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Barbara's Two Rings


I am happy the number of people who love the wife-sharing genre is constantly growing and so I am not going to be put off by those few prudes who pass rude comments yet read the stories all the same...


As soon as the Tenders meeting was over, Roger walked quickly out of the hall and took the elevator to the reception lobby. He had a sense of foreboding. The way Sir Charles had been behaving rang an alarm in his mind. He had always felt diffident in the presence of Sir Charles. Charles had such a magnificent personality - his tall athletic figure, his thick wavy hair turned back and his clear baritone voice. All this had a daunting effect on Roger. And today, he had ignored Roger in the meeting but had talked quite animatedly with the Coronation reps. Roger tried to control the rising panic, and walked down the steps of Apex Inc.

As dusk started gathering on the city that Friday evening, homeward traffic started clogging the road. He was lucky and spotted a taxi right at the curb. "The Plaza", he told the cabbie as he settled on the back seat, pulling out his cell phone to call his business and life partner Barbara.

For the last two years Barbara had attended this meeting. This was the first time she had sent him to attend. Since their company, Orion, had successfully met the expectations of Apex, it had now become more of a formality than a real race for the prestigious contract. The chairman of the Tenders committee - Andy - had been very friendly with them, especially with Barbara, over these two years.

"Hello, darling." Barbara's voice was cool and steady over the phone. "How did it go?"

"I'm not sure.." Roger said and then hurriedly added, "We're tied with Coronation Electrical. They have quoted exactly the same sum as us." She sensed his agitation. This tender was crucial for their company

"Relax, sweetheart," She said, "We haven't lost the tender yet."

"No. But..."

"What does the Board propose to do now?" Barbara as usual took the practical course of action.

"They have decided to have one-on-one separate negotiations."

"Good, so only ourselves and Coronation are in the race now, the others are out?" Roger wondered how she could always be so cool and composed.

"Yes, dear," He said, already feeling a bit relaxed. Talking to Barbara always took away the tension from Roger's mind. "The negotiations will be held on Monday. They will interview us and Coronation one by one, and award the contract to the one offering lowest."

"Sounds reasonable," Barbara commented.

"But dear, Andy's down with some infection and at the last minute Sir Charles, the Chairman of the Company himself, has presided over this tender. I don't like the look of him. I have a gut feeling that he will favor Coronation". Roger whined.

"Hmmm... Let's see. We met Sir Charles at Apex's 25th anniversary party, didn't we?. I will take his personal number from Andy." Roger remembered how Sir Charles had monopolized his wife the whole evening.. he was practically glued to her. But he felt she had not realized the graveness of the situation, with Andy gone, it was like starting afresh.

After a moment's silence Barbara added, "I'm taking the next flight and coming over. You're staying at The Plaza?" He felt a great wave of relief wash over him. With Barbara around he would not have to do any worrying, she always took care of this kind of trouble.

"Yes, in suite no. 8." He said.

"See you tonight, then." She concluded the call. At last Roger felt relaxed.

Her presence was always like an elixir to him. It had been so, right from when she had joined his firm as his secretary. His Orion Enterprises was a small firm then. He was 35 when he had quit his lucrative job at GE and ventured out on his own. But he soon discovered that his extraordinary intelligence, voluminous knowledge and innovative spirit were not enough to run a successful industry. He was basically an introvert, a shy person and totally lacked any communication skills. His tiny enterprise had just five people working for him and still he had managed to have labor trouble. He was always harried and snappy and had become very unpopular with his staff. It was around this time that he thought of hiring a secretary to reduce his work pressure, even if he could barely afford her salary. Barbara was the first candidate to walk in for the interview and eventually into his life.

The moment this 20-year old girl walked in, exuding an aura of cool confidence, he knew he was going to hire her. Her excellent credentials were only incidental. It was her personality that had attracted him instantly. It was not just her physical attributes, though, like any man, he had been attracted by them too - she was a tall, dark-skinned, curvaceous brunette, with sparkling eyes and deep sensuality in her every movement and voice; it was the cool confidence that her presence evoked in him that strongly drew him to her. A spark was kindled instantly between them. He told her then and there that she was hired. Since she joined his tiny firm, it had grown steadily over the last three years. Their team had been a roaring success, with him handling the technical and she the business aspect. At the end of her first year, he had offered her partnership and they became joint owners of Orion Enterprises.

