tagSci-Fi & FantasyBarbara and Dionysus

Barbara and Dionysus


As I watched from a distance I could see my wife, Barbara, give herself completely to Dionysus' sexual attentions. He tongued her, he fucked her, he had her suck his long, curving penis, and he had her give herself to the Maenads and Satyrs who were attending him and the other women who had been brought into his circle. I was frozen to the ground a few yards from the scene unfolding before me and could not turn my head away from watching my Barbara act like a complete nymphomaniac. She and the three other women who had ventured into Dionysus' power were naked, crying out madly, covered in perspiration from their sexual exertions, and offering every orifice on their bodies to receive and give sexual pleasure. I could not turn my head away and neither could the other men who were transfixed to where we stood, all naked and all aroused, as we watched our women perform this pornographic dance. Dionysus would turn his head and smile his grin of power at us. He taunted our helplessness. He had our women and he was going to use them sexually for his and his followers' gratification. The cries and groans of men and women, Maenads and Satyrs were a continual symphony of fucking, sucking, penetration, and pleasure.

It was in the tenth year of our wonderful marriage that Barbara and I planned a trip to a resort on the Greek Islands. Barbara had seen pictures and TV shows about how beautiful the islands were and so she planned up the whole trip. We were to stay at a resort that had plenty of activities: hiking and horseback riding on the beaches and in the hills, scuba diving, snorkeling, water volleyball, tennis, etc. We were to be there for a full seven days.

When we arrived the weather was marvelous and the accommodations were fantastic. We made friends quickly with several couples who were on either side of our room. The staff was friendly and the guests were friendly too. One thing, however, caught us by surprise: we had no idea that the resort and the surrounding terrain which the resort owned was clothing optional. So we were accosted every day by old and young couples and singles who used the facilities nude.

Now my Barbara was adventuresome sexually but she was not one to parade around au naturel in public. But by the end of the second day she had become comfortable with the idea that these men and women who were walking around naked, playing water volleyball in the pool naked, engaging in the daily exercise classes naked, and hiking and riding horses in the nude were normal folks. They just liked to be free of any clothing. So in a bold move she suggested we go on a nude hike through the island's hills. In fact she thought it would be kind of liberating to do so. So we hooked up with three other couples and headed out for a hike that would take us up into the hills surrounding the resort and then down to a beach in a cove where we would have lunch and take a cooling skinny dip, and then a hike back. We would be gone most of the day and return in time for the buffet dinner the resort always had and the evening's entertainment and activities. And we would spend the entire day in the nude.

Although both Barbara and I were nervous about spending an entire day naked, we gathered up our courage and stripped nude, walked out our room's door naked, and met up with the other naked hikers. After the first few steps Barbara and I remarked to each other that we should have done this before; it was liberating to be as you were...naked. The couples we met were as follows: Frank and Larissa, another American couple like us, Gene and Sabiha, a British couple, and lastly Juergen and Freda, a Swedish couple. We all introduced each other and headed out.

Frank and Larissa were black. Frank was muscular like a football player and had a light chocolate colored-skin; he was also hung like a horse. His chest, legs and arms were quite hairless which just emphasized his well-defined muscles and he had shaved his head which just added to the hairless look. However under his arms and between his legs he had sparse, kinky hair which didn't hide anything. Barbara was especially taken by the size of his genitalia as they swung back and forth during our hike. His wife Larissa was one of those women who had a slender figure but a hefty bust line. Her skin was a dark chocolate brown, almost black color. Her hair was straight and she wore it tied back and her eyes were a yellowish, hazel color. Her booty was round and very African and stuck out just right on her slender body; and her belly was quite flat and ended in a nappy triangle of jet black pubic hair which barely hid the outline of her genitals. Her breasts and her booty bounced in the rhythm of her steps; this caught my attention.

