tagInterracial LoveBarbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 02

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 02


This is a true story by a drop-dead gorgeous mid-thirties housewife (so I've been told) who has been proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of the details may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this together from three years of memories.


"Where would you like to go?" I said.

"Let's just stay here awhile and talk, I want us get to know one another, I want to learn all about you." He said.

He then said, "I understand that you have been with a black man before."

I said, "Yes."

He said, "Was it a enjoyable experience?"

I said, "Yes it was."

He said, "What made you decide to have extra-martial sex?"

I said, "It was my husband's idea. He wanted to see me have sex with other men. He thought it would liven up our sex life, and make him a better lover."

He said, "Do you enjoy having sex with the other men? Having the variety, different techniques, the different cock lengths, the various thickness and shapes."

I said, "Yes, the variety is good; some are better than others of course, and I like the naughtiness of it."

He said, "What does your husband do, when your having sex with the other men?"

I said, "He watches, jerks off and joins in when the other guy is taking a breather."

He said, "Then he prefers to be more of a voyeur than a participant?"

I said, "Yes, he has a 7" cock, gives me my orgasms and we have great sex together afterwards." All this talk about sex was making me horny as hell, my thong was soaking wet. I wish he would take me in his strong arms and kiss me passionately, while using his hands and fingers to ravish my body. I moved in my seat, while at the same time edging closer to him. If he wouldn't make the first move, then I would.

He said, "Was sex better with Derek than with the others."

"You know Derek." I said.

"Barbara told me. She said you were disappointed that his wife only lets him seek out his swinger friends a couple times a month, and that you wanted to see him again."

"Well then, Barbara must have told you, what I told her about Derek?"

He said, "I want to hear it from you."

I said, "The sex I enjoyed with him, was different than with other men. The naughtiness of having sex with a black man, was so taboo. The color contrast of our bodies, watching his black cock disappears within my white pussy. Of course his length and thickness was a plus also." My eyes must have been glazed over and my body numb as I was reliving the experience, because James had moved over towards me and placed his lips on mine, pushing his long snake-like tongue between my lips, searching out my tongue. My body was tingling right down to my toes. My arms were pinned by his, and I struggled to wrap my arms around him also, showing him that I wanted him too. Our tongues danced with each other, exploring each others-mouth, moaning, sometimes groaning, and letting each other know our desires for the other.

After about five minutes, our mouths still firmly glued to each-others, I felt his fingers unbuttoning my husband's shirt, to bare my heaving breasts. I relaxed my hold on him, and helped him with my buttons from the other end and lowered the zipper on the side of my skirt. Once he had my shirt open, bra snaps loose, his mouth left mine, and he lowered his mouth to suck my breasts. He sucked, nibbled, bit, and squeezed my nipples so much, that I couldn't tell if it was pain or extreme pleasure. After several minutes, his hand drifted south and pulled up my skirt, his fingers pulling my wet thong aside and inserting two of his fingers, stroking and exploring my pussy. After about ten more minutes of kissing, sucking my tits, and probing my cunt, he paused, took a couple deep breaths, and said,

"Do you like what I'm doing, do you like kissing a black man, having me touch your body so intimately?"

"Yes, yes." I said.

"Do you want to see what I'm carrying for you? Do you want to see my black cock, and have it fuck you better than you've ever be fucked before?" He said.

"Yes!" I said.

I changed my position in my seat, beneath the fabric of his pants, was a tubular bulge. I unbuckled his belt, released the clasp, and began to slowly lower his zipper, being careful not to get it caught in the mechanism. Having it completely down, I slowly reached into the opening and my hand froze in place. My hand expecting to find a cock, like the other men I had sex with, maybe a bit bigger; I found something three times thicker than the average cock.

James raised up a bit, and lowered his pants to his knees, and said "Take it, hold it your hand, stroke it, feel a real man's cock, it is not a dick or a penis, like some of the other men you have had."

I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and they barely encompassed half of his thickness. He was fully hard and his cock had weight to it, maybe 2-3 pounds, and as he felt my hand on his cock, his cock jerked, and my hand along with it. I stroke the length of his cock from tip to base two or three times and then rubbed the palm of my hand over the head several times. It was smooth, yet hard as a marble, and his pee hole looked big enough for a soda straw to be inserted in it. Then reality set in. I couldn't take that big cock into my pussy without something tearing. I stopped stroking his cock, closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. Damn, his cock beautiful, I would love to have him make love to me, but the size of it was awesome. I opened my eyes again, and continued stroking his cock again; this time it did not seem as threatening.