It was at the end of the first month of her having joined Orion that they had become lovers. He vividly remembered the day he had returned frustrated from a visit to the bankers. They had been unwilling to extend further credit citing some stupid formalities. Barbara had sensed his suppressed rage and followed him in to his office. She stood close to him and tried to calm his nerves with soothing words. Tears suddenly rushed to his eyes. No one had been so kind to him since early childhood when he lost his mother in an automobile accident. His father was a hard man; when he married again Roger's life from then on had been a constant struggle.

When Barbara had seen Roger agitated so much that day, she had automatically reached out to Roger and standing behind him started caressing his neck as he slumped in his chair. Slowly he relaxed and turned his face to her. She bent forward and they kissed briefly. Next moment, he stood up and pushed the chair away and they were locked in a tight breathless embrace in his office cabin.

That evening they drove to his home. The moment he shut the front door, they had embraced again. She had taken control of the situation, she had undressed him and then herself. He had buried his head in her tight bosom and sucked on her nipples standing in the middle of the living room. She was the one who led him to the bedroom door. He was shy and she had to take the lead. She made him sit on the edge of his narrow bachelor's bed. She took his cock in her hands, lovingly caressing it to its maximum possible length. She drooled her saliva on it. It was a sight which excited him no end. Then she took position resting her hips on the edge of the bed, and opened herself for him. She directed him to stand between her thighs. A smile crossed her face as she saw his eyes going wide with excitement as he looked into her open pink pussy. He had seen woman's genitals on porn sites. But this was the first time he was seeing it in the flesh. His eyes were riveted to the smooth-shaven close up view offered to him. He looked longingly at the brownish lips on both sides joined in a protruding fold of skin on top. She let him ogle at her pussy for some time, then raising herself on her elbows, pulled him closer between her thighs and holding his cock between her deft fingers had guided his glans inside her pussy lips. From the way he awkwardly pressed in to her, she guessed he had never been inside a woman. He was so excited, he came within her very quickly after just a few strokes.

Soon after he withdrew his drooping cock from inside her, he rested on the bed. He was totally exhausted by the intensity of the episode. She held him close and his face rested on her boobs. He soon went to sleep like a baby in her arms.

Sometime later that night, he had woken up to find her caressing his cock under the sheets. He had been too drained by what was, for him, an exhausting session and wanted to go back to sleep. But she had managed to keep him on the verge of wakefulness by kneeling between his legs and gently kissing and sucking his limp cock, until it was somewhat hard once again. He had lain there on his back while she gave him an amazing blow job, clutching it in her fist and moving up down with slick sounds while her tongue circled its tip, then when his whole body went rigid as he ejaculated, she stuck her tongue out and licked up every drop of his release, which he realized was not much, second time around.

When he had fallen asleep again, she had lain beside him, her thighs open and her fingers busy on herself until at last she too had fallen asleep.

He had later confessed that he had been a virgin until then, hoping she would understand his lack of skill in pleasing her. For her part, she had honestly confessed to him that she had been initiated into sex at an early age by her neighbor's husband, who was twice her age. She told him frankly that after she had a taste of the wonderful world of sex, she had sought more lovers. The boys in her age group had been a disappointment, and she had then searched for experienced married men. In the beginning she had been slightly indiscriminate, but soon learned and took on a few talented and select men as her lovers.

To some it would have been difficult to comprehend how, despite their apparent incompatibility in sexual appetite, skill and capability, Barbara had a very soft, caring and patient attitude towards Roger. And because of this attitude they had continued to be lovers and in turn that had a very positive effect on their work relation.

Barbara's dynamic marketing got their firm the prestigious and highly profitable contract from Apex. They celebrated the occasion with a party for all the staff. That night, Roger had proposed to Barbara and she had accepted and they had married soon after.


