tagSci-Fi & FantasyBarb and the Djinn

Barb and the Djinn


Djinn: A beneficial or malevolent spirit, which has supernatural powers and can assume different forms.

Vi had officially declared it Quest day. She and Barb would think of an item with an esoteric use, and drive around the city to find it. Past quests included, Middle Eastern prayer rugs, raw honey, virgin beeswax, henna, and the one that started it all, midnight Twinkies and hostess fruit pies. Today it was luck oil for Vi's incredible bad run of luck, her car, her fridge, and her shoes had all given out in the past week, she needed some serious help so off the occult supply shop they went.

"Hey look Barb, a cursed object section. Reminds me of your love life."

"Ha, ha. Can we just get the damned stuff and leave? I want to stop at that coffee shop for a frapaccino."

"It is not 'damned' stuff. It is luck stuff, and you should be glad we made it here at all with the way my car has been acting. Here, be good and I'll get you a present to improve your love life, even if it doesn't work, it will still entertain you for a few hours."

With that Vi spoke quietly to the creepy looking person behind the counter. He shot Barb a startled look, and began to shake his head. Vi leaned in closer and whatever she said had an electrifying effect. He shot up as if he had received a sharp jolt, and immediately went to the back room. In his hand he held a small box. She examined it, nodded and paid for both it and the luck oil.

"That's it, we are out of here." She gave Barb and grin and waved the package back and forth.

"What did you get me?" Barb jumped up and down like a buxom redheaded puppy.

"You can open it when you get home, not before. Whatever you do with it, I don't want to know. Now let's get some chai."

As soon as she was dropped off, Barb ran into her apartment. She sat in the living room and tore open the package. Inside was a small jade statue, about 6 inches high, and for the life of her she couldn't figure out what the heck it was.

It wasn't a man, and it wasn't a dildo, and she couldn't figure out what she was supposed to do with it.

"Maybe, it's one of those lucky Buddha type statues." She mused aloud. Reaching into the box, she wrapped her hand around the object and began to pull it free of the bubble wrap lining the bottom of the box.

She had it at eye level, and was about to turn to put it on a shelf when it slipped through her hand and fell to the floor landing in 5 pieces.

"Oh, man. Vi is going to kill me." She moaned, and bent to clean up the chunks of jade on the floor. " Wait a minute, she said that I could do anything that I wanted to it and she didn't want to know. Hah! serves her right."

With fear of retribution or at least endless teasing, she continued her clean up effort. As she picked up the final piece and fine mist exploded from it and she fell back coughing, landing on her tush on the carpet.

"A woman at my feet, what a way to wake up." A booming voice announced.

Through the swirling mist a body began to take shape. And what a body it was. A dark haired stranger stood there, six feet tall, broad shoulders, great biceps, an amazing chest, and magnificent thighs. It was at the point that Barb took notice of his thighs that she clued into the unavoidable fact that the strange (and hunky) guy standing in her living room was stark naked.

"I am going to kill her." That statement was made in a breathless whisper, as she mused on the setup that her friend of seventeen years had executed.

"Kill whom? Ah well it really doesn't matter. Now to business, down on you knees and suck me." His bass voice rolled over her, and then she realized what he had said.

"What? No way! What are you anyway?"

"Oh very well, I thought that for once I would get to skip the explanation, but here goes. I am a Djinn..."

"You mean like, three wishes and that kind of stuff?"

"...No. To continue, I have lived over three thousand years, and am periodically imprisoned by humans, but I always manage to escape. This last time, I was imprisoned by a mage who was interested only in sex toys, and who had mistaken me for a lesser spirit, unfortunately his binding magic was powerful, and here I am."

"But, don't you have to do what I say?" She began to get a bad feeling about this, and was wondering about the return policy at the occult shop when he swooped forward and pressed his body against hers.

"No, the binding spells may have held me in the jade, but once out, I am my own Djinn, and I have to tell you that three hundred years without a woman has left me a little edgy. Now do as I say and I won't have to hurt you or turn you into a prayer rug."

