Bar Service


It was a hot and humid afternoon like someone had dumped a huge pool of stagnant water over the city after it sat on the surface of the Sun for a week.

I was out running some errands on the holiday and noticed the local peeler bar was open. The air con in my beater wasn't working. The fan only amplified the hot air swirling around inside the car. So I stopped for a beer to cool off.

The place was pretty empty; just a couple of dancers and customers. I grabbed a place at the bar and ordered a beer. A couple of the regulars started yakking at me.

"Hey, if you buy her a drink, she said she'd strip on stage!" refering to the girl behind the bar. "We've all bought her a round of vodka." She picked up a tumbler half filled with clear liquid and confirmed what the punters said.

She introduced herself as Pascal. She was about 5-2 tall; long dark hair; almond shaped eyes and full lips. She wore a loose fitting black jumper, but still showed off her ample tits and a decently shaped body.

"Okay. If she finishes her drink before I finish mine, I'll buy her one." I was pretty thirsty and figured I would finish mine quickly, so I made the challenge.

Two seconds later, the vodka was gone in a shot; even before I could lift my bottle.

"How many has she had?" I asked as I paid for the next vodka.

She held up five empty glasses.

"Thanks!" she said as she held her refill. "Cheers!" as we clinked drinks.

One by one the regulars left for home, but I stayed. Only a couple of other guys getting "lapdances" in private booths. I could see one of the girls straddling the lap of one customer. His pants were around his ankles and was thrusting his hips into her.

The other girl's head was bobbing up and down between the other guy's legs.

"It's so dead in here today." Pascal interrupted my voyeurism. "I bet those girls are giving freebies just to pass the time."

"Yeah. Pretty quiet." I replied. "I'll have another beer if you have vodka too."

"Great!" Pascal smiled and got the drinks with renewed exuberance.

"Say I have a new nipple ring." Pascal exclaims suddenly. "Want to see it?"

Without waiting for me to reply, she pulled her top down and showed me her right tit. Her cherry sized nipple had a silver ring through it. I started getting hard.

Pascal started to play with her nipples. "Vodka always makes me horny!"

She ran her hand down her body and between her legs. She rubbed her crotch through the thin material with her slender middle finger.

The waitress shouted out "Millar and a Bud!" ignoring Pascal's display.

Pascal covered herself and got the drinks. She then sat on a stool behind the bar, pulled up the pant legs of her outfit and started to finger herself again. She showed me how wet she was and plunged a finger deep inside her cunt; then another and another.

The waitress interrupted again. "I'm going out for a smoke."

Pascal pulled her soaked fingers from her hole and putted them to my lips. I greedily sucked her sweet juices off her digits.

She started to move around the bar and stood beside me. I ran my hand up her back and through her thick hair. She closed her eyes. I grabbed a handful of her mane and pulled her head until our lips meet; she moaned loudly. Her hand flashed to my crotch and grabbed my hardness. Our tongues intertwined, I felt the stud piercing on her tongue. She fumbled with my pant zipper.

Pascal successfully extracted my rod and stroked it firmly; running her thumb over my leaking piss-hole. I pinched her nipples which only increased her horniness.

Pascal lowered her head and engulfed my cock with her hot mouth. She pressed the ball of the stud piercing into the base of my cock.

I allowed her to continue sucking me. Her tongue stud ran up and down the underside of my cock. Her left hand pulled up her pant leg again and restarted masturbating with her right.

I pushed her head down hard but she had no problems taking my seven thick inches.

I pulled her head off my cock and pushed her over one of the stools. "Yes! Fuck me!" she groaned.

With both hands, I grabbed the material covering her ass and ripped it open. "Stick your cock inside me NOW!"

I grabbed my stick and rubbed it along her slit to lubricate the head. I lined up her hole and pushed my cock inside. She was tight; but so wet I entered without any problem.

"Fuck me!" Pascal screamed. "Fuck me hard!"

I was riding this hot bartender who I just met a little while ago bareback. I started pumping her harder and harder.

"Y-y-e-ssss!" Pascal exclaimed. "I'm c-c-ommm-ing! Give me your cum now!"

I didn't need any more prompting nor could I hold back any more. I dumped my white wad deep inside her womb.

"Yes! Give me all your cum!" She ordered.

It felt like I shot a liter of cream in to her before finally emptying out.

"That was great." Pascal thanked me as I slowly pulled out. My glistening cock reflected the ultraviolet lights in the club.

Pascal remained slumped over the stool, legs spread exposing her puffy pussy to me.

I grabbed my beer and took a swig. Pascal was to spent to move. White goo started to drip out of her hole and on to the floor.

The two other patrons and dancers started to applaud. "Great show!" They shouted. "Encore! Encore!"

I could barely move. My pants were around my ankles; my cock was still hard but I had given her my all and had nothing left.

Pascal gathered herself up off the stool, turned to me; smiled and dropped to her knees. She took me in her mouth again and sucked off and remaining DNA before returning behind the bar.

She remained bare assed until her shift finished. I took her home and completed a couple more long, hot fuck sessions before she made me breakfast.

Now that was service with pleasure.

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