Roger was woken from the nap he had fallen into, by a knock on the door of the Plaza suite. Barbara had arrived while he had been dozing. The sight of his cool, confident wife gave him great comfort. She was well dressed though her hair was out of place after her hurried flight at the end of a hard day. He knew she would now take charge of the situation. They embraced and kissed lightly. She turned to business immediately, "Andy has given me Sir Charles' personal number. Let me see if he is available." She dialled the number.

"Good morning," she said in the phone in her husky voice. "Oh, you recognized me," she smiled. She listened intently then, "Oh, yes... I understand. We'll be there. Surely." She shut the cell phone.

Then turning to Roger, she said, "Come on sweetheart, we have to reach this cabin at a beach. Sir Charles will be joining us there by 10.00 p.m.for dinner. It's already past 9.00 And I need to take a shower before he arrives."

He packed his bag quickly and they took a taxi to the beach cabin, which Sir Charles had arranged for them. Roger felt a strange excitement in Barbara as she sat next to him, their thighs touching and rubbing as they reclined on the back seat of the taxi.

When they reached the beach resort, the reception confirmed that a double bedroom cabin was booked in their name and handed over a key. The cabin was on the farthest side of the resort, almost hidden behind a hillock covered with dense foliage. Roger carried their bags to the cabin. The cabin had a living area with a fireplace, a dining table on one side and two bedrooms. Both bedrooms overlooked the water. Barbara chose the smaller one for themselves nearer the front door.

She opened her bag as soon as Roger set it down. She took out the beautiful two-piece satin dress he had given her as a gift when they visited Paris after their marriage. It was an exquisite dress with a wide gap between the two pieces, a short bottom which reached well above the knees and a very, very low neckline. She had worn it only once before - on their honeymoon.

She took a thin semi-transparent bra and matching panties from the bag, then indicated that Roger should lay out the outfit for her to wear after shower.

Just then her cell rang. She picked it up quickly. "Oh, is that so? No problem, we'll wait, Sir..." she said mildly and put down the phone.

"Sir Charles has been delayed. It'll be another hour before he can reach here." There was disappointment in her voice. Roger became apprehensive. He always became flustered when his wife appeared disappointed. He tried to soothe her.

"Let's use the time to get ready, dear," She said.

"He'll come later, I'm sure," he tried to soothe her.

"Hope Sir Charles arrives tonight." Roger detected suppressed excitement in her voice.

She took off the business suit she was wearing and sat at the mirror in her undies, combing her hair, looking at her reflection. Then looking at him in the mirror, she handed him the hair brush. He stood behind and brushed her hair. After a few minutes she told him, "Darling please draw a bath for me..."

Roger went obediently and filled the bath with hot water. When he returned to the bedroom, Barbara rose from her perch in front of the mirror, she turned her back to Roger and asked him to help her with the bra hook. After he had slid the bra off her shoulders he pulled her panties down. She walked nude to the bathroom.

"Roger, please bring the scented water from my bag," She called out to him from the bath. He found the bottle and went to her. She asked him to pour some of it in the tub. Scented vapours rose and filled the room with fragrance.

"Help me get ready for the meeting with Sir Charles, dear." She handed him the soap with a smile. With rising excitement, he sat on the edge of the tub and started spreading the lather over her lovely skin. His hands caressed her round shoulders, her arms. She bent a little forward so he could reach her back. Then she leaned back again and raised her arms. She giggled when he lathered her smooth shaven armpits. Then he started on her boobs, squeezing them as the smooth surface slipped from his palms. He kneaded her nipples. His hands moved lower on her belly, lingering on the belly button. Then he reached the small shaved mound just above the joint of her thighs.

"You're such a sweetheart, helping your wife get ready for the evening," she said in her sexy voice as she raised one knee and opened herself for him to reach deeper. As he bent over and put his hands on her pussy, their lips touched. She kissed him, as his fingers delved deeper. Rubbing all over her pussy lips, her clit, the tight ring of her anus. She moaned as the soap cake slipped inside her vagina.