Her sensory starved body was beginning to come alive next to his, and his body was definitely beginning to show an interest in hers. Her fear at being this close to a complete stranger that had transformed in her living room out of mist suddenly seemed unimportant. As she began to stifle her rational impulses, the hunger for a man began to take over.

"What do you want me to do?" She was a little taken aback at her own breathy voice, even her ex had never gotten her this hot just by holding her against him.

He looked around her modest apartment with disdain. "First I think, we will remove to somewhere a little more civilized."

"Hey! Is that a shot at my decorating style..." Her voice trailed off as she looked at her surroundings.

In the blink of an eye he had transported them to a luxurious palace, overlooking the ocean. White columns of marble rose from the floor to spread like the branches of an ivory tree to weave together to form the ceiling. Open floor-to-ceiling windows faced balconies larger than her apartment. Everywhere in the pristine room there were pillows and cushions large enough to double for king-sized beds in sumptuous silks and rich velvets.

"Who lives here?" She whispered. Although she couldn't see anyone in the vicinity, she felt sure that a palace guard was going to burst into the room and drag her out at any moment.

"I do, when not otherwise occupied. This is my home. It exists outside of your time and space and usually I only leave it to purloin female companionship. The beauty and solitude can get to you, if you don't break the silence every now and again with some groaning and screaming." As he finished his sentence he had move up behind her and before she knew it, he had both hands clamped onto her ample breasts, teasing and pinching at her nipples.

"What manner of undergarments do you wear? They are most inconvenient." With a small flick of his fingers, her clothing disappeared entirely leaving her pale skin exposed to the warm salty ocean breezes, and his hands.

"A true redhead, who would have thought? Even on my last journey to your world the color was much sought after, and your eyes like a stormy sea, why don't you have a man?" His voice held genuine curiosity as one hand delved into the curls below her belly, and the other continued its exploration and stimulation of her breasts. First teasing one ample mound, and then the other.

"My man, as you call him, was a spineless worm who left me for a woman with a house and a car in a fashionable neighborhood. I have decided to find my own strengths so that I won't be dependent on any man for my happiness. I just started looking for a new man last month, but I will only take him on my terms."

This last was said between gasping moans as his hands began to increase their efforts to render her senseless. She let her head fall back onto his shoulder, and he used the opportunity to take her mouth in a savage possession.

"Good enough. I just didn't want to worry about a jealous wizard chaining me in a lava pit for despoiling you."

"Oh, is that what you were planning to do? Can't wait." Her breath was rushing in and out of her lungs now, matching the tempo of his hand between her thighs.

"Then you shall not wait, my pet." And with a savage move he flung her onto the nearest cushion, flipped her onto her stomach and entered her wet heat.

"Ooooohhhhh!" Would be the only thing to make it past her constricted throat as the pleasure of his entry drove out all thought. Her mind drifted in a haze as he drove into her seeking his own release. She did however realize that after three hundred years, it might not take that long, she wasn't bothered at all by this however as her own body seized on his and she let out another low moan when her release overtook her.

When her body imprisoned his, he waited until the spasms eased and then drove into her with speed and fury, seeking his own paradise. Feeling the tightness in his groin reach a pivotal level he buried himself within her with short staccato pulses and release his seed within her depths, enjoying the aftershocks that caused her walls to caress him in a lazy manner.

Exhausted from his first release, he let his head drop onto her sweat-soaked back, and grunted a little as the change in position moved his drained member deeper into her, causing another clasp of her walls onto him.

He rolled off of Barb, and lay beside her with one hand behind his head and the other patting her sweaty flank absently. Coming to a sudden decision, he levered himself upward and flipped her onto her back.

"Since you have no man currently, and I have been stuck in a statue for the last three hundred years, why don't we spend some time together. I promise that when you leave, it will be the same day in your home that you left, no matter how much time passes here. Is it a deal?"

Barb looked at the handsome Djinn with eyes glazed from lust, satiation, and fatigue, her only thought was that he was talking way to much. "Deal."

He began to smile. A slow smile that filled his eyes with promise and gave her a start of fear, her mind screaming at her 'What the hell have you gotten me into?' She returned it with a timid smile of her own that quickly changed to surprise as he swooped down and claimed her mouth once more.

To be continued...?

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