Gene and Sabiha were a mixed race couple like Barbara and I. Gene was a white Englishman with sandy brown hair and pale white skin. He was slender like a long distance runner and he too was sporting quite a hefty set of genitals which was rooted in thick patch of sandy brown pubic hair. His wife, Sabiha, was South Asian. Her skin was almost as dark as Larissa's but she had Caucasian features. Her hair and her eyes were jet black; her hair was long and straight and hung down her naked back. Her figure was soft and round; she was very feminine with rounded heavy breasts, rounded hips and belly and a very soft looking booty. This was quite a contrast to Gene with his stringy, thin body. Like all the other nudists we had seen at the resort Sabiha did not trim her pubic hair. She had a thick triangular patch of jet black hair that covered her genitals and had the texture of a white woman's hair down there not the kinkiness like Larissa's pubic hair.

Juergen and Freda were so stereotypically Swedish. Both had white skin that was tanned all over, blond hair, top and bottom, and blue eyes. Oddly enough their hair was the same texture; it was very curly. On Juergen it looked like a curly mane; on Freda it framed her round face with curls that reached just to her bare shoulders. Juergen was muscular and about six feet tall, but he didn't have a football player's body like Frank. His penis was a normal size but hung and swung freely. I guess being nude most of the time hadn't restricted him and constrained him. His friend, Freda, was a voluptuous Nordic body type. She had firm, substantial breasts that stood right out from her chest with no sag. Her hips, her belly and her butt were rounded and soft, and she had a thick blond triangle of pubic hair, which like Sabiha, hid her genitals almost completely. As I said both Juergen and Freda were tanned all over with no visible untanned skin, even between their legs or in their armpits.

Barbara, my wife, was a tall, 5"10" black woman. Her skin was a dark chocolate brown. Her eyes were brown and her hair was black and sort of straight. Barbara often had trouble in humid weather with her hair wanting to partially revert to an Afro. To remedy this she would tie it back like Larissa was doing. Her breasts hung down slightly but the nipples pointed straight out like two dark brown baby bottle nipples; I guess you would call them pancake breasts tipped nipples begging to be sucked. Her hips were wide and she had a white woman's rounded butt not an African booty. Her belly was flat and ended in a kinky, curly, sparse triangle of pubic hair that lay close to her skin. Her genitals were visible through the short cover of her pubic hair. Her smile was brilliant with perfect large teeth framed in a thick pair of pouty lips; she would easily smile either in joy or in embarrassment. As we met with the others Barbara was smiling a great deal. I could tell it was at embarrassment because her breasts and her belly also flushed a little red.

As for myself I am an average looking white guy with a medium build in a 6"2" frame, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. I'm in shape but unlike Frank and Juergen I wasn't muscular. I have a rounded butt and my gut is still flat and ends in a triangle of sandy brown, curly pubic hair. My penis is not exceptional but it satisfies Barbara and I make up for any shortcomings with fantastic oral sex that just drives her nuts and an ability to keep fucking her without cumming so she can climax several times during our sessions of lovemaking.

So there we were. Gene took the lead, seemingly having been on the trail we were about to take. It was wild to look ahead and see Barbara's gorgeous butt moving in rhythm with her steps but also the other's butts moving just so. And the women's breasts would keep time to their walking, bouncing up and down and jiggling side to side as they climbed up the trail. Near the top of the hill we espied what looked like a grotto of olive trees in the valley ahead of us. It seemed to be hollowed out in the middle. There was the scent of incense in the air and the sound of tinkling bells and what seemed to be flutes.

Gene asked if we wanted to be adventurous and explore what we were seeing. We all agreed. After hiking down the trail a bit we headed off through the dry plant life towards the grotto of olive trees. This was off the path recommended by the resort. As we approached I could swear I was getting aroused and started to develop a bit of an erection. I noticed then that so were Gene, Frank and Juergen. Although odd, it didn't deter us from hiking on; in fact it was quite pleasant to be sporting a big penis that bobbed and moved like the women's breasts did.

Now the scent of incense was stronger and the bells and flute-like sounds clearer. It intrigued all of us. Barbara stepped back towards me so she could whisper, "Baby, I see you're getting aroused. Well so am I. I feel so tingly down there that every step is sending thrills through me. And I can definitely feel myself getting wet." I briefly looked down at her crotch and could see that her clitoris was now quite visible and bright pink. She was aroused.