Then she pushed his hand away. "Oh, dear, that's enough for now. I must be ready when Sir Charles arrives." she said with a sweetness to dispel his disappointment. "I know you're hard, dear," she said clutching and slightly pressing his cock beneath the trouser front. "But I promise you, you will have me afterwards."

Was there a stress on the word 'afterwards', he wondered, and a strange excitement ran through him. It was an excitement he had not felt with such force before.

She stepped out of the tub and turned to him. He took the towel and dried his wife's nude body admiring her smooth skin. He followed her. She sat in front of the mirror and asked him to spray her favourite scent on her, a bit more under her armpits and her crotch. It was a very expensive scent he had gifted her on their honeymoon. She lifted her hair so he could slip on a diamond necklace. She took out a belly piercing from her vanity box. It had a single and beautiful diamond. This she wore in her navel, inserting the tip in the piercing and snapping the ring shut. He watched with growing excitement. He had never seen her wear this, though he had found the hole on her one day, much after their marriage, while kissing her all over. He had asked her and she had promised to wear it on some special occasion. He realized with growing excitement that this meeting seemed to be a special occasion for her.

She asked him to bring her clothes from where he had lain them. She made him put on the panties first, letting him caress her pussy while he adjusted them. Then the bra. Finally she wore the two-piece dress which displayed so exquisitely the beautiful diamond on her belly through the gap between top and skirt. He kissed it and she clasped her husband's head to herself, allowing him the pleasure.

Then she pulled away, telling him he had better get dressed. She chose a light-weight suit for him and a dark tie.

Her cell phone rang even as he was putting on the trousers. "He's coming," she said to her husband breathlessly. They waited, sitting on the sofa. When the knock on the door came at last, she signalled Roger to open it.

Roger opened the door and thought how impressive Sir Charles looked. He was dressed in a beautifully tailored suit, his mane of wavy hair brushed back. He shook Roger's hand quickly but his eyes were searching for his wife. When he saw her coming towards him, he stepped in and clasped her hand in his large palm and kept holding it as they both moved towards the sofa. She made him sit on the double sofa, and sat next to him, while Roger took one of the chairs on the side, near his wife. Roger observed Sir Charles studying his wife's beauty with open appreciation. He saw his eyes travel from his wife's pretty face to the cleavage in her full bosom and lower to her belly diamond and then to her long shapely legs as she sat cross-legged next to him.

Sir Charles took out a cigar from a case from his pocket. As he bit off the tip, Barbara looked at Roger, and he picked up the lighter on the stool and held it for Sir Charles to light the cigar.

After they had exchanged pleasantries, Barbara asked Roger to open the champagne. He went to the side board and opened the frosted bottle. When he turned around he had an impression that his wife had shifted a bit closer to Sir Charles, their thighs almost touching. He poured the champagne and offered it to their guest and then his wife. Sir Charles took the glass without taking his eyes from Barbara. It was as if Roger did not exist for him, and he had come for a date with her only. Roger found he was more comfortable away from Sir Charles' piercing blue eyes and he sat quietly and unobtrusively on the side throughout. He observed with appreciation the ease with which his gorgeous wife engaged Sir Charles in light conversation. On his part Sir Charles seemed to be very much enjoying her company, taking note of Roger only to signal him for a refill.

Barbara turned only once to Roger and asked him to switch on the stereo. Slow dance music flooded the room. As if on a cue, Sir Charles got up and went to the door leading to the deck overlooking the water. Barbara followed him, and Roger followed her. The moon had risen over the water, flooding the water and land with rich silver light. Sir Charles turned to Barbara, and bowed, "May I...?"

"Of course!" Barbara was only too eager to oblige.

They dance so well, Roger thought as he perched on the deck railing, watching the couple move to the slow sensuous music. Sir Charles' tall, broad, muscular figure towered over hers. Although Barbara was tall, she seemed frail near him. Slowly, almost imperceptibly Barbara moved close to Sir Charles, and he pulled her closer to him. Roger watched them dance, their eyes locked in each other's gaze. Several minutes passed in silence.

Then Barbara turned to her husband and said softly, "Will you check with the reception, darling, see if they are sending the dinner over?"

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