caresses the soft material of my skirt... my flesh tingles through the brief caress, causing the slightest of blush to color my cheeks... You order a drink and offer to buy my next... I order a Smirnoff Triple Black and we begin to make small talk...

After our drinks... and a brief chat, we walk to the dance floor... dancing together... our bodies getting a bit closer as we continue to move... finally we begin to bump and grind against one another... ensuring that my ample booty caresses your crotch as often as possible... wishing for perk-up reaction

A slower song begins to play and you wrap those nice arms around me, pulling me in close... stepping one leg between your thighs, I can feel the bumping and grinding have stirred quite the reaction... our bodies hot and excited are pressed together as closely as our clothes will allow as I can feel my nipples begin to poke into that sweet chest of yours... One hand slides down your ribs, the fingers lightly caressing the waistband of your pants... slip into your shirt, fingertips teasing your flesh as my thigh presses into your crotch... I hear you gasp slightly at my touch... smiling to myself I lean in & gently kiss your neck... feeling you tighten your arms around my body, pulling me in closer to you... my ear pressed to your chest I listen to the pace of your heart quicken a bit as I unfasten the snap of your pants... gently sucking at your neck as the song begins to reach its end... We pull apart very reluctantly pull away a bit, but a gently take your hand... and walk slowly from the dance floor, hoping that you will follow...

I walk to the dark corner of the bar... You take a seat in the chair, and I easily unfasten the snap of your pants as I sit on your right knee... tugging at the snap, the zipper eases down its track, exposing a slightly excited cock peeking out thru its new opening... smiling into your eyes, I press my lips to yours... kissing you deeply & passionately as you open your mouth to say something... my tongue sliding between your lips as my fingers wrap slowly around the quickly growing cock... You gasp, and then hungrily return my kiss as I slip from your knee and kneel between your feet...

Breaking our kiss I stare into your eyes, ensuring that there is no objection in those beautiful eyes before I lean down, letting the tip of my tongue lightly caress the head of your cock... he jumps at my touch... my mouth opening & sliding all the way down shaft... my tongue tickles its way down the throbbing vein as I take your entire length into my mouth... my lips close around the base as I gently suck him... feeling your fingers lightly caress my cheek as I begin to slowly move up & down the length of your sweet meat... my head starts to bob on your stick as I begin to suck a little deeper... the pressure building against your throbbing cock as I hear you start to moan softly... my fingers gently caressing your balls... feeling them start to contract as I continue suck my way back to your tip... my tongue teasing the slit before my teeth nip it just a bit... my tongue swirls around the shaft before my lips plunge down to the base again, consuming your entire length quickly...

Your fingers lightly tangled in my hair as you quicken the pace... my mouth sealed on your cock now, sucking at him... swallowing slightly, feeling the head ease into my throat as you thrust up gently... my fingers kneading your balls as my mouth begins to milk your cock... the pressure building as my mouth slides up &down your length... humming against the shaft... feeling your muscles tighten... your hand now on the back of my head.. your hips thrusting at my lips as you fuck my mouth harder & faster... feeling your balls contract as I hear you stifle a scream in the bar... only one couple seeing our naughty dance in the corner as I feel your first load of sweet cream splash against the back of my throat... swallowing the first shot as my mouth lips beg for more... taking every drop as I feel you thrusting in deeply and holding it there while my mouth milks that sweet meat for every last drop of cum... Licking him clean as I ease myself from my knees, sitting back on your knee... leaning in to kiss your lips... sharing your tasty seed with you...

Leaning in I whisper into your ear... We had an audience... Hopefully they enjoyed the show as much as I hope you enjoyed the pleasure...

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