James said, "Do you think your husband could compete with a black man with equipment like this?"

I said, "No way."

"Let me tell you something." he said. "I once met a little Filipino woman; she could not have weighed over a hundred pounds. I took my time with her. I took her an inch at a time, for over a half hour. By the time the head of my prick was at her womb, she was begging me for more and to fuck her harder. All women can accommodate a man's cock, even this size. Taste it, suck the head, and concentrate on just the head, then after awhile you will be able to take more, as easily as just the head. Someday you will be able to take more than four. As your mouth adjusts, so will your pussy."

I lowered my head, and touched my tongue to his cock head. His cock head was smooth, almost velvety and was very warm. I licked and lapped at the pre-cum coming from the pee hole. It had no taste, and was less in consistency than semen, but I enjoyed lapping it and covering the big head of his cock with it. The more my tongue delved into his pee hole, the more pre-cum it would produce.

James said, "Come up here, let me kiss the mouth and lips that gave my cock so much pleasure."

After several minutes, we broke the kiss, and I snuggled up against him. The car dashboard clock said it was 10:15; it seemed like less than an hour that he entered the car.

"Wow. I need a drink, not because I'm thirsty, your cum cured that, but because I need to calm down and relax."

He said, "Let's go to the liquor store down the street. Then to your place so you can drink and relax, and we can get better acquainted."

I said, "Aren't we are acquainted yet?"

He said, "Well, develop a closer friendship, so that if you have a special need or problem, you won't hesitate to call me first."

We arrived at the liquor store, and I got a Bottle of Jim Beam, a 12pack of beer, and various nuts and chips.

James said. "Damn girl, didn't you eat tonight?"

I responded, "My eyes get bigger than my stomach at times, and in the present case, maybe your cock is bigger that my pussy." I whispered.

"Pussy woo, pussy duo," he chided.

When we arrived at my house, I opened the garage door with automatic door opener, drove in, and closed the door behind us, so that anyone seeing me come home, couldn't see if I was alone or not, and entered the house through the adjoining door.

I told James to fix me a double, as I needed to freshen-up.

He said to discard the clothes that I was wearing, because I didn't know how to dress anyway.

I looked in the dining room mirror, and was shocked to see what he meant. My shirt buttons were buttoned askew, the zipper of my skirt was open, and my hair was mussed-up.

I told James to make himself at home, and told him where the kitchen and bathroom was. I removed the shirt, skirt, and thongs, and wiped myself dry again, and put on a fresh thong over my garter belt and put on some fresh perfume. I figured that was enough, as James would probably remove any excess clothing anyway. I was nervous and horny. I would call 911 if I had to. I placed my cell phone by the patio door, had house phones in the kitchen, bedroom and living room if I needed them.

I entered the living room to join James. He was standing up looking at some of our family pictures on display and he was completely naked. He saw me standing there, with my mouth agape.

He said, "With a minor adjustment to your clothing, you'll be the most exquisite creature that I've ever seen. Get rid of the bra please, or come here and let me. I love women in garter belts, it makes them look so sexually uninhibited."

I walked towards him and stopped a foot away. He took a step towards me, and with gentle fingers undid the clasp and let my bra fall to the floor. He kissed my shoulder, neck, ears and lips as his hands caressed my back, arms, and ass.

His cock was now semi-hard touching my inner thigh, and not as threatening as the hard monster that I held in my hand an hour earlier. He was a marvelous specimen of a man. I couldn't deny him that.

James said, "Would your husband approve of you taking a black lover, while he is overseas."

I said, "He didn't specify I couldn't."

"And after he returns, if you told him you preferred black men for sex, would he accept that?" He said.

I said, "I don't know, he would want me to prefer him primarily and other men second."

He said, "Kneel down."

I knelt down, his cock inches from my face, and looked up at him.

"Look at my cock, study it, remember what it looks like." He said.

After about a minute he said, "Now lick it, slowly, all of it, let your tongue and lips taste every inch."

I did as he said, and each time my lips or tongue would move over the head of his cock, I would taste the saltiness of his dried pre-cum from earlier. Several minutes later, he said, "Now suck it."