Larissa, who must have overheard us, said, "It's not just you, Barbara, I'm almost finding it difficult to walk. I feel like I'm about to fall out with a climax with each step I take. The friction is driving me crazy. And Frank is looking like he's definitely ready." Barbara looked at Frank's now fully erect penis and muttered, "Oh my!!!" I noticed that without thinking Barbara's fingers rubbed between her legs. We kept pushing on despite these weird feelings and happenings. In fact I think the sexual arousal encouraged us to continue on.

As we entered the olive trees Frank, Gene, Juergen, and I were all sporting full hard erections that bobbed up and down as we walked on. The ladies were all looking uncomfortable as if they all were about to experience an orgasm. I knew what Barbara looked like when she was about to climax and Sabiha, Larissa and Freda all had that same quasi-pained look of a woman about to lose control of her body; and all were finding it difficult to walk straight as their bellies quivered on the verge of cumming.

It was as we reached the edge of the clearing in the grotto of olive trees that we were assaulted. Men approached us sporting long erections of a foot or so all curved up. As they touched Gene, Frank, Juergen and me we were all frozen to the ground. I could still hear and see; I just could no longer move. Each of the men resembled the mythical Satyrs. The all had hair curled in the ancient Greek style; even their pubic hair was thick, oiled and curled like the hair on their heads. This just emphasized and framed their genitals. They all had beards but were quite hairless on the rest of their bodies except for the hair on their heads and the hair above the penises. Their testicles hung down round, symmetrical, large and quite hairless. There was none of the unevenness of a normal man's testicles or the hairiness.

The Maenads were all voluptuous women with curly heads of dark hair and virtually hairless everywhere else. Their bodies were rounded all over and although their breasts were heavy and full the seemed to defy gravity. They also exuded a scent that put me on the edge of cumming; they were sexuality itself in the persons of women's bodies.

The Maenads led our wives away towards a rather large man seated on a large dais in the middle of the clearing. He too was sporting a rather long, curved penis which again looked longer than a foot. And in appearance he was quite similar to the Satyrs. However his penis was a couple of inches thicker and shimmered. In fact the air around him seemed to shimmer.

Frozen in place I watched as this scene played out. Each woman, Larissa, Freda, Barbara, and the Sabiha was led to his side by one of the Maenads. As the Maenads touched our women Barbara, Larissa, Sabiha, and Freda all experienced orgasms. As the Maenads and the women entered his shimmering zone you could tell each woman experienced yet another almost instantaneous orgasm. I watched as Barbara collapsed shaking all over into Dionysus' arms. She was a toy in his powerful arms. He kissed her face, her breasts and her neck while his large hands cupped her butt, her back, her hips, and her breasts. Each touch, each kiss caused Barbara to moan loudly and shudder again.

After Barbara seemed to be thoroughly worked up and aroused, breathing heavily and tossing her head from side to side in ecstasy, Dionysus' used his large hands and powerful arms to lift Barbara up by her hips, which seemed more voluptuous now, and center her vagina on his enormous penis. Then he lowered her down and within minutes she was bucking madly on his cock, crying out loudly as his thrusts stretched her vagina and excited her greatly. She later could not recall any of the incredible fucking she received from Dionysus. To her mind she was in a constant state of moving from the crest of one orgasm to the next. She did remember how incredible his penis felt inside of her and how different it felt from mine and from any other man's penis which she had experienced.

When she was done she rose on her own and kissed and licked his incredible penis clean. She nuzzled her face in his thick pubic hair and then up his chest to share a soulful kiss with him. As she walked away from him she looked incredible. Her skin glowed and she walked with a swaying sexy swish of her hips which seemed to be fuller and full of sensuality. Her breasts were firmer and stood out from her chest more pronounced than they had. Her hair had changed to an Afro look and it too seemed positively radiant. Lastly just like the Maenads she had no body hair on her. Her engorged genitals, the pink bud of her clitoris pushing against her very pink and engorged clitoral hood were all clearly visible. Her genitals also shimmered in the way Dionysus' body did. It was if each woman who mated with Dionysus was left a gift of being transformed into a symbol of sexual fertility and erotic pleasure.