I did as he commanded, sucking just the head of his cock, and as I got comfortable with its size, I took a little bit more.

"Suck it like you did before, concentrate on giving me pleasure, think of the pleasure you feel from sucking a black cock, think of how you'll look to someone else, a loving white wife sucking her lover's big black cock. Think of how much sexual pleasure you will receive, when you finally see it, and feel it entering your body filling you better than any cock you have had before. Think of how deeply and long it will be fucking your white cunt and the many multiple orgasms you will experience before I shoot my black baby making sperm into your womb. You may pass out from the multiple orgasms I'll give you."

"Stop"! He said, "How many inches of my cock are in your mouth? Almost eight inches and you haven't even gagged. Now look at my cock again, study it, and remember it."

I pulled my head back, as his cock dropped from my mouth, and examined his cock again.

James said, "Describe to me what you see."

I said, "your cock is very hard, it's stretched to its full length, I can see your veins, your cock is very black and shiny from my saliva. Your cock is oozing pre-cum and some of my saliva is dripping off the head."

"Now lick, kiss and suck my balls", He said.

I moved my head closer again, and licked and kissed his ball sac, then moved to his right and then his left balls, and pulled them into my mouth. His balls were almost as big as his cock head.

"Ok, relax." He said. "The average size of a white man's dick is about 6", with the above average length of 7 to 9." The average cock size of a black man's is eight, with the above average being 9 to 12. You can tell me later, whose cock you prefer. Do you swallow cum?" He asked.

"Yes." I said. "I think that the longer I can taste a man's cum linger in my mouth and throat, the better it tastes."

"Now suck my cock until I come in your mouth. Take your time, and don't tire yourself out because I'm not a quick shooter, but be prepared when I do cum, it will be a very copious amount."

Not needing to be told twice, I lovingly wrapped my hand around his fat black snake and began to caress it. Marveling silently for a few moments at just how big, it was, and the way it was growing in front of her eyes, I then stuck my tongue out and worked it delicately underneath his foreskin.

Tasting the musky scent of James's cock head caused my nipples to harden until they felt like they would burst, and her cunt to feel like it was on fire. Rolling his foreskin back and licking his swollen purple knob until it was covered with her saliva, I then opened my mouth as wide as I could and took him in.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." I moaned.

I sucked gently on his knob while stroking his shaft. Happy to let him show me what he wanted, I offered him no resistance when he took hold of my head started to fuck my mouth with short hard strokes.

"Do you like that baby...do you like having your mouth fucked?"

Overwhelmed by her newfound state of passion and lust, I gurgled, "Mmmmmmmm.Aaagggghhhhh...yyyeeeessssss."

"Tell me ...tell me how you like it"!

Letting his cock slide from her mouth, I took a deep breath and then looking up at him and I revealed my true desires I purred.

"Please...use me...make me be your slut... your whore"!

"What kind of whore?"

"A dirty whore...a dirty...white...cock sucking...whore"! Before I hungrily took James's cock back into my mouth.

"Good girl...now suck it hard...that's it...yeah...and my balls too...lick my balls"!

For the next five minutes, I stroked and sucked James's cock as best and hard as I could. Having managed to work only half of it into my mouth, my lips were stretched to their limits and I choked every time it hit the back of my mouth. Feeling his hands on my head again, this time, I gagged violently when James entwined his fingers in my hair and pulled my head hard down on his cock choking me, and then forced it down my throat. As James then rocked my head back and forth, in a state of frenzy I responded to his rhythm and stuck out my tongue to lick his balls as he slowly fucked my mouth.

"Get ready baby...I'm going to cum"! I heard him grunt at the same time as I felt his body stiffen.

A moment later, a stream of hot cum shot down my open throat, gagging me. Somehow, I managed to swallow it before another wad filled my throat, and expecting to get another one, I continued to suck his huge cock greedily. Stopping suddenly, James pulled his cock out of my mouth and I instantly wrapped my hands around his big black tool and began to work it. Pumping his shaft urgently until a moment later, another thick stream of semen erupted from the engorged head hitting me in the face. Still stroking his cock, the next stream of cum landed in my hair, the next on my nose and the last two on my neck and tits. It was the first time in my life that I had experienced taking a huge load in the face, and down my throat, and I loved it.

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