As Barbara approached me the Satyrs surrounding me took her off into the woods where she disappeared for what seemed like hours. With Barbara, Larissa and Freda gone into the woods and with their orgasmic cries ringing out Gene, Juergen, Frank and I watched as Sabiha was transformed in the same way as had Larissa, then Freda, then Barbara. Her body glowed with sex. Her pubic hair and other body hair fell away. Her body got rounder and fuller and her breasts stood out with each nipple erect and pointed straight out in a constant state of excitation. The hair on her head lengthened and thickened; it now hung down to her waist and was very silky and shimmery. She reacted to Dionysus' intercourse with her just as wildly as had the other three women. And then she too was led into the woods to participate in the orgy that we could hear going on out of our sight.

And then as it drew towards dusk our women came back with Dionysus, the Satyrs and the Maenads. Freda walked up to Juergen and asked, "Are you willing to follow me and Dionysus?" He answered in the affirmative. Freda knelt before Dionysus and sucking on his penis she caused him to cum in her mouth. She encircled Juergen's still stiff penis with her cum-filled mouth and began to fellate Juergen. Juergen cried out in pain as his body transformed. His penis grew long and curved like the Satyrs, his body shed hair except for his pubic curls which thickened into a mat of hair just above his growing penis. And he grew a blond beard just like that. When his transformation was done he could move and immediately he took Freda and two each of the Maenads and the Satyrs and disappeared into the woods.

The same happened to Larissa and she and a transformed Frank went off into the woods with several Satyrs and Maenads. Next was Barbara. She asked me the question, "Are you willing to follow Dionysus or do you wish to stay with me." This was different than what Freda and Larissa had asked. I answered, "I follow you, dear. I love you, Barbara." At that one of the Satyrs knelt down in front of Dionysus and took his penis into his mouth and began sucking it until a third time Dionysus ejaculated a copious amount of semen into the Satyr's mouth. I expected the Satyr to now kneel in front of me and take my penis into his mouth, but that's not what happened. Instead Barbara and he embraced and in front of me engaged in vigorous intercourse that soon had the Satyr groaning as he released into Barbara's vagina. Then he pulled out, his penis still covered with copious amounts of semen and positioning himself behind me slid his penis up my anus while Barbara positioned her vagina around my own penis.

I had never had sex with a man before. I thought that it would be painful, but like Barbara had succumbed to Dionysus' enormous penis with nothing but pleasure, my own butthole literally vibrated with waves of pleasure as the Satyr rapidly thrust in and out of me and I in turn thrust in and out of Barbara. As I felt hot jets of semen squirt up inside my butt I also came copiously inside of Barbara's vagina which was already virtually swimming in the semen from Dionysus and the other Satyrs she had coupled with out in the woods. Then a sharp pain ran through my groin and before my eyes my penis thickened and lengthened and adopted the Satyr curve that would catch a woman's g-spot so expertly. But unlike Frank and Juergen my body hair didn't fall off or thicken in the respective locations on my body.

I could now move and Barbara walked up to me and laid her soft body tightly against mine as we kissed and caressed each other like we hadn't in years. When we ceased I noticed that Sabiha and Gene were in the same type of embrace. They too had not been called into the woods with Dionysus. We were never sure why it was that Frank, Larissa, Freda, and Juergen were called to be Satyrs and Maenads and we weren't.

The four of us returned to the resort as the Grecian sun set on the western shore of the island. As we moved away from the olive tree grotto the sexual arousal we had all felt the whole time we were near the grotto receded. And when we returned the next day there was no sign of the grotto.

We did stay in touch with each other. Both Sabiha and Barbara remained as hairless and as voluptuous and as promiscuous as when they were in the grotto. It was Dionysus' gift to them to explore and satiate their full sexuality. And both Gene and I retained our enlarged penises with which we satisfied Sabiha and Barbara routinely and, when the women desired, satisfied others with them. Some of our neighbors became regular visitors without their husbands knowing. Barbara encouraged it and Barbara would initiate each woman. And I understand that the same was true of Sabiha and Gene. This was the gift that Dionysus had given us men. WE could bring incredible pleasure to any woman we touched. Our touch would arouse them and our penises would satisfy them endlessly.

We never heard from Larissa, Frank, Freda, and Juergen. And in fact when we returned to the resort it was as if they had never been there. Other than the four of us no one seemed to know who we were talking about. So if you visit a sun-drenched resort in the Grecian islands you may want to take a hike in the mythological hills. You may receive an incredible gift, as we did.

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